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Republican National Committee Sues IRS On Tax Day

On Tax Day, The RNC Is Suing The IRS – Townhall

Today’s the day Americans send their hard-earned tax dollars into the IRS. But this year, the IRS is going to receive something else: a lawsuit.


The Republican National Committee is suing the IRS. Why? Because they’ve failed to provide documents we’ve requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Last May, the RNC requested copies of IRS correspondence related to the targeting of conservative groups. We wanted to find out why they were targeted, what criteria were used to target them, and who gave the orders. Clearly, the IRS wasn’t going to come clean on its own, so, like others, we took action.

Since then, the IRS has delayed and delayed and delayed – for 226 business days. They have provided documents to other organizations, so we know they’re capable. But they still haven’t answered our request.

So we’re filing a lawsuit.

Americans deserve to know how the IRS interprets and enforces the tax laws – and why it would deliberately target people because of their values and beliefs.

We’re filing this suit because the Obama administration has a responsibility to be transparent and accountable to the American people. The IRS has a legal obligation to answer our inquiry for these records. On Tax Day especially Americans deserve to know whether they can trust the agency to which they’re sending their taxes.

If the Obama administration doesn’t have anything to hide, why can’t they answer a simple request? Are they trying to cover up their actions? Are they taking cues from former IRS official Lois Lerner, who refuses to answer questions before Congress?

We have to keep fighting to hold the IRS and the administration accountable. It’s a simple issue of fairness. Americans deserve a government that treats them fairly. They shouldn’t be the victims of an administration that uses the IRS to go after its perceived political enemies.

The Obama administration surely hopes we forget about what happened and about what the IRS did to groups of Americans. We won’t forget. We’re going to keep working to expose what really happened – so that we can ensure it never happens again.

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Reince Priebus: You know who is a model Republican? Huckabee

Vomit inducing statement of the day for me anyway

RNC Chair Reince Priebus told reporters today that former governor Mike Huckabee would be an example of a “model” Republican in his eyes.

The Corner reported:

Earlier today, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus pushed back at critics who have questioned his continued support for Senator Rob Portman, the Ohio Republican who came out in support of gay marriage last week.

“When someone asks me ‘Are you going to cut off funding for Rob Portman?’ I think it’s just ridiculous,” Priebus told a group of reporters Friday during a briefing at National Review’s Washington, D.C., office. “He’s a good Republican. I think it’s also normal and decent to still support a person that you agree with on 99 percent of the issues.”

But Priebus says his support of Portman doesn’t signal a policy shift within the party’s platform. “Yes, we’re still a pro-life party. Yes, we still defend our platform on marriage,” he said. He emphasized, however, that Republicans must also sound “reasonable” to voters who disagree.

Priebus cited former governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas as an example of someone who could be “a model for a lot of people in our party” in terms of discussing issues like marriage and abortion. “I always tell people: Listen to Governor Mike Huckabee,” he said. “I don’t know anyone that talks about them any better.”

Good Grief! The only way we could have done worse in the last two elections would have been if Huck-a-phony was the nominee


Why are four letters so tough for the GOP leadership?

Come on folks, how hard are the letters B L O and G? Maybe they should get their heads out of their, well, that place their heads should never be, and realize that most of us do this EVERY day, not for cash, or fame, but because we LOVE this nation and are fighting like Hell for it. We do not have whiteboards, or talking point memos. No we are not scripted, programmed talking heads What we do have is original ideas, principles, and a burning desire to help deliver the Conservative message. So, given these facts, why did the RNC report ignore bloggers? Stacy McCain ponders that question

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection spots the omission:

Even when the report does mention “social media,” it’s in the context of getting out the vote or having the party apparatus find a better way to reach voters.
I would not be surprised if the RNC spoke with some of the salaried conservative media class who share the Washington professional circuit.  But did they reach out to the Army of Davids who are the anti-thesis of the consultant model because we mostly don’t get paid or make much money blogging, we do this in our “spare” time, and we are outside D.C.?
Did the RNC get any input from the great unwashed conservative blogosphere? You wouldn’t know it from the report if it did . . .

Read the whole thing. The idea of “citizen-journalism” is quite nearly alien to the consultant class. The teamwork concept of voluntary collaboration mystifies people for whom politics is a paid gig. Take away their consulting fees, and these guys wouldn’t have anything to do with politics.

There is nothing wrong with applying the entrepreneurial spirit to politics — “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn” — so long as the rewards bear some relation to results. As I’ve often said about the hindsight criticisms leveled at the Romney campaign, nobody would have cared what they got paid, if only they had won the election.

The massive stumbling clusterf–k of the Romney campaign’s ”Project ORCA” exposed the fact that greedy incompetents were being paid ginormous fees to do jobs they didn’t actually know how to do. There is a difference between making a living and making a killing, you see.

The GOP ignoring bloggers is akin to a coaching staff leaving motivated, talented players out of his game plan.

If you really want to understand the mind of Chris Matthews…..

…then drive to Crazy Town, take a left turn, past Insaneviile, and keep going until you plunge off Wacko Cliff into the bottomless Sea of Racial Obsession Syndrome. Then you will be where Chris Matthews diseased brain is 

Oh my legs!

What a ludicrous standard! Matthews, how is it possible to speak to the ‘whole’ country? With ‘whole’ for a quantifier, it only takes one to require another pass. Pass, ‘whole’.


Minutes after Paul Ryan finished his RNC speech on Wednesday, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews slammed the Republican vice presidential candidate for supposedly ignoring blacks during his “very constricted, very negative, very nasty speech,” and suggested that he was directing the address to racists: “It’s clear that Paul Ryan was talking to people who think about rights as something…produced by Thomas Jefferson, ignoring the people for whom the rights only came in the 1960s.”

Wow! This guy is redefining unhinged on a daily basis. I expect that soon we will see Matthews, in a straighjacket doing his show from a dark cellar and chanting that Chicago is a RAAAAACIST  word!

Matthews then demonstrates his mind-numbing ability to take an idiotic statement, amplify it, and subsequently make it exponentially more idiotic coming from his mouth, when he said this:

“Yea, well let me ask you about that gentleman.  What about now, is this constant barrage of assaults, saying the guy is basically playing an old game of demagoguery politics, where you take the money from the worker bees and give it to the poor people to buy votes.  That’s basically what they’re charging him with. Old big-style, big-city machine of 50 years ago.”

He added, “They keep saying Chicago by the way, have you noticed?  They keep saying Chicago.  That’s another thing that sends that message – this guy’s helping the poor people in the bad neighborhoods, screwing us in the ‘burbs.”

Hielemann helpfully interpreted Matthews statement, presumably for those too challenged to understand basic words (or as we in the business refer to them – Hardball viewers), by making this jaw-dropping statement:

“There’s a lot of black people in Chicago.”

Maybe MSNBS can replace Matthews, and any guests with Eric Cartman of South Park

Good Gief! And I might remind Matthews that it is HIS network that refused to carry many speeches by Black Republicans like Mia Love.

In lieu of airing speeches from former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah; and Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American, MSNBC opted to show commentary anchored by Rachel Maddow from Rev. Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Steve Schmidt.

Throughout this convention, Matthews has accused the Republicans of playing dog-whistle racist politics while on scene in Tampa. It isn’t clear, however, if Matthews will hurl accusations of racism at Davis, Love or Cruz for speeches his network failed to broadcast.

All of this begs the question. Was Chris Matthews crazy before his legs had their first Obamagasm? Or did all those Obamagasms make him nuttier than a truckload of fruitcakes?

Leftists can be a great source of laughter

English: Eve Ensler
 Eve Ensler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These Leftist groups do the craziest things sometimes. Take Code Pink for example. They are a far-far-far-far-Left bunch of Feminuts who are obsessed with their own private parts

Eve Ensler famously said: “My vagina’s furious and it needs to talk.” Our vaginas need to talk, too. They need to talk about the way women’s rights are threatened worldwide–from anti-choice legislation to inappropriate rape jokes to economic inequality to war and occupation overseas that disproportionately affect women’s lives.

Join CODEPINK and V-Day to bring your vagina to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL August 27-30!

Together, we will bring our resilient, creative, powerful vaginas to Republican fundraisers and to the convention hall. We’ll also take part in the Coalition March on the RNC and other peace and justice actions. 

Excuse me but don’t Feminists go nuts every time men think about women as “sex objests” Don’t they traditionally say women should be judged not on looks but their brains? So why do most Feminuts today obsess over their vaginas? It is like they are having a contest amongst themselves to see who can use the word the most, and in the most demeaning, sexist way possible. The truth is that Code Pink members are angry and bitter, and on the wrong side on every issue. And, to be really honest, I mean brutally honest, I think I know what REALLY makes these women, oh sorry, womyn angry is that while most men, not counting Barney Frank, or Andrew Sullivan of course, think about sex every few seconds, they try NEVER to think about sex where Code Pink is concerned. 

Marching in 2004.
Code Pink, the only thing that can stop men from thinking about sex

I keep saying that the RNC really ought to hire bloggers to give them campaign advice

And one Chris Wysocki reinforces my point today with his post on the Democrats strategy of distraction

What’s the biggest problem facing America right now?

The Economy.

What’s everyone talking about?


And gay “marriage.” And now banning electronic devices in cars.

Reading that article I kept noticing the word “distracted” (driving) and it hit me. That’s it!. They’re distracting us.

It’s gotta be on purpose.

The only way Obama gets re-elected is if no one is talking about what dismal shape our economy is in. So he picks a fight with the Catholic Church. George Soros sends Politico and Media Matters out to fan the flames of gay “marriage.”

Go read it all. It is dead on target,at least I think so. Our eventual nominee  just needs to ignore the distractions the Dems and the media will throw out there at every turn. The Democrats cannot win on substance,or on the issues.they can only win by muddying the waters, and by using fear and smear tactics. So, ignore those, do not get distracted, stay on point. And do not give the Dems or the media any ammo to use. Yes,they will lie, but let them make up things. Voters will, in the end,care more about our sorry economy, than about Democrats making up things about the GOP nominee and contraceptives. They will also care more about Obama’s intrusion on religious liberty, and the other intrusions upon all our liberties that Obamacare will bring.

In short, we should not play their game. We should stick to playing ours. My only fear is that we,the GOP,will fail to stick to that game plan, or that our nominee will either be too timid,or too easily led into the weeds of Gay marriage, or contraception.

Who says Obama is an elitist?

After reading this story, who could ever accuse Obama of being out of touch? As you read this ask yourself the obvious question, What if Obama was a republican?

Via RCP:

White House press secretary Jay Carney says President Obama “gets to experience the American economy through the eyes of folks out there who are living it” when he reads 10 letters every night that are selected for him. Transcript below, from today’s briefing.

Pandering by elitism?