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Weiner Sexting Partner Reveals Her Identity, Says: ‘He Called Me On Congress Phone!’ – Radar

The woman who carried on a nine-month sexting relationship with Rep. Anthony Weiner is a 40-year-old Las Vegas blackjack dealer named Lisa Weiss.

Following a bombshell joint investigation by RadarOnline.com and Star magazine, Weiss agreed to come forward and be the first woman named of the six who the congressman admitted to sending lewd messages and photos.

You can view photos of Weiss here.

What’s more, the blonde woman has revealed details that show the liberal congressman lied during his tear-jerking confession Monday at a press conference in New York and that he DID use government resources for his extra-marital activities.

Rep. Weiner said he was “deeply ashamed” and repeated 21 times that he accepted responsibility for his actions.

But he also denied he used government resources during his online sexcapades.

Not so, according to Weiss.

Speaking exclusively to RadarOnline.com, Weiss said she shared 220 messages with Rep. Weiner beginning on August 13, last year – and they were often exchanged during work hours.

In an explicit exchange on March 3 – the same day he voted on a health care bill in the U.S. House of Representatives – Weiner bemoaned that he had to end their conversation because he was “off to class.”

The casino worker, who said she once worked as a Democratic campaign worker, also claimed she had steamy phone sex with Rep. Weiner – using a Government telephone.

Said Weiss: “After a while I said to Anthony, ‘Why are writing these messages when we can just speak?’

“I gave him my number and he called me from his office and we proceeded to talk dirty for at least 30 minutes.

“A few days later, I tried to call him back on that number.

“But the number wouldn’t connect to his office; instead there was a recorded message that it was an outgoing U.S. Congress line only.”

Weiss gave her number to him via Facebook and when Rep. Weiner realized he had missed her call, he sent her a message.

He wrote, “How did I miss this chance to rock your world by phone? Give me another chance! Stalk me baby. Very hot.”

Weiss said she had attempted to contact Rep. Weiner in the wake of the photo scandal when he posted a photograph, a close-up shot of a his privates cloaked in grey underwear, on Twitter.

“I wanted him to know that I had no intention of coming forward and our past was going to be kept hush hush,” Weiss told RadarOnline.com.

“But he didn’t return my messages. I discovered that Anthony is a bad man… and a liar.”

Weiss said she decided to come forward in the past 24 hours after Weiner’s “blatant lies.”

“I knew the truth all along,” she said, adding: “I couldn’t believe that Anthony didn’t own up from the outset.”

“I am a Democrat, I think he is a wonderful congressman and I hope this doesn’t hurt his career. I am still a big supporter of his, despite all of this.”

Weiss said she confided about her experiences with just three close friends.

A stunning portrait of the pair’s long-time pen pal affair has emerged through a salacious transcript of their sexting – with more than 200 messages!

At their height, the pair traded 69 rude messages in one sitting.

Weiner used a Facebook account that he later abandoned and among other perverted things, said:

* He was a “caped crusader” who was “looking for my sidekick.”

* Claimed he was “dying of boredom over here. Plus my tights really itch, I need a distraction.”

* Entertained the idea of meeting her in Las Vegas. Weiss asked, “Don’t you ever get to Vegas? I just need to have u for one night.” He responded, “I have too.”

* Asked his online mistress to send him photos of her vagina and admitted “jerking off” to her photos on Facebook.

* Confessed to two timing her on Facebook, with another woman. “I’m guilty of that,” he admitted.

The pair’s relationship began on August 13, 2010, when Weiss sent Rep. Weiner a message to his Facebook account.

She wrote, “i am trying to find the wonderful anthony weiner who i feel in love with for yelling at those damn repubs the other day! and uu are funny as hell on the daily show! your friend requests are full…you must friend me! you are awesome!!”

In a series of stunning reports that prompted Weiner’s remarkable press conference, RadarOnline.com revealed how Weiner used an unflattering Jewish sexual stereotype to reference oral sex.

Arnold & The Maid: It Wasn’t A One-Time Thing

Earlier RadarOnline.com revealed how Rep. Weiner told the woman he had a “ridiculous bulge” in his shorts and asked if she “wanna see” it.

RadarOnline.com and Star verified that the account where the messages were sent from belonged to Weiner before he began a new Facebook page.

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More Weiner Evidence Mounts, As Radar Reveals Sexts Mentioned John Boehner – Radar

While the New York congressman was away, the Weiner came out to play.

Five of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s 15 cyber-sex sessions with a 40-year-old Las Vegas blackjack dealer happened when he was in Washington D.C. representing his constituents of New York, RadarOnline.com has uncovered.

An examination of congressional records, the official bible of the proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress, has found Rep. Weiner (D-Brooklyn/Queens) sexted blonde casino worker Lisa Weiss on the same day he debated official government business.

It’s not clear if the inappropriate messages with the woman occurred before, during or after the parliamentary sessions.

However, the shocking new evidence could undermine the embattled Democratic congressman’s claim that he did not use government resources for his extra-marital activities.

As we previously reported, Rep. Weiner is facing an ethics investigation “to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules,” according to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Weiner consulted Pelosi before admitting that he made “terrible mistakes” in sending lewd pictures of himself to women he met on Facebook and Twitter over the past few years.

What’s more, RadarOnline.com and Star has learned that Rep. Weiner’s first steamy session with Weiss, his Facebook mistress, came just TWO MONTHS after he married Huma Abedin in Long Island in a lavish ceremony officiated by former President Bill Clinton.

Abedin is a longtime aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

According to the Library of Congress, Rep. Weiner appeared in the House of Representatives on January 20, March 3 and 16, April 13 and September 20, last year – all days that we’ve conformed he engaged in online shenanigans with Weiss.

During one rendezvous, Rep. Weiner told the woman it was 9am on the East Coast.

Three hours later, he took the floor of Congress during a debate on providing funding to the department of defense, according to official documents.

On April 16, a time when the House of Representatives discussed the constitutional authority statement, Rep. Weiner asked Weiss when she was going to send him nude images of herself so he could “jerk off.”

“Go into the bathroom mirror now,” he wrote, encouraging her to snap lewd images and forward them to him. “I’m like a rock,” he added.

During the height of the federal government shut down crisis, on April 7, Rep. Weiner also sexted Weiss and bemoaned how he hadn’t been able to share explicit messages with her because he’d been “punching the speaker” – a reference to political foe John Boehner, the speaker of the House.

That same night, Weiner appeared on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show in a live interview from the steps of Capitol Hill.

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Weiner Used Jewish Sexual Stereotype To Facebook Sexting Partner – Radar

Rep. Anthony Weiner used an unflattering Jewish sexual stereotype during another Facebook sexting session with a middle-aged woman, RadarOnline.com and Star magazine are exclusively reporting in a joint newsgathering operation.

In a salacious new transcript of a conversation the embattled Democrat had with the woman, who lives in Nevada but does not want to be identified, the shamed politico asked whether his social networking pen pal gave “good” oral sex.

“You give good head?” the embattled and married New York congressman asked the woman on March 16, this year.

She responded: “I’ve been told really good,,, and i love doing it.”

At that point, 46-year-old Weiner declared: “wow a jewish girl who sucks (bleep)! this thing is ready to do damage.”

The reference to a stereotype of Jewish women’s aversion to the sex act is sure to create more heat under a scandal that is already red hot.

Radar and Star have seen the transcripts of the conversation and verified that the account they came from belonged to Weiner. Earlier Monday, we broke the story that the woman has more than 200 messages from the pol.

The woman gave RadarOnline.com and Star access to her Facebook account and we viewed multiple sexually explicit conversations that came from Weiner’s account.

Weiner (D-N.Y.) is Jewish and one of the most ardent supporters of Israel in Congress. In a May interview, the politician said he was raised Jewish and told Moment Magazine, “We weren’t a very religious household, but we had a very strong sense of our Judaism.”

Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman who is considered one of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aides.

The avalanche of new ‘evidence’ could undermine the Congressman’s explanation that he was the victim of an elaborate ‘prank’ that unfolded when a lewd photograph alleged to be of the Weiner’s crotch was sent to a 21-year-old student in Seattle on May 27.

A spokesperson for Rep. Weiner has not returned RadarOnline.com’s repeated request for comment.

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Weinergate Grows: Another Woman Provides Sex Messages From His Account – Radar

Weinergate is getting bigger and bigger.

Another woman has come forward to RadarOnline.com and Star magazine and provided a sexting exchange with embattled New York Representative Anthony Weiner.

The woman says she has 200 sexually explicit messages from Weiner from a Facebook account the Democratic politician no longer uses.

RadarOnline.com and Star magazine verified that the account where the messages originated does belong to Weiner (see below).

He told the woman he had a “ridiculous bulge” in his shorts and asked if she “wanna see” it – almost three months before a photo of an erect penis in tight fitting briefs appeared in the pol’s Twitter stream.

It’s a sensational twist to the scandal plaguing the embattled New York congressman. This new woman is middle-aged and from Nevada.

She requested that her name not be used but Radar and Star verified that she is listed as one of Weiner’s friends on his Facebook page.

The woman provided Radar and Star with a partially redacted transcript of a private Facebook “sexting” exchange she allegedly had with married Weiner on March 16.

Weiner, 46, wrote to the woman, “ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?”

She responded: “Yea! can u send a pic?”

“jeez, im rushing. let me take a quick pic,” Weiner answered.

After the woman asked how she was going to receive the image, Weiner allegedly told her: “It wont go away. and now im taking pics of it. making me harder still.”

The woman told us the married politician never sent her the nude photo because he “got cold feet.”

But she claimed she has long been the object of Weiner’s steamy flirtation and the pair have carried on a “long-term Facebook affair” since early this year.

“I have more than 200 messages from him and they’re all explicit in nature,” she told us.

In another missive laced with sexual overtures, Weiner allegedly wrote: “You will surely make noise when I take you (censored). I will tell you (censored)”

Responding to a message initiated by the woman, Weiner also sexted: “I like when you talk about (censored).”

The woman, who has volunteered as a Democratic campaign worker, said she never met the congressman.

But in another startling claim, she claimed she once had a 30 minute phone sex session with Weiner on his government provided telephone.

The woman said: “After a while I said to Anthony, ‘Why are writing these messages when we can just speak?’

“I gave him my number and he called me from his office and we proceeded to talk dirty for at least 30 minutes.

“A few days later, I tried to call him back on that number.

“But the number wouldn’t connect to his office; instead there was a recorded message that it was an outgoing U.S. Congress line only.”

Star and Radar have confirmed Weiner’s sexting messages originated from a Facebook account he used regularly until November 24, last year and recently abadoned. (A source close to Weiner verfied that he used that page.)

Since, he’s redirected his legion of 44,144 supporters to a second and ‘official’ Facebook presence, specifically designed for public figures.

But Weiner’s previous page remains online and lists much of Weiner’s biographical information, including that he attended Brooklyn Technical High School and is married to Huma Abedin, one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides.

Weiner’s office did not answer Star’s request for comment regarding whether the Democrat sent the messages or whether he was again the victim of the hacker, as he’s previously claimed.

Weiner defiantly insisted he did not post a photograph, a close-up shot of a man’s underwear, on his Twitter and addressed to 21-year-old college student Gennette Cordova.

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Weiner’s Women: Congressman To Single Mom – ‘You Are Not Stalking Me… I Am Stalking You’ – The Blaze

Daily Mail:

A 26-year-old single mother who claimed to have a month-long electronic relationship with disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner today revealed details of their explicit online exchanges.

Megan Broussard told how Weiner started pursuing her online after she ‘liked’ a YouTube video of one of his speeches.

She claims that they exchanged hundreds of messages and he even called her from his New York congressional office – an allegation he denies.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
ABC News:

Broussard said she wanted to come forward now out of concerns for her own image as an aspiring nurse, and that of her 3-year-old daughter, should her identity be leaked online. More than a dozen photos sent by Broussard to anthonyweiner@aol.com and a second account she believed was Weiner’s were obtained and licensed from her by ABC News.

“I have my own life, my own things where I’m from and I just wanted to go ahead with them. I thought I could just be private about it, but there’s no reason for me to hide,” she said. “I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know him. I’m just putting my story out there before anyone else tries to.”

For the full ABC News slideshow click here.

Daily Mail:

The woman from Texas said that they immediately began messaging each other through Facebook chat and exchanged ‘hundreds of messages’, many of a sexual nature.

During one Facebook conversation, Miss Broussard said she voiced uneasiness with the ‘online relationship’, to which she said Weiner replied, ‘you are not stalking me… I am stalking you’.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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DCCC Chair, Pelosi Call For Ethics Investigation Against Weiner – Daily Caller

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are calling for an ethics investigation against New York Rep. Anthony Weiner.

In statements released shortly after Weiner admitted to sending inappropriate messages over Twitter and Facebook, Israel and Pelosi requested the House Ethics Committee begin a formal investigation into Weiner’s actions.

“I am deeply disappointed and saddened about this situation; for Anthony’s wife, Huma, his family, his staff and his constituents,” Pelosi said. “I am calling for an Ethics Committee investigation to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred.”

Added Israel: “Congressman Anthony Weiner engaged in a deep personal failure and inappropriate behavior that embarrassed himself, his family, and the House. Ultimately, Anthony and his constituents will make a judgment about his future. To remove all remaining doubt about this situation, I agree with Leader Pelosi’s request that the House Ethics Committee use its authority to begin an investigation.”

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