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Democrats plans to make most Americans dependent on government is rolling along I see

The Democrats road map to perpetual majorities, and control includes making as many of us feel we HAVE to vote Democrat. The Wall Street Journal reports that now 15% of Americans are on food stamps

Food-stamp use rose 2.4% in the U.S. in May from a year earlier, with more than 15% of the U.S. population receiving benefits. (See an interactive map with data on use since 1990.)

One of the federal government’s biggest social welfare programs, which expanded when the economy convulsed, isn’t shrinking back alongside the recovery.

Food stamp rolls were up 0.2% from the prior month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported in data that aren’t adjusted for seasonal variations. Though annual growth continues, the pace has slowed since the depths of the recession.

The number of recipients in the food stamp program, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is at 47.6 million, or nearly one in six Americans.

Would I accuse Democrats of willingly doing what they can to lower the standard of living for Americans if it means they will win election after election? YEP!

Who says President Obama wants MORE Americans on Food Stamps?

President Obama does! Is it me, or is this administration all about getting as many of us dependent on government as possible?

One in seven Americans are on food stamps, but the government is pushing to enroll more — in many instances working to overcome Americans’ “pride,” self-reliance or failure to see a need.

“Our common goal is to increase participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,” the United States Department of Agriculture explains on its “Outreach Toolkits” page. “Our purpose is to ensure that those going through difficult times can feed their families healthy, nutritious food. By working as a team, we can accomplish these goals.”

The USDA has adopted a range of strategies and programs designed to bring more people to SNAP, including taking on “pride.” A 2011 Hunger Champions Award document reveals that local assistance offices have been rewarded for “counteracting” pride and pushing more people to sign up for benefits.

The Ashe County Department of Social Services in Jefferson, N.C., for example, received a “Gold” award for confronting “mountain pride” and increasing food stamp participation by 10 percent.

“Hearing from the outreach worker that benefits could be used to purchase seeds and plants for their gardens turned out to be a very important strategy in counteracting what they described as ‘mountain pride’ and appealed to those who wished not to rely on others,” the document explains. “Eventually, many accepted assistance from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program, and others, in some cases doubling a household’s net income. In 1 year, SNAP participation increased over 10 percent.”

Remember this, the Democrats goal is to slowly enslave us to the federal government. The end game is to ensure that a majority of Americans will vote Democrat, because we will be dependent on these programs, or government jobs.

Your Nanny State Intrusion of the Day!

Today, it is the story of a school encroaching upon parental rights, via Hot Air

Remember last year when a Chicago school flatly forbade kids from bringing in homepacked lunches? A school in North Carolina has a different approach: You can bring the lunch mom packed for you, but if it doesn’t meet the USDA guidelines, you’ll be marched to the cafeteria to eat a “healthy” lunch instead — and mom will be billed for the extra expense.

The punchline? Mom’s lunch actually did meet the guidelines in this case.

The girl’s mother — who said she wishes to remain anonymous to protect her daughter from retaliation — said she received a note from the school stating that students who did not bring a “healthy lunch” would be offered the missing portions, which could result in a fee from the cafeteria, in her case $1.25…

“What got me so mad is, number one, don’t tell my kid I’m not packing her lunch box properly,” the girl’s mother told CJ. “I pack her lunchbox according to what she eats. It always consists of a fruit. It never consists of a vegetable. She eats vegetables at home because I have to watch her because she doesn’t really care for vegetables.”

When the girl came home with her lunch untouched, her mother wanted to know what she ate instead. Three chicken nuggets, the girl answered. Everything else on her cafeteria tray went to waste.

“She came home with her whole sandwich I had packed, because she chose to eat the nuggets on the lunch tray, because they put it in front of her,” her mother said. “You’re telling a 4-year-old. ‘oh. you’re lunch isn’t right,’ and she’s thinking there’s something wrong with her food.”

It turns out that the lunch did, in fact, meet the standards. But that is not the meat, pardon the pin of the story. The parents ought to decide what the kids take to lunch, not the morons in our school systems. And please, spare me the “but some parents might not pack a healthy lunch” BS. First of all, define “healthy”. Go to a bookstore sometime and look at the diet section. So many different books, written by so many different “experts” with so many different definitions of “healthy”. And you actually think we can trust bureaucrats to decide what is healthy? Good luck with that!

Besides, the government has more important things to do. Like warning us of the inherent dangers of sand castles

A new EPA study says that building sandcastles is hazardous to your health.
The White House Dossier reported, via FOX Nation:

A new study performed by the EPA has determined that playing in the sand at the beach can make you sick.

In an article titled “Digging in Beach Sand Linked to Increased Risk of Gastrointestinal Illness,” the EPA cites a intensive study performed by EPA researchers and other scientists which found that your risk of getting sick might increase after playing in the sand.

How did any one of us ever survive to adulthood without these Nanny Staters to protect us?

First they came for Joe Camel……………

And eventually, Tony the Tiger is being hunted by the Food Police, tell, me, after reading this, who wants to predict how soon these Nanny State bastards are in our kitchens and fridges?, Well, I think that is exactly where THIS will lead

Tony the Tiger, some NASCAR drivers and cookie-selling Girl Scouts will be out of a job unless grocery manufacturers agree to reinvent a vast array of their products to satisfy the Obama administration’s food police.

Either retool the recipes to contain certain levels of sugar, sodium and fats, or no more advertising and marketing to tots and teenagers, say several federal regulatory agencies.

The same goes for restaurants.

It’s not just the usual suspected foods that are being targeted, such a thin mint cookies sold by scouts or M&Ms and Snickers, which sponsor cars in the Sprint Cup, but pretty much everything on a restaurant menu.

Although the intent of the guidelines is to combat childhood obesity, foods that are low in calories, fat, and some considered healthy foods, are also targets, including hot breakfast cereals such as oatmeal, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, yogurt, wheat bread, bagels, diet drinks, fruit juice, tea, bottled water, milk and sherbet.

Food industries are in an uproar over the proposal written by the Federal Trade Commission, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“The most disturbing aspect of this interagency working group is, after it imposes multibillions of dollars in restrictions on the food industry, there is no evidence of any impact on the scourge of childhood obesity,” said Dan Jaffe, executive vice president of the Association of National Advertisers.

It is not about fighting childhood obesity Dan, it never has been. It is about controlling everything we do, everything we eat, how our kids are raised, and on, and on, and………………..