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*AUDIO* Mark Steyn: Syphilis, Transgender Waxing, And Emotional Support Hedgehogs



Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin Launches Television Show

Mark Levin, One Of The Nation’s Most Listened To Radio Hosts, Launches Television Show – CRTV


Washington, DC (February 18, 2016) – CRTV is announcing the launch of LevinTV, hosted by one of the nation’s most compelling, passionate and thoughtful Conservative voices, Mark Levin. Having just signed a contract extension to continue his nation wide radio broadcast to millions of listeners for another nine years, the six-time New York Times best-selling author is further expanding his media network, to reach an even larger audience through a dynamic, cutting edge, digital based television platform. LevinTV will be America’s new televised Town Hall meeting and is the next step in the evolution of digital conservative media.

LevinTV will be produced five days a week in a state-of-the-art studio built exclusively for the Show. It will be broadcast in HD, featuring one of the most technologically advanced television sets ever created. Mark Levin will bring his unique perspective of pro-American and patriotic values to his new TV show that champions liberty and true conservatism.

LevinTV is a commercial-free explosion of Mark Levin’s engaging personality, unique intellect and passionate commentary about history, economics, philosophy and the latest political and current events. The show will also feature exclusive, long-form interviews with compelling guests from all walks of life.

“I have the greatest audience in the world and I give them my best every night,” said Mark Levin. “I am thrilled we are expanding our Town Hall meeting place for patriots, by taking TV broadcasting to a new level on multiple platforms where I will speak directly to my audience – uncensored, without middlemen, and commercial free.” Levin added, “I make no excuses for my patriotism, I am proud of it, and LevinTV will reflect it. It’s about time there is a place on television where people can go and have their principles, beliefs, and values reinforced rather than attacked.”

How to Watch

LevinTV launches on March 7, 2016. His inaugural episode, along with hours of preview material, can be accessed on any digital or mobile device. Levin’s loyal audience and new fans alike can subscribe for an entire year for $59 (just $4.92 a month) saving $10 off the regular price of $69 a year by subscribing on or before March 7. Monthly subscription fees are $7.99. By keeping subscription prices low, LevinTV will be accessible to a large and growing audience.

For more information, visit www.LevinTV.com.



Mark Levin Receives Unprecedented Nine-Year Radio Contract Extension

Mark Levin Receives Lifetime Contract For Radio Show – Daily Wire


On Thursday, Westwood One announced that conservative radio giant Mark Levin’s talk show has been renewed through 2025, essentially a lifetime contract. The network stated: Levin, one of the most important, popular, and trusted voices in radio, is always at the top of the political conversation. Indeed, his name has been invoked by candidates throughout the presidential primary process during the debates and at campaign rallies.”

Levin’s fearlessness in standing for conservative principles has been demonstrated consistently over the years. As Sean Hannity said of Levin, “He has not moved. He has not changed. He believes the principles that were applied back when worked then, and if applied now to today’s problems would be just as effective.”

Some of the over 300 stations on which Levin appears include WABC-AM/New York; KRLA-AM/Los Angeles; WLS-AM/Chicago; KSFO-AM/San Francisco; WBAP-AM/Dallas; KTRH-AM/Houston; WMAL-AM/Washington, DC; WJR-AM/Detroit; and WNTP-AM/Philadelphia.

Levin said, “I could not be more pleased to extend my radio partnership with Cumulus/Westwood One. For the next nine years – an unprecedented long-term relationship in the broadcasting industry – I am committed to continuing to bring the best possible program, both substantive and entertaining, to my millions of beloved and loyal listeners each and every day.”

Bart Tessler, Westwood One EVP, News & Talk, enthused, “We couldn’t be more pleased to announce this lifetime agreement with Mark. To know that we’ll be working together for so many years is a Mark Levin Show primary victory and a big win for affiliates, advertisers, and listeners. Mark’s tenure will now exceed that of a two-term president and that means continued excellence on the air on a nightly basis.”

Levin’s glittery resume includes his work as an attorney before he soared to acting as a top adviser and administrator to several members of President Ronald Reagan’s cabinet. He rose to the position of Chief of Staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese. Levin serves as the president of the prestigious Landmark Legal Foundation, a non-profit legal advocacy group based in Leesburg, VA.

Levin’s prolific writing career has seen him writing numerous New York Times best-selling books, including: “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America”; “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto”; “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America”; “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic”; and “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future.”

Honored by the American Conservative Union, Hillsdale College, The Fund for American Studies, The Media Research Center, and Citizens United/Breitbart. Levin received his B. A. degree, with numerous honors, from Temple University, and his J.D. degree from Temple University School of Law.



*AUDIO* Mark Levin: The Leftist News Media And The GOP Debates




Leftist Radio Host Threatens To Endanger Public By Calling In False Police Reports When He Sees Legal Gun Possession

Libtalker Mike Malloy Vows To Start Panic If He Sees Open Carry Permit Holder With Gun – Newsbusters

Look no further for a textbook example of what passes for logic from a liberal.

If there’s one thing leftist radio host Mike Malloy really hates, or so he claims, it is suffering from the improper use of firearms. Being a gun owner, he doesn’t hate guns themselves or want them banned, based on what he’s said on his show. More accurately, the thing he seems to hate most is when conservatives own guns. (Audio after the jump)

Malloy, a former CNN news writer and Air America Radio host, seldom lets an hour pass without complaining about a new law in Georgia that allows concealed carry permit holders to bring guns to bars, supermarkets, municipal buildings and some parts of airports.

Those who hold open carry permits and brandish their guns in public are another target of Malloy’s ire, to the point that Malloy recently made this bizarre threat (audio) –

I guess what I’ll do if I’m ever in that situation and I see one of these half-witted yahoos walking in with a weapon, high-caliber rifle like that, I’ll just put on a berserk act. I will just start screaming Gun! Gun! Gun! Watch out, everybody hit the deck! Guns! Guns! Everybody! And then dial 911 and I will say, shots fired, which will bring every g**-damned cop within 15 miles. And then the half-wits with the long guns are going to panic and they’re going to run out of the store and if that rifle isn’t shouldered properly, the cop is going to take a look at that and put a bullet right in their forehead.

And Mike Malloy’s day will be complete.


In his brave, tireless efforts to stop senseless injuries and deaths from firearms, Malloy vows to start a panic in a public area – which would easily result in injuries and possibly fatalities. Clearly it has not crossed Malloy’s fevered mind that if he was actually opposed to senseless injuries and deaths, the last thing he would do is suggest what he did. Guess who goes to jail if you shout fire when there is none in a crowded theater, Mike? Diverting police with bogus 911 calls might prevent them from helping those in genuine distress. You really ought to think these things through.

This is what you can expect from a man who has also threatened to shoot an unnamed National Rifle Association board member – another example of Malloy’s meager efforts to cut down on violence.



*AUDIO* Walid Shoebat Discusses Egypt And Benghazi On The Jeffrey Kuhner Radio Program 07/02/13

……………………….Click on image above for audio clip.

Click HERE to visit the official website of Walid Shoebat.


*AUDIO* Congressman Jim Bridenstine Discusses The Necessity Of Stopping ObamaCare On The Mark Levin Radio Show


Leftist tolerance summarized in one video clip

Duane Lester has it

So should the outrage of a liberal talk radio host Thaddeus Mathews’ racist comment.  Matthews’ browbeat black GOP Congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann, repeatedly swore at her and kicked her out of his studio.  When she offered her hand,  he refused to shake it, saying he didn’t want any of her whiteness to rub off on her.

This lady is being bullied by some half rate wannabe thug for one reason. She DARES to be a Republican. She DARES to think for herself. Thaddeus Matthews would never dare speak to a man this way for fear of getting his faced caved in. I truly hope this bag of feces does not have a wife or girlfriend, lest he “put them in their place” when they think for themselves.

Here is the clip

The NFL’s Most Overrated Quarterbacks | Bleacher Report

Interesting list here. Thoughts? My take is that putting Favre and Fouts on the list is just stupid, no defense for those calls at all. I do completely agree with Joe Namath being #1 though. 

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Climate of Hate, Rush Limabaugh, cheerleaders and Pimples…………..

Must not be tolerated according to Matt, who makes a great point using only humor

Young Billy is a 17-year old boy who enjoys math riddles, glee club and has plans to run for student body President.  All that changed in an instant.Last week Billy asked popular cheerleader Shannon to the prom.  He was rejected. In a cold-blooded utterance that can only be described as “terroristic in intent” Shannon told Billy that he “wasn’t her type.

Now a devastated Billy stays in his room playing online video games, occasionally taking time out to mow the lawn or read the Bible.

The backlash against Shannon and her hate-filled rejection of Billy is intense.  Many local residents blame talk radio.

“It’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault” said one.

“Fox news and talk radio” said another.  “I don’t like what they have to say.   They promote a climate of hate.  Why else would she reject him?”

The local Democratic party pickets outside Shannon’s house.

Hey.  Ho.  Hate speech has got to go!’ read the placards. One person picketing outside her house told reporters:

Royal Marshall, Key Part Of Neal Boortz’s Radio Team, Has Passed

Royal Marshall, Key Part Of Neal Boortz’s Radio Team, Has Passed – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Raymond Royal Marshall, a crucial cog on syndicated talk show host Neal Boortz’s radio team as a sidekick and engineer, has died.

Pete Spriggs, program director for AM750 and now 95.5 FM News/Talk WSB, said he collapsed at his Atlanta home and was pronounced dead at Grady Hospital at about 1 a.m. early Saturday morning.

Assistant Program Director Condace Pressley said it was too soon to pinpoint cause of death. He was 43.

“He was a good man,” she said. “I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Marshall worked with WSB Radio for 17 years, according to the WSB Radio biography for Marshall.

Here’s the print edition story about Marshall that ran in Sunday’s paper.

UPDATE (Monday, January 17, 2010 at 10 a.m.): WSB Radio said Marshall had a fatal heart attack Saturday. His funeral service will be held at Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur Saturday at 11 a.m. It’s open to the public. WSB aired a tribute to Marshall Monday morning. Boortz announced the death of Marshall to his national syndicated network listeners at 10 a.m. Erick Erickson subbed in for Boortz today. Boortz said he will be back on air Tuesday morning live.

A St. Louis native and graduate of the University of Georgia in 1992, he got his start at WSB Radio as a board operator working overnights. Soon after, he joined Boortz as engineer and board operator.

In 1996, he started his own radio talk show called “The Royal Treatment,” which ran for several years, mostly at night.

After his show ended, he continued to work with Boortz, who is heard on hundreds of stations nationwide.

“There are no words available to express my personal sense of loss at the passing of Royal Marshall,” Boortz said in a statement released this morning. “It’s no stretch to say that I loved that man like he was my own brother. Royal had an unmatched sense of humor and a quick mind that made him a natural for radio, and his dedication to his colleagues and friends was only exceeded by his intense dedication to his family. Our program, WSB Radio and the entire Cox family has lost part of its very soul this day.”

“He was always upbeat, always in a good mood,” said Mark Arum, a traffic reporter for WSB Radio for 13 years. “He was always there with a quick line. We were always each other’s sounding board. He was always ready to lend a friendly and understanding ear.”

Rahul Bali, Marshall’s producer from 1998 to 2005, said he watched Marshall mature from happy-go-lucky bachelor to devoted father and community member. “He just grew up,” he said.

Marshall was a deacon at the Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur and chair of the national advisory board at Forever Family, a non-profit organization which helps children who have parents who are incarcerated.

Marshall also dabbled in stand-up comedy at the Punchline for a few years. “He had an easy way with people and was very comfortable with the mike,” said Jamie Bendall, who owns the Punchline. “I thought he was a natural.”

WSB Radio announced the sad news at noon today. The station then held a moment of silence on air for Marshall before airing a special hour of Boortz’s show in honor of Marshall afterwards. If you’d like to sign the ajc.com guestbook, here is the link. You can read WSB Radio’s story here.

In that WSB Radio story, executive producer Belinda Skelton said: “For 15 years it’s been Royal and Belinda. My other half is gone. I don’t know if I can sit and look at someone else on the other side of that glass.”

The station did tributes all afternoon. Arum and Clark Howard joined Adam Goldfein to take calls and reminisce.

Marshall is survived by his wife Annette and two daughters, two-year-old Ava and four-year-old Amira.

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Newbusters: Sharpton sums up how the Left really feels about freedom of speech

If a picture is worth 1,00 words, how much is this video worth?Sharpton claims not to want government censorship. No, he merely wants anything that might be perceived as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. to be censored. In other words he wants the FCC to ban speech the Left does not approve of.

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