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AGAIN! Head of Chicago Teachers Union accuses Teach for America of “helping to kill children”

Karen Lewis is the latest Leftist to play tragedy pimp over the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. Via The Daily Caller

Only days after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the head of the nation’s third-largest teachers union is blaming Teach For America for helping “kill and disenfranchise children.”

Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago Teachers Union, bashed the national organization and one of its vice presidents, David Rosenberg, in a message that appears on the blog of educational policy analyst Diane Ravitch.

“We in Chicago have been the victims of their experiments on our children since the current secretary of Education ‘ran’ CPS,” Lewis writes, calling Teach For America a group of “education missionaries” who view teaching in poor communities as a “stepping stone to a more lucrative career.”br

Lewis admits she is using the Sandy Hook tragedy to advance the agenda of her union.

Lewis, I would imagine, cares about nothing but her wallet. She knows about pushing the teachers union agenda, which likely has not one damn thing to do with teaching kids.