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Federal Judge Throws Out New York Teachers’ Exam Because RAAAAAACISM!

NY Teacher Exam Thrown Out For Being Discriminatory – Daily Caller


A federal judge in New York has struck down a test used by New York City to vet potential teachers, finding the test of knowledge illegally discriminated against racial minorities due to their lower scores.

At first glance, the city’s second Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST-2) seems fairly innocuous. Unlike the unfair literacy tests of Jim Crow, LAST-2 was given to every teaching candidate in New York, and it was simply a test to make sure that teachers had a basic high school-level understanding of both the liberal arts and the sciences.

One sample question from the test asked prospective educators to identify the mathematical principle of a linear relationship when given four examples; another asked them to read four passages from the Constitution and identify which illustrated checks and balances. Besides factual knowledge, the test also checks basic academic skills, such as reading comprehension and the ability to read basic charts and graphs.

Nevertheless, this apparently neutral subject matter contained an insidious kernel of racism, because Hispanic and black applicants had a passage rate only 54 to 75 percent of the passage rate for whites.

Once their higher failure rate was established, the burden shifted to New York to prove that LAST-2 measured skills that were essential for teachers and therefore was justified in having a racially unequal outcome. While it might seem obvious that possessing basic subject knowledge is a key skill for a teacher, District Judge Kimba Wood said the state hadn’t met that burden.

“Instead of beginning with ascertaining the job tasks of New York teachers, the two LAST examinations began with the premise that all New York teachers should be required to demonstrate an understanding of the liberal arts,” Wood wrote in her opinion, according to The New York Times.

LAST-2 hasn’t been used in New York since 2012, but the ruling will still have repercussions. Minorities who failed the exam (who number in the thousands) may be owed years of back pay totaling millions of dollars, and those who were relegated to substitute teaching jobs could be promoted to having their own classrooms. In addition, while Wood’s ruling only applies to New York City, the test was used statewide, and it could serve as a precedent for further lawsuits.

The ruling could also pave the way for another ruling finding New York’s current teacher test, the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST), to be discriminatory as well. That test is even harder than LAST-2, with a strong focus on literacy skills such as writing and reading comprehension, and like LAST-2 it has a very large gap in scores between whites and minorities. A lawsuit, once again being heard by Wood, is already pending, with the plaintiffs arguing that there is no clear evidence strong literacy skills are essential for a teacher.



Atlanta Teachers Convicted Of Fraudulently Boosting Test Scores Receive Heavy Prison Sentences

Brutal Sentences For Convicted Atlanta Teachers – Daily Caller


Recently-convicted Atlanta educators who conspired for years to fraudulently boost the city’s scores on standardized tests were slapped with lengthy prison sentences of up to seven years Tuesday.

Sharon Davis-Williams, Michael Pitts, and Tamara Cotman were all regional directors with the Atlanta Public Schools throughout the cheating scandal, and were slapped with the toughest penalties by Baxter. All of them were sentenced to seven years in prison, to be followed by 13 years of probation and 2,000 hours of community service. They were also fined $25,000 apiece. Several other educators were slapped with shorter sentences that still sent them to prison for as long as two years.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter said this widespread cheating was far from a victimless crime, and warranted a tough response.

“These stories are incredible. These kids can’t read,” Baxter said at Tuesday’s hearing, according to CNN. “It’s like the sickest thing that’s ever happened in this town.” Baxter also said he was upset by an apparent lack of remorse or willingness to accept responsibility among the educators being sentenced.

The seven-year sentences given the regional directors are tougher than the sentences received by many violent criminals across the U.S.

During the first decade of the 2000s, Atlanta’s public schools were held up as a national model for their rapid gains on standardized tests. However, investigations by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and later the state government revealed that much of this improvement was a sham, enabled by systematic fraud carried out by dozens of educators, who were motivated variously be fear of losing their jobs or the desire to receive performance bonuses. During the trial which ended two weeks ago, prosecutors painted a lurid picture of corruption where teachers would meet for “cheating parties” where they would eat fish and grits while fixing wrong answers on students’ standardized tests.

The scandal was so widespread and entrenched that the teachers were ultimately convicted under Georgia’s racketeering law, normally intended to prosecute gang members.

The ten educators sentenced Tuesday were only a small portion of the 200 educators who are believed to have participated in the cheating, and they were less than half of the 35 people indicted last year. Most of those charged with crimes took plea deals in order to avoid jail time.



Missouri Legislature Overrules Leftist Governor’s Veto Of Law Allowing Teachers To Be Armed In School

Missouri Legislature Overrules Dem Governor’s Veto, Provides Huge Gun Rights Victory – TPNN


Our system of government was designed with a redundancy of checks and balances. In recent years, Democrats have charged Republicans with supposed obstruction and have maintained that their unwillingness to rubber-stamp the president’s agenda is, somehow, an anti-American concept when, in reality, blocking bad ideas from becoming law is a tremendously American idea upon which our system of government relies.

Similarly, across the country, there have been battles in state legislatures as one party battles another. Recently, Missouri passed legislation that would allow schools to train teachers in the use of firearms and allow such teachers to defend students from a would-be attacker.

The legislation, SB 656, was vetoed by Democrat Governor Jay Nixon. With regards to his veto, Nixon stated, “Arming teachers will not make our schools safer. I have supported and will continue to support the use of duly authorized law enforcement officers employed as school resource officers, but I cannot condone putting firearms in the hands of educators who should be focused on teaching our kids.”

What’s amazing is that every time a “bad guy with a gun” seeks to create carnage, the defenseless are forced to run, hide and cower and pray that a trained “good guy with a gun” makes it to the scene in time to save their life. What this legislation accomplishes is exactly that plus offering the added benefit of a deterrent effect.

I ask: how many would-be shooters would be willing to wage an assault on a school knowing that there are trained, armed teachers everywhere? This legislation will save lives.

However, our representative democracy prevailed as this week, Missouri’s House and Senate voted to override the governor’s veto and the legislation is set to become law.

The House voted to overrule the governor 117 to 39 and the Senate voted to overrule Nixon 23 to 8.

SB 656 doesn’t just arm teachers, but makes adjustments to current laws concerning concealed carrying of firearms. It disallows public housing authorities to infringe upon “a lessee or a member of the lessee’s immediate household or guest [to] personally [possess] firearms.”

It further augments the places in which open and concealed carry is lawful and even lowers the concealed permit requirements from 21 years of age to 19. It also prohibits healthcare professionals from inquiring about a patient’s firearm ownership.

This is a tremendous step in the right direction and an affirmation of our American values. More guns in the hands of responsible citizens has been the only tried-and-true method of lowering violent crime and the right to carry and use firearms in defense of oneself or another is a right that must be recognized and supported.

The anti-Second Amendment crowd is sure to hate this development, but for those who love freedom and have a clear understanding of our rights as Americans should rejoice at the news of this victory that is relatively undiscussed within the leftstream media.



Teachers Union Thug (aka UFT President) Says He’ll ‘Punch You In The Face’ If You Don’t Go Along With Commie Core (Video)

This Teachers Union President Will ‘Punch You In The Face’ If You Don’t Like Common Core – Daily Caller


Video surfaced on Thursday showing Michael Mulgrew, president of New York’s United Federation of Teachers, as he unloaded a hateful rant against critics of the Common Core Standards Initiative.

“If someone takes something from me, I’m going to grab it right back out of their cold, twisted, sick hands and say it is mine!” Mulgrew bellowed clownishly. “You do not take what is mine!”

The union boss also challenged opponents of Common Core and union control over education to a fist fight.

“I’m going to punch you in the face and push you in the dirt because this is the teachers’!” Mulgrew threatened.

The teachers union bigwig made the speech at a convention in Los Angeles last month, according to the New York Daily News.

Ed Notes Online, a blog that follows education news, posted the screed yesterday.

Mulgrew’s bizarro, menacing outburst was part of an intense debate on a mundane resolution calling on the 1.4 million-member American Federation of Teachers to continue its support the implementation of Common Core.

“I’ve heard the stories about how Eli Broad, Bill Gates, Joel Klein and a flying saucer full of Martians designed these things to brainwash us all,” Mulgrew also raged in scorn of the growing grassroots tide of opposition to Common Core.

Attendees at the convention said the hulking, bald and very angry union boss’s intimidating diatribe was frightening.

“It was scary,” a member of the audience who wished to remain anonymous told the Daily News. “People were saying that he shouldn’t be around children.”

Across the country, bureaucrats in 45 states, Washington, D.C., and four U.S. territories had originally decided to implement Common Core with virtually no democratic input.

Since then, a handful of states have either neutered or – in the case of Oklahoma – banned Common Core entirely. Legislatures in several more states are mulling bills that would limit the controversial national standards.





Missouri Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Teachers To Be Armed In Schools

Missouri Legislature Passes Bill To Allow Armed Teachers – Conservative Tribune


In the wake of the tragic 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, the safety of our children while at school has been a contentious point.

Some have called for increased gun control, echoing other cries to limit the Second Amendment’s “right to keep and bear arms.” However, those knowledgable about the issue have a different view.

Instead of restricting the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves (and thereby giving criminals the advantage), there have been multiple attempts to increase gun rights, including the right to carry in schools. The Missouri legislature just passed such a bill.

This bill, if signed into law, would allow vetted, trained, and qualified school faculty members to carry a weapon with the permission of the individual school district.

Via guns.com:

The bill, SB656, will allow school districts to cross-train faculty to become “School Protection Officers.” These volunteer teachers and administrators would have to have a valid Missouri concealed-carry permit and complete a Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission certification course. Following these steps, they would be allowed to carry on school grounds if the district opted to allow armed personnel on campus.

While this is a good step forward, it is unknown whether Gov. Nixon (D) will sign the bill into law.

[Nixon] had vetoed a nullification bill last year that included similar armed teacher language. Further, in a statement Friday, Nixon expressed reservations on the current legislation, but has stated he would review the bill.

[H/T: Brietbart]

This bill, if signed into law, would protect our children against another Sandy Hook tragedy. Teachers are responsible for the safety of their students, and this bill would enable them to more adequately protect those under their care. Therefore, we call on Gov. Nixon to make this bill a law.

What do you think? If you support Missouri’s attempts to protect its school children, like or share this on Facebook or Twitter!

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Leftist Teachers Union President In Chicago Urges Teachers To Politicize Math In Class (Video)

Chicago Teachers Union Prez Urges Teachers To Politicize Math In The Classroom – Gateway Pundit

2 + 2 = Social Justice

The far left unionists are now successfully politicizing math in the classroom.

In March Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis urged fellow teachers to politicize math at their schools. Lewis spoke at the Network for Public Education conference in Texas.

Via EAG News:

“People always talk about how that there’s no politics and values in math. That you can teach math and there’s no place for social justice. So let me tell you how Bob (Peterson) deals with that,” Lewis said.

She went on to describe a math story problem about money and the cost of pencils.

“That’s a very political statement because it’s all about consumerism – it’s about buying stuff, right?

“Bob Peterson tells them about José working in a factory making piecemeal clothes. He uses the same numbers and gets the same answer. And yes, math is political, too.”


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Why Do Teachers’ Unions Favor Pedophiles? (Matt Ross)

Why Do Teachers’ Unions Favor Pedophiles? – Matt Ross


One would think that protecting children from adult predators would be pretty much a universal. I was cheered that while myself and others were covering the #FreeKate story, we found that protecting children from predators had supporters that were gay and straight, from right and left, and Christian and not so much. However, as much as a no-brainer that protecting children from sexual exploitation would seem, there are still a disturbingly large number of people that would allow adults access to children for the worst of purposes. Even more disturbing is that two groups are apparently supporting pedophiles; The National Education Association, and the American Federation of Teachers, the two largest teachers unions in the US. TPNN, notes that while the teachers’ unions favor background checks for gun owners, they have a different opinion on background checks for teachers

But, that is not the case. Two of the most powerful teachers unions in the country, the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federations of Teachers (AFT), are against a proposed bill that would require better background checks for teachers. Of course, like clockwork, the excuse made by these unions, namely AFT, is wrapped around race baiting.

In the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Campbell Brown addresses their opposition.

Anyone with violent or sexual convictions against a child – whether a misdemeanor or felony – would be ineligible for school employment. Background checks would be more thorough, using expanded databases including the FBI’s fingerprint database, the national and state sex offender registries. And districts would be prohibited from knowingly unloading sex abusers on other schools – a practice known as “pass the trash.”

These are sensible measures that are overdue. Yet the two most powerful teachers unions in the country have voiced objections to the bill. Both the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers complained about the bill before it passed the House. The NEA claimed in a letter to House members that background checks “often have a huge, racially disparate impact.” Randi Weingarten, the AFT chief, warned of inaccuracies in the FBI database and cautioned that teachers would be inconvenienced by potentially long screening delays.

So, keeping pedophiles away from kids is racist? Are they suggesting that there is a racial component to pedophilia? Or, are they just willing to protect and employ pedophiles in order to satisfy a political agenda? Or course, who cares if a bunch of kids get raped in the process? I would assume that it’s a small price to pay for for collecting more dues!

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Why “they are not allowed to fail” is failing our kids and our country

The Other McCain has it in spades

Amanda Carpenter called attention to a letter a Maryland middle-school teacher wrote to the Washington Post‘s education writer:

I am paid to give out gold stars to everyone so that no one feels left out, to give everyone an A because they feel sad if they don’t have one. I take the perpetual, insane harassment from parents who insist that their child’s failings are solely my fault because I do not coddle them to the point of being unable to accept any sort of critique; if each student is not perfect and prepared for college and life by age twelve, then I must be wrong about the quality of their work. I lower my own standards so much that I have been thinking my grades were generous. After years of being harangued, I gave Bs to D-quality work, but that is never good enough. All I can do is field the various phone calls, meetings, and e-mails, to let myself be abused, slandered, spit at because that is my career, taking the fall for our country’s mistakes and skewed priorities. So if you want your child to get an education, then I’m afraid that as a teacher, I can’t help you, but feel free to stop by if you want a sticker and a C.

Go read it all. It points out why we not only have a worsening education system, but a worsening work ethic and worsening standards in workplaces across the country. After all, these kids will take lessons learned in school to wherever they work won’t they? Cookie cutter, top-down bureaucracy never has worked, and never will work.

Parasitic Union Threatens To Wreck Teachers’ Credit Scores If They Opt Out Of Paying Dues

Michigan Union Threatens Teachers’ Credit Scores – Heritage Foundarion

Most people expect unions to protect workers, not attack their credit ratings. The Michigan Education Association (MEA) does not share these expectations. The union has threatened to damage the credit ratings of teachers who opt out of union dues.


Michigan recently became a right-to-work state, meaning workers in Michigan no longer need to pay union dues to keep their jobs. However, unions have decided not to let their members go easily. Steven Cook, president of the Michigan Education Association, announced plans to “use any legal means at our disposal to collect the dues.”

This includes sending collection agencies after teachers who don’t jump through union hoops. In May, Miriam Chanski, a 24-year-old kindergarten teacher in Coopersville, decided to leave the MEA. She informed the union of her choice and stopped paying dues. After receiving an acknowledgement letter from her union local, she believed she had done all she needed to do.

The union did not. In September, the MEA informed her that she could not leave until August. Since she had submitted her resignation form in May, the union intended to charge her dues for the 2013–2014 school year. If she didn’t give them her bank account or credit card information, the union said it would refer her to a collection agency, damaging her credit rating if she did not pay.

The August opt-out window came as a complete surprise to Chanski. The union never mentioned that fact when she left in May or in any of the MEA meetings she attended. It did not mention the window when it acknowledged her resignation. Not until August had passed did the union inform her she needed to resign then.

By hiding this information the MEA has effectively forced Chanski to choose between paying dues that can run over $600 a year or watch her credit rating suffer. In a recent interview Chanski explained, “I am a 24-year-old woman. Who knows what I’ll be doing some day, [maybe] buying a house someday? My credit is very personal to me and it’s something I take pride in.”

Unions should not mislead or threaten teachers who exercise their legal rights. With the assistance of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Chanski and six other Michigan teachers have filed a lawsuit seeking permission to leave the MEA at any time. Like many teachers, Miriam Chanski has shown love and dedication for her students. An organization claiming to represent workers should not hurt teacher’s credit ratings just to get its way.

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Educators In Kenosha, WI Vote Overwhelmingly To Disband Teachers Union

Teachers Union Decertified In Wisconsin – American Thinker

Teachers in Kenosha, Wisconsin – the third largest school district in the state – have voted overwhelmingly to free themselves from the clutches of the teachers union, the Kenosha Education Association, which will now disband. Thanks to the reform bill, Act 10, pushed by Governor Scott Walker, public employee unions are limited to bargaining over base pay, and must be re-certified every year.


Erin Richards of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes:

Teachers in Kenosha, as well as in Milwaukee and Janesville, all came under the authority of Act 10 starting July 1 when their teacher contracts expired. Under the law, the unions are required to file for annual re-certification by Aug. 30 if they wished to remain a recognized bargaining unit. (snip)

Christina Brey, speaking for the Wisconsin Education Association Council, downplayed recertification, calling it just another hoop for local unions to jump through.

Much more interesting details are provided by the MacIver Institute:

The Kenosha Education Association (KEA), the state’s third largest teachers union, was officially decertified on August 31, 2013 according to the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission.

Mark Belling, who broke this story on Thursday, said that the decertification came after a recent vote by members in which only 37 percent voted to reauthorize the union.

KEA is the largest teachers union to disband since Act 10 was signed into law in 2011. The union had 2,400 members according to their website. Act 10 limited collective bargaining rights for public employees and required public unions to have an annual vote to recertify.

Let it sink in for moment: only a little more than a third of the Kenosha teachers wanted the union. By disbanding the union, their income goes up as they no longer are forced to pay dues, a large portion of which are then laundered into campaign funds for Democrat candidates. I do not know the exact amount of dues paid by Kenosha teachers, but I do know that teachers union dues typically are more than a thousand dollars a year.

If Act 10 reforms were adopted nationwide, the involuntary collection of money from government workers, and the laundering of said funds into Democrat campaign funds would be attenuated.

I am pro-choice when it comes to union membership. End the involuntary servitude to the union bosses.

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Teachers At Elite New York City Prep School Accused Of Sexually Abusing Students For Decades

Teachers At Elite New York City Prep School Accused Of Sexually Abusing Students For Decades – Daily Mail

A former student of an elite New York City prep school has revealed decades of sexual abuse at the institution, accusing a string of teachers of vile behaviour while suggesting others covered it up.

In New York Times Magazine, Amos Kamil, who graduated from Horace Mann in the Bronx in 1982, gives a harrowing insight into the hellish school years for scores of boys.

He details how a music teacher took a student on solo trips to Europe where he repeatedly raped him, and how an art teacher would demand the boys underwent ‘physicals’ in order to assault them.

In other graphic examples, the same teacher asked a student to pose for a portrait before demanding he strip, while another teacher would join the boys in the showers.

Under fire: Graduates from Horace Mann School in the Bronx, New York have claimed repeated sexual abuse at the hands of a string of teachers went on for decades

Kamil also documents the emotional turmoil the victims faced in the ensuing decades, with some even committing suicide when the school failed to act on their claims.

The accusations raise questions about a culture of denial at Horace Mann, where annual fees are $40,000, and notable alumni include Eliot Spitzer, Jack Kerouac and William P. Barr.

When Kamil joined the school in 1979, aged 14, a new friend immediately warned him about certain teachers. ‘Perverts,’ the boy said. ‘Stay away from them. Trust me.’

While Kamil himself did not suffer any sexual abuse, he points out how ready teachers were to blur the lines, with the headmaster once inviting him over before plying him with gin and tonics.

‘Vile’: Students have claimed music teacher Johannes Somary took them on solo trips and raped them. Despite complaints, he was never fired

Other students talked about Princeton-educated Mark Wright, an assistant football coach and art teacher at Horace Mann, who showed particular interest in a boy named Andrew.

Wright asked Andrew’s parents if he could take the teen to an art museum, but when Andrew turned down the invitation, the teacher instead said he wanted to paint a portrait of him after school.

‘I went to meet him in his art studio,’ Andrew told Kamil. ‘He locked the door and told me to undress.

‘He told me to bring a bathing suit, but when I got there he said not to bother putting it on. I was really uncomfortable but did it anyway. [He said] he needed to see the connection between my legs.’

Wright then sexually assaulted the boy. ‘I was so scared,’ he remembered.

After the incident, Andrew said: ‘It was really hard being at Horace Mann, knowing that if I ran into him, he would get up really close to me and say stuff like: “What’s wrong, little buddy? You’re not still mad about that time, are you?”‘

Later, Andrew was summoned to the gym building for a ‘physical’. ‘[I] didn’t see any way out of it,’ he said. Once there, the teacher began molesting him immediately, he said. He told him to stop and left.

Wright also assaulted other boys, Kamil reported. Eventually one football player reported it and, after the school’s winter break, the teacher did not return to school. Wright died in 2004.

Disgusting: Another student claimed one teacher at Horace Mann told him he wanted to paint a portrait of him before telling him to strip naked and molesting him

Abuse: The music teacher (not pictured) was particularly well known for befriending a student each year

Frighteningly, Kamil wrote: ‘Several faculty members of that era said that, to their knowledge, the school said nothing – not to the students, not to their families and not to the police.’

In another harrowing example of the abuse, Johannes Somary, the head of the music department, honed in on one boy at a time, allegedly raping him repeatedly.

Somary, a Swiss-born world-renowned conductor, befriended a boy identified as ‘M’ and suggested they took a drive together.

‘He then pulled me close to his chest,’ M said. ‘Then he starts kissing my lips. I’m thinking, Oh, my God, this can’t be happening… I didn’t know what to do. I was just a child.’

Somary then unzipped the boy’s trousers and molested him. He started taking M on trips to Europe, where they stayed ‘at the best hotels and ate at the finest restaurants’.

‘I was expected to have sex with him and did even though it repulsed me every time,’ he said.

Top school: Horace Mann, where annual fees are $40,000, is one of New York City’s most prestigious schools. Alumni include author Jack Kerouac (left) and former Attorney General William P. Barr (right)

He told his parents he no longer wanted to stay in the same room as his teacher. Somary visited his house ‘like a jilted lover’ and begged him to stay in his room, ‘right in front of my father,’ M said.

The abuse continued into M’s time at college. He added: ‘I don’t know why I let it go on for so long. I’ve been asking myself that for decades.’

Other students spoke of abuse at the hands of Somary, including Benjamin Balter who went on a music trip in 1993. Soon after, he tried to commit suicide with pills.

When his mother confronted the teacher, he said: ‘Ben kissed me first!’ When she said: ‘How dare you put your tongue down my son’s mouth!’ his replied: ‘That’s how we Swiss kiss.’

But after reporting it to the school, staff came out in support of the teacher and nothing was done. Ben killed himself in 2009 with antidepressants and alcohol.

Author: Amos Kamil spoke to 100 people, including 60 former students, for the article. He graduated the school in 1982

Somary continued working at the school until his retirement in 2002, when he was 67. He died last year. Of the abuse, M said: ‘I have been running from this thing most of my life.’

Another teacher, Stanley Kops, allegedly joined the boys in the showers after swimming practice. He resigned after he groped himself in front of a boy, who then yelled for help. He later shot himself.

Of the accusations, the school has said: ‘As an educational institution, we are deeply concerned if allegations of abuse of children are raised, regardless of when or where they may have occurred.’

It went on: ‘The article contains allegations dating back, in some instances, 30 years, long before the current administration took office, which makes it difficult to accurately respond to the factual allegations therein.

‘In addition, on June 13, 1984, there was a fire in the attic of the business office that destroyed some records.’

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*VIDEO* Everything You Need To Know About The Leftist ‘Occupy’ Movement In America

Daily Benefactor News – Leftists Lose Their Minds As Wisconsin Assembly Passes Budget, Union Bill



————————————————————- TOP STORY ————————————————————-

Leftists Lose Their Minds As Wisconsin Assembly Passes Budget, Union Bill – Politico

Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly passed the state’s controversial union bill early Friday morning, bringing the legislation one step closer to being enacted.

By a margin of 51 to 17, with just a third of Democrats casting votes, the state Assembly passed a bill limiting collective bargaining for most public unions.

The legislation now moves to the state Senate, where it will face more gridlock, as the 14 sleaze-bag Democrats in that body continue to spit in the face of Wisconsin voters and the law by hiding in Illinois.

“This is one of the toughest votes this body has taken in decades. But we are, without question, in one of the toughest economic times our state has ever seen,” Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald said in a statement. “I applaud the Democrats in the Assembly for earnestly debating this bill and urge their counterparts in the state Senate to return to work and do the same.”

The vote was called just after 1 a.m. Friday following 60 hours of debate, as 15 Democrats waited to speak on the bill. The Republican presiding over the debate, however, abruptly cut off discussion, quickly opened the roll for a vote and closed it before some Democrats had a chance to pull their heads out of their asses.

Just 13 of the 38 leftists in the Assembly managed to get in a vote.

Democrats “erupted” after the vote, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported, throwing temper tantrums like 5-year-olds who’d just been sent to bed without dinner.

“Shame! Shame! Shame!” Democrats shouted, as if more debate on the issue would have changed the outcome. “Cowards all! You’re all cowards,” yelled Democrat crybaby Brett Hulsey as another leftist tried to calm him down, the newspaper reported.

Democrats in the state Senate have not indicated when they will stop behaving like spoiled children and return to the capitol in Madison to consider the bill.

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*VIDEO* Fake Doctors’ Notes Being Handed Out To Teachers At Wisconsin Union Rally

Andrew Breitbart signs up for a fake doctor’s note.

Obama Administration Is Behind Chaos In Wisconsin; Students Used As Props

Obama Administration Is Behind Chaos In Wisconsin; Students Used As Props – Gateway Pundit

Stunner. Barack Obama’s Organizing for America website is helping to organize the “day of rage” protests in Wisconsin.

What a complete shock.

Ben Smith at The Politico reported:

The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America arm – the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign — is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.

OfA, as the campaign group is known, has been criticized at times for staying out of local issues like same-sex marraige, but it’s riding to the aide of the public sector unions who hoping to persuade some Republican legislators to oppose Walker’s plan. And while Obama may have his difference with teachers unions, OfA’s engagement with the fight — and Obama’s own clear stance against Walker — mean that he’s remaining loyal to key Democratic Party allies at what is, for them, a very dangerous moment.

The OFA Wisconsin twitter feed bragged about how they used students as props at their protests today.

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Related Article:

Boehner Wants Obama’s ‘Organizing For America’ Out Of Wisconsin – Politico

House Speaker John Boehner sharply criticized President Obama on Thursday for “unleashing” Organizing for America in Wisconsin to pressure Gov. Scott Walker to abandon anti-union legislation.

“I’m disappointed that instead of providing similar leadership from the White House, the president has chosen to attack leaders such as Gov. Walker, who are listening to the people and confronting problems that have been neglected for years at the expense of jobs and economic growth,” Boehner said in a statement. “I urge the president to order the DNC to suspend these tactics.”

Citing news reports Boehner said OfA is spreading “disinformation and confusion in Wisconsin,” prompting thousands of public employees to picket.

Boehner said GOP governors like Walker, Ohio’s John Kasich and New Jersey’s Chris Christie, each of whom have defied Obama on his infrastructure agenda, are “daring to speak the truth about the dire fiscal challenges” the country faces.

“Rather than shouting down those in office who speak honestly about the challenges we face, the president and his advisors should lead,” Boehner said. “Until they do, they are not focusing on jobs, and they are not listening to the American people who put them in power.”

In an interview with a Wisconsin radio station on Wednesday, Obama said that by making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain, Walker’s plan “generally seems like more of an assault on unions.”

Quoting Obama himself, Boehner said that “this is not the way you begin an ‘adult conversation’ in America about solutions to the fiscal challenges that are destroying jobs in our country.”

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When Push Comes To Shove

When Push Comes To Shove – Philip V. Brennan

Uncle Sam is broke. So are a lot of the states. Unlike those of us locked in a state of penury thanks to a drunken sailor policy of spending money we don’t have, a lot of politicians and labor unions insist on continuing to spend the public’s money as if there was an endless supply of it.

There isn’t. For the most part, in many places, it’s almost all gone.

When the average American family finds their income reduced for whatever reason, they are forced to adjust their spending accordingly, understanding that you can’t spend money you don’t have.

That’s a simple fact Wisconsin’s new Republican governor, Scott Walker, understands. Part of his response to this crisis is a bill that would eliminate excessive collective bargaining rights for many state employees. His solution: affect significant changes to measures dealing with wages, benefits, work rules and the bargaining power of government workers.

This is not a program designed to find favor with the state’s powerful teachers’ unions who have been holding the state and its citizens hostage, long extorting pay and very favorable work rules their state can’t afford to enforce and they are loathe to surrender.

Faced with a situation where their Democrat state legislators are outnumbered by Republicans who support loosening the grip teachers have on their state’s education system, the Democrats have up and fled the coop, thus preventing the GOP controlled legislature from doing what Wisconsin’s voters sent them to Madison, the state capitol, to do.

They crammed themselves into a school bus, of all things, and reportedly fled or are in the process off fleeing the state, apparently displaying their version of democracy in action.

Needless to say, the very liberal media in this very liberal area thinks that having Democrat legislators abandon their duties and flee is all fine and dandy. Frustrating the will of the voters seems to be job one in their opinion.

The governor dispatched police officers and the national guard to round up the fleeing legislators and bring them home to do their sworn duties. According to the Associated Press (AP) Democrat state senator Sen. Jon Erpenbach told them that he and his fellow Democrats hoped to force negotiations over the Republican-backed bill, but he would not say where the group had gone.

Senate Democrats did not show up when they were ordered to attend a midday vote on the legislation. The AP reported that although Republicans hold a 19-14 majority, they need at least one Democrat on hand and present to vote.

The bill is “tearing the state apart,” Erpenbach told the AP.

According to CNN, reports indicated Democrats state legislators had boarded a bus and left town.

“I think the hope is that Republicans would start listening to the folks who have rallied here, the people who have flooded our offices with calls,” said Mike Browne, communications director for Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller.

Said Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, “This is the ultimate shutdown, what we’re seeing today.”

As for the school children – it appears that their teachers think they don’t really count. According to the AP “hundreds of schools canceled classes as teachers called in sick to protest.”

Once upon a time, schools were institutions that existed to teach America’s youngsters reading, writing and arithmetic. Nowadays, it seems, they exist to coddle the powerful teachers’ unions. The kids can fend for themselves.

Push has come to shove and Governor Walker has taken a stand that appears to be based on the belief that his state’s school system solely exists to teach the students, not coddle their teachers –a unique idea that if it takes hold will get the state’s priorities straight. Kids come first, taxpayers second, Teachers’ unions last. Dead last!

Hang in there, governor.

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