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Egypt: 5 Dead, 600 Injured In Overnight Clashes In Cairo (Video)

Egypt: 5 Dead, 600 Injured In Overnight Clashes In Cairo – Right Scoop

It seems like Egypt is once again descending into chaos with these violent clashes between Morsi’s supporters and his detractors. According to the report below, just last night’s clashes left 5 dead and 600 injured. The military has finally moved in and ordered people to leave the presidential palace area but they are supposed to return later.

YAHOO NEWS – The Egyptian army deployed tanks and gave both supporters and opponents of Mohammed Morsi a deadline to leave the area outside the presidential palace Thursday following fierce street battles that left five people dead and more than 600 injured in the worst outbreak of violence between the two sides since the Islamist leader’s election.

The intensity of the overnight violence, with Morsi’s Islamist backers and largely secular protesters lobbing firebombs and rocks at each other, signaled a possible turning point in the 2-week-old crisis over the president’s assumption of near-absolute powers and the hurried adoption of a draft constitution.

Opposition activists defiantly called for another protest outside the palace later Thursday, raising the specter of more bloodshed as neither side showed willingness to back down.

But the army’s Republican Guard, an elite unit assigned to protect the president and his palaces, gave protesters on both sides until 3 p.m. (1300 GMT, 8 a.m. EDT) to clear the vicinity, according to an official statement. The statement also announced a ban on protests outside any of the nation’s presidential palaces.


Here’s a video of some of the clashes. As the video opens you’ll see the Muslim Brotherhood offices in Cairo on fire as protesters are burning whatever they can of Morsi’s party:


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