More Bad News For Leftist SEIU

SEIU Hemorrhages Members After Supreme Court Decision – Washington Free Beacon


One of Washington state’s largest unions lost thousands of dues paying members in the wake of a Supreme Court decision barring automatic enrollment of home healthcare workers in the union, according to a new report.

The Freedom Foundation, a think tank in Washington, found that thousands of the workers, many of whom were caring for family members, dropped out of the union after the state ended forced unionism last year. Federal labor filings from Service Employees International Union Local 925 revealed that more than 3,000 of the 7,000 home healthcare workers previously in the union cut ties with the local in 2015.

“Nearly half of Washington’s approximately 7,000 family child care providers have exercised their newly acknowledged rights and left SEIU 925 since the Harris decision. The percentage of providers paying dues to the union fell from 100 percent in July 2014 to 53.2 percent (3,738) in May 2015,” the report said.

SEIU Local 925 represents mostly public sector workers. Prior to the Quinn v. Harris ruling, the union was able to corral home healthcare workers who received tax breaks and Medicaid dollars from the state. The high court declared a similar arrangement in Illinois unconstitutional, leading Washington to end the practice.

“Pas [Personal Aides] are much different from public employees,” Justice Samuel Alito ruled in the 5-4 decision. “Unlike full-fledged public employees, PAs are almost entirely answerable to the customers and not to the State, do not enjoy most of the rights and benefits that inure to state employees, and are not indemnified by the State for claims against them arising from actions taken during the course of their employment.”

Local 925 charges members nearly 2 percent of their salaries for dues with a cap of $90 per month, according to federal labor filings released in March. The union collected more than $8 million and spent more than $1.2 million on political activities and lobbying in 2014. Local 925 actually saw its ranks swell overall in 2014 despite the loss of home healthcare workers, growing from 13, 835 members to 14,405 in 2014.

The union did not respond to request for comment.

Freedom Foundation labor policy expert Maxford Nelsen said that the massive withdrawals followed an education and outreach effort by the group.

“Neither SEIU 925 nor the state took action to inform family child care providers of their constitutional right to resign from the union. The Freedom Foundation obtained providers’ contact information from the state in October 2014 and, after defeating a subsequent legal challenge from SEIU 925 in court, began a wide-ranging educational campaign to inform providers of their ability to opt-out of the union,” Nelson wrote on the foundation’s website. “To date, the effort has included direct mail, email, phone calls, cable TV advertising and door-to-door canvassing.”



SEIU Union Thugs Organize Assault On McDonald’s HQ In Illinois; Charter 32 Buses To Bring In Leftist Rabble-Rousers (Video)

Send In The Clowns: 84% Of McDonald’s Protesters Were Not McDonald’s Employees – Labor Union Report


On Wednesday, the Service Employees International Union, as part of its four-year old plan to unionize the nation’s fast-food workers, launched a frontal assault on McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oakbrook, Illinois.

During the event, over 120 protesters, as well as SEIU boss and fast-food unionization architect Mary Kay Henry, were arrested.

After her arrest, the SEIU’s self-anointed Burger Queen actually thanked the police on her Twitter feed.

The union’s event planners had rented 32 buses, ensured they had prominent civil rights leaders in tow for photo-ops as they stormed the company’s entrance and, while they had some of McDonald’s 440,000 U.S. employees, the vast majority of protesters (about 16%, according to Bloomberg’s numbers) appear to be nothing more than a rent-a-mob (or astroturf, as the case may be):

The event, the latest in a series of demonstrations by workers demanding $15-an-hour pay and the right to form a union, began at 1 p.m. local time yesterday, on the eve of McDonald’s Corp.’s shareholder meeting.

About 2,000 protesters, including about 325 McDonald’s workers in restaurant uniforms, stormed though the company’s campus entrance at Jorie Boulevard and Kroc Drive in Oak Brook, according to the organizers, holding signs that said, “We Are Worth More” and “My Union My Voice.” The Oak Brook Police Department estimated the number was 1,000 to 1,500.

The protesters – brought to the scene by 32 buses – were joined by Service Employees International Union President Mary Kay Henry and William Barber, an official from the NAACP, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. About 110 people were arrested for trespassing, police said. The protesters who were arrested included McDonald’s (MCD) workers and 36 community, clergy and labor leaders, including Henry, according to the organizers.

Although, when the SEIU originally launched the fast-food unionization campaign, the SEIU boss had initially tried to portray it as a “spontaneous movement.”

However, the spontaneous movement portrayal quickly dissolved as the SEIU’s role in the campaign planning became more apparent.

As a leader of the now-infamous SEIU, Wednesday’s protest will be Mary Kay Henry’s second known arrest, after having been previously arrested during the union-sponsored Occupy Wall Street protests.

Of course, one must wonder if the three-strikes-and-you’re-out rule applies to games involving pure astroturf.


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Over 44,000 Healthcare Workers Flee Leftist SEIU After Michigan Ends Forced Unionization

SEIU Membership, Revenues Plummet After State Ends ‘Underhanded Scheme’ – Fox News

A Michigan branch of the powerful Service Employees International Union saw its membership and revenues plummet after the reversal of a measure that forced caregivers tending to friends or relatives to be members with their dues paid by those they cared for.


More than 44,000 home-based healthcare workers parted ways with SEIU Healthcare Michigan after learning they did not have to join the union or pay dues, according to reports the union filed with the U.S. Department of Labor. Thousands of the employees were allegedly forced into the union under a plan the SEIU successfully lobbied for that classified even unpaid family members caring for their elderly parents as “home health care workers.” Dues were then automatically collected from the care recipients’ Medicare or Medicaid checks.

“Family members were told they were public employees,” Patrick Wright, director of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation, a Michigan-based policy group, told FoxNews.com. “They are not public employees and this was not proper.

“It was an underhanded scheme to get these people in [the union],” he added.

The measure, which counted the home healthcare recipient as an employer and the caregiver as an employee, was adopted during the administration of Demcratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, but abolished by Republicans including current Gov. Rick Snyder, who was elected in 2012. His election coincided with the state’s vote to end forced unionization by approving a right-to-work ballot measure. Snyder subsequently signed a bill that ended the SEIU’s due collection scheme.

Wright’s organization estimates that the SEIU reaped nearly $35 million from Michigan’s elderly and disabled from 2006 to last year. Of some 59,000 residents classified as home-based caregivers, about 80 percent stopped paying when they learned they did not have to.

“What the numbers show is that these people never wanted to be in the union in the first place,” Wright said.

Requests for comment to SEIU Healthcare Michigan were not immediately returned.

Some of those charged under the prior scheme are suing to get their money back.

Retired Detroit police officer Robert Haynes and his wife Patricia say they were forced into the union after they were considered public employees because they cared for two adult children with cerebral palsy in their home.

“Our children’s case worker had come for their usual six-month visit and he had told us that we were now part of the union,” Haynes told FoxNews.com. “I was like, ‘What?’”

But Haynes and her husband weren’t concerned.

“I didn’t think much about it,” she said. “Then my husband heard the news that the law was reversed and we realized they were doing nothing for us.”

Haynes said that every month, $30 was deducted from their children’s Medicare payments, and, while it did not break their bank, they objected on principle.

“They couldn’t get me a raise, they couldn’t get me more vacation time and they certainly did nothing to improve my children’s care,” she said. “I’d hate to say it, but in my opinion, they were stealing.”

Haynes also says that they are also hoping to help others who had to pay dues.

“We are not anti-union. I just don’t understand why we were forced to join because I have two disabled kids,” she said. “That we were told that we had to join a union just because we chose to keep our kids at home to care for them.”

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Leftist Corruption Update: Obama-Loving SEIU Receives Second Largest Campaign Finance Fine In Michigan History

SEIU Hit With Second-Biggest Campaign Finance Fine In Michigan History – Washington Free Beacon

The Service Employees International Union will have to pay the second-highest fine in Michigan history for its failed 2012 campaign to preserve forced union dues among home care workers.


Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said that the politically powerful union agreed to pay the state nearly $200,000 for failing to properly disclose donors and file timely campaign reports.

The union funneled more than $9 million into two 501(c)(4) non-profit groups, Home Care First Inc. and Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care, which served as the public face of a ballot initiative.

“These organizations cannot be used as a means to conceal the identity of the true contributors,” Johnson said in a release. “This agreement reflects our commitment to transparency and accountability in the campaign finance process, especially in an election year.”

The union could have faced millions of dollars in fines if it did not settle with the Secretary of State’s office. SEIU said in a statement that reporting oversights were inadvertent.

“We have decided not to dispute the preliminary findings of the Secretary of State and SEIU Michigan consider this matter closed,” the union said. “The mistakes were a result of errors and reports by the Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care regarding the receipt and transfer of funds.”

The fine stemmed from an August 2013 complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office. It alleged that the union and its 501(c)(4) groups misreported its campaign disclosures. For example, SEIU reported more than $4 million in direct contributions to the 501(c)(4)s in September filings, but those contributions were later scrubbed from an October campaign report, according to the Secretary of State’s complaint.

Patrick Wright, a senior legal analyst with the free market Mackinac Center for Public Policy, said the fine was an appropriate conclusion for an election battle “that started off ugly and ended ugly.”

The SEIU earned about $6 million per year from the forced dues program established by former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. It was willing to spend big money to preserve it, according to Wright.

“They were willingly bend the rules to set the scheme up in first place, so their attempts to continue it through questionable campaign finance is in no way a shock,” he said. “Clearly it was a major income source and they were loathe to let it go.”

The fine is the second highest campaign finance violation in Michigan history. Former Democratic congressman Mark Schauer was forced to pay the state more than $225,000 for taking excessive contributions from his state Senate campaign fund in 2009. Schauer is now running for Michigan governor.

Wright said that the large amount indicates that the union recognized the state had powerful evidence of campaign malfeasance.

“They seem to be clearly admitting fault. The amount of money seems to indicate that the culpability was rather clear and that they’re hoping this will go away,” he said.

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Obama-Loving SEIU Unionists Strike Over Obamacare-Caused Job Cuts

SEIU Unionists Strike Over Obamacare-Related Cuts – Washington Examiner

Members of the Chicago-based Service Employees International Union Local 1 have gone on strike over recent job cuts by a janitorial company called Professional Maintenance.


The reason for the cuts? The employer says it is because of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This is ironic since SEIU is a major supporter of the law.

Tyler French, Local 1’s organizing director, told Mediatrackers Ohio the company claimed it had to cut its employees’ hours due to Obamacare mandates.

French did not believe the explanation, though, calling it the “latest excuse in a long line of many that we’ve seen from corporate America.”

But others throughout the organized labor movement have warned that such actions will be a direct consequence of the President Obama’s health care law.

At the AFL-CIO’s convention in Los Angeles earlier this month, Loretta Johnson, secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of Teachers, said it was already happening in her union.

“We are seeing employer after employer cut hours so as to avoid the 30-hour definition of a full-time job,” Johnson said. The AFL-CIO passed a resolution demanding either Congress or Obama fix the law to stop it from hurting union members.

Under Obamacare, once a person works more than 30 hours a week, that person counts toward the requirement that companies provide insurance if they have more than 50 employees.

SEIU enthusiastically backed Obamacare when it passed and remains a booster of the law today. Earlier this month, it announced that it was sending nurses, doctors and other health care professionals out to promote the law in 30 cities over the coming months.

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SEIU Parasites Hold Candlelight Vigil, March In Memory Of Communist Dictator Chavez (Video)

Marching Marxists… SEIU Holds Hugo Chavez Memorial Candlelight Vigil And March In Times Square (Video) – Gateway Pundit

The SEIU organized march ended at the statue of Simón Bolivar in Central Park.

The SEIU radicals organized a Hugo Chavez memorial march and candelight vigil in New York City on Friday.

Global Dispatch reported:

Wibailoutpeople.org was one of the few website which still posted the SEIU announcement detailing the “celebration and procession” for the deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Hugo Chávez in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Jan/26/2003 photo Victor Soares

A memorial vigil was held Wednesday at the Venezuelan consulate in Manhattan, but the union march is raising eyebrows.

“Bring candles will walk to the statue of the Liberator Simon Bolivar in Central Park.” – instructions included in the hispanic announcement which reached out to Fidel Castro supporters as well.

The vigil was held on Friday, March 8, at 6:30pm and took place on 43rd Street in Manhattan. The candlelight procession ended at the statue of Simon Bolivar in Central Park.

The announcement continues:

A Celebration and procession for the life of our comrade Hugo Chávez, an extraordinary human and revolutionary.

Your energy, love and example will not be forgotten.

The revolution will continue until there is liberation for all.

The leftists marched past Times Square in New York City during their memorial for Marxist Hugo Chavez.

Here’s video of the Chavez supporters marching in Times Square.


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Yet Another Obama Union Crony Kickback Scandal Emerges

Just Another Bam Scandal – New York Post

So it’s not just solar-energy boondoggles when it comes to the Obama White House rewarding top Obama donors.

And now, even a top Democrat is asking some serious questions.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) has officially called on the Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general to investigate a suspicious $433 million no-bid contract for a dubious smallpox vaccine.

Frankly, just about everything connected with this one smells.

The contract was awarded to Siga Technologies, a New York-based company whose principal investor is megabillionaire – and key Democratic moneyman – Ron Perelman.

Its board includes another key Democratic figure: Andy Stern, former head of the powerful SEIU union – who, it’s been reported, was given stock options that would dramatically increase in value if Siga won the contract.

Siga has been hired to provide 1.7 million doses of its smallpox vaccine for the Strategic National Stockpile.

But its vaccine is considerably more expensive – $255 a dose – than the one now in use and has a significantly shorter shelf life: 38 months, although the contract requires a 60-month span.

According to internal e-mails recently revealed by The Los Angeles Times, HHS’ chief medical officer called Siga’s 180 percent markup on the vaccine “outrageous.”

Even more outrageous, the vaccine still hasn’t been tested on humans – meaning, as McCaskill wrote, that no one knows whether “it is actually safe for human use.”

Then there’s the way Siga actually got the contract: It won a competitive bid, even though the winner was required to be a small business – unlike Siga.

When another bidder, a legitimate small business, complained, HHS reopened the process – but barred any company but Siga from bidding.

Eventually, the bid was canceled, and Siga was simply asked to submit a proposal, which was accepted.

There is little here different from Solyndra – except for the fact that Siga doesn’t appear headed for bankruptcy.

But it’s another sign that political clout and influence hold sway in the Obama administration – with the taxpayer picking up the tab.

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*VIDEO* Everything You Need To Know About The Leftist ‘Occupy’ Movement In America

*VIDEO* SEIU’s Stephen Lerner Teaches Union Thuggery And Law-Breaking To Community Organizers And Students

*Video* SEIU exposed again

Service Employees International Union
Image via Wikipedia

Hot Air has the video and the story.

Here’s another entry for the Somebody Left The Irony On Department today. The SEIU held an election by mail for an internal election — for which it apparently uses the same kind of secret ballots that they want to deny workers with Card Check. By SEIU’s own rules, those ballots are supposed to arrive via US Postal Service, with postmarks to note the date so that the counters can verify they arrived before the deadline. One SEIU observer noticed counters opening large envelopes of ballots with no postmarks at all on them — and when she tried to protest, the other SEIU officials in the room pushed her out the door:

Looks like the Marxist thuggery continues at the SEIU! Forcing a union member out for simply raising a question

If ObamaCare is so wonderful

How come the SEIU thugs get to opt out?

(CNSNews.com) – Three local chapters of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)–whose political action committee spent $27 million supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election–have received temporary waivers from a provision in the Obamacare law.

More and more of these waivers are getting passed out. but why? Why should some get to opt out while others will face prison if they dare not follow the guidelines of ObamaCare? I thought equality was a tenet of Liberalism. I guess some are more equal than others after all.

Ask yourself, if you supported ObamaCare, why any individual or corporation or union would not want to take part in it. Hmmmm, I mean it was sold as a wonderful piece of legislation right? So why are so many, including the SEIU, who supported its passage trying to run away from it? Hmmmm indeed!

Daily Benefactor News – MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, Ted Rall Call For Violent Revolution? – More Articles


——————————————————- TOP STORY ——————————————————-

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, Ted Rall Call For Violent Revolution? – Hot Air

Yesterday, I was traveling to Washington DC, where I’ll speak at the Heritage Foundation about the impact and future of the Tea Party movement this morning. While waiting for my flight, a woman conducted a rather loud cell-phone conversation with a friend (where’s Amy Alkon when you need her?) in which she discussed her frustrations with having to deal with “fascist morons” from the Tea Party.

We hear a lot from the Left about supposedly violent and fascist grassroots activists for, er, limited government, and perhaps no more so than on MSNBC, which has made hyperventilation an art form.

That’s what makes this clip from Dylan Ratigan’s MSNBC show even more interesting. Ratigan gives six minutes of air time to Ted Rall, the cartoonist last seen shark-jumping by insulting the late Pat Tillman for dying in service to the country. Now Rall has a new idea for improving the country, and Ratigan seems very interested the the proposal:

Ironically, it was only about a month ago that Sharon Angle was excoriated by several MSNBC talking heads for making a reference to “2nd amendment remedies.” Is Chris Matthews going to call out Ted Rall and/or Dylan Ratigan for letting him promote this? Rachel Maddow wanted to know if Angle’s language was finally too extreme. Well is it still extreme when it’s coming from the far left over your own TV channel, Rachel? If so, maybe you should poke your head down the hall and say something.

Lest anyone thinks that Rall is prescribing a “spiritual” revolt of some kind, John at VS provides an excerpt of the book:

We are here because the U.S. is going to end soon. There’s going to be an intense, violent, probably haphazard struggle for control. It’s going to come down to us versus them. The question is: What are you going to do about it?…

Christian fundamentalists, the millennial end-of-theworlders obsessed with the Left Behind series about the End Times, neo-Nazi racists, rural black-helicopter Michigan Militia types cut from the same inbred cloth as Timothy McVeigh, allied with “mainstream” gun nuts and right-wing Republicans, have been planning, preparing, and praying for the destruction of the “Godless,” “secular” United States for decades. In the past, they formed groups like the John Birch Society and the Aryan Nations. Now the hard Right has a postmodern, decentralized non-organization organization called the Tea Party.

Right-wing organizational names change, but they amount to the same thing: the reactionary sociopolitical force-the sole force-poised to fill the vacuum when collapse occurs. The scenario outlined by Margaret Atwood’s prescient novel The Handmaid’s Tale-rednecks in the trenches, hard military men running things, minorities and liberals taken away and massacred, setting the stage for an even more extreme form of laissez-faire corporate capitalism than we’re suffering under today-is a fair guess of how a post-U.S. scenario will play out unless we prepare to turn it in another direction…

A war is coming. At stake: our lives, the planet, freedom, living. The government, the corporations, and the extreme right are prepared to coalesce into an Axis of Evil. Are you going to fight back? Will you do whatever it takes, including taking up arms?

I don’t find any of this at all remarkable from the execrable Rall, a cartoonist of limited talent who has compensated for it by turning into a crank. What I do find remarkable is this softball interview from Ratigan and MSNBC of a man proposing an armed revolution in the United States after months of hyperbole from MSNBC about the supposed inherent violence and fascism of the Tea Party movement. In fact, Ratigan seems rather intrigued by the potential of such a proposal, while carefully dancing just short of an endorsement. Apparently, that Election Night meltdown wasn’t an isolated case at MSNBC after all.

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Mystery Missile Launch Seen Off California Coast – CBS News

A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS’s cameras Monday night, and officials are staying tight-lipped over the nature of the projectile.

CBS station KFMB put in calls to the Navy and Air Force Monday night about the striking launch off the coast of Los Angeles, which was easily visible from the coast, but the military has said nothing about the launch.

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Airline Pilots Boycott Full Body Scanners – PC Magazine

As the White House continues a long-term plan to double the number of full-body scanners in airports by 2014, an American Airlines captain has urged fellow pilots to boycott the voluntary screening.

Captain Dave Bates, president of the Allied Pilots Association, has sent a letter to other pilots urging them to refuse a full-body scan on the grounds of radiation over-exposure and an invasion of privacy.

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Leftist Judge Blocks Oklahoma Ban On Shariah Law – Politico

A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order barring the state from adopting a constitutional amendment voters passed last week that forbids state courts from enforcing Islamic law.

The executive director of the local branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Muneer Awad, filed suit over the measure, claiming that it violates religious freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

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SEIU Affiliate Accused Of Illegally Punishing Employees Who Opposed Union – The Examiner

A Service Employees International Union affiliate used contract negotiations to punish two employees who supported a rival union, according to a National Labor Relations Board complaint.

The NLRB is the independent federal agency empowered to protect employees’ rights to join a union and to prevent and remedy unfair labor practices committed by private sector employers or unions.

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104-Year-Old GM Unit Sold To Chinese – Wall Street Journal

You don’t need to understand exchange rates and trade wars to grasp the economic change that has come to Saginaw, Mich. Remarkably, the largest private employer there will soon be Beijing.

In the weeks ahead, a 104-year-old unit of General Motors will be sold to new owners from China. The unit made steering equipment for decades under the name Saginaw Steering Gear.

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Auditors Want $3.2 Million From ACORN – NewsMeat

A government audit says the advocacy group ACORN should reimburse the government $3.2 million for failing to adequately show that lead removal work was performed at a reasonable cost.

Auditors also say some grant money was spent inappropriately, including for political campaigns and fundraising. Congress cut off ACORN’s funding after allegations of voter registration fraud and embezzlement.

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Nearly 4,500 Stranded On Cruise Ship Off Mexico – Washington Examiner

A cruise ship stranded offshore with 4,500 passengers and crew must be towed slowly into a Mexican port and will not arrive until at least Wednesday night, the Coast Guard said Tuesday.

The Carnival Splendor was 200 miles south of San Diego when an engine room fire cut its power early Monday, according to Carnival Cruise Lines. The 3,299 passengers and 1,167 crew members were not hurt.

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Man Jailed After Burglarizing Home Naked With Mouse In His Rectum – Weekly Vice

Noah Smith, a 31-year-old South Carolina man was jailed Monday after he was allegedly found naked in a stranger’s home with a mouse tail protruding out of his anus.

Oh yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. According to the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy responding to a burglary report discovered Smith laying face down naked inside the doorway of the victims home.

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Cashier’s Breasts Tipped Scales – Orange News

A woman buying fruit and vegetables was overcharged – because the shop assistant’s breasts were resting on the scales.

Jim Hopley, chief executive of Channel Islands Co-operative, said the assistant’s seat had been too low at the Jersey supermarket, reports the BBC. Mr Hopley said this had caused the shopper to be accidentally charged an extra £5, which had now been refunded.

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Ohio Prospective Juror Cites Dahmer, Is Excused – San Francisco Chronicle

An Ohio man was excused from jury service after mentioning he was a childhood friend of cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. John Backderf was among prospective jurors being screened last week by a judge in Cleveland.

When asked if he’d known anyone convicted of a crime, Backderf responded: “I had a close friend in high school who killed 17 people.”

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Prison To Install Sunbeds For Inmates – Yahoo News

One of Russia’s most notorious prisons will soon install sunbeds to improve the health of its inmates, its head said on Tuesday.

Styled as a brick fortress, the 19th century Butyrka prison in central Moscow has held a slew of notable figures behind its bars, from persecuted Soviet-era writers Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Isaak Babel to Adolf Hitler’s nephew Heinrich.

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Daily Benefactor News – Illinois League Of Women Voters Big Shot Who Bashed Pledge Of Allegiance, Is Former ACORN Worker – More Articles


——————————————————- TOP STORY ——————————————————-

Illinois League Of Women Voters Big Shot Who Bashed Pledge Of Allegiance, Is Former ACORN Worker – The Lid

It happened Wednesday night at the beginning of a debate between Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean, GOP challenger Joe Walsh and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer.

The debate for Illinois 8th congressional district took place at Grayslake Central High School. While League of Women Voters moderator Kathy Tate-Bradish began explaining the rules of the debate an audience member raised his hand and (when called upon) asked if they were going to start with the Pledge of Allegiance. When she said no, the audience booed and almost all in the crowd of more than 300 stood and enthusiastically recited it anyway.

Tate-Bradish, who joined in the pledge, issued a scolding when the crowd finished saying they are not allowed to disrespect her.

Ms Tate-Bradish took offense to the move and blamed it on the GOP candidate.

What seemed like a unanimous spontaneous show of Patriotism, gave Ms Tate-Bradish an opportunity to criticize the GOP Candidate in the press, saying that it was all the fault of the unruly republicans, the Executive director of the group echoed her sentiments. What the press didn’t report that both the moderator and the Executive Director have been very active in the progressive movement.

Ms Tate-Bradish, the moderator was very involved in the Illinois effort to make Barak Obama president, she even hosted campaign events for Obama in her own home.

Illinois League of Women Voters Executive Director Jan Czarnik said what happened at the debate and subsequent criticism directed at moderator Kathy Tate-Bradish was an attempt by supporters of Republican candidate Joe Walsh and tea party members to bully the organization.

By all of the press reports almost all of the crowd stood up to cite the pledge, so is Czarnik saying that Democrats don’t believe in reciting the pledge?

I am sure her criticism of Republicans and the Tea Party had absolutely nothing to do with the Fact she used to work for progressive mainstays such as ACORN’s Project Vote, and the Progressive People for the American Way. Below is the notice of Ms Czarnik’s hiring by the League.

“It’s a phony patriotism issue is what it is,” she said. “They must think it helps their campaign.”

Walsh campaign manager Nick Provenzano said he still did not understand why Tate-Bradish did not appear to welcome the Pledge of Allegiance suggestion. He said it was spontaneous and not orchestrated by Walsh’s campaign.

“That neutral stance (by Tate-Bradish) toward the Pledge of Allegiance is troublesome,” he said.

…Island Lake resident Joseph Ptak, a Walsh supporter, claimed Friday he asked for the pledge at the debate. Provenzano said he was not certain who made the request.

Ptak, 58, a U.S. Air Force veteran, said the pledge was a proper way to begin the event that was in a high school and had student participation. He said many veterans were in the audience, and he objects to Czarnik questioning the request’s sincerity.

“I’m a Joe Walsh supporter, but first and foremost I’m an American,” Ptak said.

According to its website, the mission of the Illinois League of Woman Voters says that it is supposed to be non-partisan:

The League takes positions on issues, but neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate (appointed or elected) for public office.

Judging by their backgrounds and their reaction to a spontaneous public display of patriotism, neither Jan Czarnik nor Kathy Tate-Bradish fit a reasonable definition of non-partisan.

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SEIU Offshoot ‘Mi Familia Vota’ Caught With 6,000 Bogus Colorado Voter Registrations – Gateway Pundit

The same SEIU offshoot group that is accused of turning in thousands of bogus voter registrations in Arizona has come under fire in Colorado. Mi Familia Vota is accused of turning in 6,000 bogus voter registrations in Colorado. The Denver Post reported:

A federal judge declined to force the secretary of state to reactivate approximately 6,000 new voters whose registrations were canceled.

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Biden: GOP Spending $200 Billion On Ads – Holy Coast

In an interview with Al Hunt of Bloomberg News scheduled to be shown Friday night, Vice President Biden commented on the need for disclosure when corporate interests contribute to political groups.

“I was amazed at the amount of money, this $200 billion of money that is – where there’s no accountability,” he said. “When I say accountability, we don’t know where it’s coming from. There’s no disclosure.”

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Democrat DeFazio Rolls Out Dirty Tricks In Oregon – Before it’s News

Challenger Art Robinson has pushed the “Little Emperor” farther than anyone ever has before and Peter DeFazio is both worried and angry.

Apparently he took that anger to the Chamber of Commerce in Roseburg, Oregon and made sure that Robinson supporters weren’t able to take part in a campaign event. DeFazio and the Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce refused to allow about 300 people into the room.

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Democrat Senate Candidate Suspected Of Obstruction Of Justice In Brother’s Drug Case – The Examiner

A Louisville police detective’s job is on the line for having tipped off Jack Conway’s brother regarding an ongoing investigation into Matthew Conway’s alleged drug dealing.

But now it appears that Jack Conway – the Democrat attorney general of Kentucky who is running for U.S. Senate – himself was sending messages to the detective raising new questions about obstruction of justice.

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21 Die In Truck And Bus Collision In Uganda – Houston Chronicle

Police say that 21 people have died after a bus collided with a truck carrying fuel in northern Uganda.

Nwoya district police commander Moses Okello said Sunday that the accident took place in his district nearly 186 miles from Kampala. He said that 17 people died at the sight of the accident, four died in the hospital and 12 have been admitted to the Nwoya hospital in serious condition.

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Michelle Obama To Meet With Commercial Sex Workers In India – Michelle Malkin

While in India, it’s being reported that Michelle “my sneakers could feed your family for a year” Obama will meet with representatives from a certain area of that country’s economy:

U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle will be extremely busy in Mumbai… Adding to the Obamas’ busy schedule is Michelle’s likely visit to Kamathipura, where she will meet commercial sex workers.

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Obama’s Re-election Support Plummets To 39 Percent, Says Gallup – CNS

Only 39 percent of Americans now believe President Barack Obama deserves to be reelected, according to a Gallup poll conducted Oct. 14-17. That is a steep decline from the 48 percent who told Gallup he deserved reelection in a survey conducted in mid-June.

In the Oct. 14-17 poll, a majority of Americans – 54 percent – told Gallup that Obama does not deserve to be re-elected.

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Daily Benefactor News – European Unions Stage Day Of Action Over Spending Cuts – More Articles


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European Unions Stage Day Of Action Over Spending Cuts – CNN

Unions planned a day of demonstrations across Europe on Wednesday to express anger at austerity measures being adopted around the continent and to demand plans for more jobs and growth.

The day of action was being organized by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), which includes trade unions from 36 European countries and says it has a total of 60 million members.

“Cutting in a recession is crazy, and we must fight it,” said John Monks, ETUC’s general secretary. He said he expected 100,000 people to turn out for a demonstration Wednesday in Brussels, Belgium.

Rallies were also planned in Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Ireland and France. The protests coincide with a general strike in Spain, which analysts said could have a huge impact if unions disrupt commuter trains and subways used by millions of Spaniards.

Unions and officials have discussed minimum services for rail transport, but massive traffic jams are expected as people try to get to work. They had already disrupted rail transport in the country’s capital Wednesday morning. And CNN affiliate CNN+ reported that a protester was hit by a bus and injured in Barcelona.

Spain’s labor minister told reporters that, overall, the day had gotten off to a peaceful start throughout the country. But he noted that the government would do what was necessary to ensure the rights of all citizens.

“We understand that the union pickets have a purpose of informing people, and they can exercise this right. We don’t have anything against that,” Labor Minister Celestino Corbacho Chaves said. “But we think that another right is just as important, that any citizen who wants to go to work can do so in a normal fashion.”

Corbacho declined to give a figure for the strike turnout. Unions were claiming initial success.

“This is the worst economic crisis in the post-war history of Western Europe,” Monks said earlier this week. “We call for a rethink and a change – in Spain and in Europe – on September 29. We are mobilizing; they will have to listen to us.”

In Spain, unions are upset with the government’s labor reforms, which freeze pensions and cut the salaries of government workers. The government says the changes will ease Spain’s deficit and recession and make for a more competitive economy. Unions, however, say the reforms will lead to more temporary and low-paying jobs.

What led Spanish unions to call for a strike Wednesday was that the reforms make it easier for companies to lay off workers, especially higher-paid ones.

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Obama Refers To Illegal Aliens As ‘Us’ As He Renews Call For Amnesty – CNS

President Barack Obama referred to illegal aliens in the United States as “us” on Tuesday while renewing his call for giving them a “pathway to citizenship” – an amnesty – and castigating opponents of such an amnesty as demagogues.

Obama’s made the statement at what the White House billed as a “backyard discussion” at a private home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Massive Terrorist Plot Targeting Europe Foiled In Pakistan – Business Insider

U.S. drones firing on targets in Pakistan have just foiled a massive terrorist attack that would have struck at the heart of Europe, according to the UK Guardian newspaper.

The attacks were meant to occur in the UK, Germany, and France and, potentially, the U.S. Plans were similar to the attacks conducted in Mumbai in 2008, where armed terrorists fired on the public.

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GOP Staffer And Iraq War Vet Assaulted With Hot Coffee At Dem Rally – First Things

Once again, a conservative is assaulted by a violent liberal. This attack occurred at Gov. Strickland’s campaign event in Ohio. The Ohio Republican Party is asking for help in identifying the assailant who attacked a GOP staffer and Iraq War vet.

The staffer had hot coffee poured down his back by a Strickland supporter while trying to videotape the Governor’s remarks at a campaign event.

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Sunshine State Poll: Grayson In Trouble – Real Clear Politics

The latest Sunshine State/VSS poll shows controversial Democrat incumbent Alan Grayson trailing former state Senator Dan Webster by seven points, 43 percent to 36 percent.

A majority of respondents – 51 percent – disapprove of the job that Grayson is doing. Independents have an unfavorable view of him as well, by a 36/47 margin. RCP currently rates the race as Leans Republican.

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Controversial STD Drug Tied To 16 More Deaths – WorldNetDaily

The case report is terse about the 19-year-old woman who was given Gardasil, a vaccine intended to guard against a sexually transmitted disease, and reported, “Headache, nausea, dizziness, chilling, tiredness, shortness of breath, complained of chest pain, severe cramps.”

She died of “acute cardiac arrhythmia.” Said the report, “Attempts to resuscitate her resulted in a sternal fracture, but were unsuccessful.”

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Democrats Accused Of ‘Stalling’ In Ethics Trials – Yahoo News

All five Republicans on a congressional ethics committee called on the Democrat-led panel to “stop stalling” and hold public trials for two Democrats before the November 2 congressional elections.

The Republicans accused the committee’s chair, Democrat Zoe Lofgren, of having “repeatedly refused” to schedule the proceedings for Representatives Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters.

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FBI Investigating Former SEIU Leader Andy Stern – Washington Examiner

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Labor Department are investigating prominent labor leader Andy Stern in a probe of corruption at the Service Employees International Union, according to two people who have been interviewed by federal agents.

The two labor officials met with federal agents this summer to answer questions about a six-figure book contract that Stern landed in 2006.

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Man Calls British Emergency Line Over Cat In His Kitchen – Herald Sun

A panicked man called a police emergency line for help because there was a cat in his kitchen in just one of thousands of inappropriate calls. The call to Britain’s 999 line starts with the man, saying:

“There’s a cat in my kitchen I don’t know how to deal with him.” The bemused operator asks “You’ve got a what in your kitchen?”, and the man responds: “A cat, cat, cat.”

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Clown Close To Winning Seat In Brazil Parliament – London Telegraph

Detractors have filed a dozen lawsuits against Tiririca – whose real name is Francisco Everardo Oliveira.

While most attack him for ridiculing Brazil’s legislative institutions, the most serious suit seeks to invalidate his bid for a federal seat by claiming that he is, like 20 per cent of the population, illiterate. The commotion around Tiririca would be minor in other circumstances.

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Couple Arrested For Having Sex In Front Of Convenience Store – Weekly Vice

George William Pomfret Jr, 49, and Brenda Carole Prothero, 48, were arrested Sunday after they allegedly decided that a full-out sex romp in front of a ‘Good To Go’ convenience store was just what the doctor ordered.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called when a couple became engaged in sexual intercourse underneath a tree next to the store.

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Monkeys To Guard Athletes – The Sun

A crack team of monkeys have been deployed to provide security for athletes at the Commonwealth Games in India. Athletes have been plagued by packs of wild rhesus monkeys breaking into buildings and stealing from their rooms at the games.

Organisers have now hired a team of 40 large grey langur monkeys to chase off their smaller cousins in an effort to keep buildings safe.

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Daily Benefactor News – Cyber Attack On Iran Expands: Tehran Threatens Long-Term War In Reprisal – More Articles


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Cyber Attack On Iran Expands: Tehran Threatens Long-Term War In Reprisal – DEBKA File

Iran admitted Monday, Sept. 27 it was under full-scale cyber terror attack. The official IRNA news agency quoted Hamid Alipour, deputy head of Iran’s government Information Technology Company, as saying that the Stuxnet computer worm “is mutating and wreaking further havoc on computerized industrial equipment.”

Stuxnet was no normal worm, he said: “The attack is still ongoing and new versions of this virus are spreading.”

Revolutionary Guards deputy commander Hossein Salami declared his force had all the defensive structures for fighting a long-term war against “the biggest and most powerful enemies” and was ready to defend the revolution with more advanced weapons than the past.

He stressed that defense systems have been designed for all points of the country, and a special plan devised for the Bushehr nuclear power plant. debkafile’s military sources report that this indicates that the plant – and probably other nuclear facilities too – had been infected, although Iranian officials have insisted it has not, only the personal computers of its staff.

“The Stuxnet spy worm has been created in line with the West’s electronic warfare against Iran,” said Mahmoud Liayi, secretary of the information technology council of the Industries Minister.

As for the origin of the Stuxnet attack, Hamid Alipour said: The hackers who enjoy “huge investments” from a series of foreign countries or organizations, designed the worm, which has affected at least 30,000 Iranian addresses, to exploit five different security vulnerabilities. This confirmed the impressions of Western experts that Stuxnet invaded Iran’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems through “zero-day” access.

Alipour added the malware, the first known worm to target large-scale systems and industrial complexes control systems, is also a serious threat to personal computers.

debkafile’s Iranian and intelligence sources report that these statements are preparing the ground for Tehran to go beyond condemning the states or intelligence bodies alleged to have sponsored the cyber attack on Iranian infrastructure and military industries and retaliate against them militarily. Iran is acting in the role of victim of unprovoked, full-scale, cyber terror aggression.

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China Imposes Massive Tariff On U.S. Chicken Products – CNN

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced Sunday that poultry imports from the U.S. will face steep tariffs, the latest salvo in an ongoing trade war between the two countries.

Following the news, shares of major U.S. poultry producers were down in early trading Monday. Hit by a tariff of 50.3 percent, shares of Tyson Foods (TSN, Fortune 500) dropped 1.7 percent to $15.38.

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FBI Raids Home Of Chicago SEIU Leader In International Terrorism Sweep – First Things

Over the weekend the FBI announced that it was investigating Joseph Iosbaker for connections to overseas terror groups. Iosbaker and his wife, both anti-war activists, are suspected of activities “concerning the material support of terrorism.”

According to the SEIU Local 73 website, Iosbaker is its Chief Steward. It’s interesting that this fact escaped most of Chicago’s TV coverage.

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Health Insurers Drop Coverage For Children Ahead Of New Obamacare Rules – The Hill

Health plans in at least four states have announced they’re dropping children’s coverage just days ahead of new rules created by the health care (Obamacare) reform law.

The new law forbids insurers from turning down children with pre-existing conditions starting Thursday, one of several reforms Democrats are eager to highlight ahead of the mid-term elections.

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Small-Town Mayor Stoned To Death In Western Mexico – Reuters

The mayor of a small town in western Mexico was found on Monday stoned to death in the third attack on a public official in the country in less than a week, local authorities said.

The bodies of Gustavo Sanchez, mayor of Tancitaro in Michoacan state, and an aide were found, officials said. “It appears they stoned them to death,” a source from the local prosecutor’s office said.

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Vice President Biden To Democrat Base: ‘Stop Whining’ – ABC News

At a fundraiser in Manchester, NH, on Monday, Vice President Biden urged Democrats to “remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives. This President has done an incredible job. He’s kept his promises.”

The remarks, made to top Democrat donors, recall comments Barack Obama made last week to “griping and groaning Democrats.”

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Nigeria Kidnappers Seize School Bus Full Of Kids – USA Today

Nigerian police say kidnappers have seized a school bus full of children in the country’s southeast, and that investigators were on their way to Abia state to look into Monday’s attack.

Federal police spokesman Emmanuel Ojukwu gave no other details and said he did not know how many children were aboard the bus. Abia state has seen a sharp increase in kidnappings for ransom in recent months.

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Obama Omits ‘Creator’ From Declaration’s ‘Inalienable Rights’… Again – Weasel Zippers

Just seven days after he omitted the word “Creator” while paraphrasing the Declaration of Independence, Barack Obama dissed God again when speaking about the “inalienable rights” of Americans.

This time the president was speaking at a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.

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Why would anyone call SEIU head Andy Stern a Marxist?

Andy Stern has been recently named to Obama’s Debt Commission and if you were wondering why the Right criticizes the choice of Stern, then check this out.

Sounds  like Stern has been reading a lot of Marx doesn’t it? Still wondering why we want him no where near any American economic policy?

Michelle Malkin exposes another Liberal lie: “It is for the children, is NEVER about the children”

Excellent column out today from Michelle exposing the truth behind Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign

My column looks beyond the obsequious and superficial headlines about First Lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign — and shows you which left-wing forces are driving her aggressive public policy initiative (so aggressive, as I noted the other day, that she paraded her poor daughters’ body mass index in public for the cause).

Remember: Big Government programs “for the children” are never about the children.

Read the piece and share it with everyone you know. Michelle does a great job pulling back the curtain and showing the “anti-obesity” farce is not for the children, it is all about the fat cats at the SEIU!


Scott Brown Files Ethics Complaint In Senate Race – WFXT

Republican Senate hopeful Scott Brown has filed a complaint with the State Ethics Commission after a report that a union backing rival (Communist) Martha Coakley used state resources to urge workers to volunteer for Coakley’s campaign.

The report by FOX25 said the Service Employees International Union used state computers and e-mail addresses to direct state employees to volunteer for Coakley, the Democratic (Communist) state attorney general.

Coakley’s campaign referred questions to the attorney general’s office. A spokeswoman said the attorney general’s office has received the letter from Brown’s attorney and will review it before commenting.

The SEIU did not immediately return a call for comment.

The special election is Jan. 19.

ACORN/SEIU Fraud, Money-Laundering And Corruption Alert!

Jefferson County Taxpayers Fund ACORN And SEIU Organizers For 911 Project – 24th State

From yesterday we find out that Glenn Burleigh, MO ACORN Chief Organizer and communist, is involved in a number of organizations. One of those organizations is Forefront Organizing, a company with locations in Washington D.C. and St Louis, whose purpose seems to be as the kind face of organizing backed by the manpower of ACORN and the phonebanks of SEIU.

In April of 2009, Jefferson County voters passed a 911 funding initiative backed by the Jefferson County Dispatch. This followed an intense lobbying campaign from the Dispatch, which included the use of the paid services of Forefront Organizing. When all was said and done, over $185,000 was paid to this Forefront Organizing by the taxpayers of Jefferson County.

On its own, that’s bad enough. County funds shouldn’t be used for political campaigns to raise more funds, and Pat Martin of the Jefferson News-Leader wrote as much in an editorial attacking the decision. What isn’t known is just who backs Forefront, and how they do business.

Glenn Burleigh, noted communist, is the key. Glenn sits on the board of another union group called POWER. This website was up last night.

Today it returns a 404, but you can see it here at the Google cache.

POWER not only works with Forefront, they are in negotiations with them for a pay raise. It seems they aren’t paid enough for their work, so they posted this note on the website that Mike Dalton should pay them what they deserve.

There are 3 campaigns that Power has helped Forefront win, but there are a lot of questions. Who is Mike Dalton? How big of a company is Forefront? How long have they been around? Do they have employees, or do they only exist to funnel money from county taxpayers to these union groups? And who is getting paid for what?

Of interest is the list of people involved. The officers include Joe Holt, Bob Sweeney, and Ronald Holt, and the board members include Glenn Burleigh (ACORN) and Jason Federow (SEIU MO/KS State Council). This cast of characters is very important, as they demonstrate how public funds go to help finance ACORN and SEIU political activities.

The way it works is this. Forefront Organizing is introduced to the Jefferson County Dispatch as a group that can help organize campaigns. Forefront, upon receiving the contract, subcontracts to the POWER union for the work. POWER then subcontracts the work to the Missouri ACORN office and to the phone bank of the political arm of SEIU.

It’s all very cozy, all very confusing, and all designed to hide where the funds are going to, until someone recognizes that the money is funneled from Jefferson County to the offices of ACORN, and the work is performed by an admitted communist who receives voter information that can be used for political campaigns. Remember, Burleigh made the rounds of local media telling them ACORN is financed by member dues, and not federal contracts. ACORN if you read the papers isn’t related to SEIU at all. In fact, the same group of people in St Louis keep showing up, working together, organizing together, and ultimately getting paid by unsuspecting taxpayers. The same people who run ProVote/SEIU/ACORN work hand in hand with self-identified communists, and then find themselves working for the political campaigns of Democrats.

Across the country, we see the ties between far left progressive organizations, taxpayer money, and ready made armies of “volunteers” who mix issue campaigns with political advocacy. It’s time we exposed how that is done in Missouri.

This is day one. Yesterday I challenged Burleigh and his cohorts to start scrubbing the websites. I was just joking, as they clearly know I saved everything. It comes as a bit of a shock that the site is down 24 hours later. I thought only Jeff Mazur did that kind of thing when caught. Regardless, I’m rolling this story out over the next two weeks, but if any news organizations wants to look over what I have, they are welcome to it. When I’m finished, we’re going to have a money trail that is going to look very, very bad.

And there aren’t any county counselor’s who can sweep this under the rug.

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