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Another Occupy Oakland Leftist Sentenced To Prison For Shooting Death And Sexual Assault

Another Occupy Oakland Leftist Sentenced To Prison For Shooting Death And Sexual Assault – Gateway Pundit

The liberal media told us these people were peaceful leftist protesters.

The liberal media lied.

An Occupy Oakland activist was sentenced to 35 years and eight months for murder and sexual assault.

CBS Local reported:

A paroled felon was sentenced Thursday to 35 years and eight months in state prison in connection with the fatal shooting death of a man near the former Occupy Oakland encampment in November 2011 and for a sexual assault that occurred five days later.

Issac McDaniels, 32, of Oakland, had faced a potential life term for sexually assaulting a woman on 13th Avenue in Oakland on Nov. 15, 2011, but prosecutors dropped a kidnapping charge against him last November in exchange for him pleading no contest to four felonies.

The charges are forced oral copulation and second-degree robbery for the sexual assault, and assault and being an accessory after the fact for his role in the fatal shooting of Kayode Ola Foster, a 25-year-old Oakland man, near the former Occupy encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza shortly before 5 p.m. on Nov. 10, 2011.

McDaniels also admitted he had a prior conviction for robbery, which increased his prison term.

He’s not the only Occupy Oakland killer.

20-year-old Norris Terrell, of Oakland, was picked up in late November 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky. Prosecutors charged him with murder in the Nov. 10 slaying of 25-year-old Kayode Ola Foster, who was staying at the Occupy Oakland camp.


Norris Devis Terrell, 21, was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service at an apartment on Lakeshore Drive in Lexington, Kentucky. He was arraigned in court in December 2011. (Kentucky.com)

And… Another Occupy Oakland protester strangled his parents and stuffed their bodies in the back of a PT Cruiser.

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Yet Another Democrat Politician Sentenced To Prison

Yet Another Democrat Politician Sentenced To Prison – Boston Herald

A federal judge today sentenced former city councilor and civil rights crusader Charles “Chuck” Turner to three years in jail for pocketing a $1,000 bribe while in office and then lying about it to the FBI.

U.S. District Court Judge Douglas P. Woodlock sentenced Turner to 36 months this afternoon and three years of supervised release. And, the judge added, he must repay the $1,000 bribe.

The Harvard-educated Turner, 70, of Roxbury, was facing up to 35 years in the slammer for taking a wad of cash from Boston businessman Ron Wilburn during a 2007 “preacher’s handshake” in Turner’s district office. Wilburn claimed to be seeking political muscle to obtain a liquor license for a proposed nightclub in Roxbury, but was videotaping the exchange as an undercover operative for the FBI.

“Mr. Turner was sentenced to prison today because of the choices he made and the actions he took during the course of this case,” said United States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz. “It is the obligation of every elected official to be ethical and honest, and in this case, Mr. Turner was neither. Public corruption is more than a violation of the law, it erodes the public’s trust in the very system that was designed to protect us.”

Turner left the courthouse, head held high, to supporters chants of “We stand with Chuck!”

“This has been a horrendous situation for my wife and family,” Turner told reporters. “What happened today is as much a miscarriage of justice as the conviction. I’m innocent.”

Turner vowed to use his time behind bars well, just as he was taught in the 1960s when he was beating a drum for civil rights.

“We are in a struggle for future generations,” Turner boomed. “If some of us fall along the way, the others have to keep up the struggle. Hopefully I’ll get out of jail and rejoin the struggle.

“If I die in prison,” he added, “all I want is an autopsy. As far as I’m concerned, we’re at war.”

Woodlock said $1,000 may seem like “short money … but it’s real money. You’d remember it. Anyone would remember it. The right thing to do is give it back — immediately. That’s not what Mr. Turner did.”

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