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University speech codes defended by Statist writer at Slate

Eric Posner writing at Slate, I read it so you don’t have to, does more to explain the elitist think of the Collectivist Left than I ever could.

Lately, a moral panic about speech and sexual activity in universities has reached a crescendo. Universities have strengthened rules prohibiting offensive speech typically targeted at racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities; taken it upon themselves to issue “trigger warnings” to students when courses offer content that might upset them; banned sexual acts that fall short of rape under criminal law but are on the borderline of coercion; and limited due process protections of students accused of violating these rules.

Most liberals celebrate these developments, yet with a certain uneasiness. Few of them want to apply these protections to society at large. Conservatives and libertarians are up in arms. They see these rules as an assault on free speech and individual liberty. They think universities are treating students like children. And they are right. But they have also not considered that the justification for these policies may lie hidden in plain sight: that students are children. Not in terms of age, but in terms of maturity. Even in college, they must be protected like children while being prepared to be adults.

There is a popular, romantic notion that students receive their university education through free and open debate about the issues of the day. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Students who enter college know hardly anything at all—that’s why they need an education. Classroom teachers know students won’t learn anything if they blab on about their opinions. Teachers are dictators who carefully control what students say to one another. It’s not just that sincere expressions of opinion about same-sex marriage or campaign finance reform are out of place in chemistry and math class. They are out of place even in philosophy and politics classes, where the goal is to educate students (usually about academic texts and theories), not to listen to them spout off. And while professors sometimes believe there is pedagogical value in allowing students to express their political opinions in the context of some text, professors (or at least, good professors) carefully manipulate their students so that the discussion serves pedagogical ends.

In other words, students should shut up and never express opinions because, apparently, they have not been taught what opinions to have. This is classic Statist thinking, individualism, and individual liberties are dangerous to collectivists like Posner. Folks like him look down their nose at people. Posner’s dream, it would seem is to have everyone muzzled until they are properly indoctrinated to never speak their minds and to only regurgitate whatever their professors teach. Note that Posner says a free exchange of ideals will teach no one anything. Can I get a BS please? Posner also, somehow knows that every college student is an idiot who is incapable of holding or expressing an opinion. I am sure some college students ARE idiots, and those that wish to be told what opinions they can express are useful idiots who, like Posner, might prove foolish enough to write for Slate one day.

Is there a more intellectually vacuous venture than obsessing over skin color?

Roland Martin is a sad case, so hooked on racializing everything as if skin color is the most important thing about everyone, even Santa Claus

Via CNS News:

“News One Now” host Roland Martin said Friday on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s remark that Santa Claus and Jesus are white reinforced to black and Hispanic kids that they live in a “white world,” and they don’t matter.

“Doesn’t it just reinforce though to your point growing up as a child, you seeing these images, it reinforces where for black kids and Hispanic kids, it’s, ‘Look, accept that this is a white, white world and you don’t matter,’” Martin asked Slate writer Aisha Harris, author of the article, “Santa Should Not Be a White Man Anymore.”

Kelly did a segment about Harris’ Slate article, which challenged the notion of Santa being white. Harris wrote about growing up with images of a black Santa on Christmas decorations at home while the public celebrated a white Santa.

Roland you silly bastard,  if you were not suffering from Racial Obsession Syndrome (ROS) it might dawn on you that if racist victim mongers like you would leave kids alone, and stop filling their heads with your divisive venom, they would look at Santa, and just enjoy being a kid at Christmas. Certainly I pity you Roland that you were obviously victimized by race baiters as a child. Sad that you have grown up continuing to see your race as the most important thing about you. Get the fuck over yourself and your pigmentation Roland. For the love of God, stop making skin color something it is not, important. Character Roland, THAT matters. Integrity, THAT matters! Skin color? that DOES NOT matter! And guess what Roland, you know what the saddest thing is? If you read this you would call me racist for saying that skin color is unimportant. You would do so because you have been conditioned by Leftism to do so. Again, it is tragic that you are just not bright enough to see through the lies the left has told you.

By the way Roland, I should point out that Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicholas who was WHITE! Not that that matters. Because in my world, I can admire people regardless of skin color, it is sad that you cannot. It must be a very dark, ugly world where you live, I pray that you get over your obsession with skin color one day. You would likely be a nice man were you to see people as something other than skin color.



The Other McCain: Elizabeth Plank (@feministabulous) is taking stupid to a special level

Of course, plank Is an educated woman, educated beyond her hat size apparently

Why are so many female journalists like Margaret Wente using their voice to reify rape culture, instead of criticizing it?

What is Plank tweeting about here? Stacy McCain tells us

Well, who is this cray-cray person?

Elizabeth Plank
Viral Content & Social Justice Editor at PolicyMic. Masters degree from the London School of Economics. Behavioral science consultant by training and feminist crusader by passion.

Uh, “Social Justice Editor”Social justice is a mirage, as Friedrich Hayek observed, and we might therefore assume that Liz Plank‘s job is to advocate for unworkable schemes of utopian impossibility.

Nice work, if you can get it.

Liz Plank is “buttmad” about something that was published 12 days ago by Emily Yoffe at Slate, pointing out the role that alcohol plays in the date-rape phenomenon plaguing colleges and universities. Yoffe said that, for sexually predatory men, “the rise of female binge drinking has made campuses a prey-rich environment.”

This would seem to be merely a common-sense observation, which Yoffe elaborates by reference to research on the phenomenon, but feminists went nuts, screeching that Yoffe was engaged in misogynistic victim-blaming and slut-shaming and enabling “rape culture.”

Just when you thought the resulting screech-fest had played itself out — see my two cents, “The Drunk Sluts Rights Movement” —  Plank responds by complaining that telling women not to get drunk “would be sensible advice if it didn’t reinforce the very structures that make sexual assault not only possible, but probable.”

You see that word “structures”? That’s jargon.

Jargon is a method of avoiding plain truth, and the minute people start talking that way, I figure them to be pretentious idiots who arrogantly assume they can baffle us with fancy bullshit.

Oh those Feminuts, stricken with Eternal Bitterness Syndrome one the many Liberal Maladies I have diagnosed over the years

But, I ought to note that Elizabeth seems to break one rule about Feminists, she is very attractive, and if she would shirk the chains of “Social Justice” and perpetual victim hood, she might even be a fun person. Note, I did not say anything overtly sexist there, you know, like suggesting Liz make me a sandwich, and boy would a nice cold beer be nice with that or what?



DaleyGator Podcast You do not have to be an idiot to write for Slate, but it helps

Here is some background from RS McCain before you listen to my views on Allison Benedikt and her column If You Send Your Kids to Private School, You Are a Bad Person

That’s an interesting headline, which Allison Benedikt endeavors to justify without success, because she’s an idiot.

I went K–12 to a terrible public school. My high school didn’t offer AP classes, and in four years, I only had to read one book. . . . I left home woefully unprepared for college, and without that preparation, I left college without having learned much there either. You know all those important novels that everyone’s read? I haven’t. I know nothing about poetry, very little about art, and please don’t quiz me on the dates of the Civil War. I’m not proud of my ignorance. But guess what the horrible result is? I’m doing fine. I’m not saying it’s a good thing that I got a lame education. I’m saying that I survived it, and so will your child, who must endure having no AP calculus so that in 25 years there will be AP calculus for all.

Allison is “doing fine,” because she’s an editor at Slate, where any ill-educated cretin can get hired, as long as they’re a liberal white girl whose wedding was reported by the New York Times.

Oh, and apparently being an anti-Israel Jew helps, too.

Free of knowledge, unencumbered by facts or logic — yes, send your kids to public school so they can be a liberal like Allison Benedikt.

Good thoughts no doubt. Allison wants your kid to suffer because other kids suffer  because “EQUALITY” or something.

Now here is my take, listen and enjoy. Click the Pic to Listen




Just when you thought the Well of RAAAACISM had run dry………

Here comes the most inane charge of RAAAAACISM yet. Those who prefer white meat in turkey, or chicken are RAAAAACISTS!

At this point it can’t be easy for liberals to push their absurd ideology ever deeper into self-parody. Yet they manage:

Just before Thanksgiving last week, the liberal site Slate dredged up a 2010 piece claiming that the reason Americans love the white meat on a turkey is because we are all racists.

Ron Rosenbaum pondered the timeless philosophical question of why some people prefer white meat.

“It was enough to make me wonder whether there could be a racial, if not racist, subtext here,” he wrote.

Before long Rosenbaum had worked himself into a full lather, spewing spittle as he raved:

“Despite its superior taste, dark meat has dark undertones for some. Dark meat evokes the color of earth, soil. Dark meat seems to summon up ancient fears of contamination and miscegenation as opposed to the supposed superior purity of white meat. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that white meat remains the choice of a holiday that celebrates Puritans.”

Stupidity should hurt. This is Racial Obsession Syndrome taken to new lows.