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No, This Is NOT A Picture Of My Front Door This Morning…


But that’s only because I, Edward L. Daley, don’t have a digital camera with which to capture and share with you what I saw when I went down stairs today to begin shoveling out my driveway.

The above picture, however, is illustrative of my situation, with one small difference… which is that neither my front door nor my back door opens in. Imagine having six-foot-plus drifts at least seven feet thick pressing up against a door that opens out.

Fun, fun, fun!

So what did I do, climb out a window?

No, I decided to remove the glass panels from one of my outer storm doors and shovel my way out from the inside, which is not nearly as fun as it sounds.

Anyway, after burrowing my way to the middle of my driveway, I had to go back inside and shovel out the pile of snow in my back entryway, because when you’re shoveling from the inside out, there’s no place to put the initial mounds of snow but INSIDE you’re house.

Yet, the real work had only just begun.

You see, I park my pickup near the end of the driveway – a good 50 feet from my back door – so I don’t have as much snow to shovel between it and the street if I need to get out fairly quickly after a storm. The thing is, drifting snow that reaches six feet in height on its own gets to be almost mountainous when added to those five-foot plowbergs left by the town’s road clearing equipment. And if your vehicle is parked right at the edge of such a blowberg, it becomes completely engulfed.

Suffice it to say that I WISH my truck had only been as buried as the one in the following picture.


So, after more than an hour of digging out my frozen Ford, dislodging it from DRIFTZILLA and finally breaking through to the street, I then set about clearing the space between there and my back door, which took another 45 minutes or so.

In total, I’d say I spent a good two and a half- to three hours shoveling this morning, and I still haven’t gotten around to clearing the front entrance to my house. Only the top two and a half feet of my front door are visible from the outside right now, which means the drift in front of it is around seven feet high, due to the fact that the bottom of the door is nearly three feet off the ground at the top of my front steps.

The drift is also a good eight feet thick, which means I’ll be shoveling for another 45 minutes this afternoon before the more essential snow removal is done, and I still won’t be able to see out my living room window anytime soon without standing on my tippy-toes and craning my neck.

Oh well, at least I didn’t lose power over the weekend like some folks did.

I mean, THAT would have truly sucked.

Later, peeps!