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What we need more of

You want to “sell” Conservatism to Blacks? Hispanics? Young folks? Gays? We will NEVER, I repeat NEVER get there by pandering to these groups. So how will we get there? By coming together, and focusing on the core values that unite Conservatives, Libertarians, and Republicans. 90 Miles From Tyranny posts a good video We need MORE of this

Dana Loesch sums it up very well Skip ahead to 7:30

When Democrats say “by ANY means necessary”…..

They bloody well mean it!

The important thing to understand about the Democrat Party is that they have no moral or philosophical principles of any kind. The Democrat Party is about power for its own sake, and everything that Democrats claim to stand for is negotiable, subject to change if necessary to win elections. For example, if racism will win election for Democrats, then they will use racism to win elections:

Go read what the miscreants are up to now


Face it there are some things the government just has no business legislating

No doubt that Conservatives will agree with that headline, and why wouldn’t they? I mean Conservatism’s main message is the smaller the government the better. But, as with any rule, there are the exceptions, and some “Social” Conservatives are all for the government sticking its nose out of their business, until, of course, they are offended by something, and then, well they cannot wait for the FCC or some other agency to save them from some offense. Rob Port at Say Anything links to Roger Simon’s piece that I think hits the right tone

Roger Simon writes that those who truly value limited government should stop seeking government solutions to social problems.

It’s interesting how some of those who most vociferously object to government interference in our economic affairs are most desirous of government interference in our personal ones.

I’m referring of course to social conservatives, who want to legislate our morals and values according to their views. …

The social issues, whatever your position, are best dealt with outside the governmental realm.

I realize this is an unattainable goal and that government will always intrude in our private lives to some degree, but we must fight against it as much as possible for several reasons.

To begin with, social conservatives will be vastly more successful at having their views accepted if they make their case extrinsic of government.

To clarify here, I do not think most Social conservatives want the government to get involved, but certainly many do, and they are not doing anyone any favors by abandoning their Conservative brains. Rob Port sums it up nicely

Conservatives would do better to embrace the idea that individuals are allowed to make decisions, even if the decisions made are ones we necessarily like.

Exactly! Freedom does mean that some will make decisions we dislike, or that offend us, that is part of a free society. And things like using taxes to punish, or reward certain behaviors is something a government ought never do. Likewise, every “Blue Law” ought to be repealed, as should sodomy laws, what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes is their business not yours, or mine, and certainly none of government’s business. And remember this, some of the biggest nanny state type laws come from city councils and county commissions, or from state legislatures. 

The difference between Liberals and Conservatives?

Well, there are many. Here are just a few I thought of sitting here this evening

Conservatives believe abortion kills an unborn child, therefore they oppose it. Liberals believe abortion kills an unborn child as well, they just do not care.

Conservatives believe that self-defense is a fundamental human right, therefore they fully support the Constitutional guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms. Liberals believe self-defense, and gun ownership encourages self-reliance and individualism, therefore they are for disarming the citizenry.

Liberals believe that people who want everyone to get a tax cut are greedy. Conservatives believe that people who want to mooch of the success if others are greedy!

Conservatives believe that skin color, gender, and sexual orientation are unimportant, and that it is personal character that truly matters. Liberals are obsessed with labeling everyone, and hyphenating as many Americans as they can.

Conservatives and Liberals both cherish diversity, but in different ways. Conservatives view different ideals, ideologies, and opinions, and backgrounds as diversity. Conservatives also do not mind dissent, they welcome the chance to debate. Liberals, on the other hand see diversity as people having certain ideals based not on opinion, but on gender, skin color, or sexual orientation. Liberals also LOATHE any opinion except theirs of course.

Conservatives define freedom of speech as every American having a perfect right to voice their views. Liberals define freedom of speech as anyone toeing the Liberal line having the right to speak.

Both Conservatives and Liberals see the Constitution as a living document. Conservatives view the Constitution as a living document that actually means what it says, and that is the supreme law of the land. Liberals say the Constitution is living, meaning that it can mean anything a Liberal wants it to mean.

Conservatives believe that competition is a good thing. Liberals believe competition is bad because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

Conservatives believe history is important because it teaches us about where we have been, and that we can learn from knowledge of history. Liberals believe history is important because they can twist it to teach children that America is a racist, sexist, greedy nation that needs more Marxism.

Conservatives are more optimistic and Liberals are more pessimistic.

Conservatives are more charitable. They believe in giving THEIR money. Liberals are less charitable and tend to believe that real charity is the government taking other people’s money to spend on social programs Liberals favor.

There are more I might add later but I close with the BIGGEST difference between Conservatives and Liberals.

Conservatives are Individualists, meaning they believe that the rights defined in the Constitution are Natural, or God-give rights, that government cannot take away. Liberals are Collectivists, meaning that they see individualism as a dangerous thing. They also believe that all rights should come ONLY from government, and that individual rights are secondary to the “common good”.

The Useful Idiot of October?

Conservative Hideout does a great job picking the Useful Idiot every month. And this month, the winners are………….

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the Occupods won the fight for Useful Idiot of the Month for October 2011. Of course, being Communists, they won it collectively.

I don’t know what else can be said.  I’ve been covering them ruthlessly.  It isn’t all that often that the hard left completely exposes themselves, so I simply cannot let them go.  There is too much to be documented, and I intend on showing you as much of it as I can.  Here is a sampling of these posts…

Go check out what is compiled there, and spread it around

A sneek peak at Ed’s Halloween costume

Y’all might not know that Ed Daley, my blogging partner, is REALLY into Halloween. This year, I offer up a glimpse of his costume, somehow Weasel Zippers got it


O.K., actually that is not Ed, but, I do have good news, The Queen of the Food Police has granted us all permission to eat candy the Halloween.

(The Stir) — Forget the cost of candy and the spooky costumes. The scariest part of Halloween for Mom comes at the end of the night, when that heaping helping of sugar is dumped on the living room floor and the kids dive in. Who better to help you handle the holiday without being a candy-skipping grinch than First Lady Michelle Obama?

She is, after all, the mom behind the national childhood obesity-fighting initiative Let’s Move. We’ve seen her hula hooping on the White House lawn to make exercise fun. So here at The Stir, we wanted to know what the president’s wife thinks of the sugar-fueled frenzy that is October 31. What she told our very own Tracy Odell during a session at the White House might surprise you.

Sasha and Malia Obama get their candy fix on Halloween just like the rest of the kids in America! And our First Lady thinks that’s the way it ought to be:

Our philosophy is if you live right every day — and I shouldn’t say “right,” but if you make good choices every day — I tell this to my girls all the time — that when it’s time for the holidays and the fun stuff and the birthday party, that you don’t have to worry about it because you’re doing what you’re supposed to do every single day. So we really talk about daily choices that they’re making, and balance. Right? Because I don’t want them to have to worry about how much candy they eat on Halloween.


The Left fears the Tea Party

Silver Fiddle lays it out very well, all that hatred the Left is spewing? It is panic!

Why the irresponsible, angry and hateful rhetoric from the left? Because we are winning! 

Why is the poisonous progressive vituperation aimed primarily at the tea party? Because it is The Threat, the biggest gun in the pro-liberty arsenal, steadily pounding away at the walls of the statist citadels.

Gallup confirms that conservatives are consolidating gains, with an incredible 41% of Americans now self-identifying as conservative, and even greater number than the 36% who call themselves moderate. The ragged, saggy ranks of liberals continues to droop, now at 21%.

We’re Killing The Beast

I still can’t believe it, but I think we are actually killing the progressive beast. It’s a long way from its final death throes, but we are slowly choking it, and it is now writhing violently, horned head, spiky tail and taloned limbs flailing mindlessly, lashing out at its tormenters. A wounded animal is dangerous. These are perilous times.

Amen! Go read it all