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Turkey Day plus one round up

I do not do my Rule 5 or links posts like I should anymore, but here you are, an overdue Link-A-Round. Click the links and be amazed at what you might see. some politics, some humor, some fun, and yes, just to antagonize Feminuts and overly Social Conservatives, some pics of hot women

A Nod to The Gods 

Soylent Siberia NSFW!

American Power

Bearing Arms

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

He’s Pretty Fly….


90 Miles From Tyranny

A Man, A Dog, and A Gun

A Trainwreck in Maxwell

A View From the Beach

Among the Joshua Trees

Angry Mike

Bare Naked Islam

Barking Moonbats

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot

Blazing Cat Fur

Blogsense by Barb

Bluebird of Bitterness

The Brenner Brief

Bring the Heat

Bob Belvedere

Captain’s Journal

Conservative Hideout

Cordite in the Morning

The Daily Pundit

Daniel Greenfield

Doug Giles

Doug Powers

Doug Ross


Fuzzy Logic

Gay Patriot

Grandpa John

Postal Dog

Big Fur Hat

I’M 41

Intellectual Froglegs

It Ain’t Holy Water


Lee Stanahan

Becca Lower

Mad Jewess

Maggie’s Notebook

American Perspective

Michelle Malkin


Motor City Times

New Media Journal

Nice Deb

Old Virginia

Pirates Cove

Pitsnipes Gripes

Proof Positive

Randy’s Roundtable

Reaganite Republican

Rio Norte Line


Say Anything

Sentry Journal

That Mr. G Guy

Classic Liberal

Last Tradition

Lonely Conservative

The Other McCain

The Right Scoop

Right Way

Theo Spark

What Would the Founders Think?

Wine Women and Politics



Zion’s Trumpet

Barn O Rama

Bro My God

Busted Coverage

The Chive


Double Trouble

Feral Irishman

Hookers and Booze

I Love Bacon


Miss K

TC Mag

Bad Sentinel



The Best of the Blogs

In an effort to return to my link-a-round, and Rule 5 posts, I offer up this post, Best of the Blogs

Remember Samantha Fox? Fritz does

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot offers up yet another Liberal FAIL

The Lonely Conservative: Fire Obama voters first

1389 Blog: Why does Healthcare.gov as you to register to vote anyway?

90 Miles has a look at an armed rally at the Alamo

Act Well Your part quotes Madison

Donald Douglas has some Rule 5 linkage!

Bob Belvedere is as mad as Hell, and, well you know the rest

Soylent Siberia celebrates football, and cheerleaders!

PiratesCove has “If All You See” and Sunday Sorta Blogless Pin Up

Proof Positive has the Friday Night Babe and Judge Jeanine! AND the Best of the Web!

Randy has an award for Sgt. Schultz!

Woodsterman has a joke about boobs

Wine, Women, and Politics has Saturday Sweeties NSFW

Animal Magnetism has Rule 5 Friday

Postal Dog has a video by some band, with a hot chick in it

Knuckledraggin has your Good Morning Girl

Say Anything has a video that will explain just how ignorant of history we are

Reaganite Republican has the story of a former Obamabot that gets it now

Michelle Malkin has your homeland insecurity post

Wyblog: Why does Detroit hate old folks?

Doug Ross: How is that “free” health care working out for you Obamabots?

Theo has the Bed Time Totty and Mammo-Grahams

American Perspective looks at a real Halloween fright-Obama Care!

Rum Bear wonders if Obama Care will cover Cranial Rectalitis

Angry Mike Smokin’ Hot!

EBL has  Mischa Barton. then, and now

Hookers and Booze has the Hooker of the Week

Miss K has Saturday Night Hotties

Pitsnipes has Andressa Urach

Last Tradition has Valerie Mason

TheOther McCain has Rule 5 Sunday (last week) and this week and a look at two bastards that deserve a painful prison stay

Bearing Arms, why Stand Your Ground Laws are needed and also, gun control myths destroyed in five minutes

Big Hollywood: Oliver Stone is still a backasswards mouth breather!

Blazing Cat Fur: Those Palestinians Nazis are such kidders

Cordite has Blue Monday

Conservative Hideout: Rachel Maddow is the queen of doctored footage also see Sunday links!

Doug Powers: Oh MSNBS!

Gateway Pundit: 2000 bikers shut down Westboro Bastards!

Big Fur Hat: Yep, Kim Kardashian’s ass still has its own zip code

I’m 41 has a good Rush videeo

Intellectual Froglegs has Joe Dan’s latest video up

It Ain’t Holy Water has an eye execercise

Becca Lower: Oh My Achin Rubio!

Moonbattery has your Useless Leftist Hack of the day

Motor City Times: SPEED

Six Days of Cheesecake you say?

Bob Belvedere at Camp of the Saints is celebrating

On Tuesday 07 May, this site celebrated it’s Fifth Anniversary [thank you, thank you…thank you all…please…oh thank you…you’re wonderful, thank you so much…no…no…I don’t need a standing ovation, thank you…thank you…thank you…come on now, we won’t have any time left if you keep this up, thank you…thank you all…thank you].  Well, that was one heckuva surprise, thank you all.  Anyway…as I mentioned: last Tuesday, I decided to delay our celebration one week in order not to take any of the thunder away from Stacy McCain’s annualNational Offend A Feminist Week celebration.  So here we are: NOAFWended yesterday and now it’s time for a swingin’ affair.

In celebration of this monumental occasion, I have declared and decreed that there shall be Six Days Of Rule 5 Cheesecake here at The Camp Of The Saints And The Beloved City.  What better way to mark this wonderful milestone than to reward you, my dear readers, with some of the best vintage snaps of some of world’s most voluptuous gals.

This year we’re going to do something a little different.

Instead of featuring the work of various photographers across the decades, TCOTSis going to showcase the work of one of the best pin-up photographers in the business today.

Carla Gugliano is an artist who specializes in recreating classic pin-up and glamour shots and her work has been justly praised across the world.  So, without further adieu, let’s get this joint hoppin’.

Congrats Bob, Ed and I will be marking our fifth Blogiversary next month. Guess I better start thinking up something for June. Hmmm


Lisa Marie Scott and a cheeky Rule 5 Posting!

Another week, another trip around the Rule 5 side of the blogging world some links might offend those allergic to nudity, all links will likely offend Feminuts, and some posts might excite Lesbians. some posts might raise the fashion ire of some Homosexual men, and so me posts might hack off some overly Social Conservatives. If anyone is offended by these pics, or these links, I do not apologize because, frankly, most apologies today are scripted, and contain 99% BS! And I do not do BS! Now, enjoy!

Let us begin at my other blog, The DaleyBabes Blog, where this past week I featured Alison Brie, and Brittney Dailey, I marveled at Rosie Jones and at Japanese beauty, and more Japanese beauty I even gave the ladies some eye candy with video of  a naked guy attacking cars before noting the hotness of Roxanne McKee, and posting some pics of Jaime Edmondson and Cobie Smoulders But, enough about me, how about other bloggers celebrating the female form?

Bob Belvedere is a great blogger, and he appreciates the feminine charms with his Rule 5 News AND his salute to Tiffany Taylor

90 Miles From Tyranny has girl + gun =sexy and a morning mistress, oh, and yet another girl+ gun =HOT post!

Animal Magnetism has Gingermageddon

A Nod to the Gods has a salute to Spring and some scantily clad vixens

Pitsnipes uses hot women wearing little, to motivate us

Barn-O-rama has Alana Marie, yes, she is a s hot as her name implies

Trog has Danica Patrick

Brigade has LOTS of pics of women

Busted Coverage has pics of Boomer Esiason’s daughter Sydney, WHOA!

Theo has Sunday Totty

Bro Bible tries to solve our education problems with stripping teachers

Bro My God has Lingerie Friday

Wyatt Earp honors Christina Hendricks

The Right Way has a bikini video

Never forget the original Rule 5 king, The Other McCain

Brosome has some gal named Nina Agdal, she wears a lot of bikinis or something

Last Tradition has Martha Hunt, who is tad skinny for my tastes, but hey maybe I could cook dinner for her?

H2 has Big Boob Friday

Classic Liberal has Rachel Blanchard

Caveman Circus has fit girls

Celebslam has Shay Mitchell

COED has Lindsey Haun

Rio Norte has Katie Holmes

Double Trouble has Irish love

Reaganite Republican has the “Barbie Doll” Babe look?

Double Viking has Mila Kunis Fever

Randy has the Thursday Tart

Public Secrets has Rule 5 Friday

Egotastic has Olivia Wilde’s breasts

Proof Postive has Marta Dabrowski

Feral Irishman has some sleeping beauties, NSFW

William Teach as an Irish gal in a bikini making an important point about climate change, and his Sorta Blogless Pinup post

Funtasticus has Humpday Hotties

Gunaxin has Madden, the St. Patricks Day Babe

Guyism has Alana Blanchard in a bikini photo shoot

Guyspeed has Sarai Rollins

It Ain’t Holy Water has his St. Patricks Day hotties

Heavy has the 20 hottest gals in green

Postal Dog has random babes

Wirecutter has a dog, and a babe

The Eye has Isla Fisher

Is Katie Pavlich the hottest blogger? EBL thinks so

Mandatory honors Kate Bock

Load Heat suggest we drink with large breasted women

Maxin suggest more hot yoga videos

Moe Jackson thinks Claudia Romani should always wear tank tops

RadAss has more Irishy Babes

Angry Mike says Irish booty is best?

American Power has Alice Goodwin

Regretful Morning has nude video of Sofia Vergara?

Fritz has Olivia Wilde

Smoking Jacket has Sophie Howard

Soylent Sage has a topless pic NSFW

Super Booyah is staring at babes on stairs

Uncoached has Beauty defined

The Chive has hip bones?

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Abbie Cornish and a Rule 5 Fest

The Other McCain has their Rule 5 post up

90 Miles From Tyranny has girls in high heels, and nothing else

Uncoached has a skinny Russian model

EBL features a sexy cook, Nigella Lawson

Animal Magnetism has REDS

TC Mag has Rule 5 for the ladies

My other blog, the Daley Babes has Romina, as well as great butts, and oh yes hot LEGS! 

Smoking Jacket has April Summers

Pitsnipes has some parting thoughts

Maxim: A hot girl making coffee

A Trainwreck has a Rule Five video

Mandatory has an Asian beauty

Fritz likes him some Candice Swanepoel

Wirecutter has CURVES

Donald Douglas has some Rule 5 links

Izismile has pornstars W/O makeup

Bob Belvedere has Rule 5 Saturday, AND Rule 5 News!

Angry Mike goes NSFW I hope the American Family Association is not stricken with Offendeditis

Pirates Cove has If All You See…

Gunaxin has Alyssa Miller

Hookers and Booze has iconic beauty

The Eye has Daniella

Heavy has the 2o hottest pics of Jessica Perez

Grouchy Old Cripple: Who does not like titties?

Guyism has your Saturday Night Linkage

Guy Speed Sofia Vergara DOES have killer breasts

Proof Positive has the incomparable Monica Bellucci

Funtaticus has Tata Thursday

Randy has a Thursday Tart

Feral Irishman has some NSFW Reds

Reaganite Republican has Miss Kosovo

Egotastic has Elisha Fever!

Classic Liberal has Vanessa Marcil

Double Trouble has babes in glasses

Last Tradition has Sofia the Bombshell

COED has a lovely lass named Angelisa

The Chive has cute girls

Right Way has Anastasia

Busted Coverage has a Hooters Girl misbehaving

Theo has Bath Night and a bonus totty

Bro My God has Spring Break bikinis

Barn-O-Rama has Eva

Bro Bible has Misa Campo stripping

Caveman Circus has a mystery babe

Sunday Rule 5? Why not


Celebrating the Rule 5 bloggers, and their effort to bring beauty into the blogging world, with some help from some random beauties


My other blog, The DaleyGators DaleyBabes is lending a hand with Ashley Vee, Keke Palmer, and a really hot race car driver

90 Miles From Tyranny has an affinity for ladies in lingerie


Barn-O-Rama featured Kat Torres

Sticking with Kats, Bro Bible likes Kat Kelley

Bro My God has BIKINIS!

Brosome likes Irina Shayk

Busted Coverage has an interview with Miss March Ashley Doris

Caveman Circus has flexible girls

COED has Chloe Green

College Poison has a treat for the ladies, if they are into naked guys locking themslves out of their hotel room

Double Trouble Two has Babes with Guns

Emma Watson has the approval of Double Viking

Egotastic delvs into the Miss Tenn Delaware sex tape scandal

Feral Irishman has gals to help you stay fit

Funtasticus has Friday wild Girls


Gunaxin celebrates Jennifer Lawrence

Guyism honors the Instagram hotness of Cris Urena

GuySpeed has the story of how Kate Upton’s breasts are terrorizing an airport

Heavy has the 20 hottest pics of Jacqui Ainsley

Hookers and Booze has the Hooker of the Week

It Ain’t Holy Water has the #1 rule of working out with women

Izismile has bikini girls doing the Harlem Shake

Wirecutter has your morning gal

Mandatory has Leila Lopes

Maxim has a gal, in a bikini, eating Cheetos

Moe Jackson honors Maria Menouos’s butt

Pitsnipes has Curves

Popholic has Vanessa Hudgens new photos

Regretful Morning has the cure for ED, Jodie Glasson

Smoking Jacket has Caitlynn O’Connor

Super Booyah has hot girls fishing

Jill Marie Jones10

The Chive features girls with mirrors and cameras

Uncoached has Emily Ratajowski

FHM has a new covergirl

Woodsterman has Rule 5, done his way

Trog has news about bloggers getting paid, and also, A Malaysian Super Model

Theo has Sunday Totty

The Other McCain endorses a very cute candidate

The Last Tradition looks at Kelly Brook


H2 has Big Boob Friday

Wyatt Earp has Israeli hotties

Reaganite Republican features Miss Columbia


Proof Positive has his Friday Night Babe

The Right Way also has a Friday Babe

William Teach has his Sunday Blogless Pin Up Post going, and if all you see is.., and more if all you see is…

Neo-Sexist has Ana Hickman


Lowering the Boom compares Kim Kardashian and Irina Shayk


Postal Dog laments the loss of Wonder Woman

The Eye has Julianna Marguiles

EBL ponders a sexy Congresswoman

Bob Belvedere has Rule 5 with Lucy Collett and Rule 5 News

Astute Bloggers have the lovely Miss Israel

Animal Magnetism has Rule 5 Friday

Angry Mike has beauties to start your day


American Power did Oscar night right!

Fritz has the sexy Christina Applegate

Kurt P does Rule 5 Changiness





DaleyGator DaleyBabe Salli Richardson And other Rule 5 greatness

I missed doing one of these last Sunday, but, I am back this week, with one of my all time favorite women, Salli Richardson. She is about 45 now, but still looks delicious!

Over at my other blog, DaleyGators DaleyBabes, I have some Rule 5 reach a rounds, I include them here as well. Some of the sites might not be SFW, so consider yourself informed.

Uncoached has hotties in the wild

Izismile has  BUTTs on their mind

Moe Jackson has Aida Yepsica, in a small bikini 

Double Viking asks what kind of woman do you think you will end up with

Complex has hot women you will have NO chance with 

Guyspeed has Jackie Danielle, fine like good whiskey

Guyism notes that any gal named Emmilia HAS to be hot

FHM asks if Megan Fox’s breasts are supposed to move like that

Tuscon has Leah

Gunaxin gives us the sad news that Elanine Alden is  now with boyfriend! There goes my dream!

Busted Coverage has some Stephanie Ann Cook

Maxim sees Elisha Cuthbert as pretty hot

Smoking Jacket has Frisky Friday

Ned Hardy has an awesome house you can take with you

Celeb Jihad has Tiffany Thiessen running around in lacy things

Brosome has Alyssa Miller

Radass has gals in tight dresses

College Poison notes the Jennifer Love Hewitt IS getting hotter with time

Celeb Slam agrees She IS getting hotter

Bro My God has Rosie Jones

Barn-O-Rama has some guys, for you ladies

Bleacher Report checks out Michael Phelp’s new gal pal

The Brigade has your pics of the week

Meet Miss COED Malorie Hipp

Double Trouble Two has NPR, and it is NOT public radio

Egotastic has some things to ogle

Feral Irishman has Snow Bunnies

Bro Bible reports on the giant snow penis that defiled New England

Funtasticus has plenty of cool pics

Hookers and Booze has WOW!

It Ain’t Holy Water has soldier hotties

Wirecutter has your WTF? pics

Mandatory has Genevieve Morton

Pitsnipes: Everyone likes sprinkles

TC Mag has Russian Idiots jumping from buildings

the Chive wraps us up with the greatness of randomness

Now, on to the Rule 5 celebration!

The Right Way has Michelle Jenneke

Is there anything sexier than a woman in just a top? 90 Miles From Tyranny thanks not

Animal Magnetism has a thing for Reds

At my other blog Andrean Butler

Kurt P celebrated Valentines Day in style

Fritz has some Thora Birch for us

Donald Douglas has a Rule 5 round up of his own

Reaganite Republican has Miss France

William Teach has has hot gals mocking Climate Change and his Blogless Pin Up

Randy has the T-Mobile Gal

Bob Belvedere has both Rule 5 News, with a bevy of hot gals and a gal named Saskia

Laughing Conservative has Nikki Cox

Jamie Jeffords has Amanda Seyfried

Subject to Change has some random hotties

Theo has TOTTY!

Angry Mike has some Booty!

Astute Bloggers have some anti-Sharia Gemma Atherton

LOAD Heat! Vanessa the Intern

EBL: The Congressman’s hot daughter

Lower the Boom on Boobs?

Proof remembers Sharon Tate

Classic Liberal has Piper Perabo



Also posted at my new blog DaleyGators DaleyBabes where more pics of the lovely Jacinta are posted

It Ain’t Holy Water has video of  a very sexy reporter owning an idiot

90 Miles From Tyranny has a gal with a gun 

A Trainwreck in Maxwell has ladies with curves 

Fritz has a gal with freckles

Donald Douglas: How dare Bar Refaeli make out with a nerd

Angry Mike has some decidedly NSFW ladies

Animal Magnetism has Rule 5 Friday

Reds at Barking Moonbat

Load Heat has Maura Tierney

Bob Belvedere has the gorgeous Alessi Manicini and Ruke 5 News featuring  a bevy of beauty

EBL has Niners and Ravens cheerleaders

Jamie Jeffords has Emily Van Camp

Lower the Boom asks why girls need clothes?

William Teach: If all you see are hot, heavily armed women?

Proof positive checks in with Virginia Williams

Randy has his Thursday Night Tart

Reaganite Republican has Miss Germany

Rio Norte has a curves to admire

Wyatt Earp has the scoop on the scorned Ravens cheerleader

Classic Liberal has many links to hot women

The Right Way has a Friday Babe

Theo has Totty!

Troglopundit has a Danica video

Barn O Rama: BIKINIS!

Brigade has football food, oh and women too

Bro Bible: Spring Breakers- hottest trailer ever

Bro My God has Asian women

Brosome has Jessica Cediel

Chive has some adorable women

Miss COED is Katelyn Ansari

Egotastic has Rosie Jones and Holly Peers NSFW shots

Feral Irishman has, OH MY

Gunaxin has women in red

Guyism has Saturday Night Links!

Hell on Earth: She gets hotter everyday!

Your Hooker of the Week

Izismile has lovely ladies

Wirecutter: Dream on stud!

Mandatory has Emily Sears

Smoking Jacket: The Super Bowl has an official porn star?

Soylent Green has Valerie, who is very naked, and NSFW

TC Mag has Rosie Jones

Uncoached has Trina Maida


DaleyGator DaleyBabe Mariani & Camila Davalos take us on a Rule 5 journey

The Other McCain had another Rule 5 round up last Sunday

Busted Coverage has Lakers dancer Lauren Li

Did you miss Lingerie Friday, if so Bro My God has you covered

TC Mag features Kelly Brook

Izismiles has a lot of pictures, of groups of girls

Uncoached has surfer girls

A sad day if the Feral Irishman has left blogging Soylent Green pays tribute

Smoking Jacket has some lovely lady links for you to peruse

Bro Bible has Herika Noronha

Egotastic has NFL cheerleaders

Gunaxin marvels at  Alyssa Milano

Mandatory has Brittany Dailey WOW

Knuckle Draggin has an example of al Qaeda Rule 5 Hookers and Booze shows us the RIGHT WAY to do Rule 5

Hell on Earth wonders if there is one girl named Tasha who is not this hot?

Guyism has the Women of December

Guyspeed has a Babe of the Week contest

Guns and Bikinis, need I say more?

COED has Sierra Rene

The Chive has wardrobe mishaps

Theo Spark has Saturday Totty

The Right Way has a Friday babe

H2 has their Big Boob Friday

Classic Liberal has a lesson from Ronda Rousey

Rio Norte has the “perfect woman”

Randy has a Kate Upton video

Proof Positive has Friday Night Babe Kate Walsh

William Teach has one of his famous “If all you see” posts up

EBL has Sofia Vergara

Bob Belvedere has Rule 5 news, featuring some very lovely ladies

Load Heat has The T-Mobile Girl

Angry Mike has some NSFW pics

Donald Douglas has links to Stephanie Seymour bikini pics

Fritz has Rachel Weisz

Kurt has some great curves for us


DaleyGator DaleyBabe Erin Gray and a Rule 5 Roundup

Boy, when I was 14 Erin Gray was one of my biggest crushes. Here are some other bloggers celebrating crushes

New to the blogroll, Doug Giles asks the unavoidable question. If Lindsay Lohan and a Gypsy got into a bar fight….

A Trainwreck in Maxwell has a crush for chicks on skates

A View From the Beach has a crush on Carmen Electra

Donald Douglas has a thing for elbows?

Angry Mike, also new to the blogroll, has a thing for melons

The Astute Bloggers have a crush on the newest Bond Girl

Bring the Heat has a crush on Calendar gals

Bob Belvedere, who is  master at this Rule 5 thing has a crush on many hot women

Dustbury has a big crush on Janelle Monae

EBL has some vintage Rule 5

Grouchy Old CRipple has a crush on, WOW! NSFW

Grumpy Old Man has girls eating ice cream

I’m 41 had babes hunting bears!

It Ain’t Holy Water likes women playing sand soccer?

William Teach has a crush on babes drinking beer! And women in bikinis!

Pitsnipes has a BIG crush on Asian women

Proof Positive has the Friday Night Babe Alyssa Milano

Randy has a crush on Tarts!

Reaganite Republican has well some WEIRD crushes

Wyatt Earp has a crush on Princess Kate

H2 has Big Boob Friday

The Right Way has a crush on his Friday Babe

Theo has Saturday Totty

Barn-O-Rama has a crush on faces that are beautiful

Bro My God has Lingerie Friday

The Chive has a crush on surfer girls

COED has a crush on ski bunnies

Egotastic has a crush on Ciara and Katy Perry in tight dresses

Feral Irishman has a crush on Emma Frain NSFW

Funtasticus has  a crush on wild girls

Gunaxin has a crush on Carmen Electra’s booty

Guy Speed has a crush on the wives and girl friends of football players

Hell on Earth has crush on short skirts

Izismile has some hot links

Knuckle Draggin has mistletoe etiquette

Mandatory has a crush on Natalie Eva Marie

Soylent Green has a crush on Vampire Chicks? NSFW!

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Rachelle Leah Takes us on a Rule 5 Dedicated to National Offend a Feminist Week

Oh yeah, you know that The DaleyGator honors National Offend a Feminist Week

Check back for updates through Sunday

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Others Rule 5ing this week

Bob Belvedere is REALLY asking for it now!

Jake Finnegan has Florence Colgate

Chris at Wyblog has news of Rush’s Babes. This is sure to enrage the Feminuts

Oh no! The conservative Hideout uses (Feminists and spanking) in the same headline

Reaganite Republican has Miss Peru!

I’m A Man… has more on the Bikini Hockey League!

Soylent Green honors the corset 

Theo has to be hated by Feminists for this

Proof Positive has the Friday Night Babe

Randy has a babe named Felisia

Uncoached has Megan Fox, and more 

The Next Round has Madalina Ghenea

Wirecutter has, well, ah, go see for yourself

Hookers AND Booze? Why the Hell not? 

Hell on Earth features Dominique Storelli! OH MY!

Guns and Bikinis has the PERFECT DATE!

Gunaxin has a cute video 

Funtasticus  has Melaine Iglesias

The Feral Irishman has a NSFW beauty

F-Listed has some hot links to peruse 

Egotastic has Nina Dobrev 

Coed has Irish beauties

The Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere

Busted Coverage has some great links

Bleacher Report makes my day! Bikini Hockey League!

Zions Trumpet does Rule 5 RIGHT!

Guyism has a HOT Japanese woman having a ball

Woodsterman has Doritos, and breasts?

3 Beers Later has cartoons that will drive the Feminuts to riot!

The Right Way goes simple but effective

The Other McCain has Kate Beckinsale, and the tragedy Feminism

Big Boob Friday from The Hostages

The Classic Liberal has a hot blonde and political commentary

That Mr. G Guy is REALY going to drive the Feminists nuts!

Say Anything has a huge link fest, gotta be something to offend Feminists in there!

POH Diaries takes a look at Elizabeth Halseth

Pitsnipes Gripes salutes naughty teachers

Pirates Cove outrages Feminuts AND Enviroweenies!

Postal Dog likes blondes

Full Metal Patriot reminds us that the LFL is still around

Jamie Jeffords always has some eye candy

Load Heat with Kate Upton

Barking Moonbat loves girls in tight sweaters

A View From the Beach has Poppy Montgomery

Ted has Denise Richards

Rio Norte has protest babes

Donald Douglas closes us with the most offensive thing to Feminuts I can think of. Michelle Malkin crushing Juan Williams like the intellectual lightweight he is. Why is this so offensive to Feminists? Michelle is a CONSERVATIVE, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, PROUD TO BE A  WIFE AND MOTHER. In other words she is everything the Feminuts are not!

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Azumi Harasaki

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Others doing the Rule 5 thing

The Other McCain, the guy who started this Rule 5 stuff

A View From The Beach

A Feral Irishman

A Man, A Gun, and A Dog

Bring the Heat

Bob Belvedere

The Eye

Full Metal Patriot

Jake Finnegan

Maggies Notebook

Pirates Cove

Pitsnipes Gripes

Proof Positive


Reaganite Republican

Say Anything


Rio Norte Line

The Hostages

Wyatt Earp



Soylent Green NSFW

The Laughing Conservative


Knuckeldraggin My Life Away

Hookers and Booze

Hell on Earth

The Chive

Zions Trumpet

A Rule 5 Round Up fit for Super Sunday!

Maggie has Kelly Brook, and lots of links too

RRR has BIKINIS by the bunches!

Guns AND Bikinis, kinda says it all

Knuckledraggin has Rule 5 Irony

Hell on earth has Jessica Burciaga

A Man A Dog And A Gun features one of my all time faves Salli Richardson

A View From The Beach, new to our blogroll, has another fave Liz Hurley

Donald Douglas has Gwyneth Paltrow

Barking Moonbat has some Reds for us

Blazing Cat Fur has Joanna Lumley

Load Heat presents Kate Beckinsale

Bob Belvedere has a great Rule 5 Saturday

Dustbury has Drew Barrymore

Jamie has Alison Brie

Full Metal Patriot has Christina Hendricks

Postal Dog notes this lady’s sexy eyes

Big Fur Hat pokes some fun at our VP

Mad Mad Mad World uses Rule 5 to poke fun at Madonna

Jake Finnegan features Kylie Minogue

Laughing Conservative has a video of two attractive women discussing, um sausage

American Perspective has a Rul5 5 Round up, with lots of fun links

William Teach asks if all you see is a girl in a bikini?

POH wants some perspective, and Giselle

Proof positive has a great Friday Night Babe

The Astute Blogger has some fine patriotic women

Another new addition to our blogroll Valley of the Shadow has some Rule 5 awesomeness

The Classic Liberal uses Rule 5 to honor “doing your own thing

The Feral Irishman has bubble bath fun

Pitsnipes features beautiful eyes

Randy has a Tart for us all

Wyatt has Christina Hendricks Fever

Teresa has Lea Michele

The Last Tradition brings us a girl named Georgina

The Other McCain, who started all this Rule 5 madness has a great aggregation!

Say Anything offers us some more great links to ladies

Theo reminds us that girls need no pants

Lance has issues with Ask Men’s list of hotties

Woodsterman has no apologies for Rule 5

Chris closes us out

Rule 5 you say? OK but this time the ladies get some Tebow Time too!

Here are some links for those who appreciate lovely ladies, and YES ladies I am throwing in Tebow for FREE!

Bob Belvedere has a fine collection of women, highlighted by Minka Kelly

Woodsterman featuresa video that highlights how great Japanese women’s thighs are

Lance Burri is bragging on a new Danica?

Theo, as always, has a bedtime babe

And now, something for the ladies Smitty has a video of The Duke

And, ladies, TEBOW TIME!





















Mike has Ali Landry

Teresa has an Iranian Goddess

Wyatt has the woman who has two, uh, well……….

Say Anything has a great Rule 5 post

Jamie features Eliza Dushku

Feral Irishman has bacon and breasts

Proof Positive has a beauty to behold

More Tebow for the ladies

















Full Metal Patriot has Gina Carano

Hookers and Booze likes couch potatoes

Jake Finnegan has naked Olivia Munn

Pitsnipes Gripes loves Hump Day

POH honors Kate Beckinsale

Randy has two cheerleaders!

RRR has Miss Poland




















American Perspective has the very sexy Diana Krall

Barking Moonbat has a lovely redhead

Dustbury has a lady in red

Mike, of Fishersville, is a Ravens fan, or at least of their cheerleaders












Maggie has BIKINIS!

William Teach: If all you see……….

Donald Douglas has links to Evan Rachel Wood nude pics

Bring the Heat brings us Kate Middleton

The Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere























Hell on Earth…..WOW! Oh, wait, one more for the ladies

And that is it, but check back for updates!

Celebrating Rule 5!

Stacy McCain at The Other McCain invented Rule 5, because everyone likes a pretty girl, and now, lots of us have gotten on that bandwagon, and yes, posting pictures of attractive women does help traffic! So, this weekend, I offer up some of the best Rule 5 blogging for your perusal!

Bob Belvedere is, well, on his game with a bevy of beauties!

The Reaganite Republican? On fire with hotness and humor!!

POH Diaries gets into the “are they real debate”

Proof Positive features Estella Warren, nice call!

Jake Finnegan has Jaguar cheerleaders, who can even rock a Burka

Dustbury loves nice legs

Jamie celebrates Olivia Munn

Hookers and Booze is in the spirit

Randy serves up Kelly Brook in lingerie

Hell on Earth has a former Playmate

Maggie features an ESPN babe named Bonnie

Theo has a lady is red! WOW!

Bring the Heat, brings Minnie Driver

Teresa has a French actress I have never heard of

Donald Douglas has  video of the latest Maxim Hometown Hottie

A Man, a Dog, and a Gun features Lucy Pinder

William Teach has his legendary Blogless Pin Up post, Greatness!

Duane Lester has a great link-a-round that while it features no actual Rule 5, is still well worth your time

Sentry Journal has some linkin’ going on too

Say Anything is all over the links too!

Matt has a great set of links, AND, as an added bonus, the greatest Christmas music EVAH! Here is a small sample

Rule 5 Round up

Taking some time today to thank those who are making the blogosphere a more beautiful place!

Bob Belvedere has a bevy of beauties

Donald Douglas has, well, a video treat

Barking Moonbat gives us the sexy Cheryl Cole

COED has some college football previews, and lots of cheerleaders!

Jamie has Hayden Fever!

The Feral Irishman loves football, and the women who love football

Hell on Earth has, oh my

Jake Finnegan does Rule 5 RIGHT!

Theo has the Totties

Zion’s Trumpet, has a very hot Jessica

Randy has Ashley Gellar

Reaganite Republican has Miss Universe

Dustbury has another hot Jessica

Proof Positive has the lovely Amanda Tapping

The Classic Liberal has tons of hot links

More updates later

William Teach has his always incredible Blogless Sunday Linkfet

Maggie has a great set of links too

Pat has BEER!

Happy 8th to Say Anthing!

If H2 thinks tat a cute Asian girl with big boobs will get me to link him… He is right!

That Mr. G Guy has something inappropriate! And darned funny too

Is Mila Kunis dumber? or Hotter? POH asks

Well, I guess this proves where Wyatt’s mind is at!

Ah yes, Rule 5 is in the eye of the beholder The post to be updated through the weekend

Rule 5 blogging, is a wondrous thing, it brings traffic, and sometimes controversy too. This week, I will poke around at my favorite blogger’s Rule 5 posts, and prove that Rule 5, is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

American Perspective asks if these legs are Rule 5 worthy. I must say no, at least not to my eyes.

King Shamus notes that courage can be HOT!

The Mind Numbed Robot has been slacking in the Rule 5 department of late. Dude, it isn’t March anymore!

Kurt introduces us to Michelle Ryan

Always on Watch thinks that Blogoversarys are sexy? Hmmm

Robert thinks that Allen West is presidential, ladies think he is hot I bet. Allen West that is

Donald Douglas, noted pervert has the ultimate example of brains, beauty, and class Michelle Malkin, as she tears down the “Donald” as the fraud he is

Blazing Cat Fur honors Rule 5 nudity, but only because it offends radical Muslims! Hell on Earth joins in that fun, as does The Last Tradition and Mean Old Meany,

Steve shows us that nature can be stunning too

The Godfather of Rule 5, Stacy McCain , also points out that it can offend Feminuts!

Bob Belvedere, Rule 5 master has an impressive list

Cubachi goes Royal Wedding on us!

Jamie has Mila Kunis

The Feral Irishman wants us to spell HOT

Mike goes retro with Jaclyn Smith!

Full Metal Patriot has Kate Middleton on his mind

Wirecutter falls in love

William Teach thinks we might need an eye exam

POH goes Neve Campbell on us

Proof Positive goes vintage!

Randy has his Thursday Tart

Tersamerica has Anna Serradilla

That Mr. G Guy goes the guns and babes route!

The Classic Liberal has Kate Upton

Theo has TOTTIES!

SCANDALOUS scandal rocks Rule 5!

UPDATE! Bob is all over the controversy!

Ah, the simple joys of Rule 5, where pretty girls bring hits and possible infamy to your blog. Today, controversy swirls around Miss Dominican Republic. Stacy McCain the most infamous of the Rule 5 bloggers is, naturally all over the story of a beauty robbed of her rightful claim to the crown. Stacy might crack the case, if only he spoke Spanish

As Smitty reported yesterday, Evi Siskos (pictured above) has claimed that she was robbed of the Miss Dominican Republic title because judges were bribed to give the crown to Dalia Fernandez. Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress has updated us on his ongoing investigation of this scandal. My own efforts to get to the bottom . . . er, to expose . . . to uncover the sordid truth have been hampered because no habla Espanol:

NUEVA YORK._ Esta ciudad, cuna del concurso mundial de belleza Miss Universo, fue escenario ayer miércoles de lo que parece ser el de una guerra entre mega divas y mises dominicanas, cuando en conferencia de prensa la ex candidata de Samaná –Evi Sisko – denunció que en el certamen 2011, “hubo dinero sucio”, sugiriendo que la corona fue comprada por la actual reina Delia Fernández, pictured below

How about some weekend linky love?

Taking a tour around the old blogroll to see what everyone else is up to, especially of interest is their babe blogging, and this post will be updated throughout the weekend so keep checking back! If you don’t you will miss lots of babes like this one

A Trainwreck in Maxwell has a thing for gardening babes!

Adrienne has Kirstie Ally, plus some guy with some dance moves for the ladies

Duane Lester notes the ugly tone that Democrats call tolerance, Aleister adds another example for us

Ann Althouse ponders who we are fighting for in Libya

American and Proud has some humor for us all

Donald Douglas offers some Rule 5 blogging that doubles as a smackdown to Sharia assbackwardsness

Clifton is celebrating two years of blogging

We pause the linky love to bring you this hotness via Beyonce!

Blazing Cat Fur wants you to suck on a what?

Who knew that turkey burgers could be so, well, SMOKING HOT! Blogmocracy knew!

Is Haley Barbour hot, or just a RINO? Bluegrass Pundit ponders this age-old question

Bring the Heat brings us the beauty of Jessica Burciaga

Brutally Honest poses a brutal possibility to consider!

Bob Belevedere ponders the obsession of another blogger for this Latin babe, Juliana Moreira

Carol, opens up her Closet of blogging excellence and reveals her crush on Mark Steyn

COED offers up a gal named Cody Cameron awwww

John Carey thinks patriotism is what made Patrick Henry quite the babe magnet in his day

Daniel Greenfield has a linkfest of his own that is well worth a look, and speaking of well worth a look!

Doug Powers considers Sarah Palin vs Bil Maher, call it the Babe vs the Douchenozzle

Jamie Jeffords has the adorably sexy Vanessa Hudgens

Fire Andrea Mitchell has Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a perfect example of how beauty might be skin deep, but stupid goes al the way to the bone!

Mike of Fishersville, thinks cheerleaders are good!

Fleece Me is hyped about BASEBALL!

Fortress Outpost features large breasts and large guns!

Fountain Abbey has memories of some Seventies babes

Fuzzy Slippers might not be the biggest fan of this handsome Republican

Full Metal Patriot has the first trailer for Captain America

Gateway Pundit: TAX HIKES KILL JOBS!

Guyism has a three-way fight between some worthy babes!

Billy Bob offers up Veronika Zermanova!

I Own the World has a MUST SEE photo shop!

Si Vas Pacem has a beauty queen, who can shoot!

JWF: Media Matters Marxists skewered by Red Eye!

And now, another babe

Jefferson’s Rebels has a babe with a good idea!

King Shamus has Babes from Brazil! Oh yes!

Knuckledraggin has a GIANT |DOG!

LCR has a girl, in a bikini, attacking BK!

Maggies Notebook is getting good at this Rule 5 thing. Consider her featuring a new Bond Girl!

American Perspective has the ever hot Shakira

The soon to be added to the blogroll Observatorium adds Kristen Bell

Mean Old Meany is just begging to be called RAAAAACIST for this post!

Michelle takes some good shots at the Worm who is also a Weiner! Also continue to pray that Michelle’s cousin is found safe!

That crazy robot dude has SWEATER PUPPIES! YEAH!

Van Helsing has a different birth certificate controversy!

And now this update from yet another babe!

Steve: Government over reach anyone?

Nice Deb thinks John Stossel is kinda sexy I think

Carol saw her beloved Blue Devils lose, and now, my Gators FINALLY found a way to choke a win away!

A belated congrats to my favorite Dawg fan!

William Teach has an eye test for climate change nuts

POH Diaries has you showing up to court drunk story

Proof Positive has a Friday Night Babe!

Jill has a Suzy Boggus video

This just in from Natasha Yi

Randy: Would strippers make golf less boring?

Say Anything has links! And more links!

Sentry Journal: It is about Morals!

Pat is blogging about BEER!

Soylent Green has a HOT teacher!

Wyatt has a story of lust, a spurned woman, and a gun!

That Mr G Guy has a sexy water ad

The Classic Liberal brings us Emmy Rossum loveliness

The Other McCain features the NON Babe Nina Totenberg

Theo has a bonus babe that stuns!

Lance Burri helps pimp my quest for 500,000 hits!

If I forgot anyone please let me know, and to close I offer yet another babe!