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Project Veritas Proves That Leftists Are Batshit Crazy… Again (Video)

College Administrators Literally Shred U.S. Constitution After Reporter Calls It “Oppressive” And “Triggering” – Weasel Zippers

Yes, literally.

Via Campus Reform:

Administrators at Vassar College and Oberlin College agreed to personally shred a pocket Constitution after an undercover reporter posing as a student complained that she felt “triggered” by its distribution on campus.

The video was produced by Project Veritas, a non-profit established by conservative journalist James O’Keefe, and employs a similar style to the undercover ACORN videos that first brought him to prominence.

“Last week something kinda happened on campus that kind of really upset me and I ended up having a panic attack,” the reporter tells Vassar College Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity Kelly Grab. “It’s just I’ve been kind of hiding out in my room ever since kind of scared, so, finally somebody told me I should maybe come talk to you about it and see if there’s anything that can happen or anything… They were handing the Constitution out on campus.”

“Oh, CATO Institute,” Grab murmurs while looking the booklet over.

“They were handing it out and as soon as I saw it you know I started to not be able to breathe, hyperventilating,” the reporter elaborated. “My vision went blurry and I just – kind of just lost control.”

After establishing that the reaction was triggered merely by the offering of copies of the Constitution and not by anything the group had said, Grab offers her sympathies to the reporter.

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*VIDEO* Pastor Rafael Cruz Discusses His Son Ted, Religious Liberty, And The U.S. Constitution



Can you say strangulation by regulation boys and girls?

I knew you could. For those who always whine that we need big government to protect us all from, well, pretty much everything, and for those who say “if it just saves one life” this is for you to chew on

I got another chain email recently, this one highlighting the wordiness of today’s bureaucracy:

• The Lord’s Prayer: 70 words.

• 10 Commandments: 331 words.

• Declaration of Independence: 1,322 words.

• U.S. Constitution: 7,794 words.

• Government Regulations on the sale of cabbage: 26,911 words.

Ha ha! Good point! Except the last example isn’t true, as Snopes revealed.

But it would be true had the email just substituted cheese for cabbage. The FDA devotes 34,823 words to the regulation of cheese.

Other agencies add more words, and we end up with contradictory rules-the ones that tell us to eat fewer dairy products, but also to eat more cheese.

Yet they keep adding more words.

More words, more regulations, and now, no one can keep up with all the regs, and it is just getting worse and that includes at the state level too. Since our state, and federal legislatures are so eager to pass laws, and legislate, why don’t they get busy and start repealing about 95% of this crap?

Daily Benefactor News – Elected Officials Flunk U.S. Constitution Quiz



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Elected Officials Flunk U.S. Constitution Quiz – WorldNetDaily

In a survey of thousands of Americans, one subset – elected officials – proved particularly clueless on questions about the U.S. Constitution.

In fact, fewer than half could correctly answer such basic questions as “Who can declare war?” and “What are the three branches of government?”

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute reports it conducted the quiz of over 2,500 adults, asking 33 basic civics questions, many taken from nationally recognized instruments like the U.S. Citizenship Exam, including 10 questions related to the U.S. Constitution.

Of the sample size, 164 identified themselves as having been successfully elected to government office – whether federal, state or local positions – but the subset performed even poorer than the national average on questions about the government.

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For example, only 15 percent of officials answered correctly that the phrase “wall of separation” appears in Thomas Jefferson’s letters – not in the U.S. Constitution – and only 57 percent knew the purpose of the Electoral College.

Twenty percent of the officials, reports Richard Brake in AOL News, thought that the Electoral College was a school for “training those aspiring for higher political office.”

“The fact that our elected representatives know even less about America’s history and institutions than the typical citizen (who doesn’t know much either) is troubling indeed,” writes Brake, who is co-chairman of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s National Civic Literacy Board, “but perhaps helps explain the lack of constitutional discipline often displayed by our political class at every level of our system.”

“Given this dismal performance,” he continues, “it would seem that last week’s House reading of the Constitution shouldn’t be described ‘presumptuous and self-righteous’ [as a New York Times editorial dubbed it], but as a necessary national tutorial for all elected officials.”

Brake reports that the surveyed group, including a random sample of adults from all educational and demographic backgrounds but focused primarily on college students, outscored the elected official subset by five percentage points and topped the government officials on every constitutional question.

For example, only 49 percent of elected officials could name all three branches of government – legislative, executive and judicial – compared with 50 percent of the general public.

Similarly, only 46 percent of elected officials knew that Congress, not the president, has the power to declare war, while 54 percent of the general public identified the correct answer.

Overall, the average score for officeholders on the civic literacy test was 44 percent, compared to 49 percent for those who have not held an elected office

The compiled results show the general public proved significantly more knowledgeable than officeholders on the Cuban Missile Crisis (with a 14-percent difference in average score on a related question), Sputnik (an 11-percent difference) and the ability to identify the “inalienable rights” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness named in the Declaration of Independence (13-percent difference).

ISI reports the elected officeholders came from the ranks of Democrats (40 percent), Republicans (31 percent), Independents (21 percent), and those who indicated no affiliation (8 percent). None were asked to specify what office they held, so the proportion in which they held local, state, or federal positions is unknown.

Overall, 74 percent of officeholders failed the exam, compared to 71 percent of those who had not held office.

You can take the exam yourself at ISI’s website.

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