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Naked Idiot Whacked Out On Drugs Crashes Stolen Car, Gets Tasered By Cops

Cops: Naked Man Steals Car, Crashes, Says Actor Paul Walker Is In The Trunk – The Examiner


A naked, intoxicated Pennsylvania man was arrested Saturday morning after he crashed a stolen car into a tree, Towamencin Police say. But his being naked wasn’t the only weird thing about the arrest. No, Tyler Preston Dunhan, who later admitted to authorities that he was under the influence of mind-altering substances, presented police with a series of strange behaviors, not the least of which was begging them to shoot him and claiming that late actor Paul Walker was in the trunk of the crashed car.

The Associated Press reported May 11 that Tyler Dunhan, 19, aggressively confronted officers after he crashed a stolen Honda Fit into a tree in Dresher, Pennsylvania. With his fists clenched, he demanded they shoot him. After using a stun gun on the intoxicated teen, police took him into custody.

According to Montgormery News, Towamencin Police were originally called to the scene when a woman called 911 to report that a naked man had entered here home. He had been confronted by the woman’s father and family dog before running outside. He jumped into the family car, a Honda Fit, which was running, its door already open.

According to a police affidavit, an officer soon tracked the car, still running, crashed into a tree, the naked Dunham still inside. The officer repeatedly commanded Dunham to turn off the car and put his hands on the steering wheel, but the teen was incoherent, taking in “completely unrelated gibberish,” according to the officer. With the driver’s failure to comply, the officer drew his weapon.

That’s when Tyler Dunham told him to shoot. “Shoot me in the (expletive) face!” he reportedly said. The officer told him he had no intention of shooting him. Then, when backup officers arrived, Dunham locked all the doors.

With officers yelling for him to exit the vehicle (and believing the teen was going to attempt to drive away), officers went to break the driver’s side window. Dunham revved the engine but could not manage to get the car to reverse (it is not clear whether this was due to the crash or the driver’s state of intoxication), so police continued to pound on the window.

Dunham finally got out of the vehicle and moved toward one of the officers. A second officer shot him in the back with a Taser, whereupon the officers were able to handcuff the teen.

The affidavit claims that while awaiting medical personnel, Dunham allegedly confided that he had taken “Acid, LSD, protein shakes and grass.” He also admitted to stabbing someone. It was at this time that he also yelled, “Check the trunk! Paul Walker is in the trunk!”

Paul Walker is the late actor most famous for starring in the “Fast and Furious” movie series. He was killed in 2013 when the driver of the car he was riding in lost control and crashed.



Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested After Running Out Of His House Naked And Shooting At His Ex-Wife 10 Times

Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested For Shooting At His Ex-Wife – Downtrend


Virgil K. Smith is a democrat in the Michigan state legislature. As a Representative, and now as Senator, he has made a career out of opposing the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, earning himself a 0% rating from the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership and a “D” rating from the NRA. Over the weekend, this anti-gun crusader showed some typical liberal hypocrisy by firing at least 10 shots at his ex-wife following a domestic dispute.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Smith was at home getting busy with a lady friend when hisangry ex-wife showed up. First she was banging on his bedroom window, and then went to the front door. Smith opened the door and his ex-wife pushed her way in. She ran to the bedroom and began attacking Smith’s girlfriend.

Smith tackled his ex-wife and they knocked over a TV. He told his ex-wife to leave, and despite her previous irrational behavior, she complied. Maybe it’s because Smith threatened her with a gun, but that’s not how he tells it. Once outside, the ex-wife threw a chair at Smith’s house. Why there was a chair outside for throwing purposes is anyone’s guess.

At this point, Smith came outside, reportedly naked, with a .22 caliber rifle. As his wife tried to drive off, he shot at her, hitting her Mercedes 10 times. Luckily, she was not struck by the gunfire. He put so much lead into her car that police initially thought he blasted it with a shotgun.

Smith was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a gun and malicious destruction of property. He is currently being held in the Detroit Detention Center as police continue their investigation. For Smith’s part, he told police that it was the stupidest thing he’d ever done.

Besides being an anti-gun hypocrite and a terrible shot, it turns out Smith has a lengthy career as a failed criminal as well. He has 2 DUIs (or the Michigan equivalent of driving while intoxicated) that resulted in his license being revoked. He was caught stealing a textbook from the college bookstore and then lied to police about his identity. He was convicted of disorderly conduct and giving false information. He was also busted trying to steal a bottle of tequila and was convicted of retail fraud, which I guess is what they call shoplifting in Michigan.

Cases like this make me understand why democrats are so anti-gun; they can’t be trusted with firearms and they know it. And they figure if they can’t be trusted with firearms; nobody should be trusted with them. I think democrats, liberals, and anti-gun fanatics should voluntarily disarm instead of going after our rights. It would be easier, more Constitutional, and everyone would be much safer.



Naked Douchebag Goes On Violent Rampage At Oregon Hemp Expo

Police: Naked Man Goes On Violent Rampage At Oregon Hemp Fest – KomoNews


State Police arrested a naked man who was beating on cars and getting into fights at a Southern Oregon music festival that promoted the benefits of hemp.

Troopers went to the Jefferson State Hemp Expo in the Josephine County community of Provolt early Sunday found four men holding the naked man on the ground. Troopers took him into custody.

They said he kicked one of them several times and kept kicking in the back of the patrol car.

Medical personnel sedated the man and he was taken to a hospital in Grants Pass.

State police say 27-year-old Timothy A. Seaux (SO) was later taken to jail and held on charges of criminal mischief, menacing, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.



Drunk Woman Arrested After Showing Up Naked To Visit Husband In Jail

Drunk Woman Shows Up Naked To Visit Husband In Jail – Bizarre World News

A 26-year-old Reston woman was arrested Saturday night after allegedly showing up naked at the Arlington Magistrate’s Office.


Police say Maura Fussell arrived at the magistrate’s office around 11:00 p.m. seeking to visit her husband, who had been arrested in Clarendon earlier that day. She was drunk, completely naked and refused to get dressed or leave in a cab, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

Sternbeck was unable to say whether Fussell arrived at the office wearing clothes and subsequently removed them, or whether she arrived there naked.

Fussell was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and drunk in public. She was held in jail until sober, police said.

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Naked High School Teacher Dry-Humps Mailbox

High School Teacher Arrested For Dry Humping His Mailbox In The Nude – Daily Caller


Police say a high school teacher in Walpole, Mass. wearing only a ski hat, ski goggles and a towel ambled down to his mailbox early Monday morning, then dropped the towel and began thrusting his hips in the direction of the mailbox.

Two women say they witnessed parts of the bizarre incident, reports local FOX affiliate WFXT.

Norfolk County Agricultural High School teacher Marc Mertz trotted from his house, which is secluded behind some trees, down a snow-covered driveway to his mailbox at the edge of what appears to be a reasonably busy road. He was allegedly wearing a towel, a winter hat, goggles and nothing else.

Initially, an unidentified female driver spotted him. The woman said she then drove by a second time – because of course she did. That’s when she saw Mertz without the towel. He was wearing nothing from about the nostrils down.

Walpole police chief John Carmichael said Mertz, 44, then made “a return trip” to the mailbox a couple hours later. This second time, another unidentified female witness also saw him first in a towel and then in the buff.

“The suspect dropped his towel, basically exposed himself to the victim,” Carmichael told WFXT. “He started to gyrate his body in the vicinity of his mailbox.”

When police showed up, Mertz denied everything at first. Then, however, he reportedly confessed to his nudity.

On Wednesday afternoon, police arrested Mertz on charges of gross lewdness and disturbing the peace.

The teacher was later released on $1,000 bail and ordered to avoid the women who reported his antics.

Carmichael noted that Mertz was also busted in a similar situation in 2012 when he “exposed himself to some boaters that were launching at a lake in a similar type incident in Natick.”

According to the Norfolk Aggie website, Mertz is an instructor in the plant, environmental and mechanical technology department. Fox Boston adds that he teaches forestry courses.

School officials at have placed Mertz on administrative leave.

It’s been a bang-up week for Massachusetts teachers in the news. Earlier this week, school officials in Fitchburg, Mass. placed 23-year-old Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson, a special education teacher’s aide, on administrative leave after her awesome modeling photos anonymously appeared in the superintendent’s mailbox.

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Crazy Chick Boards Chicago Train Naked, Declares Herself “Goddess Of The Train”

Chicago Woman Boards Train Naked, Declares Herself “Goddess Of The Train” – Weekly Vice


An unidentified 31-year-old Chicago woman was taken into custody Saturday afternoon after she allegedly stripped naked, boarded a Chicago commuter train and declared herself the “Goddess of the train.”

According to police, officers were dispatched to Chicago’s Red Line station in Granville Saturday afternoon after several witnesses reported that a naked woman had boarded the train and was causing a delay in services.

Investigators say the woman jumped a turnstile, boarded the train naked and declared herself the “Goddess of the train.”

She then reportedly slapped and yelled at several witnesses, demanding that they get off her train.

At one point during the ordeal the woman stormed off towards the motorman’s cabin, declaring that she was going to drive the train. Police arrived on the scene a few moments later and escorted the woman from the premises. She was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston for evaluation.

Police believe the woman suffers from a mental illness. No charges have been announced in the case.

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Naked Idiot Arrested In Police Parking Lot

OPD: Naked Man In Police Parking Lot Charged With Indecent Exposure – Ocala StarBanner

A naked man was arrested late Wednesday when an officer reportedly found him after walking around the parking lot of the Ocala Police Department.


Marcus Aaron Taylor, 28, was held on a charge of indecent exposure in public.

A police officer had stopped Taylor at 10:55 p.m. in the department parking lot, 402 S. Pine Ave. Officer Luis Camacho also responded and wrote the official report.

When Camacho asked Taylor why he was not wearing any clothing, Taylor said, “Because I committed a crime.”

Taylor added that the crime was “lewdness” and said he wanted the officer to take him to jail.

There appeared to be a bandage on Taylor’s head and Camacho asked him why it was there. Taylor said it was for “my tumor” and “don’t worry about it, just take me to jail,” according to the report.

Camacho asked Taylor where he had left his clothing, but Taylor refused to say.

Taylor was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. He was scheduled to make his first appearance before a judge early Thursday via video link from the jail, but his paperwork was not completed, so the judge told Taylor he would see him on Friday.

There was no evidence of a bandage on Taylor’s head during the brief appearance, and no indication of an injury or recent medical procedure.

Taylor was placed on suicide watch at the jail.

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Naked Idiot Tripping On Acid Tells Cops To Go Ahead And Cut Off His Penis

Naked UF Student Asks Cops To Cut His Penis Off (Oh, He Was On LSD) – Miami New Times

During a confrontation with police, 19-year-old University of Florida student Michael Silecchia begged the officers not to cut his penis off. Then he seemingly had an abrupt change of mind and started asking police to in fact go ahead and cut his manhood off.


We should probably mention that he was stark naked at the time and tripping on LSD.

According to The Florida Independent Alligator, Gainesville Police were called in the early hours of Saturday morning to a student apartment complex near campus. Silecchia was disturbing his neighbors by running through the halls.

When officers arrive the student decided to strip naked and also informed police that he was both “God” and “straight.”

He then asked police not to cut his penis off, before asking them to do so. When you’re already tripping your balls off, that sort of logic kind of makes sense.

Police tried to subdue Silecchia but he turned and struck a female officer in the head.

Eventually the student was Tasered six times, hand-cuffed, and taken to a university hospital. At the hospital he also allegedly spit in an employees face. After a three-day stay, he was booked into jail on charges of battery on an officer and resisting arrest.

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Naked Felon Arrested After Crawling Through Female Neighbor’s Doggie Door, Demanding Sex

Naked Man Crawls Through Dog Door, Seeks Sex – Press-Enterprise

A Perris man is behind bars after authorities say he crawled naked through a dog door into a neighbor’s house and demanded sex with the woman who lives there.


Philip John Garcia, 41, has pleaded not guilty to burglary, indecent exposure and being a felon in possession of a firearm. His bail is set at $130,000 because he has a prior conviction for robbery, Riverside County court records show.

According to sheriff’s officials, the woman’s husband had left for work and she was getting ready for bed about 9:30 p.m. April 10 at her home near A Street and Alpine Drive when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. The woman, who had her three large dogs with her, opened the door to find a man she recognized as her neighbor standing there completely naked. Garcia, who might have been intoxicated, basically announced that he was there to have sex with her, said Sgt. Glenn Williams.

The woman, whom Williams described as middle-aged, yelled at Garcia to get out and told him she was calling the police, he said.

Garcia left but deputies later found him at his home. Peering through his window, they saw him lying in his bed, still naked, Williams said. They ordered him to put on some clothes and come out of the house. He complied.

Deputies found a .22 caliber rifle under the bed, Williams said.

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Naked Dumbass Attacks, Tasers Orlando Police Officers

Naked Man Attacks, Tasers Orlando Police Officers – News 13

A man is under arrest after police say he posted threats against police on his Facebook account and then attacked officers while naked when they went to his home to check on him.


According to an arrest report, officers went to 42-year-old Joshua Patrick Hilt’s Phillips Street home to check on him after he posted threats on his Facebook page that he was going to kill cops and himself.

Officers had gone to home earlier in the evening to check on Hill and at the time, they said Hill did not meet the criteria for a Baker Act, which under Florida law allows for involuntary mental health examination of an individual.

Two officers then returned to Hilt’s home around 11:30 p.m. to check on him and as they were speaking with him, he got upset, started yelling and took off his clothes.

The arrest report says that one of the officers told Hilt he was under arrest and when the officer went to subdue him, Hilt grabbed the officer who in turn tackled Hilt to the ground.

While on the ground, Hilt and the officer punched each other and the officer deployed his Taser striking Hilt, police say. Investigators say Hilt then grabbed the Taser and used it on the officer. Another officer then got the Taser away from Hilt but was tased in the process.

Police then say that officer used pepper spray on Hilt to no avail and the officer used his baton, striking Hilt in his arms and legs.

Other officers arrived and were finally able to subdue Hilt and put him in handcuffs.

A total of four Orlando police officers were injured.

Two officers were treated at the scene by Orange County Fire Rescue. Two other officers were taken to Florida Hospital South for injuries. One officer was treated for head and arm injuries and the other was treated for an arm injury.

Hilt was also taken to Florida Hospital South where he was treated for minor injuries before being taken to the Orange County Jail.

Hilt has been charged with five counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, three counts of depriving an officer’s means of protection/communication, five counts of resisting officer-interference with a law enforcement officer with violence, exposure of sexual organs, and indecent exposure.

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Stripper Steals Steaks From Grocery Store, Then Walks Around Outside Naked From The Waist Down

Elizabeth Hoen Lost Her Pants And Did The Shoplifter’s Dance – Weekly Vice

Elizabeth Hoen, an 18-year-old Wisconsin woman, was jailed Friday after she allegedly stole three steaks from a local grocery store, then stood half-naked in front of nearby catering company.


According to police, officers were dispatched to 131 W. Thomas in Wausau after witnesses called to report a woman who was naked from the waist down standing near the location.

When officers arrived on the scene, Hoen had already put her pants back on, but fled when she saw officers approaching. A male companion that was standing with Hoen also fled the scene.

Officers, who chased Hoen down, found three steaks in her purse that had been stolen from a nearby grocery store. The male companion that she was with was not captured and hasn’t been identified.

Police determined that the steaks had been stolen when the store’s manager reported that no steaks had been sold that day. Video surveillance later confirmed that Hoen and the male companion had been inside the store’s meat department earlier in the day.

Hoen, who works as a exotic dancer according to her Facebook page, was booked into jail and charged with shoplifting and resisting arrest. She has been arrested twice in the past 3 months on similar charges.

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Naked Assclown (And Probable Obama Supporter) Declares His Love For Cocaine To Cops, Resists Arrest, Gets Tased

Cops: Naked Man Ran Around Professing His Love Of Cocaine, Told Officers He Needed More – Florida Sun-Sentinel

Cocaine can be a strange mistress.

Cops responded to several calls on Feb. 24th about a nude dude running through a Crestview apartment complex. One caller reported the naked man tried to get inside her car as she and her young child drove by, according to an arrest report by the Crestview Police Department.

As a responding officer approached, he saw the man lying on the grass near a building. The man, later ID’d as Quanta’e Levonne Powell, 21, seemed to be “very agitated” and kept screaming and yelling about cocaine then got up and jumped on the hood of the patrol car, according to the arrest affidavit.


When asked what was going on, Powell allegedly told the cop “I love cocaine” and ‘fessed up to doing some coke. He also told another officers who had arrived on the scene thet he “loved cocaine” and “needed more,” according to the arrest affidavit.

Powell then got off the ground and began to run towards the front of the complex, turned around and ran back towards the officer, doing a “head-first slide on his stomach” near the officer, the affidavit stated.

As the officer tried to handcuff Powell due to safey concerns, Powell reportedly rolled on his back and kicked the officer.

That act, along with refusing to be cooperative and fleeing from the officer agian, earned Powell a tase… twice, the record showed.

Another officer found a pair of camouflage pants and other clothing on the ground nearby which contained some pot, a North Carolina Identification Card, a Georgia Driver’s License and a Visa credit card – all with Powell’s name on them, the report stated.

Powell was charged with Resising an Officer-Obstruction without Violence after being released from a hospital.

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Zombie Apocalypse Update – Naked, Bloody Man Gnawed On Woman’s Head During Wild Neighborhood Rampage

Cops: Naked, Bloody Man Gnawed On Woman’s Head During Wild Neighborhood Rampage – KYW

A Doylestown man, who was naked and bleeding profusely, gnawed on woman’s head all while “screaming like an animal” during a wild neighborhood rampage, state police said.

The bizarre incident played out in the early morning hours of September 7th in Hawley Boro, which is in Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

According to investigators, the incident began when 20-year-old suspect Richard Ciminio Jr. parked his car behind a home on Hudson Street, got out and stripped down to his underwear.

State Police say Ciminio then tried to break into a home, but was unsuccessful. Police say Ciminio then took off his underwear and continued down Hudson Street and broke into an unoccupied home.

While inside that home, police say Ciminio walked up to the home’s second floor and jumped out a window, causing severe injuries to his arms and legs when he hit the ground.

Bleeding profusely at this point, Ciminio then encountered two females who were walking down the street.

State Police say Ciminio tackled one of the females, causing injury to her and covered her in his blood. Investigators say Ciminio then “began to gnaw” at the victim’s head while “screaming like an animal.”

The two females were able to escape from Ciminio and call police.

When police arrived, they found Ciminio lying in the roadway, covered in blood and displaying “delusional and confrontational behavior.” Officers eventually were forced to tase Ciminio, but that did not stop his bizarre behavior as police say he punched an EMT, who was treating him, in the face.

Police were able to finally subdue Ciminio and he was taken to Geisinger Community Medical Center for treatment of his severe injuries.

It was not immediately known what, if anything, Ciminio was under the influence of during the frightening ordeal.

Ciminio is facing several charges, including aggravated assault, indecent exposure and burglary, among others.

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Pervert Jailed After Police Find Him Naked, Masturbating In Car With Toy Gun In His Anus

Pervert Jailed After Police Find Him Naked, Masturbating In Car With Toy Gun In His Anus – Weekly Vice

Robert Casey, a 49-year-old Fort Pierce man was jailed Monday after he was allegedly caught naked and masturbating inside his car, with a plastic toy gun inserted into his anus.


According to Fort Pierce Police, Casey was driving around the area in his Jeep Cherokee when a tow truck driver pulled up next to him and noticed that he was naked, and his hand was moving around on his genitals. The tow truck driver called police and reported the incident.

When officers attempted to stop Casey, he took his time pulling over because he was attempting to get dressed.

When Casey finally stopped, the officer searched him and found a plastic toy gun tied to his leg and genitals. Part of the toy had been inserted into his anus.

When officer asked his why he was committing the lewd acts, he stated that he had problems with this and was currently receiving therapy.

Casey was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.

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Another Drug-Crazed, Naked Cannibal Attack

Crazed, Naked And High On Drugs: Man Bites Chunk Of Flesh Out Another Man’s Arm – Daily Mail

In the latest string of ‘zombie’ attacks horrifying Florida, a man has bitten off part of another man’s arm.

Charles Baker, 26, was visiting his kids late on Wednesday night at the home of his girlfriend in Palmetto, Florida.

Witnesses says he was high on an unknown substance when he arrived and barged down the door, yelling and stripping off his clothes.

Zombie attack: Charles Baker, 26, bit a chunk of flesh out of the left bicep of Jeffery Blake, 48

Any attempt to calm down the raged, naked man were useless, reports WPTV.

Baker then began throwing furniture around the home.

Jeffery Blake, 48, who lives at the house and answered the door, tried to restrain Baker who then bit him, taking a chunk of flesh out from his left bicep.

Despite his injuries, Mr Blake managed to wrestle Baker to the ground and hold him until the police arrived.

However, Baker was so high that he fronted up to the authorities, tensing his body, clenching his fists and screaming.

Horror attack: The house in Palmetto, Florida, believed to be the site of the incident. Baker had to be Tasered four times before he could be restrained by police

A deputy deployed his electronic shock device after giving Baker a verbal warning.

Baker repeated attempts to attack the officer and was Tasered a total of four times.

The crazed man then tried twice to pull the probes out of the device, but was finally restrained and handcuffed.

He was then taken to Manatee County Jail for evaluation before being transported to jail.

Officials have not released how badly Blake was injured and his condition of recovery.

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