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Democrat Politician Scolds Child With Special Needs In Restaurant, Skips Out On Bill

Everett Politician Accused Of Berating Child With Special Needs In Public – WFXT

An elected official for the City of Everett is accused of berating a child with special needs while dining at the Texas Roadhouse located in Everett on March 6.

The incident involving Wayne Matewsky, who is running for state representative, was discussed during Monday night’s meeting at city hall. The common council voted unanimously 16 to zero to have the city’s ethics committee look into the allegations.


Dozens of Everett residents attended the meeting; however, not all the residents were displeased with Matewsky or his alleged actions. Many said they would stand by Matewsky, his reputation, his commitment to the city, and his lengthy public service career.

“He is hard working very ethical and caring person. He represents this city with great dignity and honesty,” one such resident said.

Witnesses told FOX 25 that Matewsky got into a heated verbal argument with the child’s father because the child was being noisy; however, Matewsky denies that the incident ever happened and that the allegations are politically motivated.

A spokesperson for Texas Roadhouse painted a different story telling the city councilors in a letter that Matewsky used “foul language” and berated employees. The spokesman claims Matewsky left without paying his bill and even threatened to have the health department shut the restaurant down.

Revere resident and father Michael Toto says he was at the restaurant that night, and witnessed Matewsky yelling at the family because Matewsky felt the family couldn’t control the child, so Toto brought it to the attention of the common council.

Matewsky has since reportedly apologized to the restaurant’s staff.

“We are pleased that Mr. Matewsky has since apologized to our staff for this unfortunate incident. We are willing to forgive and forget, and consider this matter closed,” Texas Roadhouse said in a statement.

Matewsky, a 30-year veteran of Everett politics, topped four other Democrats, including former Mayor John Hanlon, in special election primary to replace Democrat Stephen “Stat” Smith, who resigned from the House after agreeing to plead guilty to casting invalid absentee ballots. He will face two un-enrolled candidates in the April 2 special election.

The ethics committee will begin their investigation and depending on what they find, they could expel Matewsky from the council. They are hoping to complete their investigation by April 4, but then again the special election for state representative is slated for April 2.

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