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If you live in Virginia Beach, and want some pizza

You should go to this pizza shop

All Around Pizza and Deli in Virginia Beach, VA, is offering a 15% discount to customers who carry a gun in with them or show a concealed carry handgun permit.

The discount began last week, and Jay Laze, the store’s owner, says 80% of his customers have been visibly packing heat ever since.

And the weapons they carry in aren’t limited to handguns. Customers have carried in Ruger Mini-14 rifles and at least one AK-47. 

Moreover, mothers, coming in to eat with their children, are doing so with pistols on their hip

Boy, I bet David Frum would soil himself if he found out


I guess arson is easier than just making a better pizza

From the Blogmocracy comes this story

Times are tough during the Obama Boom. Competition for scarce dollars has many companies trying to outdo rivals. In a sign of this escalating rivalry between companies, two managers from a  Lake City, FL Domino’s Pizza burnt down a rival Papa Johns Pizza.

Two managers of a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Lake City have been charged with arson in connection with a fire that gutted a Papa John’s Pizza location.

Dude! I have eaten Dominoes Pizza, and, compared to Papa Johns, Dominoes sucks, no doubt, but arson? They must be Democrats.

Papa John's Pizza
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