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Wyoming Lawmaker Proposes Firing Squads For Executions

Execution By Lethal Injection… Of Bullets: Wyoming Lawmaker Proposes Firing Squads For Execution – Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

A Wyoming lawmaker is pushing to allow use of the firing squad to execute condemned state inmates if constitutional problems or other issues ever prevented the state from using lethal injection.


Sen. Bruce Burns, R-Sheridan, said Monday that state law currently calls for using a gas chamber if lethal injection is unavailable.

“The state of Wyoming doesn’t have a gas chamber currently, an operating gas chamber, so the procedure and expense to build one would be impractical to me,” said Burns, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I consider frankly the gas chamber to be cruel and unusual, so I went with firing squad because they also have it in Utah,” Burns said. He’s introduced the bill for consideration in the legislative session that starts Feb. 10 in Cheyenne.

“One of the reasons I chose firing squad as opposed to any other form of execution is because frankly it’s one of the cheapest for the state,” Burns said. “The expense of building a gas chamber I think would be prohibitive when you consider how many people would be executed by it, and even the cost of gallows.”

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Obama’s EPA Changes The Borders Of Wyoming; Governor Mead Appeals Decision

EPA Changes The Borders Of Wyoming; Governor Appeals Decision – Gateway Pundit

Just when you think that the EPA can’t get any more out of control, it decides to change the border of a state.


According to an article on Trib.com, the EPA overturned a 1905 Federal Law by expanding the Wind River Indian Reservation:

CHEYENNE – Gov. Matt Mead’s administration is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to freeze implementation of its recent decision that more than 1 million acres around Riverton remains legally Indian Country.

Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael wrote Monday to national EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Regional Administrator Shawn McGrath in Denver asking them to reconsider the agency’s decision.

The EPA ruled last month that a 1905 federal law opening part of the Wind River Indian Reservation to settlement by non-Indians didn’t extinguish the land’s reservation status.

The EPA addressed the reservation boundary issue in its decision last month that granted an application from the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. The tribes had applied to have the reservation treated as a separate state under the federal Clean Air Act.

Wyoming’s Governor, Matt Mead, says he will fight the decision and is concerned that a Federal Agency assumes it has the power to alter a state’s boundaries:

Mead has pledged to challenge the EPA decision in federal court. The state’s request to the EPA to halt implementation of its decision could help the state if it later asks the court to block the agency’s decision while the appeal plays out.

“My deep concern is about an administrative agency of the federal government altering a state’s boundary and going against over 100 years of history and law,” Mead said. “This should be a concern to all citizens because, if the EPA can unilaterally take land away from a state, where will it stop?”

If you agree with the decision or not, the EPA does not have the power to adjust the borders of a state. The proper places for such a decision are either in the legislative branch or the judicial branch. To me this is an obvious abuse of a power the EPA wrongly assumes it has…

Read more of the story at Trib.com.


It seems that the Trib.com has pulled their article since this story was published on the Gateway Pundit (The links are now dead).

Luckily I found an article on the Daily Caller with information on this story.

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Ammunition Magazine Manufacturer Relocating From Leftist-Controlled Colorado To Texas, Wyoming

Magpul To Depart For Texas, Wyoming In 2014 – Daily Camera

Magpul Industries threatened to leave Colorado after the legislature passed a measure banning weapons magazines with more than 15 rounds.

And now that is official.

The Erie-based ammunition magazine manufacturer said Thursday it is relocating its operations to Cheyenne and Texas.


Most of the 200-plus employees will be moving to Wyoming, where manufacturing and distribution will take place, said spokesman Duane Liptak.

“Moving operations to states that support our culture of individual liberties and personal responsibility is important,” CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said in a news release. “This relocation will also improve business operations and logistics as we utilize the strengths of Texas and Wyoming in our expansion.”

The move is expected to happen within the next 12 to 16 months, the company said, and it hopes to relocate at least 92 percent of its workforce outside of Colorado in that time. It hasn’t been decided whether every single employee will be moved out of the state.

Employees were notified Thursday about the move, and most are not expected to make the move and will be out of a job, Liptak said.

Paula Mehle, economic development coordinator for the town of Erie, said there is some hope that a small number of employees will remain in Colorado. But, she said, new tenants would be sought for the buildings Magpul vacates.

“It’s a political issue at the state level that the town doesn’t have any control over,” Mehle said.

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Wyoming Threatens Arrests For Federal Gun Grabbers

Wyoming Threatens Arrests For Federal Gun Grabbers – Big Government

As details continue to emerge regarding gun control plans that President Barack Obama and the Democrats are pushing behind the scenes, Wyoming lawmakers have a message for the federal government: “Don’t tread on us.”

Local radio station KTWO reports that lawmakers in Wyoming have proposed a “Firearms Protection Act” that provides a state-level annulment of any ban against semi-automatics or magazines that hold 20 or 30 rounds or more.

If the measure passes, it would mean that anyone – even federal agents-who try to enforce a ban within the state borders could be charged with a felony.

Is this the wave of the future for “red” states concerned about Obama’s strong anti-gun intentions?

It is too early to tell. But it is worth noting that Montana lawmakers began pushing for the same kind of legislation as soon as conservatives took control of that state’s legislature in 2010.

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State Shuts Down EVERYONE To Stop Christian Message

State Shuts Down EVERYONE To Stop Christian Message – WorldNetDaily

The state of Wyoming has settled a dispute over Christian and pro-life speech in a pedestrian tunnel by ordering that no one again can display a message on the public property.

The case was brought by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of the http://www.wywatch.org organization.

The state admitted violating the U.S. Constitution by restricting the speech of a group in a forum that had carried numerous messages from the public. But it decided to resolve the issue by banning all public messages in the forum entirely, ADF said.


“Honoring free speech doesn’t come about by completely eliminating it,” said Jonathan Scruggs, who litigated the case along with ADF-allied attorney Nate Kellum.

“Although the [state] commissioners have done the right thing by recognizing that they violated the First Amendment rights of WyWatch members who simply wanted to display signs as others had been allowed to do, we disagree that the solution is to then shut everyone up so that you don’t have to allow pro-life speech anymore,” Scruggs said.

The results are part of a consent order reached between WyWatch Family Action and officials in the state.

The case developed after WyWatch asked the state for permission to post signs in a “walk by” space in the state’s Herschler Gallery, a long and wide tunnel between the state Capitol and the Herschler State Office Building nearby.

Rich Cathcart, executive secretary of the State Building Commission, which supervises state properties, approved the request.

So on Feb. 3, 2011, WyWatch Family Action chairman Becky Vandeberghe erected two signs, one depicting a living pre-born baby in the womb with a Bible verse. The other sign showed a picture of a group of individuals with the caption “We Regret Our Abortions.”

The signs were placed in advocacy for two pro-life bills before the legislature.

But Cathcart, who reported getting a number of “inflamed calls,” deemed the signs unacceptable and removed them the next morning because the pro-life message was outside the “generic stuff” that he alleged was approved.

The legal action was brought because the application process never specified any such limitation.

The court consent order specifies that “the parties agree, and the court accepts, that the… defendants unconstitutionally prevented plaintiff from engaging in protected expression in the Herschler Gallery in February 2011 by enforcing an unconstitutionally vague policy against the plaintiff and by enforcing that policy in such a way to discriminate against the viewpoint of plaintiff’s expression.”

The agreement states the state will pay the plaintiffs $1 in damages plus fees and litigation costs of about $30,000.

ADF said the state was skirting the logical requirement that such messages would be allowed in the future “by simply eliminating the right of any outside groups to engage in free speech activities in Herschler Gallery.”

The organization said the state, “rather than allow pro-life speech in the Herschler Gallery, adopted new rules that prohibit the public from engaging in an free speech activities in the gallery.”

“WyWatch Family Action’s board of directors is pleased that the state realizes that it infringed on our constitutionally protected freedom of speech and religion and that they admit their previous policy was unconstitutional,” said chairwoman Becky Vandeberghe.

“It’s sad that it took such drastic measures to bring that about, but it’s even sadder that state officials decided to address the problem by stifling more free speech, not less.”

The Casper, Wyo., Star-Tribune reported in January that the speech ban was adopted to protect the tunnel’s function as a “protected and secure thoroughfare for foot traffic.”

Cindy Hill, superintendent of public instruction and a member of the state building commission, opposed the ban on free speech grounds.

But the report said various organizations for years had used the tunnel space to place exhibits that support bills in the legislature.

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The next time a Liberal says that they are looking out for the working man……..

You can safely call them a liar, and remind them that rather than being true “Progressives” they are in fact Regressives

The liberal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decided this week to allow mining at a national forest in Montana – But only if you use pick axes and only if your mules are fed weed-free hay.
Townhall reported:

Last week environmental groups hailed a decision from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld a law prohibiting roads on nearly 50 million acres of national forest. Lawyers for the Colorado and Wyoming Mining Associations contend that the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule violated the law. Previous conflicting federal court rulings have both upheld and overturned the road-building ban.

Jane Danowitz, director of the Pew Environmental Group’s U.S. public lands program acknowledges that the roadless rule blocks “logging, drilling and industrial development.”

Expressing disappointment with the decision, Stuart Sanderson, President of the Colorado Mining Association said, “The decision does not reflect a practical understanding of the impact that the rule will have upon mining jobs or access to needed minerals here in Colorado and the U.S. It is important to develop high quality coal and other mineral reserves, both to ensure our nation’s energy security and reduce our dependence on minerals produced in other countries.”

How does this roadless decision impact mining and jobs?

In Montana’s Finley Basin there are known tungsten deposits. An Australian company wanted to bring revenue and jobs to the state by developing the resource. While the property was successfully drilled and recognized by Union Carbide in the seventies, it is now about 200 yards inside a roadless study area. The Forest Service was willing to offer a conditional drilling permit. Among the conditions were these requirements:

  •          The drill sites must be cleared using hand tools,
  •          The drilling equipment and fuel must be transported to the site by a team of pack mules,
  •          The mules must be fed certified weed-free hay, and
  •          Drill site and trail reclamation must be done using hand tools.

The company gave up.

Look, I love the outdoors, and I cherish our national parks and our national forests. Anyone with a lick of sense knows how important conservation is. But, the fact is we can have both environmental responsibility AND business friendly policies at the same time.

That is it, NOW I am pissed!

Four days until I go to Colorado for two weeks, hiking, relaxing, and enjoying the splendor of Rocky Mountain National Park. Four days and damn if Team Obama has not up and moved  Colorado! According to Michelle Malkin, her home state is now Wyoming! Another day, as Michelle points out, another Gaffetastical moment!

Now that we Coloradans have been relocated by Team Obama to Wyoming, Californication of the Rockies can continue apace.

The next Obama economic meme: States saved or created.

Backyard Conservative dubs it “a Chicago gerrymander too far.”

On a related matter, David Bossie ask: “Will President Obama lose Colorado?”

Looks like they already did.

Colorado. Wyoming.

Corps. Corpse.

2008. 2011.

Transcontinental. Intercontinental.

Breathalyzer. Inhalator. Inhaler.

Jews. Janitors.

And on. And on. And on. And on.

But you know, we’re the stupid ones…

Yep Michelle, if only we were as smart as The Obamassiah, if only