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What’s shakin at WOW! Magazine?

Lots of great pieces, thoughts, and insights! Check some of the best out

Islam’s Veil Slips In California

Best visual commentary ever on transgenders in the military?

Tesla: the beautiful, clever, and very immoral automobile

The Jerusalem Temple Mount Crisis – Why it Erupted, How To Solve It

Dunkirk: A Movie Review, Sort Of

Into the Penalty Box for Subverting the Narrative?

A gun: Not just the great equalizer but also the great civilizer

The Princess and the Frog” shows that military and transgender don’t mix

Heroes To Heroes Foundation – Because 20 Veterans A Day In The United States Commit Suicide

Huge Sanctuary City Encampment Bet. Courthouses in Santa Ana, CA

Tucker Carlson takes on community organizer who says Trump’s more dangerous than MS-13.

Religion of Peace? The Hell you say?

“Confederate”: Both HBO and its doubters double down on racial canards

Scaramucci Fired After 10 Days!

Spider-Man Homecoming: A Movie Review, Sort Of

Whats up at WOW! you ask?

Federal Court – Trump Commission On Voter Fraud Request For State Data Lawful

Why John McCain Should Learn To Keep His Mouth Shut…For His Own Good

The Day The Press Lost Its Power

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes…Sean Spicer is Out, Anthony Scaramucci Is In

Sweden Faces The Abyss; National Police Head Begs For Help

Ayn Rand’s Children of the Damned, a 1971 Prophecy Fulfill

Prager U:  Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

 There was no switch in the 1960s making Republicans the racist party

VIDEO:  USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Commissioning Ceremony

Why won’t NPR air Milo Yiannopoulos’ book interview? (video)

A Scott Adams’ Dilbert cartoon that’s an Obamacare Rorschach test    

Why you should read WOW! Magazine

Some of the latest, and bestest pieces at WOW! 

As Obamacare Repeal Dies Again, A Simple Answer

Cult of Climate Change: Bad news capitalist pigs! You will have to give up your land for the greater good

Marin goes all-in on climate change, wasting money and suing Big Oil

Collins, Rubio Help Muslims Pass Senate Resolution 118 to Criminalize Free Speech                           

The beginner’s guide to Brazil corruption”>The beginner’s guide to Brazil corruption

Why Trump’s  Pulling Out Of The Mideast Peace Process As DOA For Now

I Can’t Come Back!  I Don’t Know How It Works!

[VIDEO] On Obamacare, Bob McEwen nails the fundamental problem

Xavier Seen Such a Dishonest California Politician?  

Obama trapped Donald Jr. to justify spying on Trump

What You Need To Know About The Soon To Be Most Powerful Man In America

David Brooks: Further thoughts on his discriminatory cultural arrogance

Real ‘refugees’? White South Africans facing genocide

Progressive sex ed revisited: The Left wants your children more than ever

Berkeley’s Hatem Bazian – the most dangerous professor in America?

WOW! That WOW! Magazine is cool like that

Here are the week’s best pieces from WOW!

Video-Being a Millennial

Democrats Milking Dead Cows Named Russia

President Trump Defends the West in Poland

Video-Brandon Morse Gives CNN the Apology it Deserves

California’s new Sanctuary State Law

Heroin-Mexico is not Sending Their Best

John Podesta, Hillary’s Campaign Chief Is The One With The Real Russia Ties

The Actual War on Women-Part 2

Spanish Civil War and Human “Anti-Zionist Garbage”

WOW! Magazines best pieces of the week

Go! Read! Learn! Think!

Tennessee bitchslaps Marxifornia 

A Haunting Video From The UK – “Stiff Upper Lip”

Hawaii Dhimmicrats File New legal Challenge To Trump’s Travel Ban SCOTUS Approved

Julian Assange: “Why The Democrat Party Is Doomed”

Collins, Rubio Help Muslims Pass Senate Resolution 118 to Criminalize Free Speech

Remy: People Will Die!

Your opinion, please, about Trump’s Mika tweet, which riled Progs & GOPers

[VIDEO] The mainstream media’s Leftist bias means it’s all fake news

Another Win – Trump and India PM Modi Speak At The White House 

Brazil runs out of money to issue passports”>Brazil runs out of money to issue passports

The Expanse: Forget Star Trek and Watch This Show   

The Secret behind Amazon’s New Bestseller On Palestinian History             

Progressive social policy ignores the dangers of birth control pills

[VIDEO] Egyptian men once laughed at the idea of hijabs, burqas

Remember, when you read WOW! A Leftist cries!

So, what is trending at WOW! Magazine?

Another Win – Trump and India PM Modi Speak At The White House 

Michael Brown: Eternal Martyr 

Julian Assange: “Why The Democrat Party Is Doomed” 

Collins, Rubio Help Muslims Pass Senate Resolution 118 to Criminalize Free Speech 

Forum: What Is Your Reaction To The Special Elections 

The Actual War On Women, Part 1 

Whadd’ya Know…Illinois is Bankrupt!

Answers to my questions about America’s opioid crisis 

The Secret behind Amazon’s New Bestseller On Palestinian History

The Democrat party is hamstrung because it can’t tell the truth about itself

ReasonTV: College Students ‘Think Freedom is Not a Big Deal’ 

Venezuela: Leopoldo Lopez cries out to wife he is being tortured

[VIDEOS] Paul Joseph Watson on Muslims and Leftists 

Israeli Envoy: Anti-Israel Campus Campaigns ‘A Real War’ 

The Expanse: Forget Star Trek and Watch This Show

At a University of California campus, learning a life lesson about socialism 

California travel ban: Blatant hypocrisy about LGBTQ (etc.) rights  


WoW! MAGAZINE links!

Some fine, insightful writing goes on at Wow! Magazine. Do not let the fact that they allow me to write there tarnish their reputation. Go, dig in!

Trump and how to beat him, according to the Guardian

Republicans Win Georgia 6 Election

Not Unity But Civility

How Cats Used Humans to Conquer the World

Sweden’s Clueless Government Puzzled Over ‘Rise In Islamic Extremism

The Savage Nation – Michael Savage – June 19, 2017 Full Show

Ecuador: Odebrecht stoolie turns in tapes of meetings with officials

Was It Terrorism?

Democrats Place Bounty on Trump Agenda, GOP Leadership Aims to Collect

A Few Remarks About the DC Shootings

Another London  Terrorist Attack

CNN’s Startling Incompetence

When the Left asks us to “turn down the rhetoric” what they really mean is SHUT UP!”

HuffPost Scrubs Article Calling for President Trump and GOP Leadership’s “Execution” Days Before Shooting

Bookworm Beat 6/14/17 — Never give a Leftist an opening