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Doug’s NFL picks Week 5

Week 4 9-6

Season Standings 40-23

Thursday Night

Bills 2-2 at Browns 2-2

Sunday Games 1:00

The winner will be 3-2, which in today’s NFL means they will be in the Playoff hunt. The Bills are fresh off a thumping of the Ravens, and the Browns have won two straight after trading Trent Richardson and benching Brandon Weeden. Make it three in a row tonight

Pats 4-0 at Bengals 2-2

The Pats just keep winning, the Bengals just keep finding ways to set NFL unis back twenty years. Pats win

Lions 3-1 at Pack 1-2

This might be the year the Lions finally break out, but not this week, Packers win

Ravens 2-2 at Dolphins 3-1 The Dolphins got whacked Monday night in New Orleans, but that happens a lot on that city, this week the Ravens get mugged in Miami

Seahawks 4-0 at Colts 3-1

Best game of the week? It could well be. A Superbowl preview? how the Hell would I know I am only 17-14 in the last two weeks. But, Colts win a close one

Saints 4-0 at Bears 3-1

The Saints hope to go undefeated, the Bears will crush that hope

Eagles 1-3 at NY Giants 0-4

The Eagles looked great in the first half of the first game, but since then their new fast offense has averaged a loss every 18 seconds. Giants win

Chiefs 4-0 at Titans 3-1

Andy Reid is on track for coach of the year, and the Chiefs win a close contest. Is it too much to ask the Titans to bust out their old Oiler unis this week? 

Jags 0-4 at Rams 1-3

The Rams are bad, but the Jags are uglier than their helmets. Rams win

Sunday Games 4:00

Panthers 1-3 at Cards 2-2

Can I be honest here? No one will watch this game, no one cares, but Panthers will win any way

Broncos 4-0 at Cowboys 2-2

The Cowboys are on their win one, lose one formula headed to another 8-8 year. Peyton Manning is on a different level. 

Sunday Night

Texans 2-2 at Niners 2-2

Two teams that should have better records. Two teams that REALLY need a win. Hmmm, I will go with the Niners

Chargers 2-2 at Raiders 1-3

The good news for Oakland is that the A’s are in the playoffs. The bad news for Oakland is they get their starting QB back. The worse news for Oakland? That QB is Terrell Pryor. Chargers win

Monday Night

Jets 2-2 at Falcons 1-3

The Jets are 2-2, headed for 3-13, the Falcons are 1-3 headed for 11-5. Falcons roll!


Pat Summerall passes away at 82

Very sad news today. I grew up listening to greats like Dick Enberg, Verene Lundquist, Charlie Jones, and yes, this man, Pat Summerall. He had a great voice, something that is surprisingly rare in the broadcast business. He will be missed

For many sports fans in the 1960s through the 1990s, Pat Summerall was the voice of the NFL, starting with CBS’ Sunday telecasts and later with Fox, famously paired for much of that time with John Madden.

Summerall, 82, passed away Tuesday in Dallas, said his daughter, Susie Wiles.

“He was an extraordinary man and a wonderful father,” Wiles told the Associated Press. “I know he will be greatly missed.”

The Dallas Morning News reported Summerall died in his room at Dallas’ Zale Lipshy Hospital, where he was recovering from surgery for a broken hip.

Summerall worked a record 16 Super Bowls, drawing on his football relationships made during his nine-plus years as a kicker in the NFL, primarily for the then-Chicago Cardinals and New York Giants from 1952 to 1961.



Dougs NFL picks, Week 9

I must be practicing for senility, I forgot to do these three times today!

Chargers over Chiefs

Ravens over Browns

Lions over Jaguars

Pack over Cards

Bears over Titans

Texans over Bills

Colts over Dolphins

Skins over Panthers

Bengals over Broncos

Giants over Steelers

Seahawks over Vikings

Bucs over Raiders

Falcons over Cowboys

Saints over Eagles

Season 69-48

Week 8 6-8 UGH

Week 7 picks 10-3

Week 6 Picks 9-5

Week 5 picks 8-5

Week 4 picks 10-5

Week 3 picks 7-9 UGH

Week 2 picks 8-8 UGH

Week 1 picks 11-5


Doug’s NFL picks, Week 6

Steelers Topple  Titans

Bucs Bust Chiefs

Jets Corral Colts

Bengals Best Browns

Lions Edge Eagles

Falcons Rout Raiders

Dolphins Dunk Rams

Ravens Clock Cowboys

Cards Bash Bills

Pats Soar past Seahawks

Giants Nail Niners

Skins Stun Vikes

Pack Punk Texans

Chargers Beat Down Broncos

Week 5 picks 8-5

Week 4 picks 10-5

Week 3 picks 7-9 UGH

Week 2 picks 8-8 UGH

Week 1 picks 11-5

Season 44-32 UGH!


MLB Playoffs set to start


There is a lot going on in baseball as the post season starts Friday. We have our first Triple Crown winner, in Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera. We have Boston 86ing Bobby Valentine, and we have two great stories of teams that came from nowhere to make the playoffs, Washington, Baltimore and Oakland. The postseason begins tomorrow afternoon in Atlanta, as the Braves host the defending champion St. Louis  Cardinals, and in Texas, where my Rangers, fresh from choking the AL West title away host those surprising Orioles of Baltimore.

This is a new stage in the playoffs. MLB added an extra Wild Card in each league, and both of these Friday games will be one game elimination, with the winners facing the Yankees, and Washington Nationals in the Divisional Series. In the other Divisionals, Detroit and Oakland face off in the American League, while the Red and Giants square off in the National League.

So, who am I picking? well in the Wild Card Round I have to go with the Cards, and Rangers. Next, in the ALDS I will say Oakland tops Detroit while the Yankees edge the Rangers and in the NLDS I am picking Giants over the Reds, and the Cardinals over the Nats. Now, in the ALCS, take Oakland over New York, and in the NLCS, the Giants over the Cards. That would set up an all Bay area series, which last happened in 1989 with Oakland crushing the Giants in a series interrupted by an earthquake.

Now for some history, the Giants and A’s have met three other times in the Fall Classic back when they were the New York Giants and the Philadelphia A’s.  In 1905, 1911, and 1913. The A’s won in 1911, and 1913, and the Giants took the 1905 series. The 1905 series is unique for several reasons. I 1903, the Boston Americans, later known as the Red Sox, beat the Pittsburg Pirates  yes Pittsburg had no “H” back then 5 games to 3. The next year, the Americans repeated as AL champs, and the New York Giants took the NL Pennant. The Giants refused to play a World Series though, as both the manager John McGraw, and the owner John T. Brush held ill feelings towards the American League. McGraw had been hired as player/manager of the AL’s Baltimore Orioles franchise, no, that franchise is not the same team as today’s Orioles. When McGraw left Baltimore for the Giants, American League head Ban Johnson moved the Orioles to New York, to compete with the Giants. that team was first called the Highlanders, but, shortly, they were renamed the Yankees.

All of this led to no series in 1904, and also to a new deal on an annual series, which is still being played today. That 1905 series is still the only one in which every game was a shutout, and where 9 of the 10 starting pitchers threw complete games. The Giants Christy Mathewson threw three of the four Giant victories. And, another bit of trivia. When you watch the A’s play notice on their jerseys is a white elephant, which is part of their logo. That too sprung from 1905 when Giants manager John McGraw called the A’s white elephants, and some of the A’s gave McGraw a statue of a white elephant during the series.


Tiki Barber the walking definition of an asshole


After he retired from the the Giants, he ripped his former team mates, who promptly won a Super Bowl without him. Now he has taken despicability to a new low, cheating on his wife with a bimbo, leaving his wife her for a bimbo while his wife was eight months pregnant. What a prick! Way to treat your wife and kids Tiki. And, to be frank, his wife was a lot hotter than the bimbo skeleton he left her for

First the bimbo, who will one day dump Tiki for a younger, or richer guy