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Your Race Pimp of the Day is Marc Lamont Hill

Despicable to the core

So, Chris Dorner who slaughtered innocent people in cold blood is a freaking hero to Mr. Hill? A hero? A hero because in his manifesto he ranted about how great Left Wing ideals are? This is absolutely incredible to me. The Left is so morally retarded that they can not really find fault, except to say, in this case, that Dorner did some “awful” things. If you espouse leftist ideals, killing people ain’t so bad to Marc Lamont Hill, who is not only intellectually vacuous, but morally vacuous as well. 

Does the Left understand what they are doing?

Alternate title, Does the Left Want a Race War? I hate to ask this question, I really do. But,I think it might need asking. The Left has used racially charged language for a long time. And they have used it for political gain. They divide people into groups, preach to those groups that they are victims, and that ONLY Liberals can help them to “over come”. It has always been a despicable tactic, but, it seems that it has now sunk to new levels of despicability. The Left fears losing their power in November, so the racialist rhetoric has been ramped up. That type of divisive tactic is really their only hope I suppose.They cannot run on their accomplishments,they cannot point out positive steps they have taken. All they can do is to attempt to divide Americans more and more.

But, what price are they willing to make us pay to hold their power? Are they willing to start a race war? I seriously doubt that. But,they are definitely willing to enflame racial tensions to the very edge aren’t they? Listening to and reading the rhetoric the Left spews constantly, I do not see how you could reach any other conclusion. The Trayvon Martin case is a perfect example. No one knows, except for George Zimmerman exactly what happened the night Martin was shot and killed. But that has certainly not stopped the Left, or even slowed them down has it? They smell political blood, they are desperate,and apparently they do not give a damn if they incite increasing racial tensions. And, sadly,they seem willing to see some real blood spilled if that  allows them to hold on to their power.

No, I am not saying that the sick tactics of racial/gender/class/religious division the Left uses is a deliberate attempt to fuel riots, or violent attacks, although it does seem that it is those on the Left that engage in violent or intimidating behavior. What I am saying is that you cannot continuously engender hatred in some groups for those of other groups without eventually, well,you get the idea.

The UK riots continue, why are these miscreants being tolerated? UPDATED! Brits fight back! UPDATED, Steyn speaks

Donald Douglas has a great set of videos,links, and info. My fear is that the lack of an effective response by the Brits is going to embolden “youths” as the media loves to call these violent little bastards, in other countries to take to the streets and riot. One of the great truths of life is that appeasement never works. The Left, of course will never accept this fact.

Smitty, at The Other McCain thinks this is indeed political and makes a compelling argument while taking a fellow blogger to the woodshed

Oh horsepucky, Taylor: if these riots lack a political basis, then so did the American Revolution. The differences are (a) that these rioters are much closer to Parliament, and (b) there is no leadership core to kick the useless Parliament to the curb.

These types of events are complicated and one suspects that understanding this particular event will take some time to accomplish. I certainly am not going to claim to have answers at this point and am skeptical about those who claim to understand the event, especially if they think it fits some simplistic ideological worldview.

Taylor, obfuscation is as great a sin as oversimplification. What’s at work here is the unwillingness of the Progressive, Ruling Class Overlords to take an honest look at the situation. Honesty implies some notion of truth, some objective standard against which measurement occurs. Thanks for self-identifying as one of the spineless sophists more part of the problem than the solution, Taylor. Intellectually curious people should avoid your classes like ObamaCare.

Smitty will tell you what he thinks in a second, and that is one reason he is so good!

Aleister has video of Steyn talking about these riots

UPDATE!! Video of fed up Brits taking their city back


The Left is imploding right before our eyes, they know, that they are going to get the boot next November, and they are in total freak out mode! Stacy McCain has the video of Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman on MSNBS to prove it!

Here is the money quote from Crazy Legs Matthews

“It was like the secessionists .. . Even as [Obama] was
being inaugurated, the voices of secession were uniting in the South and planning to bring this guy down, right?”

So, the goons at MSNBS have just gone all out shock jock now? Just say anything, as long as it is over the top, maniacal, and completely devoid of reason!