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Michelle Malkin: Why are We Allowing the Ft. Hood Jihadist to Martyr Himself?

Via American Power Personally, every time I consider the time and cost of the trial of the FT. Hood Jihadist I ponder one question. How much would putting a bullet in this terrorist’s head cost us? 

Michelle also adds some important facts about this case in her column

The victims were all unarmed. Soldiers inside the deployment center were and are forbidden from carrying weapons — either issued weapons or personal arms — on base. When Hasan commenced his shooting spree by shouting, “Allahu Akbar,” several brave men and women in uniform used chairs, tables and their own bodies to try to stop him. But it wasn’t until a courageous, armed civilian police officer, Sgt. Kimberley Munley, arrived on the scene with her 9mm Beretta that Hasan’s rampage was interrupted.

Gun-control zealots led by the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence exploited Fort Hood to argue for even tighter gun restrictions. But it was a1993 Clinton administration gun-control directive banning most military personnel from carrying their arms for personal protection that facilitated Hasan’s massacre except under very limited circumstances. Despite the death of 13 soldiers and the wounding of more than 30 at Fort Hood by a jihadist who warned his superiors that Muslim soldiers posed a specific threat, gun-free military base policies remain in place.

How many lives would have been saved if not for the soldiers being disarmed?



I could use a bit of Michelle Malkin this morning

I wrote about this story from New Jersey where CPS and the police showed up at the home of a man who gave his son a rifle Wednesday. Donald Douglas has Michelle on Hannity discussing the police state mentality of the Left, and their inane aversion to guns


I could use a little Michelle Malkin right about now

God bless Michelle, she is a national treasure

Michelle calls this galling, and it is. The same buffoons who came up with Fast & Furious, in part to PUSH gun control, are now trying to shame responsible gun owners to give up our rights? Michelle is right, Dear Congress SHUT UP and THINK!


Biden Implies That He, Barack, And Their Wives Are Too Inept To Have Succeeded Without Government Help

Jill And Michelle ‘Would Not Have Any Chance’ Without Govt. – Washington Free Beacon

Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that his wife, as well as the wife of President Barack Obama, would have had “no chance” in life had it not been for government help. According to vice presidential pool reports:

Vice President Biden met with leaders from 10 colleges this afternoon to kick off a new effort to increase transparency in financial aid packages…

“I know, literally, Barack and I talk about it. Neither one of us would have had any shot,” Biden said. “The same with our wives. Both wives are smarter than both of us. Literally, these very accomplished women would not have any chance without some help.”

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Yes, Alec Baldwin is still an abusive ass

The Right Scoop has details on the latest classless act by Alec Baldwin, and his ass hat followers on Twitter. He asked his minions to direct their angry tweets at Michelle Malkin because she dared disagree with Baldwin over the Troy Davis execution. The link has screenshots of the tweets, and, once more, we are treated to the vile face of Leftist rage and hatred!

For all of you who weren’t on twitter last night, Alec Baldwin decided to instruct all of his followers to tweet Michelle Malkin over the Troy Davis execution, calling her a “world class, crypto facist hater!”. And the onslaught of hate tweets began. I managed to capture a smattering, some of which Michelle retweeted for public record. I also posted a new link above, Tweeting Michelle Malkin, so you can see and the hate tweets Michelle will be getting in the coming days.

I posted a few for sampling, click to make them bigger

CONTENT WARNING as many of these tweets contain vulgar language: