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Liberals never learn, example #488

It seems that every year, a group of Liberals try to get sponsors of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show to bail on him, thus shutting rush up. The Left engages in such tactics  because they are tolerant, open-minded folks who love freedom of speech, except when they disagree with the speech. Call it the Hush Rush Campaign. This campaign seems to never end, and it seems to fall flat on its face each time. This annual failure must peeve the Left pretty badly. If for no other reason than they are often successful in such tactics. Ah, but, as Stacy McCain notes, Rush is different. He is so popular that his advertisers know they will lose more costumers by leaving Rush’s show, than by staying with him. And that has to hit the Left hard, really hard. Just ask Matt Edelstein

On Thursday, Professor William Jacobson called attention to evidence that the “Stop Rush” boycott campaign has failed. Meanwhile, one of the leaders of the “Stop Rush” campaign, Matt “Shoq” Edelstein, had his lawyer send a cease-and-desist letter to his ex-girlfriend, who had been saying some unflattering things about Shoq.

Shorter @Shoq: The First Rule of Dating Matt Edelstein Is, Nobody Talks About Dating Matt Edelstein http://www.virtualdaze.com/2013/06/06/leave-me-alone-shoq/ …

Why is Rush so popular? Because he says it like it is



Why are four letters so tough for the GOP leadership?

Come on folks, how hard are the letters B L O and G? Maybe they should get their heads out of their, well, that place their heads should never be, and realize that most of us do this EVERY day, not for cash, or fame, but because we LOVE this nation and are fighting like Hell for it. We do not have whiteboards, or talking point memos. No we are not scripted, programmed talking heads What we do have is original ideas, principles, and a burning desire to help deliver the Conservative message. So, given these facts, why did the RNC report ignore bloggers? Stacy McCain ponders that question

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection spots the omission:

Even when the report does mention “social media,” it’s in the context of getting out the vote or having the party apparatus find a better way to reach voters.
I would not be surprised if the RNC spoke with some of the salaried conservative media class who share the Washington professional circuit.  But did they reach out to the Army of Davids who are the anti-thesis of the consultant model because we mostly don’t get paid or make much money blogging, we do this in our “spare” time, and we are outside D.C.?
Did the RNC get any input from the great unwashed conservative blogosphere? You wouldn’t know it from the report if it did . . .

Read the whole thing. The idea of “citizen-journalism” is quite nearly alien to the consultant class. The teamwork concept of voluntary collaboration mystifies people for whom politics is a paid gig. Take away their consulting fees, and these guys wouldn’t have anything to do with politics.

There is nothing wrong with applying the entrepreneurial spirit to politics — “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn” — so long as the rewards bear some relation to results. As I’ve often said about the hindsight criticisms leveled at the Romney campaign, nobody would have cared what they got paid, if only they had won the election.

The massive stumbling clusterf–k of the Romney campaign’s ”Project ORCA” exposed the fact that greedy incompetents were being paid ginormous fees to do jobs they didn’t actually know how to do. There is a difference between making a living and making a killing, you see.

The GOP ignoring bloggers is akin to a coaching staff leaving motivated, talented players out of his game plan.

Does “diversity training” work?


Well, to fairly answer such a question we have to look at the intention of these programs don’t we? If the intent is to create an environment of tolerance, then we must say they do not work, at all! However if we are looking at the REAL intentions behind these programs, those being Liberal indoctrination and enriching some people’s pockets, then they are a smashing success.

William Jacobson at College Insurrection has the ugly truth behind diversity training


Diversity training just doesn’t work, according to an article in Psychology Today. In it, Peter Bregman noted that “diversity training doesn’t extinguish prejudice. It promotes it.”

But don’t expect it to stop spreading. Government regulations often require that a school be accredited, a condition that accreditors like the American Bar Association use to force law schools to run costly diversity and sensitivity-training programs or use racial preferences in admissions (despite the dubious legality of some such diversity programs and admissions preferences). Such mandates have contributed to the growth of a vast and costly “diversity machine” in college administrations. (And as a condition of practicing law in California, I had to take continuing legal education on the topic of “elimination of bias in the legal profession.”)

Time magazine ran a story on April 26, 2007, entitled “Employee Diversity Training Doesn’t Work.” Employers pay millions every year for diversity training, but often the training backfires and blows up in the face of the employer that paid for it. In Hartman v. Pena (1995), the Federal Aviation Administration got sued for sexual harassment after it subjected employees to three days of diversity training that scapegoated white males. After a federal judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit against it, the agency had to pay out a settlement to the white male employee who sued.

Diversity training often gives bad legal advice to supervisors and employers that can come back to haunt them in court. Experts on civil-rights law can find such training annoying and misleading. Gail Heriot, a law professor and member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, complained about sexual harassment and diversity training she received at the University of San Diego, in a state (California) where harassment training is mandatory under state law. The training sent the message that criticisms of affirmative action by white male employees are something that the employer should “nip in the bud” through investigations.

Lots more at the link, go read it all. I have talked to several police officers that had to attend these type programs, and not one of them got anything useful, or learned anything from them. They all agreed these programs are a farce. They also agreed that such programs are more about indoctrination than anything else. And, I hold to the belief that this is an area where the Left is winning. No one really talks about these programs in schools or colleges, yet how many Leftists have been indoctrinated in such programs? It is my belief that mandatory “diversity” training should be eliminated from our colleges. And any law requiring these programs should be repealed. We do not need these mini re-education camps on campuses, or in our businesses frankly.


A new blog you need to know about


William Jacobson has launched College Insurrection, and it looks to be a fine venture. Colleges ought to be bastions of liberty, this new blog is dedicated to reclaiming liberty from the Leftist slant on too many campuses. Go check it out! Here is a sample post about Chick-fil-A boycotts on campuses

Would love to get reports from college students at to whether kicking Chick-fil-A off campus (like happened at Davidson) is gaining traction, or just another waste of hot air.

College students around the country do not want their waffle fries served on campus from a company they perceive as being against LGBT rights.

At least 30 colleges and universities have had students start petitions to remove the fast food chain Chick-fil-A from their campus, and many of the protests are popping up in states considered to be relatively conservative.

There are more than 500 signatures on a petition to close the Chick-fil-A at Appalachian State University, in Boone, N.C. — a state which recently voted to amend its constitution to prohibit same-sex marriages. Students and faculty members at the University of Southern Mississippi are collecting signatures to have the Chick-fil-A on their campus removed….

Only 28 percent of college students consider themselves “liberal,” but more than 70 percent say they support same-sex marriage rights, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.



Republicans and their Akin-Breakin’ Hearts

Oh what to do about Missouri GOP Senatorial candidate, and current Representative Todd Akin and his gaffetastic statement about women, rape and abortion. First here is the comments that has him in hot water

Some Conservatives are saying that Akin ought to depart his race to unseat Claire McCaskill. Michelle Malkin, for example

The question for Republicans in Missouri is whether sticking by self-inflicted-wounded Akin is more important than securing a U.S. Senate majority.

Michelle’s basic point is this. Retaking the Senate is more important than sticking by Akin. There is a lot of merit to that. William Teach, however, has a differing view

You have many Republicans calling for him to give it up. Sean Hannity sounded like he wanted Akin to abandon his campaign earlier on the radio. Republicans and Crossroads GPS have apparently pulled out. National Review has called on Akin to step aside. So does Scott Brown. And John Cornyn. Many Republicans and Conservatives have gone all squishy as they so often due in the face of adversity.

Fortunately, some are standing up for Akin, such as social conservatives (of which I’ve been critical in the past). This is what we should all be doing. To be impolite and risk alienation, Republicans need to grow a spine. Akin is up 11 over McCaskill. Go on the offensive, bring up her Obamacare and Stimulus votes (among others), and highlight her “forgetting” to pay her taxes while demonizing “rich” people. For f*ck’s sake, you have a president who is quick to insult American citizens, especially Conservatives, and often in a nasty way. He called Americans lazy and soft. He said Americans “aren’t thinking clearly.” I could go on and on and on. Who will you replace Akin with? Bueller? Bueller? You replace him now and it is a guaranteed loss.

Buck up and stand up.

PS: Akin has a lifetime rating with the American Conservative Union of 97.24. He’s been helpful way more than hurtful. Maybe this is the kind of Conservative we need.

I love the sentiment Teach expresses here. The fact is we, Republicans, DO throw up our hands too quickly, and we DO, lose our heads over gaffes Republican candidates make. there is, I fear, a culture of accepting lower standards in the GOP, especially amongst the establishment types. I, like Teach, am pretty damned tired of that. Of course, to be fair, so is Malkin. 

Dana Loesch makes a solid point too

Akin is a pro-life candidate thus leans towards life when discussion abortion. It’s not shocking knowledge to Missourians who selected him as the GOP nominee for senate and lean towards him in the latest polling. Democrats want to make social issues the focus on the campaign as opposed to the economy, where they’re losing, and Akin’s interview gave them them the momentary opportunity they needed to shift attention away from the lagging economy. 

Was Akin’s “misspeech” ridiculous? Of course. Is it worse than the misdeeds of his opponent, Claire McCaskill, who rubber-stamps Obama’s war on Missouri coal jobs and tripled our deficit? Not by conservative standards, or any real standard of measurement. 

Dana is correct we HAVE made his comments worse than they actually were, I hate that we allow ourselves to play the Democrats game like this.

William Jacobson sides with the “Akin should drop out” side here is some of his take

 it’s clear that Akin has become a national liability, in part because his apology was round-about, in part because Republicans are not forgiven as easily as Democrats (remember how the press and Democrats reacted to allegations of rape made against Bill Clinton), and in part because Republicans who control the money and political leadership have been left with no choice but to do everything withing their power to distance themselves.

So, what to do? I lean, at least my heart does, more towards siding with William Teach here. Akin does possess that solid record, he does have that significant lead, and Claire McCaskill  is an incredibly weak candidate, with a record that voters will want to boot out. So, yes, go on the offensive, focus on her record, and Akin’s. But, here is the seminal point. If he is going to be thrown overboard, and certainly PLENTY of Conservatives are throwing him overboard, then he really has zero chance. So, maybe, in this case it is best he take his leave.

Stacy McCain weighs in and places much of the blame for this mess on the GOP establishment

This horrible botch can be blamed squarely on the Missouri GOP Establishment, which lined up behind Akin against Tea Party-backed — and Sarah Palin-endorsed – candidate Sarah Steelman in the primary two weeks ago.

Mike Rathbone at Hot Air: “Hey, I Voted for Steelman.” More than 60 percent of Missouri GOP  primary voters voted for either Steelman or businessman John Brunner.

UPDATE II: National Review is calling for Akin to “step aside” and the terrible thing, from a Republican standpoint, is how unnecessary this disaster was. It was an unforced error in an easily winnable race against an unpopular Democrat incumbent, and it was caused by the predictably timid Republican impulse to back the “safe” candidate who, as in so many previous instances, proved to be not really safe after all.


I can tolerate a lot of things in politics, but I despise incompetence.

All I can do is sigh. McCain is right about that. Stacy also points out something I thought when I watched video of Akin’s statement. Why the Hell didn’t he take the right route in answering?

Whenever supporters of abortion start throwing up arguments based on exceptions, the proper response is to point out that well over 90 percent of abortions have nothing whatsoever to do with such exceptions, but are strictly a matter of choice: post-conception birth control. And the pre-Roe history demonstrated that permitting abortion under specific exceptions resulted in those exceptions being abused. The rape exception resulted in false accusations of rape, and the “health” exception resulted in doctors fictionalizing health risks, including false determinations of mental health risks.

If we can ever come to a consensus as a society that abortion is a homicidal act that ought to be against the law, then we might start having a productive conversation about ending it. However, so long as we have “respectable” people who advocate abortion as a good thing — indeed, as a pseudo-sacred constitutional “right” — no meaningful discussion is possible.

The “respectable” people who advocate abortion are paid for their advocacy, and have an articulate elite to echo their viewpoint, while those who speak on behalf of the sanctity of life — well, we’ve got dumbass Republicans like Todd Akin, you see.

Just another quick thought, if Akin does step aside, and I think he will, who would run in his place? Would that candidate have a legitimate shot to win? The election is just over two months away.

UPDATE! Gateway Pundit has some names of possible replacements

State Auditor Tom Schweich and Congressional candidate Ann Wagner are being mentioned as a replacement.

John Ashcroft, Jim Talent, and Kit Bond are also being mentioned as replacement candidates.


No Liberals, Neo-Nazis and Fascists are NOT Conservative, they never have been, they never will be

Oh the poor Left. The poor, poor deluded, ignorant, backasswards Left! They have convinced themselves that the Nazis, the Fascists are “Right-Wing” and therefore Conservative somehow. Nothing could be farther from fact. Bob Belvedere has a great post up today responding to the gross mischaracterizations of Conservatism by the Left

For nearly eighty years now, the Left has engaged in one of the most successful Big Lie campaigns in it’s history.

They have been able to get the vast majority of the people who have lived in this country [and in the other countries of The West] since the 1930′s to believe that Fascism is a Right Wing system of belief.  The Left has deftly convinced Americans that Fascism is nothing like Communism, that the former is crude, militantly nationalistic, and only interested in absolute power and brutal control [‘Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles…’], whereas Communism / Socialism is merely seeking to bring about Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity [‘Imagine no possessions…’].  Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth: Fascism is merely a transitional stage between mild Statism [Modern Liberalism] and Socialism.  In other words, it is decidedly a belief system of the Left — grown as it was in the sterile laboratories located in the minds of Leftists like Benito Mussolini. 

In it’s successful effort to distance itself from Herr Hitler and Il Duce, the Communist Propaganda Machine was able to get people to see Fascism as a Right Wing phenomenon, and this has the benefit of allowing them to label any conservative a Fascist at will — a very useful tool in politics, as we have seen.  The Progressives in America have adopted this practice, kept this meme alive.  Because of World War II, people have ever since associated Fascism with the Nazis, so, therefore, anytime you accuse a person on the Right of being a Fascist, a certain set of images enters the brainwashed mind of the hearer.

The Truth, of course, is quite different, but, as we have learned the hard way, the Left believes that Truth is relative and is only useful as a servant for their ends.

The above introduction is the necessary lead-in to the following…

The man who murdered innocent Sikh’s yesterday in Wisconsin, Wade Michael Page, is being described by law enforcement officials as a ‘Neo-Nazi’ and ‘White Supremacist’.  All the indications so far are that he was.

In many people’s minds, this automatically makes him a Right Winger.

Of course, this is how the droogies of the Left, who mindlessly repeat the pablum-filled bromides of their thinkers, feel and they have expended much energy inmaking this point endlessly over the past day, and will, I’m sure, continue to do so forever and a day.  William Jacobson is spot-on:

Needless to say, the MSM and left-blogosphere have concluded the shooter was a white supremacist/neo-Nazi based on tattoos and being a former member of what they describe as a “skinhead” band — which they then obscenely generalize to be “right-wing,” a way of trying to link him to the political right. This is the age-old tactic. If Page was a white supremacist/neo-Nazi/skinhead, then he stood against everything the political right stands for.

Then there is, of course, the Mushy Middle, the Ignoramentariot, those people who can not be bothered to do the homework required to be a proper citizen because it would interfere with their funtime, just ‘know’ that Neo-Nazi = Right Wing = conservative and that White Supremacist = Right Wing = conservative.   I mean, come on man, we all know it’s, like, true — it’s a given, every body knows this.

Go read the entire piece, it is well worth the time invested. In conclusion, Bob underscores the point that Nazism, Communism, are both of the Left because they are forms of Totalitariansim, and the Left are the Totalitarians, not the Right. As I have said before the basis of Conservatism is Individualism, individual liberties, and the belief that those rights are Natural Rights. And such rights do not come from, nor can they be restricted by government. The Left, on the other hand puts their faith in Collectivism. Collectivism denounces individual rights, and firmly believes that all rights are collective, and come ONLY at the behest of government. This belief is rooted in Marxism, and yes, Nazism as well. 

Think of it this way Nazism=Collectivism=Totalitarianism, and Communism= Collectivism=Totalitarianism. So, if the Left wants to say that this evil bastard that slaughtered innocents is a Nazi, or Fascist, then I agree. But, unlike those on the Left, who are seeking to gain a political advantage by playing the Nazi/Fascist Card, I am well aware of what that really means. It means that Wade Michael Page has more, far more, in common with the Left, than the Right.

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Of Miscreant Leftists and Their Nefarious Deeds part 2 Never trust a pretty face

You can see what I put up a while ago on concerning Obama’s campaign and their ties to on line intimidation and thuggery here. Along those same lines is this story, also from Stacy McCain. It seems a certain MSNBS host, has ties to the #stopRush Boycott too

MSNBC host Krystal Ball was in close communication with leaders of an online boycott aimed at advertisers on Rush Limbaugh’s popular radio show, e-mails between the boycott leaders indicate.

Attempting to discover the identity of an infiltrator in their group, the #StopRush leader @Shoq (aka “Shoq Value,” who is believed to be an activist named Matt Edelstein) indicated that Ball had warned another member about the suspected “right wing disrupter.” The other member had “already inquired with Krystal last week, and Krystal said ‘we don’t like or trust this guy,’” Shoq wrote in an e-mail published Thursday by Brooks Bayne at The Trenches.

Bayne said the e-mail was obtained from a Google group, “Social Action Steering,” which was apparently deleted after The Trenches published the correspondence between the #StopRush leaders. The group was attempting to discover the true identity and political leanings of a Texas man, known as “Randy Hahn,” who had joined their anti-Limbaugh effort and caused dissension among the boycotters.

Ball, a Democrat who ran for Congress in Virginia two years ago, is a paid MSNBC contributor who was recently announced as one of four co-hosts of a new daily program, The Cycle, on the left-leaning cable news network. It is unclear whether MSNBC executives were aware of the extent of Ball’s involvement in #StopRush, which used the social network in a campaign to drive Limbaugh off the airwaves by threatening boycotts against advertisers on his conservative talk show, the nation’s most popular syndicated radio program.

Professor William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection blog has described how the #StopRush effort was evidently coordinated with the tax-exempt non-profit Media Matters for America, apparently using so-called “sockpuppet” accounts in a fake-grassroots ”astroturf” campaign.

Media Matters is supposed to be, according to Media Matters, non-partisan, and is supposed to serve, again, according to Media Matters as a watchdog of the media. Instead, they have made their real role obvious long ago. rather than a watchdog, they are an attack dog for the Left. I have long referred to Media Matters by a better name, Media Marxist Against America. Odd that Media Matters should be exposing this type of story, and fake news outlets like MSNBS. Instead, they are willing partners in online intimidation and censorship efforts it seems. Speaking on online thugs, Stacy also reports that Neal Rauhauser’s name has come up in connection with this too.

In attempting to discover the identity of “Randy Hahn,” the #StopRush boycott leader Shoq sought the services of Democrat consultant Neal Rauhauser, thee-mails obtained by The Trenches show. Rauhauser provided the group with extensive documentation about a Houston man named Jason, whose surname was redacted in the version posted by Bayne. Rauhauser then mused about exposing the man to harassment by sending his personal information to online groups.

“I have been sorely tempted to point him out to various actors — a guy like this, he could really produce some high quality entertainment for 4chan, Something Awful, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.,” Rauhauser wrote in his e-mail reply to Shoq.

Lots more at the link, Stacy has been all over this and continues to doggedly pursue the truth. More and more rats are sent scurrying as the light shines on them. No wonder the Left hates him. Stacy also has news of a motion for an injunction filed Friday on behalf of Aaron Walker

The following press release was just posted:

Walker v. Kimberlin Complaint and Motion
for Emergency Preliminary Injunction

June 22, 2012 – The Law Office of Bruce Godfrey, in professional cooperation with Dan Backer, Esquire, of leading Washington, DC, campaign finance and political compliance law firm DB Capitol Strategies PLLC, has today filed a Complaint and Motion for Emergency Preliminary Injunction on behalf of plaintiff and attorney Aaron Walker, Esquire against activist Brett Kimberlin in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Greenbelt Division.
Pending the imminent formation of a legal defense fund, the Law Office of Bruce Godfrey is participating in this litigation pro bono publico on behalf of Mr. Walker, due to the paramount constitutional principles at stake in the dispute outlined in the Complaint and Motion for Emergency Preliminary Injunction. No further discussion of the merits of the case would be appropriate here at this time, out of respect for the rights of Plaintiff Walker and Defendant Kimberlin to a fair and unbiased jury trial, which the Complaint requests on issues so triable. The relevant filings are available from the electronic filing and records systems of the United States District Court.
The Law Office of Bruce Godfrey is honored to participate in this case.

UPDATE: It was previously reported by David Hogberg of Investor’s Business Daily that Aaron Walker’s legal team has also filed an emergency appeal in Montgomery County (Md.) Circuit Courty (click here to see to see that filing). Walker was arrested May 29 at a Maryland hearing after Kimberlin had claimed that he was harassed because of Walker’s writings about Kimberlin’s criminal past.

Of miscreant Leftists and their nefarious deeds

Stacy McCain has an important post up that should cause any good, decent Liberal to pause and to reflect on what has become of the Democratic Party. First there is this news. The leader of the latest Hush Rush boycott caught on tape bragging about his ties to the OFA. Why should that cause anyone any concern? Well the OFA, or Organizing For America, which is the re-election campaign for President Obama. Stacy offers up more background

“Randy, I can pick up the phone and call the director of OFA, can you?” Matt Edelstein said during the phone call, berating a Texas activist. “I can pick up the phone and call the … battleground state director of OFA. Can you? Can they? Okay, so I don’t care what somebody at OFA — some flunky level in Texas told you about OFA. I have extremely good relations with OFA.”

A recording of the conference call was obtained by Brooks Bayne, who reports that “Randy Hahn” is a Texas Democrat who joined Edelstein’s “Stop Rush” campaign as an “infiltrator.” The recording shows that Edelstein also said he has “extremely good relations with Van Jones,” a radical environmentalist who resigned as Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” in September 2009 after he was exposed as having signed a petition that claimed the 9/11 terror attacks were “deliberately allowed” by the Bush administration.

The New York Times reported in March that the “Stop Rush” boycott effort was started by Angelo Carusone, who in 2009 organized a similar campaign against advertisers on Glenn Beck’s Fox News program. Beck played a key role in exposing Van Jones’s radical past.

Several Twitter users have identified Edelstein as using the @Shoq(“Shoq Value”) Twitter account, which attacked Professor William Jacobson in March, after Jacobson’s writings about the “Stop Rush” effort were cited by Limbaugh. Jacobson says the anti-Limbaugh boycott was coordinated with the controversial liberal group Media Matters for America (MMFA). Carusone is MMFA’s Director of Online Strategy.

During the conference call with other “Stop Rush” activists, Edelstein says “it’s making me crazy [that] Michelle Malkin is launching a new counterattack” against his group’s boycott effort. Edelstein also expressed concern about Dana Loesch and James O’Keefe, defended MSNBC contributor Krystal Ball, and worried that someone had discovered “one of my plant names that I use on the web to confuse the Right.”

Let me ask you, Liberal reader, should the president’s re-election campaign be involved, on any level, with an effort to effectively censor a very popular radio host? Is that OK with you? Is it OK with you that the OFA is in bed perhaps with attack dogs whose only goal it would seem, is to silence dissenting views? Are you OK with the Democratic Party, the self-proclaimed Party of the People, increasingly becoming a party of division and personal attacks? If not, then I pose one more question. Why are you still a Democrat?

Standing up for liberty, and fighting Leftist intimidation!

If I miss anyone who is standing up for bloggers targeted by Brett Kimberlin and his cohorts, let me know, and I will gladly include you. And do not forget to take part in Friday-may-25th-is-everybody-blog-about-brett-kimberlin-day

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Stacy McCain is just misunderstood

As he tries to explain here

  1. My post Friday afternoon, published 17 hours after HuffPo claimed there was a meeting Thursday on Capitol Hill, was astrenuous denial that any such meeting ever took place; anyone who thought it was something else clearly has reading comprehension problems.
  2. I provided a list of conservative writers — or, as Al Franken called them, “Lying Liars Who Lie” — who obviously can’t be trusted, if they were to claim that any such meeting took place.
  3. I specifically disclaimed having been in attendance at The Meeting That Never Happened, contrary to what any of those Lying Liars Who Lie might (hypothetically) claim.
  4. Why do liberals at HuffPo and BuzzFeed think they can trust Lying Liars Who Lie to tell them the truth about a meeting that (a) was off-the-record, and (b) never actually happened? 
See, that clears it up. And by the way Ed and I were still never invited to the secret meeting that everyone knows about that might not have even happened! Gee what is hard to follow about that?

Come to think of it, neither Ed nor I were invited to that “secret meeting” that Stacy McCain and I both say “never happened”!

What secret meeting? It does not matter, because it did not happen. So, I am glad, that Ed and I were not invited, because if it never happened, how could Ed, who is sensitive, or I be offended at being so coldly overlooked?

More at The Other McCain

Also, Bob Belvedere was not invited to the non-event! Because let us be honest any party without Bob, Ed or I would pretty much suck, and if the Lonely Conservative and Zilla or William Jacobson were not there? Come on! Besides why would a bunch of people who fight for Conservatism every damn day really matter right?

Alan Dershowitz on Zimmerman affidavit

let us just say that Dershowitz is not impressed, at all. He makes the case that this is about politics, and I think he is correct H/T Donald Douglas

William Jacobson has more on another popular “fact” about this case. That whole Zimmerman said “coons” business? Not so fast

One of hotest topics of argument has been whether George Zimmerman said “f-ing coons” under his breath on the 911 tape.  The left-blogosphere has used the alleged racial epithet endlessly to paint this as a racially motivated hate crime.

CNN used three different audio experts to analyze the tape, but one of whom found “f-ing coons,” another “f-ing cold,” and another “f-ing punks.”

In the Affidavit of Probable Cause, which just was made available, State of Florida investigators swore under oath that Zimmerman used the term “f-ing punks”:

For the investigators to make such a factual assertion under oath in such an important document certainly means the prosecution has conducted its own analysis and has concluded that the term “coons” was not used.

Great point that if the prosecution is saying this then…… Of course, the Left will continue to use the lie, you can count on that.

One more thing here. To me the press conference that came out during Angela Corey’s press conference.

First is that I am certain that this is a move to bow to political pressure. I am so certain because of this comment from Corey

“We do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts of any given case, as well as the laws of the state of Florida.

Translation? Of course this is ALL about bowing to public pressure

Next is how giddy Corey looked during her press conference. To me this raises the questions about her credibility. I really hate to think that Corey would bring charges just to help her political career, but politics breeds cynicsm in me

Union thugs cannot take high school kids chanting at them?

William Jacobson has the story of a group of kids shouting down union protesters in the Wisconsin capitol

The other day a group of visiting student basketball teams stood on the balcony as the anti-Walker Solidarity Singers went through their usual ritual, but then turned the tables by breaking into chants of “We’re with Walker” (h/t Patricia via Mark Beiling).

As reported by the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op:

On Thursday March 15, 2012 the afternoon Solidarity Sing Along was taken over by a large group of supporters from Lutheran High School in Sheboygan.

The students, parents and supporters were all in town to participate in the WIAA Boy’s High School Basketball Tournament and arrived at the Capitol for a celebratory rally and to have their photo taken with their legislators.  A small group of singers was located on the ground floor of the rotunda for their weekly Thursday afternoon song circle which was quickly drowned out by the thunderous cheers of the LHS group.  Shouts of “LHS” and “Stand with Walker” thundered through the rotunda and was met with wide approval from the LHS supporters.  One student entered the circle to mock and taunt the singers with dance moves.  The extremely loud and boisterous encounter could be heard in the Assembly chambers, where legislative business was still being conducted.

The Solidarity Sing Along remained calm and peaceful throughout the ordeal and eventually moved outside to continue singing while the rotunda erupted in approval.  Later on, several visitors from the LHS group were given a standing ovation by some legislators in the Assembly when they were introduced by their legislators.

Good for these kids for standing up for their ideals! No doubt the unions in Wisconsin will not be pleased.

Your Asshole of the Day? Eugene Robinson

Well, OK, Robinson is pretty much an asshole EVERYDAY, Reading his columns or listening to his rantings on MSNBS will prove that point but as Donald Douglas points out, Robinson has gone above and beyond his usual

The video’s at RealClearPolitics, Eugene Robinson: Rick Santorum’s Stillborn Baby Story Is ‘Very Weird’.”

William Jacobson responds, “Now Eugene Robinson mocks Santorum’s mourning.”

And Glenn Reynolds links to Peter Wehner at Commentary: “WELL, AFTER THE TRIG PALIN ASSAULTS, GOING AFTER A STILLBORN BABY ISN’T MUCH OF A STRETCH: The Casual Cruelty of Eugene Robinson. Remember this the next time they launch one of their bogus “new civility” campaigns.”

Ah yes, civility. Leftists have no civility at all. They are angry, bitter, morally retarded people. Robinson is mocking a tragic loss, and mocking the parents, and siblings, who lost that baby. It is truly despicable to see trash like Robinson mocking people far better than himself.

Ya know, I used to really admire Michele Bachmann……………

But, then she started making up “facts” first about Rick Perry, now about Newt Ace has the latest

Michele Bachmann: A Crying Woman Came Up To Me After The Debate And Told Me Newt Gingrich Is Paying Money To Tea Party Groups For Their Endorsement

I made the part up about the “crying woman,” but yes, that is the newest allegation from Ms. Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann lives in a strange world. People talk about “moral relativism.” Presumably they would claim she’s not a moral relativist.

But truth is an objective fact, is it not?

Ms. Bachmann seems to confuse premises which are politically helpful to her for premises which are actually true.

William Jacobson lists some of Bachmann’s earlier tactics here

She’s still the person who built her campaign in the early summer around trashing Sarah Palin via Ed Rollins and was happy to ride that wave while it lasted.

She has not been accurate in her portrayal of her own immigration statements earlier in the debates, and she is running around repeating endlessly something that is patently false, that Newt Gingrich wants amnesty for 11 million people, and she has falsely termed a letter Gingrich (along with Grover Norquist, Jack Kemp and others) signed in 2004 in support of a guest worker program an “amnesty” plan.  Repeating things endlessly does not make them true, and we can do better than that.

Her performance in going after Rick Perry caused Steve Hayward of Power Line Blog to give up on her.

She has been the only candidate explicitly to try to take advantage of Herman Cain’s latest problems by saying it shows that she is the only consistent candidate. 

Truly sad, Bachmann behaves more like a Democrat all the time. As I have said before, I do not mind candidates going after each others records but this fabrication game ought to be beneath a Conservative.

Virginia judge declares unconstitutional bill, unconstitutional!

Yes, it is a small step, but a step nonetheless folks~! Here are what my favorite bloggers are saying!

Doug Powers

Nancy Pelosi said “we’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Many in Congress are just now finding out what’s in the mammoth sham they rammed through (unintended consequences and all), and at least one federal judge with an eye on the US Constitution has read it as well.

Donald Douglas has his take

Bluegrass Pundit notes that Speaker Face Lift was hardest hit by the judge’s ruling.

Fire Andrea Mitchell is gloating! And quotes the judge!

An individual’s personal decision to purchase — or decline purchase — (of) health insurance from a private provider is beyond the historical reach” of the U.S. Constitution,” Hudson wrote. “No specifically constitutional authority exists to mandate the purchase of health insurance.”

Gateway Pundit has the obligatory response from Obama’s Spokestool

Hot Air has a huge round up including this quote from the judge

Hudson hits the nail on the head with this:

Hudson rejected the government’s argument that it has the power under the Constitution to require individuals to buy health insurance, a provision that was set to take effect in 2014.

“Of course, the same reasoning could apply to transportation, housing or nutritional decisions,” Hudson wrote. “This broad definition of the economic activity subject to congressional regulation lacks logical limitation” and is unsupported by previous legal cases around the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

Hudson — perhaps not inadvertently — just described the progressive agenda in a single sentence, and why the Constitution forbids it.

Hudson also is repeating the exact things I have said about this. if the government can make you buy health insurance……………..

JWF: Oh sure NOW the Left hates activist judges!

Michelle Malkin is ALL OVER THIS!

Hey, remember when conservatives objected to the Obamacare federal individual mandate on constitutional grounds and the liberal establishment laughed.

Flashback October 2009 – Pelosi scoffs at constitutional concerns. Listen:

Flashback October 2009 – Sen. Leahy scoffs at constitutional concerns. Remember:

CNSNews.com: “Where, in your opinion, does the Constitution give specific authority for Congress to give an individual mandate for health insurance?”

Sen. Leahy: “We have plenty of authority. Are you saying there is no authority?”

CNSNews.com: “I’m asking–”

Sen. Leahy: “Why would you say there is no authority? I mean, there’s no question there’s authority. Nobody questions that.”

Who’s laughing now?

Political Junkie Mom notes that the Libs are kinda, well, PISSY!

Jill, gives round one to the good guys!

Via William Jacobson, the judge finds that Congress went too far:

The unchecked expansion of congressional power to the limits suggested by the Minimum Essential Coverage Provision would invite unbridled exercise of federal police powers. At its core, this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance-or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage-it’s about an individual’s right to choose to participate. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution confers upon Congress only discrete enumerated governmental powers. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. See U.S. Const. amend. X; Printz v. United States, 521 U.S. 898, 919, 117 S. Ct. 2365, 2376-77 (1997).  [at p. 37]

On careful review, this Court must conclude that Section 1501 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act-specifically the Minimum Essential Coverage Provision-exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power. [at p. 38]

The judge validated what conservatives have been shouting from the rooftops since this saga began:

Ruby Slippers weighs in

Stacy uses the R-word!

Without the individual mandate, the projected “savings” calculations don’t work, and so you might as well repeal the whole damn thing. Big first-round win for Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli (who is my favorite GOP candidate to challenge Jim Webb in 2012, FWIW).

Another blogger who IS, in fact smarter than David Frum

Well done Paco! Make sure to read it all!

Ah, what would any national American election be without David Frum’s complaints about conservatives? Professor William Jacobson takes him to task here. Following the professor’s links led me to Frum’s latest bill of indictment against the Tea Party.

The Tea Party radicals had previously defeated better and more electable candidates: Mike Castle in Delaware, Sue Lowden in Nevada, Jane Norton in Colorado. Somehow the notion took hold that it was unprincipled and contemptible to support smarter candidates over stupid candidates, inclusive candidates over divisive candidates, experienced candidates over inexperienced, goverance[sic]-minded candidates over protest-vote candidates.

I know nothing about Sue Lowden or Jane Norton. Mike Castle, however, hadn’t originally intended to run for the senate seat in Delaware because he was afraid of Beau Biden (!), who appeared to be the likely Democratic candidate until he announced that he wasn’t running. Castle is an aging political operator who hasn’t had an original thought in decades, and who, no doubt, would have fit perfectly into Frum’s theory of “goverance” – i.e, what the people want (or need, perhaps) is politicians who can reach across the aisle and somehow compromise with a pack of socialists (who have zero respect for our traditions of individual liberty) and, above all, churn out legislation and get things done. Does it matter what sort of things? One suspects Frum doesn’t really care; a bi-partisan bill to legalize cannibalism would probably be acceptable to him, as long as it resulted in a photograph of Harry Reid and John Boehner smiling and shaking hands over the final document. Of course, if the people wanted compromise, why elect Republicans at all, conservative or otherwise?

Getting back to Castle, he is the quintessential RINO, and the one thing we know for sure about RINOs is that, at crunch time, they’ll let you down. They’re the weak links in the chain, they’re the cavalry that doesn’t show up on time, they’re Ralph Branca pitching to Bobby Thomson in the ninth inning of the last game of the 1951 National League pennant race.

And Frum, interestingly, has declined to mention the decline and fall of Charlie Crist. Is he one of your level-headed, Republican professionals, Dave? In my opinion, if the only thing the Tea Party accomplished was to help Marco Rubio defeat that execrable narcissist, then the whole venture was worthwhile, because Rubio – arguably the first Tea Party candidate – will one day be president of the United States (remember: you read it here).