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Dear Rashida Tlaib, guess what two words I have for you?

Go on, guess! Yes one of them does rhyme with duck

And here you go because unlike you this blog stands 100% with Israel!


How did we get radicals like this elected into Congress?

This is from an elected Congressman

This is galling, and despicable rhetoric from anyone, but from a member of Congress? 

Everyone who lives in reality understands Israel wants peaceful coexistence with “Palestine”, or should I say Hamasistine. Two states? It can never work while terrorists, Hamas, controls Palestine. One side wants peace, and respects human rights for ALL, the other prefers a culture of death and barbarism.

Here, allow this tweet to sum it up

And, of course, we ca always look for ourselves and see, and hear what the “peaceful” Palestinians are in favor of. Death and barbarism