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I could call Michael Eric Dyson a loathsome bottom-feeding parasite

But that would not go far enough in describing how loathsome this race pimp is

What a genuinely stupid man, assuming he actually believes his own BS, Dyson is. But I doubt he is after anything but keeping his job as a race pimp by spreading such racist, and divisive remarks. I cannot find the proper words to describe how much I despise this walking, ranting pile of hippo dung.


Your Marxist Moron of the Day is Joy Reid

If you have never heard of Joy Reid, you are not alone, she appears on MSNBS, which has some ratings issues mainly because it is a Left wing network that hires Left wing nuts like, well, Joy Reid. The Right Scoop has a video of Reid, pretending to be both snarky and funny

I love that Reid is angry that Robertson did not see abuse of Blacks where he grew up. How the Hell does this moron know what Robertson saw in those days? She doesn’t. But, Robertson is not allowed to give his testimony about life in Louisiana in the 1950’s. NO! He must say that he witnessed horrible things, even if he did not. He dared challenge the narrative, and that is not allowed. With the Left it is all about narratives, and that includes history.


Obama doubles down on dumb

Video via The Right Scoop

Good Freaking Grief! Canada and the US are both free nations, and unlike “Palestine” a legitimate nation. Also, Mr. President Canada and the United States get along because like Israel we are peaceful. Those Palestinians? Not so much. The problem is not dialogue it is the terrorists in Hamas who have sworn to destroy Israel. If Israel is left alone, there will be peace, and that is the only way there will be peace.

Rand Paul is right, and so is Bill Quick

Rand Paul had this to say about the direction of Conservatism

Rand Paul: Republican Party needs to be more ‘tolerant’ » The Right Scoop –

I believe a Republican Party that is more tolerant and dedicated to keeping the government out of people’s lives as much as possible would be more appealing to the rising generation. We have a nation of 300 million people who all harbor very different opinions on various policies. We have a Constitution that allows, even requires, many of these decisions to be made at the state and local level, which could accommodate the diversity of opinion in this country. Most young people I encounter simply have no desire to tell other people what to do or how to live.

Well I could not agree more, even though The Right Scoop disagrees

That said, I don’t agree with his foreign policy and I don’t like what I think I’m hearing now, that Republicans need to take the ‘social conservatism’ and chuck it. I don’t know what else he could mean in the above paragraph. “Diversity of opinion”? Telling other people “how to live”? “Republican Party that is more tolerant”?

Sorry, but I’m not a libertarian for a reason and I just can’t chuck my principles out the window either. As I’ve pointed out many times before, some of these so-called ‘tolerant’ views will infringe on my right to disagree with these views down the road. When we go the route that the left wants us to take, often times giving someone else a right means taking a right away from someone else.

In my view, this is not about “chucking” my, or anyone else’s principles. Paul is right about the Constitution leaving most decisions up to states and municipalities. And we DEFINITELY need to make the federal government as insignificant in our lives as possible, and, I would add making state government as insignificant in our lives at the state level, and definitely the same goes for county and city governments. It is called liberty. Sorry I DO NOT trust government to constrain itself, and I am not a fan of some Social Conservatives who want the government limited until THEY get offended by something, which is why I have disdain for groups like the American Family Association, and Conservatives like Rick Santorum. Now, Right Scoop IS correct in that we must guard against what the Left wants, which is to ban the ability to disagree with other’s choices, for example, Gay couples suing a bakery or florist who does not want to do their wedding. Businesses ought to have every right to NOT do business with anyone they damn well do not want to do business with. Again, THAT is liberty. And , I would think that taking power away from government would help in that venture. The fact is government at all levels is far too involved in our lives.

Bill Quick puts it this way

The wave of the political future in America is not socon, by the way. It’s libcon. Of conservatarian.

I agree. I talk to so many people, especially young people who have more in common with Conservatism, pro-life, pro gun rights, pro smaller government, lower taxes, less regulations than they do Liberalism. But they also cringe when Conservatives start talking about blaming video games for school shootings, or banning pornography, or turning the FCC loose on shows that some SoCons are upset by, or getting the government involved on our personal morals. Like it or not those stances turn many folks off. Frankly they think it is best if they decide for themselves in  most decisions, free of government interference. they may not like big government done Liberal style, but are equally distrustful of big government that leans the other way.


Dorner dead?

The Right Scoop has this info up right now

The cabin that Dorner is in is reportedly fully engulfed in flames and news choppers are allowed in the air again. Either Dorner killed himself or he was shot by a sniper:

CNN – [Updated at 7:33 p.m. ET] More details on authorities’ current assault on the cabin: Fire, as well as smoke from devices that the officers detonated, have engulfed the structure, according to authorities familiar with the operation. Ammunition is exploding inside, the sources said.

[Updated at 7:26 p.m. ET] The cabin appears to be on fire. Authorities began an assault on the structure minutes ago.

Authorities have penetrated the structure and were bringing equipment to tear openings into the cabin, a source familiar with the operation said.

[Updated at 7:22 p.m. ET] Black smoke is rising high in the air from the cabin area, video from CNN affiliate KABC shows. The video appeared to be taken from a distance; authorities had asked news helicopters to keep well away.

[Updated at 7:20 p.m. ET] Authorities have launched tear gas at the cabin, and a tactical operation is under way, Former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes tells CNN.


Can we save companies like Hobby Lobby from Obamacare?

Hobby Lobby is a company run by Christians, and has vowed to not go along with parts of Obamacare

The owners of Hobby Lobby say they must remain true to their faith, despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to block the Obamacare contraception mandate.

Their attorney said the company will not provide the morning-after and week-after pills in its employee insurance plan when the health care mandate takes effect Jan. 1.

“The company will continue to provide health insurance to all qualified employees,” attorney Kyle Duncan said in a statement posted on Hobby Lobby’s website. 

“To remain true to their faith, it is not their intention, as a company, to pay for abortion-inducing drugs,” he said.

Hobby Lobby risks fines of more than a million dollars a day for ignoring the Obamacare mandate.

Let that sink in folks. The government will eventually bankrupt a corporation for not violating the deeply held faith of its owners. Freedom of religion? Not any more apparently. The Democrats, of course, tell us they are the “Party of  Working Americans”. Really? How will the war on Hobby Lobby, and other companies owned by people of faith serve those working for those companies? How will the death of Hobby Lobby benefit those working Americans? Or perhaps the Democrats are fine with more unemployed Americans. Maybe to them that just means more of us dependent on government, which seems to be the goal of the Democrats. The more dependency on government, the greater the chance Democrats will dominate the political power in America. And, yes, power is more important to the Left than putting the country first.

This video, via The Right Scoop features Michelle Malkin talking about both the fiscal cliff and Hobby Lobby.

Michelle raises the point that we must stand with Hobby Lobby. A point I agree with entirely. But, if Hobby Lobby is being fined $1.3 million dollars a day, can we shop there enough to keep them afloat? The real issue with Hobby Lobby is this. They are not a company that will play ball with Team Obama. Companies that do play ball have received waivers from Obamacare. Now we are told these waivers are only temporary, but really, can we trust this administration to be honest about  that? This is the biggest issue here in the end. This administration, and likely future Democratic administrations will continue to play Chicago style politics. We, of course, have in our Constitution, constraints against government encroachment upon our rights. But, we also have a bunch of politicians who do not care about that document they took an oath to protect and defend. And, thanks to the gutlessness of the Chief-Justice of the Supreme Court, Obamcare is the law of the land. So, now what? Any ideas? 

Videos-John Lott debates gun free zones with Soledad O’Brien

Soledad just does not get it, and never will. As you watch the videos at The Right Scoop understand this. Liberals, as OBrien is, have been taught to fear guns. The message that Liberals have been parroting for decades now is that guns, the NRA, and by extension, gun owners are bad. They have been brainwashed, in effect, to hate guns. She continues to say, during the videos that Lott wants to ban gun laws which I have never heard him say. She also parrots the “semi-automatic guns”  line. Every rifle, except for bolt-action rifles, are semi-automatic, meaning that as you fire one round, another round is loaded. You must pull the trigger each time to fire. The same is true, as Lott points out of the vast majority of guns in the country. Soledad, of course, does not grasp that. She does not debate as much as she emotes in the videos. To her, guns=bad and that is the end of it.

Watch the videos here