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The Daley Gator Has Its Best Month EVER, Garnering Over 130,000 Views In September

We here at the Daley Gator would like to thank all of our loyal readers for helping to make September, 2012 the most successful month in the history of this humble blog.

And now, this…






And finally, this…



Ed Thoughtfully Explains Why The Daley Gator Is Now Averaging Over 100,000 Views Per Month

A year ago April, Doug and I were overjoyed by the news that our happy little blog had FINALLY broken through the 30,000 views-per-month (vpm) barrier we’d struggled desperately for sooooo long to breach. Not only did we attain that elusive goal, but we very nearly topped the 40,000 vpm mark as well, falling only 566 views short.

Prior to that fateful month we’d been lucky to garner 27,000 views in a single month, and in fact had only averaged around 22,000 vpm over the entire year to that point, a trend which appeared sadly static and seemed to foretell of endless blogospheric mediocrity to come.

But then something happened. The following month found us increasing our numbers by several thousand, and while the month after that dipped a bit in terms of viewership, our beloved DALEY GATOR remained above the wondrous 40,000 vpm mark we’d experienced in May, thus renewing our hope for an even brighter tomorrow.

And brighter that tomorrow would prove to be, as our humble blog’s numbers continued to rise, shattering the 50,000 vpm threshold in July and then stabilizing at about the 55,000 mark for the following three months.

Suffice it to say that the Gatorman and I were more than pleased by this unexpected turn of events, as you can well imagine.

Then the month of November came along and revealed to us that THE DALEY GATOR’s viewership had lept – with several thousand hits to spare – above the 60,000 vpm bar we’d always expected would define our blog’s “top end”, and our happiness suddenly turned to exaltation.

That was, indeed, a glorious month, yet December would cause us to experience a near-simultaneous blogasm (and no, that’s not a gay thing… perverts) when we became aware of the fact that THE DALEY GATOR’s viewership had suddenly smashed through the 80,000 vpm ceiling.

Much to our delight, the year 2011 ended with our long-suffering blog topping 1 Million total viewers for the first time EVER!

But wait, it gets even better than that. Following January-and February’s 80,000-plus vpm tallies, the month of March, 2012 brought to our table the tastiest of tasty vpm figures to date… 112,557.

And now the numbers are in for the month of April, 2012. They are: 106,917 views per month.

I know, right? It’s an astounding state of affairs, and I don’t blame you at all for wondering what could have possibly brought about the meteoric rise of THE DALEY GATOR over the course of the past year.

Well, here’s the thing, Doug and I have posted more pictures of hot chicks since April of last year than we ever did over the entire existence of this blog prior to that time.

That’s it. That’s the secret of THE DALEY GATOR’s success. WE EXPLOIT FEMALE HOTNESS!

God bless America.