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Thanks Barack… ISIS Takes Over Ramadi, Begins Public Executions As Residents Flee

ISIS Takes Ramad; Begins Public Executions; Residents Flee – Gateway Pundit

Islamic State fighters took control of Ramadi, Iraq on Saturday. The ISIS rebels immediately began public executions of anti-ISIL fighters.


McClatchy reported:

The Islamic State on Saturday consolidated its control over Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s largest province, whose capture by the militants on Friday marked the worst defeat for the Iraqi government since the fall of Mosul nearly a year ago.

Iraqi and local officials said Islamic State fighters were combing through neighborhoods in search of government employees and pro-government tribal fighters and were conducting summary public executions.

The mayor of Ramadi, Mohammed Kubaisi, told McClatchy by phone that some government soldiers and police had withdrawn to a northern suburb in hopes of holding out until promised reinforcements from Baghdad arrive. But as of Saturday evening, despite claims by government officials in Baghdad that fresh troops had been deployed, no reinforcements had arrived and the Islamic State was operating freely in the area, the mayor said.

“There are hundreds of families stuck inside Daash-held areas and they are being used as human shields against the coalition air strikes,” he said, using an Arabic acronym to refer to the Islamic State.

Kubaisi said Islamic State fighters had burned most of the government buildings they captured on Friday and then withdrew “out of fear of the American planes, which would easily be able to target government facilities.” But he said the withdrawal was simply a repositioning to safer locations and that the group controlled virtually all of Ramadi, a city with an estimated 500,000 inhabitants that until Friday was one of the last government-held areas in Anbar province. More than 1,300 U.S. soldiers and Marines lost their lives in Anbar during the U.S. occupation.

Hundreds of residents were filmed fleeing the city on foot.



Residents Of Small School District Verbally Bitchslap Superintendent Whose Salary Is Bigger Than Obama’s

Residents Explode On Superintendent, School Board During Emergency Meeting: ‘This Is Crazy!’ – The Blaze

A school superintendent in California got an earful earlier this week when parents were given the chance during an emergency meeting to question his supposedly excessive salary.


“You should all step down and walk away from this! This is ridiculous! This is nuts, this is crazy! I give my wife everything! I do anything I can for my wife! I’m sleeping with her! Who are you sleeping with?” one man shouted during the meeting.

Jose Fernandez, who oversees the Centinela Valley Union High School District in Lawndale, Calif., reportedly earned $663,000 in 2013, according to KCAL-TV.

His district includes only three high schools with a combined total of 6,500 students.

The district also reportedly floated Fernandez a loan of more than $900,000 at 2 percent interest over 40 years. The loan was granted at a time when the superintendent had already declared bankruptcy.

“I propose that there be a special recall election of this whole damn board, and a criminal investigation into the board for breach of fiduciary responsibility,” one man yelled during the emergency meeting held Tuesday.

“Not only is it wrong, it’s unethical, it is immoral to pay anybody that amount,” a woman added.

For his part, the superintendent said he’s mindful of the needs of the people in his district.

“I do hear you. I’ve listened very carefully, and I will sit and work with the board to deal with your concerns and the concerns they may have, and I think we’ll go through a process,” he said during the meeting.

He continued, claiming he lifted the district from its previously derelict state.

“The facilities here were… my God… some of them were similar to the situation in Haiti,” he said.

Caryn Charles is a high school teacher in Hawthorne, Calif., and she says she has to pay out of pocket for paper for her students while the district lavishes the superintendent with handsome loans and a massive salary.

“It’s really embarrassing as a teacher that we don’t have any paper at our department at our school. With all due respect to all of you, but it’s embarrassing when I have to go to Office Depot and buy paper, and I read that other people don’t have to worry about things like that,” she said.

Sandra Suarez, a former board member, said Fernandez should resign from his post immediately.

“I think the superintendent needs to resign and give back everything he’s taken. It’s morally and ethically wrong, and it’s affecting our children,” she said.


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Obama-Supported Syrian “Rebels” Besiege Christian Villiage, Slaughter Residents, Behead Children

Syrian Rebels Behead And Kill Children In Christian Villages – Conservative Infidel


Obama’s proxy war on Christianity continues in Syria as his Al Qaeda allies ruthlessly attack and kill innocent unarmed civilians. They are even beheading children. That’s a manly and moral group Hussein is supporting. Those kids must have had it coming. Way to take the moral high ground, Obama!

In typical Hussein “Fast and Furious” fashion, his weapons that he provided and his “freedom fighters” are killing in the name of the United States.

And there is an interesting twist to this that may offer insights into the underlying mission of both Hussein Obama and his Al Qaeda foot soldiers. Some of the inhabitants of the village of Maaloula, where this latest round of inhumanity is occurring, were given the option of converting to Islam or having their heads cut off.

Not the most attractive of options but hey, they’re Christians, so in Hussein’s world, Al Qaeda is just doing the “lord’s work”. Of course the usual gratuitous shouts of “Allahu Akbar” could be heard. Can’t have a bloodthirsty murder spree without that!

We are in the middle of a “Twilight Zone” type of insanity that borders on unbelievable. How did we go so wrong in such a short period of time?


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ObamaCare About To Screw 106,000 New Jersey Residents Out Of Their Existing, Low-Cost Insurance Plans

ObamaCare Takes Affordable Insurance Away From 106,000 New Jersey Residents – Downtrend

ObamaCare is more properly known as The Affordable Care Act. That name would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


As 106,000 New Jersey residents are about to learn, their healthcare insurance option, known as the “basic and essential” (B&E) plan, is about to go away and be replaced with something more expensive. So not only is their health insurance going to cost more, but they also won’t be able to keep the insurance that they originally had. That’s two broken promises of ObamaCare in one sad story.

The B&E plan only covers basic services, as the name implies. It covers doctor’s visits and treatments that don’t call for a stay at a hospital. It’s also a very affordable plan, costing as little as a couple of hundred bucks a month for some people.

The problem is this: the B&E plan doesn’t cover certain services mandated by ObamaCare. In addition to that, ObamaCare also caps out-of-pocket fees for the insured. So, after December 31 of this year, the B&E plans will not be renewed by insurers because they can’t meet those requirements.

Larry Altman, vice president at the Office of HealthCare Reform for Horizon Blue Cross Blue shield sums the whole issue up this way: “In general, richer products translate into higher premiums.”

Really? Does he mean that when the government forces insurance companies to provide certain levels of coverage (e.g., insuring children up to age 26) that those companies will then incur additional costs which will be passed along to… wait for it… the people who are paying for the insurance? Well, that might come as a surprise to the Democrats who were selling this monstrosity known as ObamaCare by bragging about the benefits of those regulations without ever talking about the consequences.

We’d like to say that Democrats regularly prove that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. However, we’re not certain that the leadership of the Democratic Party has any good intentions for this country.

When those 106,000 New Jersey residents lose their B&E insurance, they “will be left with what may be a choice among pricey, pricier and priciest,” according to The Newark Star-Ledger.

The Affordable Care Act isn’t. It’s not affordable to people who need insurance. It’s not affordable to our nation.

It’s a disaster.

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