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More of the Blame Game from Team Obama

Whenever some member of Team Obama cannot get the job done, they step up and place the blame anywhere but with themselves! PATHETIC!

Solis blamed the Tea Party for the Obama’s Administration’s record unemployment rate.

Sooper Mexican uncovered this from FOX News Latino:

Solis said her biggest disappointment as Secretary of Labor was that she wished she would of, “had the ability to really get more businesses to understand the importance of having confidence in the economy and hiring up more people,” and hoped business leaders would help more young people coming out of college with more emphasize internships and mentorships.

Solis also said that in many ways the Obama administration “did not get the kind of support we needed originally when he took office for the American Recovery Act funds” and blamed “a small group known as the tea party movement” for not engaging with the president and “hurting the American public, our economy, and the future of our country.”

No clue, no class, no credibility, that is Team Obama’s legacy!