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The Dutch are finally getting it, I hope

H/T Zion’s Trumpet! Bare Naked Islam has some positive developments from the Netherlands

AP  The Almighty will have to defend his own name from now on: Dutch parliamenthas accepted a motion that will scrap a law making it a crime to insult God. A majority of parties said the European Union nation no longer needs the law, which hasn’t been invoked in the past half-century.

The movement to decriminalize blasphemy gathered strength in the last decade amid a national debate about the limits of freedom of speech. The climax came at the 2011 trial of far-right politician Geert Wilders, when judges ruled he had the right to criticize Islam, even if his opinions were insulting to many Muslims.

The West must never surrender our liberties, which the Left, and the Islamists have been trying to intimidate us into doing for years. Our liberty is what makes the West better, YES, I said BETTER than the rest of the world. If the Left really cares about the world, and equality, let them, for once, try to export Western values to the less free and less successful portions of the world!

Why do scientists hate sex and coffee?

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Ponders Stacy McCain

We are so doomed:

If you have a brain aneurysm, drinking coffee, having sex or even getting angry may boost the risk of it rupturing, a new study suggests.

One day, you’ll be having a nice cup of coffee, relaxing after sex, and your brain will just explode all over the place, like in Scanners or something. Science is taking all the fun out of life.

Damned science!