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#BlackLivesMatter Terrorists Plotted To Blow Up Ferguson Police Station But Ran Out Of EBT Funds For Bomb Parts

New Black Panther Leaders Sentenced to 7 Years In Prison For Plotting Major Bomb Attack On #Ferguson Police Dept – Gateway Pundit

Peaceful Protests –

Two New Black Panthers members were indicted in April on charges they were planning to bomb public buildings including the Ferguson police station.

The two panthers admitted in court they were plotting a major bomb attack but ran out of money on their EBT cards.


Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis,22 were indicted on charges by federal agents.

Two St. Louis men were ordered Thursday to spend seven years in federal prison for planning a foiled bomb attack targeting the Ferguson police chief, the county’s prosecutor and other officials after last year’s police shooting death of Michael Brown.

Olajuwon Ali is the local leader of the New Black Panther Party in St. Louis. Last year he released a video inviting local blacks to join his group.

The two #BlackLivesMatter activists admitted in court that they were planning to blow up the Ferguson police station and murder St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch… But they didn’t have enough money on their EBT card!



Perv Jailed After Bringing Computer To Police Station, Asking Cops If He Was Wanted On Child Pornography Charges

Man Jailed After Bringing Computer To Police Station, Asking Officers If He Was Wanted On Child Pornography Charges – Weekly Vice

Jay Riley, a 21-year-old Virginia man, was jailed last Tuesday after he allegedly brought his computer to a police station, and asked officers if they wanted to arrest him on child pornography charges.


According to Prince William County Police, Riley was surfing porn sites on his computer last week when an “FBI Warning Message” popped up on his screen.

Investigators say the message told Riley that he needed to pay a fine or be subject to a child pornography criminal investigation.

Taking the message seriously, Riley packed up his computer, headed down to his local police station and asked officers if there were any child porn warrants for his arrest.

Officers searched Riley’s computer and found several inappropriate photographs and chat log messages Riley had exchanged with a 13-year-old girl from Minnesota.

Armed with a search warrant, detectives seized a computer and several other electronic devices from Riley’s home.

Riley was booked into jail and charged with 3 counts of possessing child pornography, 1 count of using a communication device to solicit certain offenses involving children and 1 count of indecent liberties with a minor.

The message that prompted Riley to go to a police station was later determined to be a virus that had been downloaded to his computer.

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A Hooker Walks Into A Police Station…

Woman Arrested On Prostitution Charges After Driving To Salem Police Station To Meet “John” – Statesman Journal

A 20-year-old woman was arrested on charges of prostitution at the Salem Police Department.

Officials said Christal Smith, of Portland, had been communicating with undercover Salem Police Street Crimes Detectives through a website, phone and text messages for a couple of days.

Smith and the undercover detectives negotiated sex in exchange for money and set up a time to meet in Salem Jan. 11. Smith drove from Portland to Salem to meet the “John” at an unmarked door of the police department.

Salem Police spokesman Lt. David Okada said the crimes unit regularly monitors prostitution activity going on in the community.

The website where they intercepted Smith indicated a local tie, he said.

Okada said they do not often set up the meetings at the police station, but it worked out to schedule the meeting there.

“Everybody was surprised that it ended up the way it did,” he said.

In order to get to the door, she walked through the courtyard of Vern Miller Civic Center where the Salem Police Department signs are clearly visible and she walked past several uniformed officers, officials said.

When she approached the door, detectives arrested her and took her into custody. She was booked into the Marion County Jail on charges of prostitution and promoting prostitution.

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Cops, Witnesses Back Up George Zimmerman’s Version – ABC News

Two police reports written the night that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin said that Zimmerman had a bloody face and it looked like his nose was broken. Two witnesses appear to back up Zimmerman’s version of being on his back and beaten by Martin.

 Notice how the media is still playing the  Zimmerman is guilty angle. The report repeats that Martin was “unarmed” several times. They just cannot help themselves. ABC News also reports that Martin had THC in his system.

The teen, who lived in Miami, was in Sanford while serving a suspension for a bag of marijuana being discovered in his possession. Martin had THC, the drug found in marijuana, in his blood on the night of his death, according to the autopsy. His family told ABC News that it was “trace amounts” of THC.

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