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*VIDEO* Lord Christopher Monckton Annihilates The Absurd Arguments Of Global Warming Nutbags

Lord Christopher Monckton annihilates the absurd arguments of Communistic global warming nutbags at the Heartland Institute’s 13th annual International Conference On Climate Change – Washington, D.C. (07/25/19)




*AUDIO* Mark Steyn: Trump Vs. The Global Warming Lunatics



GOP Establishment Nutbags Promised Amnesty In Spanish Version Of SOTU Response (Video)

GOP Promised Amnesty In Spanish Version Of SOTU Response – Gateway Pundit



The Grand Old Party promised amnesty in their Spanish version of the State of the Union response.

And they thought they’d get away with it.



Conservative Treehouse reported:

There is a bigger controversy about to break wide-open that’s potentially far more significant than Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell approving Nikki Haley’s non-subtle attack on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. That bigger controversy is the Spanish version of the GOP State of the Union rebuttal containing an “amnesty pledge“.

Governor Haley gave the English version, Miami Representative and party-insider Mario Diaz-Barlat delivered it in Spanish. Here’s a (paragraph by paragraph) comparison as translated by the Miami Herald (emphasis mine):

English (Via Haley): No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country.

Spanish (Via Diaz-Barlat): No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love the United States should ever feel unwelcome in this country. It’s not who we are.

English: At the same time, that does not mean we just flat out open our borders. We can’t do that. We cannot continue to allow immigrants to come here illegally. And in this age of terrorism, we must not let in refugees whose intentions cannot be determined.

Spanish: At the same time, it’s obvious that our immigration system needs to be reformed. The current system puts our national security at risk and is an obstacle for our economy.

English: We must fix our broken immigration system. That means stopping illegal immigration. And it means welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants, regardless of their race or religion. Just like we have for centuries.

Spanish: It’s essential that we find a legislative solution to protect our nation, defend our borders, offer a permanent and human solution to those who live in the shadows, respect the rule of law, modernize the visa system and push the economy forward.



Pro-Amnesty Nutbags Storm Eric Cantor’s Election Night Headquarters Following Concession Speech (Video)

Chaos! Amnesty Acticists Storm Cantor’s HQ After Concession Speech – Gateway Pundit

This was crazy!

Adding insult to injury, far left amnesty activists stormed Eric Cantor’s election night headquarters after his loss to Dave Brat.


They raided the wrong headquarters.

Cantor lost.


That had to hurt.

The Washington Post reported:

As if the political drama were not powerful enough, chaos erupted at election night headquarters shortly after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor conceded his stunning defeat to tea party-backed conservative David Brat.

Cantor addressed his supporters for about four minutes at a suburban Richmond hotel ballroom, then boarded an SUV without taking questions from reporters scurrying after him.

Then it got really rambunctious. In the room of downcast Cantor allies, a new energy suddenly erupted – but not the kind they wanted on election night. A group of immigration activists stormed the ballroom, screaming and waving a flag. “What do we want? Immigration reform! When do we want it? Now!”

A few Cantor supporters tried to block the protesters’ entrance into the ballroom, and pushing and shoving ensued. And before they reached the microphone, one Cantor supporter threw his glass of wine at a female protester. She swore at him in return.

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*VIDEO* Global Warming Nutbags Sign Petition To Lower The Temperature Of The Sun

H/T Defy The Narrative


*VIDEO* Christopher Monckton Verbally Bitchslaps Global Warming Nutbags At Climate Conference


Texas Fred’s Got Pat Robertson’s Number.

Pat Robertson: ‘Haiti Earthquake Result Of Pact With The Devil’ – Texas Fred

There are a lot of things that can be said about Pat Robertson. Many people love him and hang on his every word. I am NOT one of those people.

I am of the belief that Robertson is a few sandwiches short of a pic-nic.

This YouTube isn’t all I am basing my opinion on. Oh no, one stupid statement does not a moonbat make.

Pat Robertson: ‘Haiti earthquake result of pact with the devil’

WASHINGTON – Conservative televangelist Rev. Pat Robertson on Wednesday blamed the earthquake in Haiti on a “pact with the devil” purportedly entered into by the Haitian people in a bid to defeat French colonizers in the late 18th century.

“Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it,” Robertson said on his Christian Broadcasting Network show. “They were under the heel of the French … and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, ‘We will serve you if you’ll get us free from the French.’

“True story. And the devil said, ‘OK, it’s a deal,”‘ Robertson said. “Ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after another.”

Hours after his comments ignited a firestorm in the news media and online, Robertson’s “700 Club” TV show issued a statement elaborating on his remarks.

Robertson’s comments were based “on the widely-discussed 1791 slave rebellion… where the slaves allegedly made a famous pact with the devil in exchange for victory over the French. This history, combined with the horrible state of the country, has led countless scholars and religious figures over the centuries to believe the country is cursed,” the statement said. SOURCE – OrlandoSentinel.com

Dude… You seriously need to shut the hell up and get back on your medications.

And I really want to take issue with the writer of this story over the opening line; ‘Conservative televangelist Rev. Pat Robertson’. Pat Robertson is NOT a Conservative, he’s a loon, a moonbat and he’s not speaking for me or anyone that I know that proudly wears the name Conservative!

“Dr. Robertson never stated that the earthquake was God’s wrath,” the statement went on. It added that “Dr. Robertson’s compassion for the people of Haiti is clear. He called for prayer for them.”

No Pat, the quake was caused by an abrupt movement deep within the earth and a shifting of a plate or a fault line. I’m pretty sure that in your mind however, since it happened deep inside the earth, it was a movement from HELL.

And Pat, you need to look into these volcano things, they might be the Devil releasing the fires of hell upon us. Just sayin’…

Click HERE For Fred’s Complete Remarks On The Subject.


After reading Fred’s thoughtful take on Robertson, I decided to leave a comment of my own on his fine website. Here’s what I wrote – edited slightly.

Robertson has always been prone to spouting – shall we say – “questionable” rhetoric, but in recent years he’s mutated from a fairly harmless nincompoop into a barking mad, fire-and-brimstone-spewing crackpot.

Even if one actually believes in such things as curses, common human decency prohibits making the sort of statement that Pat did on national television while tens of thousands (at least) of men, women and children are lying dead or dying in the streets.

Somehow I doubt that the survivors of the recent catastrophe in Haiti will be comforted by the notion that Reverend Robertson is now praying for their immortal souls, especially since he just opined that their entire nation has been damned to hell.

Think about it… on the one hand, every Haitian is condemned (according to Pat) to suffer eternal damnation, which means any prayers for them are sure to fall on deaf ears. On the other hand, the good Reverend is praying for them anyway. Why?

Pick a freakin’ lane, jackass, and stay in it. Either the Haitians have been judged and sentenced by God – in which case you can’t save them with prayer – or they haven’t been judged yet, and you’re a raving dillhole for suggesting that they have.