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DaleyGator DaleyBabe Camilla Belle

Word is that Tim Tebow might be dating Camilla Belle. All I can say is he could do much worse, she is lovely

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Rule 5 Weekend with Vanessa Veasley. Saluting the bloggers that give us linky love

Time to salute those bloggers that are a big part of this blogs growth. Ebony hottie Vanessa Veasley lends a hand.

 Bob Belvedere has a bevy of beauties

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More updates later so check back

Saturday Rule 5! The Breast ogling diet!

The blogs exploded with news that looking at breasts was actually good for men, no wonder the feminuts hate it so much. So, in the spirit of ogling, observing, and checking out hot women, I give you a rule 5 post that might just become a new diet craze!

Chris, at Wyblog gave some considerable mention to this story, then broke our hearts. HOAX?

Western Hero honors Jane Russell

Washington Rebel uses babes to  make a point

I interrupt this Rule 5 post to bring y’all this important message from viral footage!

Lance bought into the Beer diet fad too!

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