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Why yes, Michael Bloomberg IS an elitist tool

The ROYAL PRICK who would be emperor

At a 2016 business forum, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg belittled farmers and factory workers, saying “I can teach anybody … to be a farmer.”

Two points here. First farming is a lot more than just putting a seed in a hole and adding water. I know, my grandfather farmed for decades, and grew about everything from greens, to peanuts, to melons, to corn, to sunflowers, and tomatoes, potatoes, and the list goes on and on. You have to know sun, water, seasons, and much more. So, Bloomberg is mistaken.

Second, my grandfather grew up in northern Georgia in the early 1900’s, and he also knew many other skills, besides farming. His family had the own sawmill, gristmill, butchered their own hogs and steers, chickens, etc. They hunted, fished, and did anything else needed to survive. He was also a mechanic, and the hardest working man I ever knew. And he lived the Golden Rule. Frankly, Bloomberg, being an elitist, might wish he could look down his nose at people like my grandfather, but, in reality, he is not fit to lick my grandfathers’s boots. Nor, frankly, is he fit to be anywhere near political power.

Jeb Bush Says Leftist Assclown Michael Bloomberg Is A ‘Good Man’ And A ’Patriot’ (Video)

Jeb Bush: Michael Bloomberg A ‘Good Man’ And A ’Patriot’ – Big Government


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush praised former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today, calling him a “good man” and a “patriot.”

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper this morning, Bush was asked what he thought of the news that Bloomberg was considering entering the 2016 presidential race.

“Mike Bloomberg is a good man,” Bush said. “We disagree on a whole lot of things, but he’s a good person and he’s a patriot and wants the best for the country.”

When asked if he would consider supporting Bloomberg if Trump was the nominee, Bush said it was “not going to happen.”

The controversial liberal mayor has spent millions of dollars promoting gun control, and has proposed many nanny state provisions in New York City, such as banning sodas over 16 ounces, reducing sodium levels in food, banning trans-fats, and even to ban loud headphones.

Bush served as a Bloomberg Family Foundation director from March 2010 to 2014, an organization that worked with liberal groups like Planned Parenthood and the Sierra Club.

In 2015, Bloomberg praised Bush as one of the candidates he thought would best lead the country as president.

“Hillary and Jeb are the only two who know how to make the trains run,” Bloomberg said, after receiving honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.



MIchael Bloomberg planting new grove of Low-Hanging Blogging Fruit Trees!

The Littlest Statist is the gift that keeps on giving

Everytown for Gun Safety, the nonprofit advocacy organization co-chaired by Michael Bloomberg, is launching an adjacent news operation, scheduled to debut in June, Capital has learned.

James Burnett, who resigned from The New Republic in January as part of a larger staff exodus, has signed on as editorial director of the project. Burnett served as story editor forT.N.R., and also spent several years as news editor for New York magazine.

Another journalist attached prominently to the Everytown news project is Jennifer Mascia. Mascia spent eight years as a news and editorial assistant at The New York Times before leaving in August 2014. Her relevance to the mission of Everytown is clear: she spent a year writing the Times’ Gun Report feature, in which she compiled instances of gun violence around the country.

It’s like MSNBS and Salon had a baby Gun control “news” site

Conservative Blogger undrestimates the tenacity of Statists like Bloomberg

H/T to Bearing Arms

Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins suggests that Michael Bloomberg may be giving up on gun control and going back to running his business:

With gun control failing nationally, The New York Times reports that Michael Bloomberg is heading back to private business at Bloomberg L.P.

This comes after he dumped $150,000 into the August 12th Milwaukee County Sheriff’s race in an attempt to beat Sheriff David Clarke’s “conservative pro-gun policies.” Clarke won. Bloomberg lost.

It also comes after his gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety aired a video meant to justify firearm confiscation for women’s safety, but which inadvertently made the case for women to own guns to protect themselves. Breitbart News reported that after a female panel reviewed the commercial on ABC’s The View, three of the four panelists came away telling women to get a gun to protect themselves and their children.

Bloomberg’s return to private business also comes after the most visible gun control group he supports, Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America, only managed to convince five businesses–Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Chili’s, Sonic, and Target–to ask law-abiding citizens to come to their stores unarmed. Moms Demand was able to get a sixth business–Starbucks–to ask customers who openly carry firearms not to be so flamboyant about it.

On the other side of the coin, Breitbart News recently reported that 57,000 businesses were fighting this push by putting a “guns welcome” sign on their front doors.

I think that while AWR does a good job of chronicling some of the many high-profile failures of Bloomberg’s gun control agenda, I don’t see any barriers at all that would prevent the billionaire from both returning to work at Bloomberg L.P. and continuing to fund gun control initiatives.

I would agree with Owens here. Bloomberg will NEVER stop, he is dyed in the wool Statist. People like him obsess over controlling others, and nothing will ever stop their perverse desire to erase personal liberty. If Bloomberg were to have his say. You would eat and drink only what he deemed good for you. You would be stripped of your right to own firearms, and every last freedom would be open to Bloomberg’s approval. The fact is, and I am sure some will accuse me of being sensational or over the top here, that Bloomberg is evil. Note, I am not Ann Coulter, I do not write or say things to get attention, I say things I BELIEVE! How can I deem Bloomberg, and those like him evil. Well, our liberties come from one source, that source is God above. And anyone trying to stamp out those liberties is therefore directly opposing God. And that is undeniably evil. And, as one of our Founders reminded us, all evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing. So, it is easy to see that we must NEVER stop opposing the Bloombergs of the world.

Note, if anyone believes that those calling for gun laws that would disarm the people are not evil, allow me to submit that Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro, ISIS, and every other dictator or Totalitarian you can name used gun control to first disarm, then to enslave and butcher their people.

Bloomberg Face Palm Time

Michael Bloomberg AKA the Littlest Statist spent lots of money to defeat the pro gun right Sheriff David Clarke with hilarious results

As we previously reported, outside interests, including former NeYork City Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun super PAC, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to unseat Sheriff David Clarke Jr, an outspoken Second Amendment supporter.

However, those efforts proved to be in vain as Clarke won the Democratic primary for sheriff handily.

According to JSOnline.com,

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. edged Milwaukee police Lt. Chris Moews early Wednesday in a Democratic primary race that drew national attention and more than $600,000 in outside spending.

With all but 6,000 city of Milwaukee absentee ballots counted, Clarke led by more than 4,700 votes. Moews would need nearly 5,400 of those absentee ballots to fall his way, which experts quickly dismissed as impossible.

Bloomberg, gave this statement


Noted Statist looks down his nose at Colorodans

Mayor Nanny, AKA the littlest Statist showed his disdain for those in Colorado who threw out two Leftist politicians in an interview with Rolling Stone recently

In an interview with Rolling Stone, titled “Michael Bloomberg Isn’t Afraid of the NRA,” Bloomberg discussed last September’s recall of three Democratic state senators backed by his pro-gun control group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

“In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads,” said Bloomberg in the interview which is set to be published Monday. It was accidentally posted at the magazine’s website Wednesday, but was taken down.

“It’s as far rural as you can get,” he continued. “And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ‘em. But the bottom line is, the law is on the books, and being enforced. You can get depressed about the progress, but on the other hand, you’re saving a lot of lives.”

These laws are saving a lot of lives? Where is the proof of that? We do know that the vast majority of Colorado sheriffs are against these laws. We know the majority of the people in that part of Colorado recalled those senators, and we know that Colorado governor Hikenlooper did not even read the bill yet still signed it into law WITHOUT listening to any dissenting voices. Those facts we know. Maybe this is why Bloomberg the Statist is so upset. The PEOPLE, threw out politicians who refused to listen to them. And if there is anything that Bloomberg despises, it is people taking charge of their own decisions. Bloomberg thinks everyone must bow and scrape while in his presence. What the people of Colorado did last September was to give Bloomberg and his fellow Statists a certain finger, which is ALL people like Bloomberg should ever get in a free country.