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Why The Particulars Of Obama’s Anti-Gun Executive Orders Are Not The Point

President Obama’s recent announcement that he seeks to circumvent the Legislative branch of our federal government and implement changes to America’s gun laws via executive order has got every right-leaning American’s knickers in a twist, and rightly so. However, the specifics of what he may propose or attempt to accomplish in this regard are of secondary concern to those of us who still respect our Constitution. To us, the primary matter of consequence is that he would even conceive of such a scheme to begin with.

It’s his fascistic mindset, his conspicuous contempt for our superior culture and largely admirable history, and his brazen disregard for the God-given rights and thoughtful opinions of the people he’s supposed to serve which matter more than anything to those of us who hold sacred the concept of individual liberty.

Suffice it to say that I – and my many, many fellow American patriots – don’t care even slightly what Barack Obama considers to be “responsible” gun-control measures. All we have to know is that it’s not his prerogative to impose ANY limitations whatsoever upon our common Bill of Rights.

Once that simple fact is understood, no other argument is germane to the topic.

If I were a lawyer, this is the point at which I would say: I rest my case.