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And Now, A Song In Commemoration Of Obama’s Visit To Communist Cuba



*VIDEO* Little Leftist Brainwashing Victims Sing Insanely Stupid Climate Change Song

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*VIDEO* What If The Doors Played ‘Santa Claus In Coming To Town’? – Now We Know



Egyptian Woman Sings Freaky, Anti-Obama Song… “Stop This Or I Will Stab You” (Video)

‘Hey Obama, You Are Stupid, Bad Man’: Viral Egyptian Music Video Accuses Obama of Supporting Terrorism, Muslim Brotherhood – The Blaze

A music video featuring an Arabic-singing belly dancer voicing profanity-laced lyrics that accuse President Barack Obama of supporting terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood has gone viral in Egypt.

The video – “You Obama, Your Father, Mother” – features performer Sama Elmasry brandishing a sword next to Obama’s photo as well as various Photoshopped images of the U.S. president including dressed as Osama bin Laden and as a baby in diapers



The lyrics chastise Obama and U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson for their perceived lack of support for the Egyptian Army which has been in control since the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi last month.

Among the lyrics, according to the video’s subtitled translation (emphasis added):

Hey Obama, Hey Obama
Hey Obama, support the terrorism
Traitor like the Brotherhood members

Obama say it’s a coup
That’s not your business dirty man
Obama say it’s a coup
That’s not your father, mother business
And you Patterson, stop messing
Old bitch woman

Contrary to the lyrics’ suggestion, the U.S. administration has not officially designated the events of early July as a “coup” which under U.S. law would have forced a stop to American financial aid to Egypt.



The singer then blasts the Obama administration for its call on the Egyptian military last month to release Morsi from jail, after European countries had done the same. She sings that Obama should cede from that position or she will “stab” him and mockingly brandishes a sword against Obama’s photo. She asks why he “told [secular former President Hosni] Mubarak to leave immediately,” implying that Obama always wanted the Islamists to take power.

Besides her sword, Elmasry also brandishes some choice insults including calling Obama a “jerk” and telling him, “fuck you” over threats to cut back foreign aid to Egypt.


She sings:

You want us to release Morsi
Hey Obama, you are stupid, bad man
You want us to release Morsi
Stop this or I will stab you
Why then you told Mubarak
To leave immediately?

You threaten us with the U.S. aid
Fuck it and fuck you
You are a jerk
You threaten us with the U.S. aid
Your ambassador is very wicked woman
Al-Sisi has beaten you
And Egyptian people supported him

You meet Al-Noor Islamic party
Now we know all the secrets
Egyptians are not idiots
You meet Al-Noor Islamic party
The party is sneaky and menless [sic]

She then accuses Obama of joining forces with “the terrorists,” calling them “all the disgusting guys”:

Hey Obama, your father, your mother
You and the terrorists
Listen to me Obama
Our army is very strong
You Obama, your father, your mother
All the disgusting guys
We are the people tell you
You can’t fool us
You tried to play it
But you can’t play this wicked game
With us because we are the Alfa

At the 3:36 point in the video, Elmasry switches to English, in which she blasts Obama for his friendship with Israel, Turkey and Qatar. Qatar has strong ties with the Muslim Brotherhood , having provided $8 billion in aid to Morsi’s government over the past two years, according to Lebanon’s Daily Star. She says:

Your father and your mother
Your Israel, your Turkey, and your Qatar
All of you , Go to hell!
Listen, Obama
We are Egyptian
We are civilization
Are you listen, Obama?

At the end of the video, English script appears on screen saying: “When Egypt talking, should be America shut up.”

During the massive demonstrations leading up to the ousting of President Morsi last month, numerous anti-American signs were seen in the crowd blasting Obama and Ambassador Patterson over their perceived affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood. An image that appeared repeatedly and was also seen in the video showed Patterson meeting with Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Guide Mohammed Badie.

Here is the video:


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Teenager Stabs Friend To Death For Mocking Lionel Richie Song At Grandfather’s Funeral

Teenager, 19, Stabbed His Friend To Death For Mocking Lionel Richie Song Played At His Grandfather’s Funeral – Daily Mail

A man has been jailed for 10 years after stabbing his friend to death when he offended him over a Lionel Richie song.

Corey Thomas, 19, was offended when Andrew Male, 45, mocked the song Love, Oh Love, then turned it off because it had been played at his grandfather’s funeral.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Thomas then flew into a rage and killed Male in January this year.


Flew into a rage: Corey Thomas (left) stabbed his friend Andrew Male (right) 18 times after his victim had mocked a Lionel Richie ballad that had been played his grandfather’s funeral

Prosecutor Huw Evans said: ‘The song had a significant effect on Thomas because it was played at his grandfather’s funeral.

‘Mr Male made derogatory remarks about the song and he changed the CD and called him “kiddo”.

‘Thomas was offended about being spoken to in this way. He hit him, picked up a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him.’

The court heard Thomas stabbed his victim 18 times across his body and face and nearly cut his ear in half.


Victim: Mr Male, 45, was attacked after he turned off the track Love, Oh Love and then called Thomas ‘kiddo’


Jailed: Thomas (pictured at an earlier hearing) was sentenced to life after admitting murder

The pair had been listening to hits compilation ‘Back to Front’ at the home of Mr Male, 45, in Aberdare, South Wales.

Cardiff Crown Court heard they had been drinking beers while playing the CD, which features hits such as Hello, All Night Long and Dancing on the Ceiling.

When album track Love, Oh Love came on, it was mocked by Mr Male, prompting drunken Thomas to used an 4ins kitchen knife to stab Mr Male ‘multiple times’.

Afterwards, Thomas went to his sister’s house and told her he had gotten into a row about a Lionel Richie CD.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Thomas was arrested shortly after the attack in January this year.

He said to officers: ‘I just murdered someone. Ha ha ha! I just murdered someone and laughed about it.

‘Why did I have to go and kill him for? He was taking the p*** out of my grandfather.’

Thomas, of Aberdare, pleaded guilty to murder. He was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 10 years and 10 months.

Judge Eleri Rees said drink had a ‘profound effect’ on his behaviour.

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