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What is worse than college snowflakes perpetual tantrums?

The colleges which continue to coddle them, excuse their petulant attitudes, and placate them

The University of Nevada, Reno recently sent out a campus-wide message to apologize for an off-duty campus police officer who dressed up as Colin Kaepernick for Halloween.

The school’s Assistant Vice President and Director of University Police Services Adam Garcia penned the missive, saying his officer was “mocking another who has taken advantage of his constitutional right to protest,” according to a copy of the email obtained by Campus Reform.

“Police officers are held to a higher standard and denigrating another—on or off duty—is insensitive for its lack of respect and understanding on how others may negatively view their actions and may be impacted,” Garcia wrote.

Or maybe he just thought it would make a good costume? Or, maybe, maybe he actually was exercising his right to peacefully protest? Either way, the officer was OFF DUTY when this happened, so what Assistant Vice President and Director of University Police Services Adam Garcia is  doing is protest shaming isn’t it? Oh, wait, I forgot, that is a one way street these days

He then went on to note that students have been concerned about their safety in the “current social and political climate,” and that “behavior such as this magnifies unsafe feelings and lack of trust in police, especially when the individual is responsible for the safety of all members of the university, regardless or [sic] color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.”

If Garcia is arguing that college students are in fear of a costume then he ought to be suggesting they get some counseling, or meds, or maybe they should simply grow up? Oh of course not, Garcia is in deep apology mode here. Get a load of this. you might want to grab a vomit bag first

“At a time when officers should be heightened in their attentiveness to perception by our community, this act seems extremely out of touch with those sentiments and not is not within the spirit of the department’s community oriented policing philosophy,” he added.

Of Adam Garcia, you cowardly fool. Do you actually expect to win something by placating these bullies? And yes, the Snowflakes, cowering in their safe spaces are nothing if not bullies.Everything these miscreants do is designed to intimidate, shame, and coerce everyone to behave as the Snowflakes demand

And anyone with a shred of common sense realizes that all you are doing is encouraging more bullying.

Special Snowflakes are not funny, they are thugs

Meet the new Brownshirts! Lots more at Evil Blogger Lady who adds this

It’s the underlying hysteria single mindedness that’s so chilling. Granted it is a tiny microcosm at TESC, but isn’t this same sort of thinking that ultimately led to horrors of the French Revolution, under almost all Communist regimes, and of course with militant Imperial Japan and the Third Reich during WWII? These students want to “weed out” those they disagree with.

Stay vigilant

Odd how the Left defines the word free

To the Left the word free should describe certain things, free healthcare, free daycare, free college, free this, free that. Basically anything the left desires should be “free” although of course someone is paying for those “free things” But actual freedoms such as freedom of speech and thought and association? Not so much

Even freedom of thought is under attack at Lawrence University in Wisconsin, where students recently proved that they cannot, in fact, take a joke.

Student Chris Wand had sought recognition from student government for a student organization called Students for Free Thought, but WBAY reports that the group’s application was rejected Monday, just days after it held a screening of the 2015 film “Can We Take a Joke?”—which some students found “triggering” because of its support for freedom of speech.

But of course, the cowardly college president, Lewis Berger, blamed technical objections. Sure, sure. The real objection? The little Totalitarian Snowflakes

In a campus-wide email two days earlier, however, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Kimberly Barrett supportively acknowledged the “understandable anger” that students felt, adding ominously that she was “certain” that the issue would affect the prospective club’s application.

Is it understandable to be angry at the idea of others having a right to express their opinions? 

“We received several bias incident reports including some related to an interaction between two students which resulted in one student being asked to leave the event by a member of the sponsoring group,” she wrote. “Each of these reports will be reviewed and acted upon. I am also certain that LUCC will take all of the feedback they have received into consideration as they deliberate as to whether or not to recognize this group.”

Turns out the poor triggered student asked to leave was another social justice warrior trying to stamp out speech she does not like

Student Sabrina Conteh outlined her objections to the film, which features comedians discussing the difficulty of performing on politically correct college campuses, in a letter to the editor of The Lawrentian, calling it “sloppy white supremacist propaganda” and claiming that she was asked to leave the event after being “verbally assaulted” by a white male she suspected of being intoxicated.

“Without any regard for content warnings, these white terrorists on training wheels began their invasive claiming of a supposed community,” she recounted. “Offensive comedy is one thing but telling black and brown bodies and that our lives don’t matter under the guise of ‘free speech’ is white nationalist rhetoric.”

Oh good grief could this miscreant be any more melodramatic and over the top?

She later admits to having attempted to disrupt the screening, saying that “throughout this movie I, and others in the audience, chimed in our two-cents,” but then takes umbrage at being told to “shut up” by students wishing to view the film.

Well Sabrina, when you are being rude, and acting like a brat, you should be told to shut up! You have every right to disagree with the film, and to speak out. But do not act shocked when people call you out for your boorish and bullying behavior. 

*VIDEO* White Privilege Beneficiary Invades Academic Safe Space, Micro-Aggresses Precious Snowflakes