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*VIDEOS* Donald Trump And Ted Cruz At The CNN Republican Town Hall In Milwaukee, Wisconsin





Confirmed! Milwaukee Police Chief is a political tool, does not speak for real cops

I posted a video of  Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn carrying the water for gun control groups a few days ago, and, as I said then, he is a political mouthpiece, nothing more. Now Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has submitted a letter to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) accusing Flynn of being a “mouthpiece for the Mayors Against Guns group.” I love being right

In his letter, Clarke criticized the way Flynn “shamefully” interrupted Graham when the Senator was making points or asking questions with which Flynn disagreed. Clarke also described Flynn as a man who holds an appointed position and therefore doesn’t have to answer to “a constituency of his own.”

Because of this, Clarke said Flynn is nothing more than a “mouthpiece for the Mayors Against Group that has made no secret of their desire to obliterate the Second Amendment.”

Added Clarke: “[Flynn’s] viewpoint does not represent either my view on gun control nor countless other law-abiding citizens and gun owners in Milwaukee County.”

Flynn, and other “police officials” siding with radical groups like Mayors Against Guns are just yes men, seeking political favor. Liberals use them to show how law enforcement “support”s gun control. Never forget that fact. 


I think America really needs more sheriffs like this guy

I just love folks who cut the BS and speak the unvarnished truth, it drives the Left batty!


A duty to protect yourself? Absolutely! And of course, the bed-wetting quickly followed

The spot has quickly earned criticism, including from the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association president Roy Felber told the Associated Press it sounds like a call to vigilantism, while Barrett’s spokeswoman said it sounded like Clarke was “auditioning for the next Dirty Harry movie.”

No, he sounds like a man who is not afraid of common sense. And like a man who trusts the PEOPLE to responsibly exercise their God-given rights! Like I said we could use a lot sheriffs like him, and surely a lot more politicians like him,


Remember when I said that this election season would be violent?

This is what I meant

The homeowner would not support Democrat judicial candidate Ernestina R. Cruz in Taos.
So they beat him bloody.

Officials with the Taos Police Department say they are still working to get to the bottom of the alleged beating of a Taos landowner over the removal of political signs from in front of his property.

In an interview with The Taos News Friday (May 25), property owner Roy Cunnyngham and his wife Joni recounted the events when they returned home, across from Casa los Córdovas May 1.

“I don’t know how many people hit me,” Cunnyngham said of the incident.

According to the police report filed the same day, Eighth Judicial District Court judge candidate Ernestina Cruz was having a “meet and greet” event at Plaza de Colores. At the same time, across the street, Cunnyngham and his wife were returning home from dinner to find several of Cruz’ campaign signs in front of his property.

As in the police report, Cunnyngham confirmed that three men approached him and demanded that he replace the signs where they’d been staked. Cunnyngham said he resisted.

“We were setting them in the car and we’d planned to call whoever they belonged to,” Cunnyngham said. “I told them I thought it was very distasteful to put these signs in front of my property.”

At that point, a younger man came across the street and again told Cunnyngham to put the signs back. When Cunnyngham refused, the man “pounded me in the chest,” Cunnyngham said.

While Cunnyngham says he knows a few of the people involved, The Taos News’ policy is not to identify alleged offenders until they have been charged or implicated by law enforcement.

At the time of the incident, Cruz denied having any knowledge of anyone involved in the incident, saying that it was “unfortunate” that Cunnyngham removed signs that “did not belong to him.”

What followed was far from a fair fight, the Cunnynghams say. Cunnyngham was later checked out by a doctor who treated him for cuts and bruises, injuries to his mouth and a concussion, Cunnyngham said.

“They just attacked him, all three of them,” Joni Cunnyngham said. “Someone was keeping me and my son from getting to them.”

Get ready, be careful, be smart, and understand that some on the Left ARE desperate enough to get violent

Some posts just write themselves

The man challenging Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, has accused Walker of waging a war against women, but he does not mind having a thug rapper belting out sexist lyrics at a campaign stop. H/T Weasel Zippers

Via Beltway Confidential:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has accused Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., of waging a “war on women,” but he yieled his spot on stage at a Wisconsin rally to a rapper who sang a misogynistic song even as Barrett greeted voters.

Barrett wrote a column Wednesday alleging that “under Walker, a war on women has been waged that has weakened protections for equal pay for equal work, and jeopardized women’s health and reproductive freedom.”

He took that message, more generally, to a rally organized on his behalf by Van Jones — President Obama’s former green czar — and his organization Rebuild the Dream.

“This is for our state, our values,” Barrett said last weekend, after telling Milwaukee voters that “We don’t need a governor who is going to listen to the billionaires and not listen to us.”

In Barrett, voters get a governor who has listened to “Sucka MC” by the rapper “Prophetic.” Described as “pretty dope” by the Rebuild the Dream representative who introduced him, “Proph” performed the first song on his new album. The video of the rally shows Tom Barrett shaking hands and talking to voters as Proph prepares to sing a couple songs.

The song includes lyrics such as “b**ches who ride me, I want to see how far I can take her.” It appears that Proph self-censored at least part of the word “b**ches,” though he completed the rest of the phrase.

In the recorded song (the video of the rally ends before this part of the song, Proph also declares that “cash makes the women shake their [derrières].”

Of course most Feminists do not care about this. They care about their Left Wing political goals, not women or how women are treated. In the demented minds of the Left, Sexism is protecting unborn babies, while a rapper singing nasty songs that objectify women as mere sex objects somehow champions women’s “rights”.

Thank you Mr. Sowell

If you want unvarnished truth, go ask a wise man. A man like Thomas Sowell for example

Someone at long last has had the courage to tell the plain, honest truth about race.

After mobs of young blacks rampaged through Philadelphia committing violence — as similar mobs have rampaged through Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee and other places — Philadelphia’s black mayor, Michael A. Nutter, ordered a police crackdown and lashed out at the whole lifestyle of those who did such things.

“Pull up your pants and buy a belt ’cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt,” he said. “If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ’cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. He added: “You have damaged your own race.”

While this might seem like it is just plain common sense, what Mayor Nutter said undermines a whole vision of the world that has brought fame, fortune and power to race hustlers in politics, the media and academia. Any racial disparities in hiring can only be due to racism and discrimination, according to the prevailing vision, which reaches from street corner demagogues to the august chambers of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Just to identify the rioters and looters as black is a radical departure, when mayors, police chiefs and the media in other cities report on these outbreaks of violence without mentioning the race of those who are doing these things. The Chicago Tribune even made excuses for failing to mention race when reporting on violent attacks by blacks on whites in Chicago.

Such excuses might make sense if the same politicians and media talking heads were not constantly mentioning race when denouncing the fact that a disproportionate number of young black men are being sent to prison.

The prevailing social dogma is that disparities in outcomes between races can only be due to disparities in how these races are treated. In other words, there cannot possibly be any differences in behavior.

Go read the rest, it is very good. If only our political leaders were as wise as Sowell.

Sorry Democrats, but raising taxes cannot fix stupid!

The Democratic answer to EVERY problem is either a new law, tighter regulations, or higher taxes sorry, I mean “revenues” the new word the Democrats are using for higher taxes on “the rich”. To listen to Democrats, which, by the way I do not recommend unless you have lots of Ibuprofen, or bourbon, taxing “the rich” sorry “revenues” will cure every ill. Lord knows, our debt as a nation could never be about OVERFREAKINGSPENDING! Oh no! 

The problem with Democrat calls for “revenues” is this. If we give more “revenues” they increase spending well past those revenues. Under the Bush administration, our national debt nearly doubled! Despite the fact that revenues, that is actual revenues, not the Democratic code word for higher taxes, went UP! Yes, Bush cut taxes, revenues rose, and yet, our irresponsible government, rather than acting like fiscally sane people, went on a spending orgy.

The Obama administration, has in just 30 months added another four trillion to our debt, making the spending orgy under Bush look like nothing. So why should we, the taxpayers, even consider giving more revenues to spend-a-holics who continue to illustrate absolutely zero ability to control themselves?

A great example of just how stuck on stoopit the Democrats are let us look at Milwaukee. Via Ann Althouse

2 absurdly discordant stories on the front page of today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

1. “Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said Friday the county faces a 2012 shortfall of about $55 million and renewed blunt warnings about the inevitability of service cuts.”

“There is no way we can avoid major cuts to balance the budget – and balance the budget is what we are going to do,” Abele said during a public briefing on county departmental budget requests for 2012.

2. “Milwaukee streetcar plan on track for passage.”

Milwaukee Common Council leaders Thursday endorsed building a $64.6 million modern streetcar line downtown, a move that brings the city closer than ever before to resolving a public transit debate that has raged for nearly 20 years.

With Thursday’s vote, a majority of aldermen have now declared their support for building the 2.1-mile line pushed by Mayor Tom Barrett…

The council’s Steering & Rules Committee acted despite warnings by city Comptroller W. Martin “Wally” Morics, who urged aldermen to slow down the process, and despite two utilities’ fears that the planned route would add tens of millions of dollars in costs and delay the project….

OK, now is when that bourbon and aspirin will come in handy. So go ahead, bang your head against the nearest wall a few more times, pop a couple, Hell, three aspirin, and down them with that Knob Creek.

The problem is clear. You cannot fix stoopit! Not with aspirin, bourbon, or even with higher taxes, er revenues.
Here is the solution that the Democrats need to come to grips with, it has been proven over and over and again. are you ready Democrats? Ready Mr. President? You cannot, I repeat CAN FREAKING NOT spend more than you take in. And you CANNOT, I repeat CAN FREAKING NOT break the backs of Americans with taxes, or revenues, or whatever you mental midgets are calling them this week to fund your Marxist view of what America should be.

IT is the spending stupid!