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*VIDEOS* 2020 Republican National Convention: Featuring Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo And Rudy Giuliani

…..Donald Trump Addresses Republican Party Delegates

…..Tim Scott

…..Jim Jordan

…..Donald Trump Jr.

…..Melania Trump

…..Mike Pompeo

…..Eric Trump

…..Tiffany Trump

…..Mike Pence

…..Richard Grenell

…..Ben Carson

…..Kevin McCarthy

…..Rudy Giuliani

…..Ivanka Trump

…..Donald Trump Accepts Republican Party Nomination For President



Straight from the mouth of a Statist

Nothing but total control of every aspect of our lives will ever sate these miscreants. Milton Wolf has the latest example

Never let a crisis go to waste. And never let American free choice survive.

This from Richard Grenell, former Communication Director for San Diego mayor, being interviewed on FoxNews Happening Now in regards to the closing of the Los Angeles 405 Interstate highway:

This is a missed opportunity for L.A. because we could have had the opportunity to be forced into public transporation.

This is your ruling class, looking for opportunities to force your obedience. Sadly, you’re just not smart enough to decide how you should get to work.