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I knew Tamron Hall would break my heart


Tamron Hall is absolutely beautiful, and seems like a nice, generous, charitable person. I have had a crush on her for years, but, alas, she is out of her mind apparently. Talking about Ben Carson’s comments on potential victims charging a shooter rather than waiting to be shot Hall went off on a tangent

Friday on MBSNC’s NewsNation, Tamron Hall addressed Ben Carson’s statements on gun control and how he would have dealt with the gunman at Umpqua. Towards Joan she remarked, “Joan, you have this following, of course, the comments in Oregon, saying that, you know, if he were in a situation, he’d say, hey, come on, guys, neglecting the fact that 20 of those killed in Newtown were children. “ While the charge of Carson here is that he would use children to attack a school shooter, it cannot be missed that she merged the incidents at Umpqua, Oregon and at Newtown, Connecticut. 

Carson, of course, was NOT speaking of Newtown, and certainly not about small children. Why Hall insisted on pretending he was is a mystery. Maybe objectivity, accuracy, and honesty matter not to her, But, Hall and her guests, including Joan Walsh, who could lose an IQ contest with a tree stump did not stop smearing Carson there.

While Walsh did point out that there were teachers amongst the victims, she gave affirmation to the idea that Carson would have children attack the gunman. “This may take a toll, because he sounds crazy. But on the other hand, the base has shown an appetite for cruel and delusional comment.” Following on that indictment, she continued, “But you know, this is a guy that compared Obamacare to slavery. So, he’s got this history. He’s this mild-mannered seeming guy, soft-spoken, obviously very bright, who’s got this history of very cruel and kind of crazy statements.”

Walsh, of course is a walking, babbling litany of crazy statements who makes a career out of saying cruel things about Republicans, so it is truly rich to hear her bashing anyone. Hypocrisy much Joan? By the way allow me to say, regarding Carson’s comments on ObamaCare and slavery that he did not compare them. He said that ObamaCare was the WORST thing to happen to America SINCE slavery! In other words he was saying slavery was awful, the worst thing in our history, and ObamaCare was the worst thing to happen to us, again, SINCE, slavery existed! That is not a comparison of the two at all. That this foolish narrative still exists that Carson compared, or equated slavery to ObamaCare shows the lack of critical thinking in our nation today.

As I said, I expect idiocy and dishonesty from Joan Walsh, that is her area of expertise, but Tamron Hall, a Texas girl, should be better than that. 

Oh, I’m sorry, are we supposed to feel bad for Brian Williams?

Williams makes what ten million or so a year? He was, I repeat WAS, the most trusted newsman in America. He really was blessed. Yet, he chose, I repeat CHOSE, to lie like some awkward teenager trying to impress his peers? And not one lie, no, multiple lies, repeated multiple times. Sorry, that guy deserves nothing like sympathy. In truth, he has plenty of $$$$$, and he will resurface in some form sooner or later on TV, although I would bet he is finished at NBC. And, again, he has but one person to blame for that, himself. Donald Douglas has some more on Williams.

As a side note, NBc is choosing to replace Williams with Lester Holt? Seriously, Lester Holt! Why not shake it up a bit, try something, or someone new? I mean look at some names besides Holt, being thrown around

The New York Post reported that Carl Quintanilla and Willie Geist are on the short-list to replace Williams, and the network has taken an interest in bringing in someone younger to do the gig.

Yeah, NO!

“They’re going to need to replace him with someone who has at least 15 years left [in his or her career],” an insider told The Post.

The network could go in a different direction though. Thompson says Williams’ predecessor Tom Brokaw could jump back in the saddle if NBC mimics the way CBS handled Dan Rather’s stepping down.

Talk about a fossil? Brokaw? REALLY?

“They could use the strategy CBS did when they put gravitas-laden Bob Schieffer in to replace the disgraced Rather, and put Brokaw back in the chair to give it some respectability until the smoke clears.”

NBC brass could also tap “Today” show talent, some experts speculated.

“Matt Lauer is the best-known news person on the network,” Steinberg says, “and he has years of experience interviewing everyone from heads of state to celebrities. The question is ‘would he [want] to do it?’”

Lauer? Why on earth would they pick him?

Thompson says Savannah Guthrie, whose popularity has soared since joining “Today,” could be another possibility.

Oh boy, how exciting would that choice be huh? Hell, I can watch my neighbors Chevy rust and have more fun.

“It would be a strategic move especially now that there are again no women in the nightly anchor positions,” he says.

Katie Couric, says Steinberg, is another female to consider even though she has a job as the Yahoo Global News Anchor.

Katie Couric? Why not just stop having NBC Nightly News? No one wants to see that “perky” and by perky I mean phony brain donor any more. In truth of course, NBC is a disgrace, and as long as MSNBC is attached in  any way to NBC, well…. their credibility is nil!

To be honest, I have not watched NBC Nightly News in years and years ( I have not watched ABC World News Tonight or CBS Evening News either) so I really do not care who sits in that chair. But, could NBC earn my viewership with a better choice? Sure, here are a few suggestions.

Brit Hume, because he is Brit Hume! Can you imagine the leftist meltdown over NBC going with a Fox News guy? Millions would watch because Hume is credible, and millions of Fox hating Liberals would hate watch!

Megyn Kelly! Hey news is now ratings driven, and Megyn means ratings!

Harris Faulkner. Great voice, has good charisma, a talented news woman, and lets be honest, once viewers look into her eyes, they cannot look away.

Sharyl Attkisson. Oh yeah, that would be a game changer would it not? Team Obama would go nuts over a real journalist having that gig.

Finally, allow me to dream a bit here. NBC should hire Tamron Hall. She seems very sweet, and has great personality, she has been in the news game a while, and yes, I have an enormous crush on her. She is incredibly beautiful. Color me smitten

TamronH tamron-hall-11_610x397_21



Someone call a WAAAAmbulance for poor, victimized Feminists

Since I am posting about Feminuts, I call them Feminuts because, well, they are NUTS, you might assume I am going to reference the internet expert on Feminist, Robert Stacy McCain. And you would be right

So I was already familiar with Ms. Fischer’s name before I encounteredher column today at Everyday Feminism about ” the very real struggles that young feminists face,” e.g.:

A lot of it comes down to there not being a whole lot of opportunities for young people to get paid for their work. If more paid internships and fellowships, programming, and feminist-based work designed for young people existed . . . this could help bridge the age gap.

In other words, Feminism, Inc., doesn’t have enough job openings for all the Women’s Studies majors who would like to become full-time professional Marxist lesbian man-haters

You need to go read the rest folks, but I wanted to focus on this one small part. This girl, yes, I said girl, deal with it Feminists, is looking to cash in on the highly lucrative victim pimping industry. Now, you might be sitting there, staring at your lap top asking yourself what the heck the victim pimping industry is. Well, have you ever watched Al Bobble Head Sharpton? Or Je$$e Jack$on? Michael Eric Dyson? Cornel West? Or any number of other race pimps? These people all gain influence, money, TV appearances, money, book deals and oh yeah, money by playing the victim pimp game. They tell a certain group, in their case Blacks, that they are VICTIMS of RAAAAAACISM, and the only way they can stop being VICTIMS of RAAAAAACISM, is to buy their books, or donate to whatever advocacy group they run. Of course, anyone who actually follows the advice of these race pimps will end up feeling like a perpetual victim. They will end up bitter, angry, and, of course, rather than blaming themselves for listening to scumbags like Al Sharpton, they will just become more bitter, angry, and that cycle will repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat……

Well, Feminists have long sought to emulate the race pimps. But, gender pimping just does not create the flow of cash that race pimping does, thus, girls, like Erin McKelle Fischer get angry when they cannot make a living being bitter, and embittering women. It just is not fair, right? I mean why should a girl like Erin McKelle Fischer struggle when Al Sharpton is making it big on national TV five nights a week? Sadly for young Erin McKelle Fischer though, the opportunities in the victim pimping industry, are seemingly restricted to Black men with gigantic heads like Sharpton, or Black men like Michael Eric Dyson, or Cornel West, who use a lot of big words, but never actually express anything remotely resembling coherent thoughts. Even those women that DO make it on TV through the victim pimping industry whine mostly about RAAAAAACISM, not the patriarchy. Look at MSNBS for example, they employ several women who are prominent members of the victim pimping community. Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, and the most feminine of all Chris Hayes all come to mind. But, largely these folks bitch and whine about RAAAAACISM not sexism. Again, where does that leave young Erin McKelle Fischer?

I believe that would leave her S.O. L.. Sorry Erin, but sexism just does not bring in the bucks. Face it Erin, women just are not interested in being beaten with the You are a Victim Stick but, of course, women CAN make it without being a victim pimp. Heck, they can even make it as hosts, and anchors. Of course these women have a couple of things that Erin lacks. First, the women I am thinking of all have serious degrees in things like journalism. While Erin is a  Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies major. REALLY Erin? REALLY?? Basically you are seeking a degree which will tell perspective employers that you are a pain in the ass, sorry but it is true.

Secondly Erin any woman seeking a gig on TV, has to have a certain quality of, shall we say physical attractiveness. Here Erin are some women, who are on TV, and you, see if you can spot the difference.

Note, some of these women are, I would imagine Liberal, some are likely Conservative, but they are all hot, again, it is a simple truth, any woman seeking to make a living on TV who is not going to be part of the victim pimping game will have to pleasing to the eye. That might not be fair, but is is the way it is. My best advice to you Erin, is to stop seeing yourself as a victim. Stop believing the poisonous message that Leftist Feminism preaches. Stop being envious of those who make a living pimping victim hood, and stop looking upon traditional gender roles, as  bad. A great way to start would be to never use stupid terms like Heteranormative again. 

Far be it from me to tell NBC how to spend their money, but……….

….if they want to throw money around to find out why no one watches Meet the Press anymore, I am very affordable, certainly more affordable than any “consultant”.

The Washington Post reports that NBC hired a “psychological consultant” to interview David Gregory as part of a desperate effort to find out why ratings for Meet the Press have fallen to their lowest point ever — as in,since 1947.

As The Other McCain points out, the first problem is David Gregory himself. He is smug, and boring. The second problem is that shows like Meet the Press are dinosaurs, their time has passed. They are boring, stale, pretentious, and oh yeah, BORING! You want ratings? Hire someone interesting, and funny to host. No, not like Stephen Colbert, who is neither funny or interesting, I mean someone who actually makes people laugh but who can also make political points. Greg Gutfeld or Andrew Klavan come to mind.  Next have some guests that are not BORING and who do not come across as obnoxious and snobbish. In short make the show fun to watch. David Gregory? NOT FUN!

Finally, you need to remember that sex sells. Along with the funny, engaging host, try getting a co-host who is, how shall I put this, HOT! No, I do not mean a bimbo, I mean an intelligent woman whose smile and beautiful face just happens to make me stay tuned. There are MANY choices there. And it does not even matter what her politics are. It matters that she is HOT. If you ask me, right now your top choices there would Tamron Hall, Robin Meade, or Brooke Baldwin. I do not know their political leanings, but they are, smart, engaging, and oh yes, HOT!

My point is, make the show interesting rather than coma-inducing. NBC you have to be honest, who would you rather listen to, Gregory, who has the sense of humor of a clam, or Klavan or Gutfeld who are both very funny. See EASY choice there. Now, ask yourself who Americans want to look at, Gregory, who looks like a complete tool, sorry, he does, or one of these three? Yeah, I thought so

tamron-hall (1) Robin Meade brooke_baldwin-1

If you want the right opinions first………

Read THIS BLOG! Donald Douglas. a blogging legend, in my view, links this piece from IBD

The attempt to rehabilitate Hillary Clinton begins as the New York Times revives the long-ago debunked “video clip” excuse for the well-planned Benghazi massacre while denying documented al-Qaida involvement.

These days it’s all the news that is fit to be made up that graces the pages of the once-proud Gray Lady that has morphed from a self-proclaimed “newspaper of record” to the house organ for the Obama administration.

The latest example is a piece on the Benghazi terrorist attack of Sept. 10, 2010, titled, “A Deadly Mix in Benghazi.” It resembles the infamous White House talking points — on steroids.

Great points, and a very good column you should read, no doubt. But, consider that on this blog, I wrote this yesterday

OH, you mean you did not hear the news? Well actually, they have not fully endorsed her, yet, but that is what this story is all about Absolving Miss What Difference Does it Make. See it WAS all about that video after all. 

I also was the first to call this Operation Cover Hillary’s Ass 2016! Of course, someone will go on Fox, or somewhere else and use that, or very similar wording and they will be praised as insightful, a genius, or be described as on the cutting edge. And if I see Karl Rove, with his whiteboard, or Dick Morris saying that on TV, my head will explode. But, we know who said it first, ME! So, really, it should be me on Fox aweing Megyn Kelly, or Andrea Tarantos, Andrea-Tantaros-handcuffswho can restrain me anytime






or maybe Kimberly Guilfoyle. Or maybe, just maybe I would go on MSNBS, and wow Tamron Hall with my political insight, and she would come out of the closet, no not THAT closet, and announce her infatuation with Conservative guys, namely me.

That Daley Gator guy is kinda hot
That Daley Gator guy is kinda hot

Now, will this happen? Of course not! But I can have dreams can’t I?

The Left and their imaginary rights

Oh those goofy Leftists, always claiming some  imagined right they insist exists in our Constitution. the latest “right”? Why good weather of course!

Warming alarmist James Hansen talks law.

In a new study, I and my co-authors make indisputably clear what the world’s scientists have increasingly warned: Our climate is changing, and the impacts are growing. The changes harm humans and threaten other life on the planet.

Our study, published in the prestigious peer-reviewed science journal PLOS-ONE, was written in support of a lawsuit against the federal government. The plaintiffs are young people, those to whom we are handing an increasingly warmer and destabilized planet.
Climate change is altering people’s lives right now. … It is as clear and present a danger as we’ve ever seen.

They argue that they have a constitutional right to a safe climate, that they have a right to receive from us a planet that supports all life, just as our forebears gave us. It is correctly a legal argument, but it relates to a fundamental moral question.

REALLY? That is in our Constitution? Wow, who knew, besides delusional Leftists of course, no one knew because that “right” is not there. But seriously folks, can’t the Left be more creative when they invent rights? Hell man, go for the gusto! Here are rights I would invenent

The right to go on vacation three months out of the year

The right to have whatever job I want, say a roller coaster critic, or maybe a movie and restaurant critic.

The right to date whoever I want. Let’s see now, what is Tamron Hall’s phone number.

The right to have my own radio show. Hell, I would be a lot better than most on air today anyway.

The right to be rich, I would be GREAT at being rich!

Did I mention the right to date any woman I wanted to? So many NFL cheerleaders, so little time….

The right NEVER to hear Kanye West’s name again.

The right to confront any MSNBS host I wanted to on air. Yes, uncensored!

The right to go to any gun range, anytime, and to take any gun I wanted.

The right to take pictures of Alec Baldwin just to piss him off, let’s see him bully me. 

The right to date any woman I wanted, I may have mentioned that one before I know, but, Minka Kelly is, well have you seen her?

All kidding aside, rights are precious as our Founders knew, and the manner in which the Left trivializes natural rights is depsicable


MSNBS head furious over Megyn Kelly’s hotness, demands investigation!

I was really enjoying owning noted race pimp @rolandmartin when I ran across this at The Daily Caller.

MSNBC president Phil Griffin suggested journalists should investigate how the ratings for Megyn Kelly’s new 9 p.m. show on Fox News shot up on its second night after debuting behind MSNBC.

When Kelly’s new show debuted Monday on Fox News, her competitor Rachel Maddow held her own in the ratings, and even topped Kelly in the key 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research. But on Tuesday night, it wasn’t even close with Fox News dominating the rest of cable news.

Griffin complained about the jump in an interview Friday with TVNewser’s Alex Weprin.

“Monday we had a really good day in the key demographic, on the night that Fox News debuted their three shows, we either tied or beat them in those hours,” Griffin said. “Tuesday — you guys should be doing some investigations — I have never seen it in all my years of cable, same overnight, same everything, and they doubled their ratings in a day? It is impossible.”

Allow me to explain something to Phil Griffin. First thing is this Phil. MSNBS sucks, and has been getting its tail kicked by Fox in the ratings for a long time now. Second Phil, lots of men consider Megyn Kelly hot, while Rachel Maddow is, well, how should I put this delicately? She is Chris Hayes more masculine sister. Third Phil, and this is the most important thing. Megyn Kelly is smart, tough, and entertaining. Maddow? Well she is the opposite of those three things. Also Phil, there is another possible explanation. Maybe Maddow’s audience was out buying more aluminium foil, those hats are not going to make themselves now are they Phil? Or, maybe Maddow’s audience was online trying to enroll in Obamacare? Lord knows that is not going too well. Lastly Phil, the most likely explanation is that you are a whiny little man who refuses to accept that your network, and I use that term loosely, is simply unwatchable. Face it Phil, the only thing MSNBS has going for it is the lovely Tamron Hall, who I have a shameless crush on, even if she is a Liberal

Here is an idea Phil, hire a genuine Conservative or two, no Phil not Morning Joe, or Michael Steele I said a genuine Conservative, and give them a show. You will see better ratings Phil trust me. See Phil, you are targeting and audience that is not very big. Face it Phil how many Moonbats are there, so your base audience is not great. You need to expand to appeal Phil, targeting malcontents is a recipe for failure. Tamron Hall

Oh, one more thing Phil, this advice is free, but, if you want to show some thanks, tell Tamron Hall to call me, just sayin’ Phil.

FINALLY help has arrived for MSNBS viewers

We know that sometimes we bloggers watch too much MSNBS. We watch for three reasons. First, MSNBS has the best grove of Trees of Low Hanging Blogging Fruit. Second, we watch to see which Leftist anchor’s head will explode first. And yes, we watch to see that moment when the men in white coats come take Chris Matthews away. For me there is a fourth reason, my shameless crush on Tamron Hall. Damn that woman has the most gorgeous face. I cannot help it, I am completely smitten.TH5

But, all that race baiting on MSNBS can have side effects, like cussing at your TV, saying WTF repeatedly, and yes, headaches. But there is good news folks. Now Excedrin has created an answer to our MSNBS-induced headaches.


A salute to MSNBS

RS McCain has a Twitter salute to MSNBS, your all race all the time network Here are just a couple

Al Sharpton was once briefly in the same room with the Truth, But the Truth walked out the minute he noticed Al walking in.

Panel of idiots on MSNBC having a deep discussion of hoodies. I’m not kidding. @alexwagner

Ah MSNBS, the network that takes race baiting to  a new low by the hour. It is like MSNBS has a factory where they just churn out obnoxious, ignorant anchors and guests. Really there are just three reasons to watch the daily train wreck of race pimping that goes on at MSNBS First is that it is the Tree of Low Hanging Blogging Fruit, so much easy material there it is obscene. Then there is the comedy aspect, this network, I use that term loosely, is so far in left field that you just cannot help laughing. These people actually take themselves seriously. Lastly, there is Tamron Hall, who is the sexiest woman in the media.

american ballet gala 150512

I just cannot believe is a loony as the rest of that pack of jabbering asses. 

If you look closely here, I believe she is thinking “I just love that Daley Gator guy”TH

Hell Hath No Fury Like an MSNBS Anchor Hottie During National Offend a Feminist Week!

MSNBS anchor Tamron Hall is a sexy woman, even when she is angry and unreasonable, which is likely much of the time. Certainly she is angry and unreasonable in this clip from Stacy McCain.Maybe she is agitated that her guest is not jumping on the media’s tear down Romney bandwagon. Or maybe it is the cumulative effects of National Offend a Feminist Week?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

MSNBC Anchor Moderated CBC Panel Portraying Tea Party As Lynch Mob

MSNBC Anchor Moderated CBC Panel Portraying Tea Party As Lynch Mob – The Blaze

Just a day after The Blaze exclusive story introduced controversial video of Indiana Rep. Andre Carson saying the Tea Party wanted to see him “hanging on a tree,” another possibly startling revelation is coming to light: an MSNBC anchor was there to witness it. But not only witness it, the anchor moderated that event.


Why is that important? Because Carson’s controversial comments were first brought to light Tuesday by The Blaze, not when they happened last Monday – and not by MSNBC or its anchor who was present.

So who was the anchor? You need only to listen to the audio again for your first clue. In it, Rep. Carson can be heard referencing “Tamron.” He says, “I’m sorry Tamron” as an aside during his tirade. Who’s Tamron? Thegrio.com fills in the blanks:

Miami’s town hall, which takes place at 6 p.m. at Mount Herman AME Church in Miami Gardens, was set to include several Caucus members, along with Don Graves, the Executive Director of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall will moderate.

Not surprisingly, Hall and MSNBC are taking heat from some conservative sites. And while there are several reasons for ignoring the comments (i.e. maybe logistics, maybe they had poor audio, or just got to it late), some see a more sinister possibility:

[One possibility is that] Tamron Hall understood the newsworthiness of the statement, but kept her mouth shut so as not to cast a negative light on Carson and the Congressional Black Caucus.

If this is the case, Tamron Hall has given up on being taken seriously as a news anchor and needs to move to the advocacy profession. Perhaps a job at Think Progress or as a staffer for Rep. Carson is more suited to her abilities. But she can’t be taken seriously as a news anchor at a major cable network if she willfully stays silent on a major story because she doesn’t want to harm her friends or ideological allies.

Remember, Ms. Hall does not anchor an opinion show in the “after 5:00 PM” window that her colleague Al Sharpton claims is reserved for non-journalists. Ms. Hall is an anchor during the hours when MSNBC porports to be delivering the news to their viewers. But, clearly not all the news, just the news that keeps their pals like Rep. Carson looking good.

But wait, there’s more.

What adds to the intrigue is that MSNBC did cover the CBC’s town hall meeting in Miami (and apparently had cameras at the event). And guess who it featured: a fiery Rep. Carson. But guess what it didn’t feature: Rep. Carson’s controversial statements. See for yourself. Click on the image below to watch the video.

I guess we can probably rule out bad audio, then. Intriguing, indeed, isn’t it?

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