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Well, isn’t that special?

Obama and his Spokestool, Jay Carney, cannot get their stories straight

White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a press conference Tuesday that the White House was notified about the IRS targeting tea party groups “several weeks ago.” This comes a day after President Obama said he found out about it from news reports on Friday of last week.

During a press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday, President Obama was asked about the IRS scandal. He responded, ”I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this. I think it was on Friday.”

However, Carney said Tuesday that first a report had to be compiled by the IRS’s inspector general and then when it was completed, it was passed on to the administration.

If the media really starts looking into this scandal, or Benghazi, or the whole AP Gate deal, lookout~


Even Johnathan Alter is seeing how Team Obama operates

There is no part of the Constitution this deplorable administration respects. Gateway Pundit has more

The New York Post reported, via JWF:

Finally, this week, reporters are pushing back. Even Jonathan Alter — who frequently appears on the Obama-friendly MSNBC — came forward to say he, too, had been treated horribly by the administration for writing something they didn’t like.

“There is a kind of threatening tone that, from time to time — not all the time — comes out of these guys,” Alter said this week. During the 2008 campaign swing through Berlin, Alter said that future White House press secretary Robert Gibbs disinvited him from a dinner between Obama and the press corps over it.

“I was told ‘Don’t come,’ in a fairly abusive e-mail,” he said. “[It] made what Gene Sperling wrote [to Woodward] look like patty-cake.”

“I had a young reporter asking tough, important questions of an Obama Cabinet secretary,” says one DC veteran. “She was doing her job, and they were trying to bully her. In an e-mail, they called her the vilest names — bitch, c–t, a–hole.” He complained and was told the matter would be investigated: “They were hemming and hawing, saying, ‘We’ll look into it.’ Nothing happened.”

I knew the mask would slip if Obama was reelected, and here it is yet again. The radicalism exposed a bit more


David Axelrod and Baghdad Bob Gibbs promise to stop lying now that MSNBS has hired them

Of course, why would anyone assume that two noted liars keep on lying after the Lying News Network (MSNBS) hires them?

Via Mediaite:

MSNBC’s hiring of former high-ranking Obamastaffers David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs once again puts the network in the position of having to defend itself against allegations of being decidedly “pro-Obama” in its reporting and analysis. Speaking with CNN’s Howard Kurtzthis morning, the two pushed back against such accusations and instead claimed the mantle of “independent analysts.”

“Independent analysis” as in independent from reality.

Gibbs is Obama’s former White House press secretary and played a big role in the 2012 presidential campaign; Axelrod has long been a close adviser to Obama. Their hiring at MSNBC renewed the widespread criticism that the network is “in the tank” for the president, prompting the Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald to liken MSNBC’s “purpose” to how Fox News uses GOP loyals like Karl Rove on a regular basis.

But speaking with Kurtz this morning, the Obama confidantes said they plan to act as “independent” analysts for the network.

“I don’t see it either as being a cheerleader for the president or as a spokesman for the administration’s point of view,” Gibbs said.

Of course not. It is not “either” because they are both cheerleaders and spokesmen for Team Obama. And now that Pravda has hired them, they will continue to serve as good comrades!


Oh here we go! Jay Carney gives us the obligatory Liberal line…”

….if it saves the life of just one child”

JAY CARNEY: If these things were easy, they would have been achieved already. If renewal of the assault weapons ban were easily accomplished, it would not need renewing because it would have happened already. The fact of the matter is the president is committed to pushing these proposals. He is not naive about the challenges that exist, but he believes that, as he said yesterday, if even one child’s life can be saved by the actions we take here in Washington, we must take those actions.

Well you can make that argument about pretty much anything can’t you? And the saddest part? There are really people out there that eat this crap up! And yes Kabuki Theater like this too!


Carney said that the president will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden as well as children who wrote to the president after the Newtown shootings.

“They will be joined by children around the country expressing their concerns about gun violence and school safety, along with their parents,” Carney confirmed.

The press conference will take place Wednesday at 11:45 a.m.

Using kids as props, typical emotionalism

*VIDEO* White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: Obama’s Baghdad Bob

And your Marxist Moron of the Day is…………

Obama spokespuppet Jay Carney who lashed out at Paul Ryan and others who want to actually cut Obama’s orgy of spending

Via Beltway Confidential:

You Republicans are not smart enough to be as stupid as I am!

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney didn’t pull any punches in his attack on Paul Ryan’s budget, as he declared that supporters of the budget — and by extension, Ryan himself — are “aggressively and deliberately ignorant” about the need for green energy and other programs slated for cuts.

“You have to be aggressively and deliberately ignorant of the world economy not to know and understand that clean energy technologies are going to play a huge role in the 21st century,” Carney said after decrying the clean energy spending cuts in Ryan’s plan. “You have to have severely diminished capacity to understand what drives economic growth in industrialized countries in this century if you do not understand that education is the key that unlocks the door to prosperity,” he added.

Say what? This guy cannot be this stupid can he? Jay, just one question. Where in the Hell IS the economic growth? Obama has been president for over three years. Why is unemployment still so high? Jay, Jay, Jay, you ignorant fool, why did the Obama Stimulus not create jobs? Where did much of the stimulus go Jay? Oh yeah, that’s right, into “Green Energy”

(CNSNews.com) – President Obama’s 2009 economic stimulus law, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, impacted nearly one quarter (25 percent) of all renewable energy initiatives across the government, a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report says.

According to GAO, 157 of the nearly 700 renewable energy initiatives in fiscal year 2010 were either created by the stimulus law, received expanded funding or were modified under it and the futures of some programs are uncertain because of a draw-down in funding — or because they were already set to expire..

The programs were implemented by 23 agencies and their 130 sub-agencies.

“Agencies’ renewable energy efforts increased in recent years as a result of the provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and other factors,” the GAO report said.

So, Jay, where are the jobs? Oh sure, I know, I am just a dumb Republican right Jay? People like me, and the great folks at Weasel Zippers, just don’t lack the imagination to “get it”

BOULDER CITY, NEV. (AP) — President Barack Obama says that as long as he is in the White House, the U.S. will continue to pursue the promise of clean energy.

Speaking at a solar power facility, Obama says he will not stand by and let countries like China or Germany corner the market on new energy technologies. He says clean energy will not only reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, it also will create jobs in the U.S.

Obama mocked Republicans for having a lack of imagination and dismissing clean energy technologies just because they are new. The president says America must take risks and stay ahead of the curve in order to be competitive.

A lack of imagination? The only imagination problem I see is with the folks who keep telling us about “green energy”, and how it is the future. Well, Jay, I have one word for you. Solyndra!

Update! Smitty, comes down on Carney with a ton of contempt, and not a bit of pity!

If Mel Brooks were filming The History of the World, Part I, I can think of a top candidate for the role of piss boy

Yesterday, the DC Examiner quoted Carney, trying to refute the leadership displayed by Paul Ryan, as saying:

“You have to be aggressively and deliberately ignorant of the world economy not to know and understand that clean energy technologies are going to play a huge role in the 21st century. . .”

No, Carney, you ignorant tool: you have to be consistently and ideologically foolish about economics to think that government can out-think the market.


Who says Obama is an elitist?

After reading this story, who could ever accuse Obama of being out of touch? As you read this ask yourself the obvious question, What if Obama was a republican?

Via RCP:

White House press secretary Jay Carney says President Obama “gets to experience the American economy through the eyes of folks out there who are living it” when he reads 10 letters every night that are selected for him. Transcript below, from today’s briefing.

Pandering by elitism?