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Class Act: Drunken ‘Twilight’ Actor Urinates In Middle Of LAX Terminal (Video)

‘Twilight’ Actor Charged With Public Intoxication After Urinating On Airport Floor – Weekly Vice

Bronson Pelletier, a 26-year-old actor best known for his role in the Twilight movie series, was jailed mid-December after he allegedly pulled out his penis and urinated on the floor at Los Angeles International Airport.

Details of the arrest went viral on the Internet after a video that captured the event was posted on YouTube Wednesday.

According to reports, a visibly intoxicated Pelletier was being escorted through LAX by airport security when the alleged urination took place.

A video that captured the event shows Pelletier stumbling about as an airport security officer stood by. Pelletier then exposed himself in a public terminal and began urinating on the airport floor.

Pelletier had nearly completed the deed when an airport police officer took him to the ground and placed him under arrest.

Pelletier was removed from the airport and charged with public intoxication. His arraignment hearing has been set for January 7.


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