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Wisconsin Democrats Now Fear Public Backlash To Circus They Created

Wisconsin Democrats Now Fear Public Backlash To Circus They Created – Big Government


Just to make sure everyone understands: It is apparently perfectly fine for Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin to disrupt legislative proceedings by wearing orange t shirts, yelling ‘Shame! Shame!,’ threatening that colleagues are ‘f#&%^!@ dead,’ and running away to Illinois for three weeks to attempt to grind progress on a bill to a halt.

However, now that the public is clearly growing tired of the circus atmosphere, it’s time for a new strategy.

Some of these same elected officials now publicly admonish the people they had inspired, telling protesters they shouldn’t throw public tantrums because “elections matter,” and instead of pitching a fit, they are encouraged by Democratic legislators, to work within the system to bring about change.

The two Democratic lawmakers in the video above are Senators Bob Jauch and Lena Taylor. They are two of the 14 senators who fled the state earlier this year.

Is this irony, hypocrisy, or both?

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*VIDEO* Tea Party Member Finds Two Slimeball Wisconsin Democrats Hiding In Rockford Illinois

The slimeball Senators were identified as Robert Jauch and Jim Holperin.