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Selective Memory Syndrome strikes noted buffoon Chuck Hagel

Poor Chuck, his pathetic testimony before Congress is not his fault, he just cannot remember anything!

, U.S. Senator from Nebraska.
I might have said what I do not remember saying, but if I did, I did not mean it, I think.

Via Politico:

Chuck Hagel is disavowing a comment he reportedly made six years ago tying the State Department to Israel, according to South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Graham announced on “Fox News Sunday” that Hagel sent him a letter, saying that he did not recall making the remark in a 2007 speech at Rutgers University. In that speech, the former Republican senator from Nebraska reportedly said the State Department was an adjunct of the Israeli foreign minister’s office. Graham, also a Republican, called that alleged remark “disturbing,” as critics said it was part of a pattern where President Barack Obama’s nominee to be the next secretary of defense has taken stances seen as hostile to Israel.

But Hagel has furiously sought to rebut criticism over Israel and appears to have done so in his letter to Graham, who had sought clarification.

“He did not recall saying that,” Graham said of Hagel’s letter. “He disavows saying that. … If that’s true, that would end that matter.”

“I will take him at his word,” Graham said, “until something else comes along.”

Come on Lindsey! Wake up! He is LYING. Good Freaking Grief, just when I was ready to say some good things about the Senator Graham he reverts back to Wimp Mode!

The Thought Police Cometh

So believes Chris Wysocki, who is usually a darned reliable source

Radical homosexual activists wanted Dharun Ravi’s head on a platter, and today they got it.

Former Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi was found guilty today on most counts in connection with using a webcam to spy on his roommate’s liaison with another man, in a high profile case that sparked awareness of cyber-bullying and harassment of gay teenagers.

Ravi, 20, was found guilty of bias, invasion of privacy, hindering apprehension, and witness tampering for spying on his former Rutgers roommate, Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old freshman, with the jury concluding that he targeted Clementi, because of his sexual orientation.

Got that? Do you think homosexuality is “yucky?” That’s a felony. You’re a criminal. Report to the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street immediately for re-education.

Now, of course spying is wrong, but this was a case where someone was going to be “made an example of”. And if you do not think that is a big deal, then wait, if you are outspoken, or if you blog, then one day, some Lefty group will wish to make an example of you.


A nugget of wisdom for us

Found this at Western Hero. Silver Fiddle explains why government does NOT, and never will, work as the Left wants it to

Government doesn’t work because it was never meant to work the way liberal statists want it to work

The founders never envisioned 535 men and women, teamed with an imperial president and his coterie of unelected czars and a multi-million man bureaucratic army dictating rules on how the rest of us should live and arguing over how to split the loot.
As I have said many times the problems we are having in America all stem from one thing. We are NOT following the Constitution. Yes, it really IS that simple.
If we spent money ONLY on those things the federal government is SUPPOSED to spend money on we would have no deficit. We would have no need of the high taxes Americans pay, nor for the punitive and confiscatory tax codes. We also would have far fewer federal agencies that both waste our money and steal our liberties.