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Leftists Pelosi And Reid Illegally Screen Anti-Koch Brothers Film In Capitol Visitor Center (Video)

Nancy Pelosi And The Democrat Party Now Resorting To Vile, Anti-Semitic Imagery To Attack Private Citizens – Doug Ross Journal

These people are the lowest of the low.

Pelosi using your tax dollars and the Capitol Building to attack you

Tonight, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are using your tax dollars to host the premiere of a film that attacks conservative groups – in the U.S. Capitol.

This partisan attack in the people’s house cannot stand and we have filed an ethics complaint [PDF] to hold Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid accountable.

Congress expressly prohibits partisan political rallies and fundraisers on the grounds of the Capitol or within its walls. As House Administration Chairman Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) said, the “work in this hallowed building must solely be in the interests of the American people and not in the interests of any political cause.”

Pelosi’s office denied that the event was the premiere screening, despite it being called such by Politico, Fox News, MSNBC, and the film’s own producers in an RSVP now removed from their own site…


Not only do rules prohibit the use of House rooms for screenings, but they expressly prohibit any events that are campaign or political in nature.

What caught my eye is the octopus imagery: the theme was employed by the Nazis in the mid-20th century and by Islamofascists ever since.


I would suggest emailing timothy@bravenewfilms.org, calling Brave New Films at 310-204-0448 x 225, or calling Nancy Pelosi at (415) 556-4862. Ask them why they have to resort to anti-semitic imagery to attack private citizens.

Yes, I know it’s a rhetorical question, but they need to know that the lines have been drawn.

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Reid & Pelosi Hold Incoherent Press Conference At Film Screening To Attack Koch Brothers – Saving The Republic


The two top dem monsters held a screening of an anti-Koch film at the US Capitol tonight which is on our dime!

Can someone explain what this lunatic is ranting about? The Koch brothers have no control over silencing anyones free speech. As a matter of fact it’s really the progressives that are trying to silence people! I want someone with a set in the GOP to explain how the Senate Majority Leader is permitted to slander private US citizens daily on the taxpayers dime! Why has no one challenged Dingy to produce proof the Koch’s want to do away with Social Security, do not want law enforcement (? this must have something to do with US attorney confirmations) along with the myriad of false charges this senile old bastard continually smears them on!

Pelosi of course is full of crap! Our govt is a “government of the money” since she, Reid, obama and countless progressives (democrat & republican) are bought and paid for. Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Winfrey, Gates, Buffet etc along with countless super rich Hollywood celebs and unions all OWN the progressives in DC. Yet for whatever reason Reid, Pelosi and their ilk target 2 PRIVATE CITIZENS Charles and David Koch who rank 59th on the list of top political donors. The left fears 2 successful brothers just like they fear one cable network (Fox News)!

This govt has become the very thing our Founders fought against, each and every one of them is turning in their graves!

America you know this, you complain about it daily but what have you done to put a stop to it? You have had a simple task of voting out incumbents on both sides over the last few weeks in primary elections but have allowed all of them to win, move forward with re-election this November. You DO NOT have the will to act because you cannot even support a primary challenger or a small website trying to show you how to engage the left!

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Tom Steyer Buys Harry Reid – Washington Free Beacon

Left wing eco-billionaire Tom Steyer has formally purchased Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.). Steyer recently donated $5 million to Senate Majority PAC, the pro-Democratic Super PAC run by former Reid aides, making him the single largest contributor to the group.

The transaction is related to Steyer’s broader effort to buy American democracy for $100 million and block construction of the wildly popular Keystone XL pipeline. In fact, news of Steyer’s donation comes just days after Senate Democrats helped kill a bipartisan energy efficiency bill after Republicans tried to require a vote on Keystone approval.

It also highlights the absurdity of Harry Reid’s senile jihad against the billionaire Koch brothers. Reid has accused the Kochs of “trying to buy America,” while insisting that Steyer is a benign billionaire who is simply “concerned about climate change.”

So far this year, top donors to Senate Majority PAC include:

* Tom Steyer, hedge fund billionaire
* Fred Eychaner, media magnate/billionaire
* James Simons, hedge fund manager/billionaire
* James Atwood, Jr., hedge fund manager
* Jon Stryker, billionaire heir to medical supply empire
* Anne Bass, wife of billionaire corporate jet tycoon
* Unions
* Trial lawyers

The New York Times reports:

As of last month, Mr. Steyer and his wife, Kat Taylor, were the top source of super PAC money in the country this election cycle, contributing a total of more than $11 million. But the bulk of their money has so far gone to Mr. Steyer’s own political organization, NextGen Climate.

Mr. Steyer has emerged not only as a top outside ally of Senate Democrats, but also as one of their leading direct supporters. The Senate super PAC’s other big donors include Michael R. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, and Fred Eychaner, a Chicago media executive.

These billionaires are ruining our republic. The Koch brothers, on the other hand, are just concerned about hospitals.

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Your Marxist Moron of the Day is Joy Reid

If you have never heard of Joy Reid, you are not alone, she appears on MSNBS, which has some ratings issues mainly because it is a Left wing network that hires Left wing nuts like, well, Joy Reid. The Right Scoop has a video of Reid, pretending to be both snarky and funny

I love that Reid is angry that Robertson did not see abuse of Blacks where he grew up. How the Hell does this moron know what Robertson saw in those days? She doesn’t. But, Robertson is not allowed to give his testimony about life in Louisiana in the 1950’s. NO! He must say that he witnessed horrible things, even if he did not. He dared challenge the narrative, and that is not allowed. With the Left it is all about narratives, and that includes history.


Clean? What the hell would Harry Reid know about clean?

Oh those Democrats. they love to control the language of political debate. And by control the language, I do not mean control the debate by substance, or by the merit of their ideology. I mean they wish to inject emotionalism into the debate by misusing words. fair, equal, choice, bipartisan, partisan, are among the words Democrats have used to control debate in recent  times. They basically use these words over, and over, and again to convince Americans that they are best served if Democrats get what they want.

In the current government shutdown, Democrats like Harry Reid keep using the word “clean” as in those damned dirt Republicans who eat babies, and push old ladies off cliffs need to pass a “clean” funding bill. Clean? What does that even mean? Well, trust me when I say that Reid and his posse define clean as “we get everything we want and those Republicans can suck it!” This as much like Democrats misuse the words partisan and bipartisan. Those words have meanings, but Democrats spin those words to mean  “we get everything we want and those Republicans can suck it!”

Of course, Democrats have been bastardizing the meanings of words for a long time because they must lie, and lie to you and me to get their way. Honesty? PLEASE! Democrats only want more, as in more of our money, more of our liberties, and MORE control! And if they have to tell the same lie a thousands of times, they will. And if you do not believe me, I guess you still think you can keep your health coverage and doctor too!


The Democrats war on kids with cancer UPDATED! Harry Reid’s Cranial Rectal issues

Video via Lonely Conservative 

Good for Dana Bash for asking the question. Reid’s answer exposes his, and his fellow Democrats rank arrogance. Talk about an insensitive response. Other people have problems too, so according to Senator Weasel Dick, kids with cancer can go without help so the Democrats can play politics, and finish forcing Obama Care on people who never wanted it.

Exit question: Is there anything Democrats will not do to gain total control of our lives?

UPDATE! Smitty notes something i should have caught at 49 seconds into the video asks this

0:49 What right do they have to pick and choose what part of government’s going to be funded?

And the Constitution says:

All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

So if the House, which has remained oddly stuck in size since 1910, and thus may not represent the people with optimal fidelity, originates a bill, it’s kind of odd that the Dim Bulb from Vegas not know from whence that right originates.


Senator Reid, you disgraceful old coot

According to Senator Harry Reid AKA Senator Weasel Dick, Ted Cruz and those like him are fanatics for respecting, and fighting for, the will of  the people

WASHINGTON — The Republicans bent on defunding Obamacare or shutting down the government are “fanatics” with a “Thelma and Louise”-like mission to drive the nation off a cliff, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Monday.

Odd it is that Reid would use the Thelma and Louise driving off a cliff example. Odd because America faces a fiscal cliff, and it is Reid and HIS party that is driving that car over that cliff. And, Obamacare will, among other things, increase our time of departure for going over that cliff.

The federal government will run out of money after Sept. 30 if Congress does not act by then to authorize more spending. Rather than simply do that, the House of Representatives last week passed a bill that would keep federal offices running only if the Senate and White House agreed to defund the Affordable Care Act. Senate Democrats and President Barack Obama are refusing to give in to that demand.

So, let us be clear. The Democrats ignore not only the majority of Americans that do not want Obamacare,  but also the fact a majority of Americans prefer defunding Obamacare even if it meant a government shutdown, a shutdown we would not have under the House bill.

“Are Republicans so intent on undermining both President Obama and his signature health care law that they’re willing to inflict severe damage to our economy in the process?” Reid said. “America will know exactly who to blame: Republican fanatics in the House and the Senate.”

“Two dozen Senate Republicans have spoken out against this foolhardy plan to drive the economy off the cliff — two dozen,” Reid added. “This ‘Thelma and Louise’ style just isn’t getting the attention of the American people in a positive tone. If Democrats don’t bow to every demand they [tea party Republicans] have, they want to go right over the cliff. Well, we’re not going to go with them.”

Hmm, think about this. Reid, and the president are undermining the will of the people, the same people they are SUPPOSED to serve. Yet, Reid considers House Republicans, Senators Cruz, Lee, Rubio, Paul, Cornyn and others fanatics? Sorry, but it is Reid and his ilk who are the fanatics here. the Republicans fighting to stop Obamacare are doing their jobs. They are obeying their constituents, and the Constitution. I pray every American realizes that it is  the Democrats that are ignoring the people, everything Obamacare will mean will be the fault of the Democrats. Of course some Republicans will march along to get along, and I pray the people remember those sell outs too. Yes, Obamacare will be funded in the end. All I ask is that voters remember who fought FOR them, and who fought AGAINST them next November. If we are ever to repeal and replace Obamacare, it will start then, in that election. Any Republican worth half a damn needs to understand that a LOT of politicians will be fired next November, and by not fighting, they will be seen for what they are, unprincipled cowards.


Dumber Than Dirt: Senators Heller And Reid Push To Define Nevada As A ‘Border State’

Heller, Reid Push To Define Nevada As A ‘Border State’ – Big Government

Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) offered an amendment to the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill that would define Nevada as a “border state” despite the fact that no part of Nevada’s state borders touch Mexico.


“Nevada is a top destination for travelers all over the world and is an international hub through which tens of millions of people pass each year, our state benefits from the cultural diversity of Filipino, Chinese and Armenian communities to name a few and we are couched between two states that border the country of Mexico,” Heller said on the Senate floor when he introduced the amendment.

“Las Vegas is known for McCarran International Airport which sees tens of millions of tourists each year and is merely a short drive away from Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. Nevada’s unique location leaves it highly vulnerable to our flawed immigration system, and open to this exact same problem faced by other southwestern border states like Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico. But, despite the fact that Nevada is in many respects a border state that copes with the exact same immigration problems facing states like California, this bill in its current form excludes Nevada from the list of states that are eligible to join the Southern Border Security Commission, so my Amendment, Heller 1227, would include Nevada with other southwestern border states whose governors would comprise the Southern Border Security Commission.”

Heller noted his amendment would include Nevada as a border state. A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat who also hails from Nevada, confirmed to Breitbart News that Reid is a cosponsor on the amendment as well.

“This amendment ensures the commission created in the underlying bill is fully representative of issues affecting southern border and southwestern states,” Heller said. “Although Nevada does not touch the southern border, its current demographics and state issues are reflective of other southern border states and Nevada should have a voice on this commission.”

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And you wonder why I call Harrry reid Senator Weasel Dick?

There are many reasons, frankly, his weasel-like face, his allergic reactions to the truth, his shoving Obamacare down our throats, his willingness to put politoics over the country’s best interest, his over all despicability, and now, yet another reason, his attempt to help Obama cover up Benghazi as Stacy McCain notes

Now that we know for a fact that President Obama deliberately deceived Americans about the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi – remember, the president promised to “get to the bottom of it” – now the Senate Majority Leader does his part to suppress the ugly truth:

If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid didn’t make it clear enough to Republicans that he opposes a select committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks, he said it again Friday: No way.
In letters to key Republican senators, Reid put his foot down – again – on the idea of a special panel to dig into the Sept. 11 assault that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three diplomatic aides in Libya. A select committee would need a floor vote to be created, and Reid said he wouldn’t permit it.
“I refuse to allow the Senate to be used as a venue for baseless partisan attacks,” Reid wrote in the three-page letter, released Friday evening.

And, of course, by “baseless partisan attacks,” what Harry Reid actually means is, the truth

Harry Reid - Caricature
Your name wouldn’t be “Dick” would it?

Yes, Reid is allergic to truth, as I noted at the beginning, and, again, he shows he cares more, far more, about power than about America. He is, the worst kind of politician, and he is a disgrace!