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Why yes, Obama and his fellow Leftists do still hate your guns

Wayne LaPierre lays it out H’T Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Barack Obama, the candidate who promised Americans in 2008 that “I will not take your guns away,” now, as President of the United States in 2013, has embraced the universal firearm confiscation of Australia and England—schemes that saw the destruction of hundreds of thousands of registered, legal firearms that had been outlawed and taken under threat of force from licensed gun owners by their governments.

Obama revealed his gun control endgame in a Sept. 22, 2013, political speech at a solemn memorial for the 12 Washington Navy Yard victims murdered by a deranged killer on Sept. 16, 2013.

Obama coldly used the madness of a delusional lone mass-murderer to claim that the rampage “ought to lead to some sort of transformation … it ought to obsess us.”

In the same breath, Obama defined his personal “obsession” and his notion of “transformation” for ordinary American gun owners:

“That’s what happened in other countries when they experienced similar tragedies. In the United Kingdom, in Australia … they mobilized and they changed.”

The Washington Post praised Obama’s demand for “transformation” to an Australia-style gun roundup and destruction as “commonsense.”

While the U.S. media either ignored or glossed over Obama’s embrace of the Aussie model for gun bans, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Sept. 23, 2013, led its coverage with this:

“The U.S. president, Barack Obama, says it’s time for America to follow the example of countries like Australia when it comes to gun control.”

With a Sept. 23, 2013, headline, “Obama hails Australian gun laws,” Sky News led its coverage with: “President Barack Obama has used Australia as a positive example of a country that tightened gun laws after a mass shooting.”

Go read the whole piece here


Of all the MSNBS nutcase talking heads….

Lawrence O’Donnell is easily the one I find the most despicable. Basically, he just goes on TV and lies, in the most outrageous fashion, take his recent rant against the NRA members.

On Monday’s The Last Word, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell portrayed NRA members as imagining themselves killing police officers in a “psychotic vision of an armed uprising” as he ranted against the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre alluding to the benefits of American citizens being armed while a fugitive like Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on the loose. O’Donnell:

The NRA’s cause, it’s mission, what that convention was about is making sure everyone else, everyone other than police officers can get any kind of gun and ammunition they want any time they want it. In fact, the NRA’s mission is to make sure citizens can outgun police officers, make sure we all have access to even more lethal weapons than police departments use or can afford. The psychotic vision of an armed uprising against our government, the uprising that 44 percent of Republicans think might have to happen soon is an uprising against police officers.

Police officers are the first people those armed Republicans and NRA members imagine themselves shooting and killing with guns and high-capacity magazines. Good grief, if O’Donnell spent one minute with any NRA members he would know that they are VERY supportive of law enforcement officers, and that MANY NRA members ARE cops. Fact is that O’Donnell is a gasbag and nothing more. He is a shock jock without the talent. A used car salesman in a nicer suit, and most of all he is an intellectual coward.

Here you go Larry, you pathetic windbag


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Excuse me folks, but I am about to break my no “F” word rule

Charlie Rangel, go Fuck Yourself!

I try not to use the “F” word here, I REALLY try. But, when I hear Charlie Rantin’ Ravin’ Rangel, AKA Charlie the Corrupt bad mouth a Black man for daring to think outside the Leftists box, I just cannot help it. 

The NRA made headlines recently by hiring gun rights activist and YouTube personality Colion Noirto join its “news” team. MSNBC host Chris Jansingshowed Noir’s debut ad for the NRA to Rep.Charlie Rangel (D-NY) Tuesday morning, and the congressman was not impressed.

“I think it’s an insult to the American people’s intelligence,” Rangel said after the viewing the ad, adding that “there’s no question” that the NRA “just creates things about minorities.” Rangel argued his position that “we don’t need these guns in the inner city and we don’t need assault weapons in the rural areas.”

The ad in question features Noir making some of the same points he has made independently in his own YouTube videos, but this time with higher production value, better graphics and more dramatic music. Noir advocates owning and carrying guns for personal safety and responsibility, saying that “cops can’t always be there, Obama definitely can’t be there.”

Noir is arguably a more dynamic spokesperson than NRA executive Wayne LaPierre, with the potential to reach a younger andmore diverse audience. That fact explains why the NRA hired him, as well as why people like Charlie Rangel think he’s so dangerous.

That is exactly right. Black people who speak against the Statism of the Left are a threat to the power of pimps like Rangel. That is why Rangel, and others attack them so viciously. Here is the video that so offended Rantin’Rangel


New Jersey principal to pack heat at his school?

I am sure Leftists will get the vapors over this news

Score another one for Wayne LaPierre and the NRA. Passaic Valley High School will soon have a pistol packin’ principal.

Raymond Rotella, a career cop and former school resource officer, may become North Jersey’s first school administrator to pack a pistol when he enters Passaic Valley Regional High School each day.

The decision to arm the principal is one of several moves the district has made to beef up security following the school shootings in Connecticut late last year, including developing a rigorous registration process for visitors and installing elaborate security entrances.

“Having a teacher or a principal carry a weapon is not a policy I would have recommended for most people,” Superintendent Viktor Joganow said. “But we don’t just have someone who is trained to use a weapon, we have someone who is trained to respond to a crisis.”

Joganow said he sent 1,400 copies of a letter detailing the proposal and Rotella’s qualifications to parents. While only a few parents responded, the reaction has been mostly positive, he said.

The Passaic Valley Regional school board will meet Tuesday to take up the first of two votes required to adopt a policy permitting Rotella to carry a weapon in the school.

Rotella has served as the high school’s principal for the past three years. In his previous career as a Little Falls policeman, he served for four years as the high school resource officer. He’s had his concealed weapons permit since he retired in 2007 as a police sergeant in charge of the department’s firearms training unit.

Rotella sees the policy as a means to reassess the role of a school principal in a crisis. During a lockdown, he typically would be required to lock himself in his office or a classroom. But if the policy is approved, he said in an interview Wednesday, he would become an integral part of the school’s security plan.

Like I said, Liberals will wet their beds over this, but it is likely the best way to prevent or stop school shootings, especially when it is tied in with more secure entrances. The training is essential too. I believe that anyone carrying at a school should either be someone with training, or that they should undergo additional training depending on their past experience. The reality the Left does not want to face is that sometimes the only way to stop a violent criminal is with equal or greater violence.


Do Conservative Bloggers have to think of EVERYTHING?

Doug Powers, Austin’s brother, notes that the pro-gun rights arguments need to change to match the emotionalism in the anti-gun rights side. And he is right. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee has been having hearings on gun control. On the pro gun control side, Gabby Giffords, victim of a crazed gunman, said “too many children are dying.” At a hearing in Connecticut, the father of a child murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary gave similar testimony (and gave some in the blinded-by-bias media a chance to show off their mad video editing skillz).

And on the pro Second Amendment side we most often hear testimony from Wayne LaPierre, somebody else from the NRA, or lawyers arguing on behalf of the Second Amendment. They make arguments on constitutional grounds and even speak about people whose lives are saved because they had guns — but where arethose people? Ask them to come forward at hearings and press conferences.

Let’s face it, the left usually kicks the right’s ass when it comes to emotional arguments that are designed to tug at the heart so aggressively that onlookers are too distracted to use their heads to think through what’s actually being presented to them (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as we pride ourselves on being on the side of reason). However, emotional arguments can be constructed without selling out on the logic and common sense end of things, and that’s where the right needs to do a better job.

There certainly are no shortages of children (and adults) whose lives have been saved because of gun ownership. Almost every day there’s a story. Here’s one from just the day before yesterday:

A home invasion suspect was arrested at a hospital after a mother shot him during the crime at a Montgomery County home, deputies said Wednesday.

Erin, who asked to be identified only by her first name, told Local 2 she was putting her 6-year-old son to bed when she heard a loud noise coming from her bedroom on Mink Lake Drive Friday night.

“I threw the cover over my son and I took off running, screaming to the living room to let my dogs out,” she said.

Erin said she turned around and saw three masked men, pointing a gun right at her.

The woman had a gun — at least two actually — and it didn’t end well for one of the criminals. The other two fled, and the mother and her son were unharmed as a result.

Powers is right, we could find literally thousands of Americans whose lives have been saved because  they, or a friend, parent or neighbor was armed. Does this not seem the perfect way to fight back against the Left’s Emotionally based testimonies? Of course it does, because it is. So why has the leadership of the NRA, or Republican Congressmen not thought of it? Or maybe I should ask, why have they chosen NOT to go that direction since surely it has been suggested to them. I mean honestly, this is one of the biggest issues the Right faces. Too often the best arguments, ideas, etc come from people like Doug Powers, and other Conservative bloggers. Are we just that much smarter than our “leaders”? Or are we more intent on fighting? Do they fear unvarnished Conservatism?  What are they thinking? Seems too often they are thinking about not losing, rather than about winning.


New Jersey town to have armed security in schools

Via JWF. Here is my prediction, many schools will follow the NRA’s advice, and will have armed security, and no armed guard, or teacher will go nuts and slaughter any students, and even then, the Left will still hate guns. 

What kind of crazy, gun-nut red-state lunatics are these putting guns in schools? Oh wait, it’s New Jersey.

Don’t mess with Marlboro Township.

The leafy, well-heeled New Jersey suburb will station a permanent armed cop in each of its nine schools starting Jan. 2.

It’s apparently the first district nationwide bent on packing heat in every schoolhouse since madman Adam Lanza gunned down 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14.

“We’ve made a collective decision as a town that we need armed security in each of our schools,” Mayor Jonathan Hornik told The Post.

“With this new evil, you can’t just sit there and hope that it doesn’t happen in your town. We must protect our kids.”

The mayor and other town officials had approved the initiative before the chief of the National Rifle Association ignited a firestorm on Friday by calling for armed guards for schools.

Besides putting a cop in each of its schools — one kindergarten, five elementary, two middle and one high school — Marlboro will consider fortifying entrances with steel doors and bulletproof glass and installing surveillance cameras “all over” to feed to the police department, Hornik said.

Cost won’t stand in the way of “state-of-the-art” safety, he added.

“This isn’t a luxury item. This is a necessity, based on what we saw happen in Connecticut,” said Hornika Democrat who supports an assault-weapons ban and stricter gun control.

Amen, tour government mandates our kids attend school, and it is their duty to do their best to protect those kids. As that mayor said, this is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Now, will having armed security be an absolute guarantee against a psycho bringing a weapon and trying to harm the kids? No, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but this is the single best deterrent there is.

Well, looks like Erik loomis loves to use the Mother F—ing “F” word a whole F—ing lot!

that “someone” being Professor Potty Mouth Erik Loomis of Rhode Island University, home of the Blue Hens, or is that the Blue F—ing Hens? Stacy McCain has the story and background on Loomis, who seems to have a limited temper to match his limited vocabulary

Dishonest academic defenders of University of Rhode Island assistant history professor Erik Loomis have repeated the professor’s false assertion that he was criticized merely for using “metaphor” in hisunhinged Dec. 14 attacks on the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

One critic has decscribed the petition on behalf of Loomis, although ostensibly a defense of free speech rights, as a ”campaign to dominate debate and suppress criticism.”

In fact, Loomis’s “head on a stick” Tweet was just one of many offensive messages he sent on Dec. 14. More importantly, perhaps, the professor’s demented obscenity-strewn tirade attacted scrutiny, revealing that Loomis seemed prone to angry online eruptions, and had a habit of employing vulgarities in his Twitter messages, particularly in targeting Republicans.

Professor Loomis seems to have recognized that he had problems more serious than “right-wing morons” too stupid to understand metaphor, because he deleted his Twitter account to hide the evidence of his derangement. Fortunately, before the evidence got flushed down the digital memory hole, one of those “right-wing morons” was clever enough to compile six months’ worth of Erik Loomis’s Tweets into a 439-page PDF file. A few samples from the archive:

Lots more at the link, and by lots more I mean a F—ing F–k load of F—ing dirty tweets. Go read the rest of the post, it is fun to see Stacy pounding this nutcase of a professor. 


NRA calls for armed guards in schools, causing outbreak of Selective Outrage Syndrome among Liberals

The Lonely Conservative notes that the Left is going bat shit crazy over the NRA suggestion that we actually use armed police/guards/teachers to protect our kids in school, yet when Bill Clinton PUT armed guards in schools, there was no outrage at all. A classic case of Selective Outrage Syndrome

The other day Senator Barbara Boxer proposed turning our schools into mini police states patrolled by the National Guard. There was no outrage by the progressives or the media that I found. I also don’t recall much media outrage when former President Bill Clinton not only proposed, but also implemented putting armed guards in our schools. The internet and blogs were in their infancy at the time, so it’s possible that most progressives weren’t even aware of the policy, a policy thatPresident Obama cut funding for, by the way.

But when a similar proposal was made by the NRA outrage erupted immediately. My goodness, they’re suddenly concerned about what things cost! As if giving public workers rich benefit packages is more important than keeping our children safe. If only they had this much outrage over the budgets of our state and local governments.

Now, there are some who say that at Columbine there were armed guards, but lives were still lost. On the other hand, think of how many lives may have been saved.

Let’s get even more confusing. Clinton proposed more security for schools in the wake of the 1999 Columbine shooting. It turns out that Columbine High School did have an armed sheriff’s deputy on the scene the day of its tragic shooting spree. That deputy exchanged fire with one of the killers twice, drawing their attention away from killing unarmed teenagers. The deputy and his backup also helped organize the evacuation of students from the school. Though the deputy’s presence obviously did not stop the attack from happening, it likely did save many lives.

Let’s pile on even more confusion. The NRA today proposed protecting our children to a level similar to the way we protect our banks and many public buildings: With armed security. As we’ve established, this idea has been around for more than 12 years and was once proposed by a Democratic president. Many on the anti-gun left responded to today’s proposal not with a thoughtful rejoinder, but with calls to shoot Wayne LaPierre.

And yes, Columbine, and several other school shooting did happen while the assault weapons ban the Left wishes to bring back was in place, but the Left ignores that fact too. Why do I call Liberalism an ideology of convenience? This is why. They need no facts, just emotions to “know” something. They say a horrible event could have been stopped by a law. Yet when you point out that such a law did exist, and did not prevent such horrible events, they just repeat their disproved mantra. It is convenient to be able to “take a stand” and speak “truth to power” when you can use emotion, rather than reason. And it is convenient to say that to do something, anything is better than doing nothing. It is convenient because when that “something” fails, or even makes things worse through unintended consequences, think gun free zones here, you can feel better because you meant well. How convenient indeed!


The Left smells blood, steps up attacks on NRA, gun owners, and liberty

In my lifetime, the Democratic party has gone from Left Center, to Liberal, and is now moving in on full blown Leftist status, and, as their vile tactics of demonizing their opponnents after the Newtown shooting show, they are going all in the destroy our gun rights

Code Pink protesters — including the group’s Marxist founder, Medea Benjamin — disrupted today’s press conference by National Rifle Association chairman Wayne LaPierre. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has video. Meanwhile, as Alex Pappas of Daily Caller reports, influential members of the nation’s elite press corps were openly mocking LaPierre:

Open mic caught members of the media openly praising Code Pink, and mocking the NRA head, whither journalism? The Left, I believe, will go balls out to use this atrocity to paint gun owners as dangerous subversives, and to cripple the NRA and the gun industry as much as they can. Remember, the Left does not seem coexistence, no matter what their bumper sticker says. The Left seeks no less than the total eradication of all Conservative dissent, and if they can do serious damage to the right to own guns at the same time, they will gladly do so.

Twitchy has more on the evil Tweets the “peaceful” Left is writing

It’s times like these that you wish some gun wielding, never owned a TV or games psychopath would shoot up the .@NRA offices. 


Wayne LaPierre: kill yourself. Do what you love to do best – shoot a gun. Just place it inside your mouth first, you fucking cunt. @nra#NRA

Many more like that. The level of rage, not outrage, but rage at gun owners is frightening. Sure most of these miscreants are just mouthing off, but, it makes you wonder how long until some Leftist nut tries to take “revenge” on someone with an NRA bumper sticker. I wonder when the president will call for civility? Yes, I am being sarcastic. The Twitchy link above does make me wonder if Liberals really are against gun violence, since so many of these Tweets demand that the NRA be shot. Odd, I thought the Left was ANTI-violence and tolerant? I also wonder when the media will pick up on this unhinged hate. Yes, I know, they will, five minute after Stalin is ice skating in Hell.


*VIDEO* NRA Press Conference: School Security And The Sandy Hook Atrocity

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