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Moonbat Hospitalized After Falling Out Of Tree While Protesting Golf Course

Tree-Hugger Trying To Block New Golf Course Hospitalized After Falling From His Branch During 11th Day Perched In Tree – Weasel Zippers


Moonbat hall of fame material.

A man who had occupied a cypress tree for 11 days to block construction of a premier golf course in New Orleans’ large public park has fallen from the tree and injured himself.

The man, identified as Jonathan Boover, who goes by Lloyd, fell out of the tree in City Park on Tuesday morning.

Christopher Lane of the City Park for Everyone Coalition says Boover apparently had not eaten in a day and was disoriented from lack of sleep.

Lane says Boover believed he may have broken an ankle and his nose in the fall.

Sheriff’s deputies had been monitoring Boover’s protest and kept a spotlight trained on him at night.

He was expected to be charged with trespassing.

Boover said he was happy to ‘spend a few days in jail’ if it meant more people would hear about the $24.5 million golf course being built along park along Harrison Avenue.

About 100 trees will be chopped down for the course.



So, if there is NOT a war on Christmas….

…I would hate to see if there was, because I am reading a whole bunch of stories like this

Via Fox News:

Residents of a senior adult apartment complex in California staged a protest after the management of their building announced a ban on Christmas trees and menorahs in communal areas.

“We’re all angry,” resident Fern Scheel told the Los Angeles Daily News. “We want that tree. Where’s our freedom? This is ridiculous.”

JB Partners Group sent a memorandum to The Willows in Newhall, Calif. ordering them to remove the Christmas tree from the community room because they deemed it a religious symbol, the newspaper reported.

Odd isn’t it? On one hand we often hear Atheists mock Christmas by saying that Christmas trees are from a pagan origin, yet, they just as often seek to remove them because they are symbols of Christmas. How convenient. Also odd is that groups like the one behind this bit of madness will seemingly offend everyone so as to not offend some whiny screwball, who MIGHT get offended!

The truth is that those who scream bloody murder when they see a Christmas tree, or Santa, or a manger scene, or the colors red and green, or hear that kids might be shown A Charlie Brown Christmas are backasswards, intolerant, malcontents who think they are entitled to make everyone else bow to their ways. And those that give in to them are cowards and fools.


How Not To Chop Down A Tree

Via Viral Footage. Seems that this guy was worried about a tree falling on his home, so, he decided to, well……

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Church fined for “improper pruning”

A large Lagerstroemia (crepe myrtle) grown to ...
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You WTF are the Nanny Staters going to think of next story!

The city of Charlotte, N.C., is levying fines on a local church after it says one landscaping parishioner “improperly” pruned the crape myrtle trees of Albemarle Road Presbyterian Church.

The Charlotte Observer has the details (emphasis mine):

The church was fined $100 per branch cut for excessive pruning, bringing the violation to $4,000.

“I just couldn’t believe it when I heard about it,” Sales said. “We trim our trees back every three years all over our property, and this is the first time we have been fined.”

The fine will be dropped if the church replaces each of the improperly pruned trees, said Tom Johnson, senior urban forester for city of Charlotte Land Development Division.  “When they are nonrepairable, when they have been pruned beyond repair, we will ask them to be replaced,” Johnson said. “We do that for a number of reasons but mainly because they are going to come back unhealthy and create a dangerous situation down the road.”

How about the government’s unconstitutional pruning of our liberties?