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Scumbag Extraordinaire Sean Penn Secretly Met With Fugitive Drug Kingpin El Chapo In Mexican Jungle

El Jerko! Sean Penn Secretly Met With Fugitive Drug Lord El Chapo – New York Post


El Chapo, meet El Jerko.

Hollywood blowhard Sean Penn secretly met, interviewed, and posed for grip-and-smirk selfies with murderous druglord Joaquin Guzman Loera – even as the world’s most-wanted fugitive continued to elude authorities in the months after tunneling out of a Mexican prison.

“I don’t want to be portrayed as a nun,” El Chapo says in the interview. Nevertheless, to gain access to the kingpin’s secret jungle hideout, Penn agreed that Guzman would have the final edit of the resulting story.

Penn also agreed not to alert authorities to the killer’s whereabouts. Still, Guzman’s capture in a dramatic police shootout Friday came as a direct result of Mexican officials tracking their contacts, authorities there said.

And Mexican officials now are investigating Penn and actress Kate del Castillo, who traveled with the actor to visit the vile drug lord, ABC News reported.

Penn interviewed Guzman – whose nickname means “Shorty” – in person and via cautiously encrypted e-mail and video messages for Rolling Stone magazine.

“He asks me if many people in the United States know about him,” Penn writes of the celebrity-obsessed narcotics magnate.

“‘Oh yeah,” I say… He seems to delight in the absurdity of this… We eat, drink and talk for hours,” he said of their jungle tête-a-tête.

At one point, the tequila flowing, El Chapo jokes of Donald Trump, “Ah! Mi amigo!”

The clandestine contacts were brokered by del Castillo, who’d struck up a correspondence with Guzman after tweeting her support of him four years ago, the mag said.

The resulting account, published online Saturday night, shows the killer kingpin – described variously as “serene,” and “a simple man in a simple place,” and “a businessman first” – in an almost worshipful light.

In breathless, first-person prose, Penn marvels over El Chapo’s humble, hardscrabble childhood spent harvesting in the drug fields of Sinaloa state.

Scant mention is made of the river of blood in El Chapo’s wake, and none at all of his alleged assassinations of Mexican officials and police. Guzman is credited with responsibility for tens of thousands of deaths of rivals, informants and officials in Mexico and the US, his biggest market.

A 2014 indictment by the US Attorney’s office in Brooklyn charges him with 12 counts of murder among other charges; Mexico officials said Saturday they will cooperate with US efforts to extradite him.

Instead, Penn seems to swoon over the breadth of the fugitive’s deadly drug empire.

“While I was surfing the waves of Malibu at age 9, he was already working in the marijuana and poppy fields of the remote mountains of Sinaloa,” Penn says of Guzman, who, like the actor, is in his early 50s.

“Today he runs the biggest international drug cartel the world has ever known, exceeding even that of Pablo Escobar,” Penn says.

“He shops and ships by some estimates more than half of all the cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana that come into the United States.”

Penn concedes in the piece that he “may be perceived as protecting criminals.”

The actor also wants readers to know that in meeting with El Chapo – who was known to dispatch those who disappoint him with a bullet to the head – he is doing something really, really risky.

“The trust that El Chapo had extended to us was not to be f-ked with,” Penn writes.

“This will be the first interview El Chapo had ever granted outside an interrogation room, leaving me no precedent by which to measure the hazards,” Penn writes.

“I’d seen plenty of video and graphic photography of those beheaded, exploded, dismembered or bullet-riddled innocents, activists, courageous journalists and cartel ­enemies alike.”

But Penn was not afraid.

“I’d offered myself to experiences beyond my control in numerous countries of war, terror, corruption and disaster,” he assures the reader.

Guzman may be a billionaire murderer and peddler of poison, but what of our own guilt, as customers of his wares, Penn muses.

“We are the consumers,” Penn says, “and as such, we are complicit in every murder, and in every corruption of an institution’s ability to protect the quality of life for citizens of Mexico and the United States that comes as a result of our insatiable appetite for illicit narcotics.”

Penn adds, “As much as anything, it’s a question of relative morality.”

Besides, “the War on Drugs has failed,” he announces, decrying “the tunnel vision of our puritanical and prosecutorial culture.”

Penn and del Castillo visited El Chapo in early October, a trip involving a flight to an undisclosed Mexican city and a 90-minute drive across farmlands in a convoy of ­armored SUVs to a dirt airfield.

Their escort on a subsequent, two-hour flight in El Chapo’s six-seat, single-engine prop plane is the drug lord’s 29-year-old son, Alfredo, Penn writes.

The plane has a scrambler that blocks ground radar, Alfredo boasts. After a few fortifying in-flight swigs of tequila, they land, somewhere, in a patch of dirt surrounded by jungle, and scramble into two waiting SUVs.

Nine bumpy hours later – after a drive that included their convoy being waved through a Mexican military checkpoint – “there he is,” standing beside a few “weathered bungalows,” Penn writes.


“He’s wearing a casual patterned silk shirt, pressed black jeans, and he appears remarkably well-groomed and healthy for a man on the run,” Penn notes.

“He pulls me into a ‘compadre’ hug, looks me in the eyes and speaks a lengthy greeting in Spanish too fast for my ears,” Penn says.

About 100 of his soldiers stand guard as El Chapo hobnobs with the two celebrities, del Castillo translating for Penn over tacos, rice and beans.

Penn is allowed no note-taking, so he’s unable to quote El Chapo at length. Did you know Pablo Escobar? the actor asks. “Yes, I met him. Big house,” is the answer remembered by Penn.

What was to be a series of in-person interviews was scuttled, though, when El Chapo’s security caught wind of a looming military siege.

A later, written interview consists of softball questions, including, “Do you consider yourself a violent person?”

The kingpin responds, “No, sir.”

Penn asks, “Are you prone to violence, or do you use it as a last resort?”

“Look,” El Chapo answers. “All I do is defend myself, nothing more. But do I start trouble? Never.”

Penn is no stranger to self-aggrandizement.

In the 2005 aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he was pictured patrolling the streets of New Orleans brandishing a shotgun.



Scumbag Cops Pull Pregant Woman In Labor From Car; Force Her To The Ground At Gunpoint (Video)

Pregnant Woman In Labor Forced To Ground Held At Gunpoint By Cops For Speeding To Hospital – Free Thought Project


Police in Iowa recently engaged in a high speed chase with a woman who was in labor and then held her and her husband at gunpoint on the side of the road.

Ben and Rachel Kohnen were going just 30 miles per hour over the speed limit when they were on their way to the hospital, so Rachel could give birth to their child. They were traveling in the middle of the night when the roads were mostly empty.

However, there was a police car hiding in the darkness, and when the couple passed the car, the officer inside turned his lights on and pursued the Kohen’s SUV along Highway 7, near the town of Manson in Calhoun County.

“He starts following me and he turns on his lights an my wife says we can’t pull over. The baby is coming now,” the driver, Ben Kohnen of Pomeroy told reporters.

“I did tell him not to stop,” Rachel Kohnen confirmed.

Rachel said that she was afraid that she would have the baby in the car and would rather explain the situation to the police at the hospital, instead of having her baby on the side of the road during a traffic stop.

Rachel reportedly attempted to dial 911 during the police chase, but admitted that she may have been difficult for the operator to hear and understand in her condition.

Not long into the chase, police set up tire spikes along the road ahead of the Kohnen’s car. Ben ran over the tire spikes, and instantly all four tires on the car went flat, causing the vehicle to come to an abrupt stop.


As soon as the car stopped, angry police began to yell and point guns at the Kohnens, despite the fact that Rachel was obviously in labor. Immediately, the couple was ordered to the ground at gunpoint, and police refused to even let them explain themselves. Eventually, the officers realized that they had a serious medical emergency on their hands and they rushed the Kohnens to the hospital.

An hour later Rachel was able to give birth to her baby girl, who they named Hazel. Everyone is in great health, but the couple is likely traumatized and are still unsure whether or not they will face charges for the incident.



Scumbag Store Owner ‘Suspends’ Brave Clerk For Defending His Business With A Gun (Video)

Store Clerk ‘Suspended’ From Job After Using Gun To Halt Robbery – Breitbart

A 58-year-old store clerk and Vietnam War veteran was “suspended” from his job at Mac’s Convenience Store in Rutland, Vermont, after using a gun on June 15 to stop a knife-wielding man from robbing the business.

According to the Rutland Herald, clerk Don Pitaniello was getting ready “to close up” the business at about 9:30 p.m. “when a man wearing a hoodie and a bandana over his face entered the store and threatened him with a roughly 5-inch blade.”

Pitaniello said he has carried a gun “all his life,” so he was ready when the robber entered. He said the man in the hoodie showed the knife, asked him to “empty the register,” then began waving the knife in his face. Pitaniello responded by drawing his .380 handgun and “pointing it at the [robber’s] face.” He told robber to “get the (expletive) out of” the store and the robber complied.

Pitaniello has since been suspended and says he may lose his job but “[he] doesn’t care.” He said: “I’m a firm believer in having a gun and not needing it rather than the other way around. I can always find a new job.”




‘Knockout Game’ Update: Scumbag Get’s The Crap Beat Out Of Him After Sucker-Punching Woman (Video)

Knockout Game Backfires When Woman Defends Herself Against Attacker – Opposing Views

In an apparent case of the “Knockout Game” gone wrong, new video shows a man attempting to hit a girl and knock her down as part of the game, but his plan backfires when the woman hits him back.


The incident, which happened in a Las Vegas shopping mall, shows the woman retaliate as soon as she is hit by the man. She starts to beat him on the head when another man, who is reported to be her boyfriend, runs back to try to break it up when he realizes that the guy hit her.

“You hit a girl?” the apparent boyfriend asks before springing into defense mode and helping the woman beat the man. People are watching the incident unfold, asking what happened, before the woman and her boyfriend angrily walk away.

The man who had originally hit the woman is seen, at the end of the video, lying on the ground in the fetal position with a bloody nose. Since being posted to World Star Hip Hop yesterday, the video has already garnered over a million views and about 4,300 comments.

The “Knockout Game” is a new trend that involves kicking or hitting a random person so that they fall down. There have been reported incidences all over the country, and many of the victims have included children and elderly people. Most recognize the game as a growing trend, but others insist that the media is making it into something bigger. Still, many people have been seriously injured by knockout, and it doesn’t seem to be dying down just yet.

Check out video of the incident below.


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Scumbag Fakes Cancer To Scam Donors Out Of Thousands, Used Money To Fuel Drug Habit

Brittany Ozarowski Jailed After Faking Cancer To Scam Donors Out Of Thousands, Used Money To Fuel Raging Drug Habit – Weekly Vice

Brittany Ozarowski, a 21-year-old New York woman, was arraigned Thursday after she allegedly faked having cancer to solicit thousand of dollars in donations from unsuspecting donors.


According to police, Ozarowski was arrested April 1 as she stood outside a local supermarket, soliciting donations for cancer treatments she never required. Instead, police say, she was using the money to fund a rabid heroin addiction habit.

Investigators say Ozarowski has spent the last year soliciting financial support from her community, her family, business leaders and various online donors, claiming to be a victim of bone, brain, stomach, thyroid and ovarian cancers.

Ozarowski reportedly convinced area retailers to display a donation jar in their businesses, and erected a website so that donors could donate directly to her PayPal account. The website includes a heartbreaking account of a car accident that she ostensibly suffered and her ongoing bout with cancer.

The website, which has since been shut down, included the following excerpts:

“Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Brittany and I am 20 years old. In March of 2011 I was in a terrible car accident where I sustained multiple injuries as follows: I shattered my right femoral head, fractured my right femur, fractured my pelvis, dislocated and fractured my S.I joint in my back, collapsed my right lung, had 20 staples in my head, fractured my L1, L3, and L5 in my spine and shattered my L2. I have nerve damage and severe muscle abnormalities throughout my body. In September of 2011 I was diagnosed with stage two ovarian cancer as well as stomach cancer. After multiple treatments of both radiation and chemotherapy I had beaten cancer as of December 2011.

I was cancer free until they had found a tumor on my left hip in February 2012. That is when I found out that I have bone cancer. The cancer has spread to my spine as well as my brain. So once again I was in need of radiation treatments as well as chemotherapy treatments. This time the medicine was much more expensive and my family had already liquidated all assets since September. I have tried to receive financial help from many different charities, catholic charities, cancer organizations, and organizations of all types for that matter. It is very hard to receive financial help. The treatments are about $33,000 each day and although my doctor has been incredible with helping my family financially I am still short. I have set up donation jars around my town in hopes of getting help from the community. Many places will not help with fundraising to individuals only organizations. I have very few options left and I am still in desperate need of treatments.”

The website then directed visitors to a PayPal link that has also been disabled. A temporary cache of the site can be found here.

“The truth is, she is a 21-year-old drug addict with four open narcotics cases,” said Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota. “We have strong evidence she forged doctors’ notes to avoid court appearances.”

Prosecutors also say Ozarowski’s grandmother gave her about $100,000 to help with cancer treatments after selling her home to move to Florida. Business leaders in the county also held fund raising events for her and ponied up large personal donations that added up to tens of thousands of dollars.

“The defendant perpetrated an absolutely despicable scam,” said Spota. “She has no conscience at all.”

“She broke my heart and she broke a lot of hearts,” said a pet store owner who helped raise $4,000 for Brittany’s purported medical expenses. The pet store owner, Liz Patricola, is a survivor of breast cancer.

Ozarowski was booked into the Suffolk County Jail and indicted Thursday on 24 counts of fraud. She is being held in lieu of $150,000 bond.

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Leftist Scumbag Searches, Scolds Little Girl In Front Of Classmates For Possessing A Paper Gun At School

Philadelphia Girl Searched, Berated For Having A Gun Made Of Paper At School – Daily Caller

A fifth grader at a South Philadelphia elementary school made the mistake of pulling out a gun constructed out of paper in class last week.

An official at D. Newlin Fell School searched the student, Melody Valentin, in front of her entire class, reports FOX 29. After the search failed to turn any more weapons (paper or non-paper), the staffer intensely scolded the little girl – also in front of the whole class.

Valentin explained that she had attempted throw the contraband away, but a boy saw it and notified administrators.

“He yelled at me and said I shouldn’t have brought the gun to school and I kept telling him it was a paper gun but he wouldn’t listen,” the fifth grader told the station.

Describing the paper firearm, the girl’s mother, Dianna Kelly, said it looked similar to a folded sheet of paper. The little girl’s grandfather had made it for her the day before, she added.

Valentin told FOX 29 that she had put it in her pocket and forgotten about it. She said she only got it out to throw it away.

She added that her classmates had jeered her and called her a “murderer” after the incident.

According to Kelly, the taunts and the dressing down in front of her classmates were allegedly too much for her daughter to take. The fifth grader has been suffering from nightmares, her mother told FOX 29.

“Why did he threaten my daughter?” Kelly asked, according to the Daily Mail. “Why did he stand over my daughter and tell her that he should call the cops on her. Why did he try to scare her?”

Since the Sandy Hook mass shooting in December, the incident at D. Newlin Fell School is at least the third time elementary school officials have reacted strongly to things that represent guns but aren’t, actually, anything like real guns.

In rural Pennsylvania, a kindergarten girl was suspended for making a “terroristic threat” after she told another girl that she planned to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that bombards targets with soapy bubbles.

At Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Maryland, a six-year-old boy was suspended for making the universal kid sign for a gun, pointing at another student and saying “pow.” That boy’s suspension was later lifted and his name cleared.

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Daily Benefactor News – Scumbag Whose Drunk-Driving Wife Killed 7 People Now Suing Father Of 3 Of The Victims As Well As The State


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Scumbag Whose Drunk-Driving Wife Killed 7 People Now Suing Father Of 3 Of The Victims As Well As The State – New York Post

He’s blaming everyone but his wife.

The husband whose drunken wife killed herself and seven other people in a horrific Taconic State Parkway crash two years ago is now suing the state – and his brother-in-law whose three daughters were among the victims.

Daniel Schuler’s case against the state claims the highway was poorly designed and lacked signs that allowed his wife Diane to drive the wrong way into traffic.

The suit, filed yesterday in the New York Court of Claims, is on behalf of the estate of the Schulers’ two children, Erin, 2, who died, and Bryan, 5, the sole survivor of the worst Westchester crash in 75 years.

Daniel Schuler also filed a separate suit last week in state Supreme Court against Warren Hance, whose daughters Emma, 8, Alyson, 7 and Kate, 5 were killed.

Daniel Schuler – scumbag husband of drunk-driver/killer Diane Schuler

He argues that because Hance owned the car that Diane was driving, he is “vicariously liable.”

“As the attorney representing Bryan and Erin Schuler, I’m doing what needs to be done to protect their legal interests at this time,” Kevin Greenan said.

The suits seek unspecified money damages.

The suits shocked a private detective, Thomas Ruskin, hired by Daniel Schuler to look into the crash.

“It’s a terrible tragedy. His wife was drunk and high at the time of the accident that killed seven innocent people. You don’t keep suing people,” Ruskin said.

“If she was alive today, Diane would likely be in jail,” he added.

The suits had to be filed before today, the second anniversary of the crash, he said.

Schuler has repeatedly contested accounts of his wife’s intoxication.

She crashed, going 85 mph, into a Chevrolet Trailblazer, also killing Michael Bastardi Sr., his son Guy Bastardi and a family friend, Daniel Longo.

Word of the lawsuits came as HBO aired a documentary on the tragedy last night.

Michael Bastardi Jr., the son of one of the victims, said he didn’t expect the show to reveal any new details and was upset that it could portray Diane Schuler in a positive light.

“It’s almost impossible to live with losing them and still have to listen to people talk about how she was the perfect mother,” Bastardi told the Westchester Journal News.

Also, Jackie Hance, the wife of Warren Hance and the mother who lost her three daughters in the crash, broke her silence in a Ladies Home Journal article this month.

“People always ask how I feel about Diane,” said Hance, 40, of Floral Park, LI. “You can’t imagine how complex that question is. How does a person go from being like a sister to me – adored by my girls and cherished by my husband – to being the one who ruined our lives?”

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