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Woman acquires penis, nation’s oldest all-women’s college hardest hit

Yes, you have every right to have a sex change, it is a free country, but, remember having surgery, such as an add-a-dick-to-me procedure does have consequences. One of those consequences is that you are NO LONGER a woman and thus, you can no longer live on campus at an all-womens college!

An undergraduate student at a small women’s college in North Carolina is seeking permission to stay at the school — and live on campus — after she undergoes gender reassignment surgery in February, which will finalize her transformation into a man.

Officials at the school, Salem College, are now considering the thorny issue, reports the Winston-Salem Journal.

Michelle Melton, Salem’s director of communications, would not identify the transgender student. She cited federal privacy laws, as well as the school’s confidentiality policies, according to the Journal.

Founded in 1772 by Moravians, Salem College is a private liberal arts school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It’s the 13th-oldest college in the country, and the oldest female educational establishment that remains a women’s college.

The school enrolls some 1,100 students. The 800 undergrads are all female, and only females are currently allowed to live on campus. Men who are at least 23 years old can participate in teacher education graduate programs and take adult education courses. However, they cannot live on or be part of the traditional undergraduate campus.

Again, actions have consequences, so do choices. Stop trying to make everyone else conform to you!