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Team Obama, and the rest of the Left gets more pathetic everyday

Or words to that affect from The Lonely Conservative

Under President Obama’s leadership does the US have staunch allies anymore? I can’t think of any. He not only didn’t bother attending the funeral of the Iron Lady, he didn’t even send an official from his administration. But what do you expect when one of the first things he did as president was to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the British?

The left had no problem trashing Thatcher when she passed, but pointing out the factual record of Nelson Mandela is racist. Pointing out how he was a terrorist? Racist. Pointing out how South Africa is now the murder capital of the world? Racist. Pointing out that blacks in South Africa are plagued with AIDS? Racist. Pointing out how Mandela was a proud supporter of Fidel Castro, who had no problem imprisoning gays and blacks? Racist. Pointing out how being white in South Africa could lead to one’s rape or murder? Racist. Pointing out how being black in South Africa could lead to one’s rape or murder? Racist. Pointing out how being a child in South Africa can lead to one’s rape or murder? Racist.  Thou shall not speak ill of Saint Nelson of the Blessed Necklace!

It is a great post that sums up the Leftist hypocrites perfectly. Go read it all!

SWAT team took 40 minutes to answer call in Norway?

American Pundit has the story, and again, remember that Norway has strict gun control laws, which the Left insists will keep us safe. Of course they also tell us that we do not “need” guns we have police. Yeah, right

The psychopath who shot up Utoya island was the only one with a gun. See, Norway allows civilians to have certain guns, but usually for hunting and sport shooting. In fact, possession of a handgun apparently has to be justified by some sort of sporting hobby.

To own a gun in Norway, one must document a use for the gun. By far, the most common grounds for civilian ownership are hunting and sports shooting, in that order. Other needs can include special guard duties or self defense, but the first is rare and the second is practically never accepted as a reason for gun ownership.

So once again the only people truly armed are the criminals. Law-abiding citizens who would use weapons to defend themselves and/or others are stopped from doing so.

But who cares, right? There’s always the police, right? About that:

The most recent news accounts indicate that the gunman shot up Utoya Island for an hour and a half before he was finally stopped. The SWAT team that wounded and captured him arrived at the island 40 minutes after they were called.

The police team had to be dispatched from Oslo. Then they had to gear up. Then they had to get a boat. Then they had to make their way to the island. Then they had to find the guy.

All while the suspect was shooting-up the island, leaving dead children in his wake.

And still, you know the Left will try to pimp this tragedy don’t you? There will now be calls for “tighter” gun laws. You just know it. That is as sure to happen as is the Left tying this maniac to Conservatives.

You just knew this was coming…
Disturbed Oslo mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was known to be a fan of Winston Churchill so the media is having a heyday.

In their article on the massacre Reuters used the terms “right-wing” or “far-right” 25 times.

And the far left is already linking the killer to Sarah Palin and tea party.

Truly sickening. Robert lays it out

As the death toll continues to rise in Norway’s apparently related bombing and shooting attacks, a few truths are once again revealed for any who would see:

  • Unarmed victims are defenseless and easy prey for any evil lunatic bent on slaughtering them at will. The adults at the youth camp were utterly unprepared to protect themselves, let alone their charges.
  • People instinctively don’t question an armed man if he appears to be a police officer. Many of the same people react with horror at the sight of an armed citizen.
  • The best defense against an active shooter is others with guns—it was not the unarmed who took the suspect into custody.
  • Once more, “gun control” has proven useless. Many reports, if accurate, say the gunman used “automatic weapons,” which, except for some tightly regulated collector exemptions, are banned from civilian ownership in Norway.
  • Once more, the race is on to tar an entire demographic for the actions of a deranged and monstrous individual, and to conflate “conservatives” with violent extremists.

And once more, expect to hear renewed calls for more citizen disarmament, that is, an expansion of the potential victim pool for those who count on such measures to make their diabolical tasks all the more easily executed.

The fact is if you disarm the public, you must protect that public or slaughter the public. This is what happens time and time again and the same people come out screaming about the gun he used, rather than the laws that prevented OTHER guns to be a deterrent.

As I said yesterday, the Left will try to squeeze every last drop of propaganda out of this, because to Leftists, the end they seek  justifies every means.

Chris Matthews still bashing Bush

Matthews questioning Bush’s intellect?

(RCP) — Earlier in the week MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said President Obama had an I.Q. near 160.

“The scariest thing, a guy of limited mental power, George W. Bush, talked this country [into the war in Iraq] . . . that’s the scariest part,” Chris Matthews said on HBO’s “Real Time” with host Bill Maher.

“This wasn’t Winston Churchill. This was a guy, about a little bit below average in ability and he talked this country into war.”

It always amazes me when people like Crazy Legs Matthews question anyone’s brain power. Matthews cannot think his way out of wet paper bag frankly. His ideological leanings prevent him from opening his mind and seeing anything except his LEFT-WING IDEALS. of course, Matthews also seems to believe that taking childish pot shots at Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, or other Conservatives proves his intellectual superiority. It does not prove anything, except that Matthews is a man incapable of critical thought.

Yep, Multilateral Retardation sums it up fairly well I think.

Stacy McCain weighs in on Obama, and his Libya strategizing.

What slapped me upside the head in Obama’s press conference yesterday was his insistence that an “international consensus” justified the attacks on Libya, and that multilateralism was a “core principle” of his foreign policy. Nothing could be more harmful, more calculated to infringe U.S. sovereignty. This undermines the proper goal of foreign policy, namely the pursuit of our national interest.

If hostile foreign powers know that the U.S. cannot go to war without an “international consensus,” then they will seek to influence or intimidate potential allies. By denying America a “consensus,” they will thereby render the U.S. military impotent, so that our interests overseas (whatever those interests may be) are at the mercy of any aggressor.

The best way to defeat a hostile coalition, as Winston Churchill pointed out in The World Crisis, is to attack its weakest member. And this is exactly how America’s enemies operate when seeking to deprive us of the “international consensus” that liberals insist is necessary for the United States to take military action

Absolutely correct! The complete lack of leadership here is stunning. And when the American president lacks resolve, and a backbone, that makes America, as a whole, look weak. That is the very worst thing we can look to the “rest of the world”. Not to mention that it seems that Obama, the “Constitutional Scholar”, has ignored Congress in this in favor of the U.N. As I have said before, I am not sure what Constitution Obama has studied, but it clearly is not ours!

Because when you think of intellectualism, you think of Joe Scarborough!

Newsbusters has the story of a jealous little man, one Joe Scarborough,who is jealous that Sarah Palin is far more successful than he is. Of course, Joe does have a show on MSNBS, which is like having no show at all of course, but seriously Joe, what is you problem with Sarah Plain?

In his newest Politico column, Joe Scarborough rips Sarah Palin whose “anti-intellectualism” threatens the GOP’s success in 2012. With a scathing indictment of Palin’s presidential aspirations, Scarborough asks Republicans secretly critical of Palin to stand up and voice their opposition to her presidential run.

Scarborough questions former Alaska governor’s basic intelligence for even considering running for the presidency, although he admits later in the article that Palin “is not a stupid woman” but “does not know what she does not know.”

“What man or mouse with a fully functioning human brain and a resume as thin as Palin’s would flirt with a presidential run?” Scarborough asks, discreetly mocking former Delaware Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell (R) for her belief that American scientists have infused human brain cells into mice.

Palin’s resume and her actions of the past two years “makes the political biography of Barack Obama look more like Winston Churchill’s” although Obama was a “little more than a glorified state senator before he entered the Oval Office,” the MSNBC host insisted.

Nothing here but petty jealousy if you ask me. Scarborough is a has been who never was, and whatever good sense he had he had to abandon upon joining MSNBS!

Boy does the Left love to re-write history

All I can say is that Stalin would be proud of this stunt!

The face is instantly familiar, the two-fingered salute unmistakable.

But are these actually the same photograph of Sir Winston Churchill?

In the original photograph the war leader has his cigar gripped firmly in the corner of his mouth.

But in the other image – currently greeting visitors to a London museum – his favourite smoke has been digitally extinguished.

Here are the pics. Behold what the Left will do. If they do not like history well they can alwys change it.