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Megyn Kelly the latest victim of Offendeditis

She dared offer a non-approved opinion, and now, she is out at NBC it seems

The extravagantly lucrative career of Megyn Kelly appears to be over. She has committed a capital thought crime:

Kelly will not be appearing on her NBC show on Thursday, two days after the host’s controversial comments…

Two sources close to the situation tell The Hill that NBC and Kelly are working on an exit deal.

Yes, her thought crime was that serious:

Kelly sparked criticism Tuesday when during a panel segment on her show, “Megyn Kelly Today,” regarding Halloween costumes, she said dressing up in blackface was considered fine when she was growing up “as long as you were dressing like a character.”

She pointed out that “Real Housewives” actress Luann de Lesseps once dressed up as Diana Ross, a black singer.

“People said that was racist and I don’t know, I felt like, who doesn’t love Diana Ross?” Kelly said on Tuesday.

The thought police at her own network came down fast and hard. Her guest panelist NBC News reporter Jacob Soboroff immediately called racism. Soon afterward,

On “NBC Nightly News” on Tuesday evening, anchor Lester Holt [a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation] addressed the Kelly issue. The next day, “Today” did another story on Kelly’s comments, as did MSNBC, which included anchor Craig Melvin [also a PPPP] calling Kelly’s comments “indefensible.”

This is why Kelly should not have apologized or grovelled to the perpetually aggrieved. She prostrated herself before the political correctors and still got the axe. There is really only one fitting response to these new Brownshirts


Sundance Over At The Conservative Treehouse Is Apparently Not A Megyn Kelly Fan

Murdoch’s Little Princess Retreats To The Hills – Amid Backlash Megyn Kelly Takes 1.5 Week Vacation

Last night on Megyn Kelly’s Fox TV show she announced a 1.5 week vacation returning on 8/24. Lil Miss stated she hadn’t taken a vacation in six months. Of course the 8-day memorial day break, and 6-day July Fourth break, don’t count as vacation for the intense 4 day work-week schedules of a princess pundit, or something.


However, given the scope of the fallout from Megyn’s intentional set-up of candidate Donald Trump, and the severity of the backlash therein, it’s not difficult to see why the outline of this NY Magazine article is essentially correct.

Unfortunately for Ms. Kelly, the reality of her position has slapped her in the face like a cold fish

NY Mag […] Having backed down to the GOP front-runner and all but sacrificed one of his biggest stars to appease the conservative base – a.k.a. Fox viewers – Ailes has set a dangerous precedent. The message is clear: Fox reports, but the audience decides. (link)

LOL, only in the mind of a progressive publication would listening to your customer be considered “a dangerous precedent“; I digress. Alas, ego’s the size of Princess Megyn need respite, from the fish. And princesses never eat crow.

For those who have followed the story, which began weeks prior to the debate, the attack by Megyn Kelly was entirely predictable. A full week before the debate itself, we warned of Kelly’s transparently obvious intentions toward Donald Trump – HERE July 30th.

Kelly actually had a plan to begin the attack on Monday August 3rd, three nights before the debate. What she planned was to lay the groundwork for a sexist narrative, and then follow up with the attack on debate night. Kelly is nothing, if not predictable.

Somehow, Team Trump caught wind of the set-up, and while Mr. Trump was in Scotland his team cancelled the Monday appearance. However, it is highly doubtful Trump actually knew the severity of what was planned.

Perhaps the cancellation contributed to the even more severe vitriol viewed by over 25 million debate watchers three nights later. Everything about it was planned by Megyn, for Megyn – the center of her own condescendingly self-important universe.


As the days ticked down to the confrontation, the severity of her tone increased – the objective was brutally evident, again, in an interview with Ted Cruz. on the Monday Trump cancelled. Again, we warned x 2.

Post Debate – When you get the cold fish slap, you have two decisions to make.

#1 You can: a.) Admit your intentions, b.) Ask for forgiveness, and c.) put forth your humility.

~ OR ~

#2 You have to surround yourself with sycophants, hide in your bunker, and refuse to take responsibility.

Kelly chose the latter. Essentially removing the last vestiges of credibility, diminishing herself more, and broadcasting the transparency of guilt. Public cold fish-slaps, which you try to hide, never end well – everyone sees them.

However, on the positive side, and thanks to the assistance from the go-to punditry (Dana “Baby Bush” Perino), Kelly and Co. used neon orange paint on the next tripwire.

In an effort to wipe away the remaining fish scales, Megyn and Perino set up the next Rupert pro-Bush strategy a little more obviously than last time. [ie. the advancement of Ben Carson.]


LOL, Carson, Kasich and Bush even sounds like a group of republican lawyers.

Now they will go all back-door on Trump by going with the “temperament” narrative. The only acceptable Republican is one who comes bubble wrapped for safety.

Kaisch, Bush and the ever soft-spoken Carson will be sold as temperate and comparative candidates to the grossly vulgarian Trump.

It’s that reachy-over-the-aisle narrative, with an intellectual high-brow MSM twist.

Think: crust-less cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches on wonder bread, along with a side of rice cakes and Perrier w/ lime. Mmmm mmmm safe and delicious, swear. Just ask George Will and Charles Krauthammer, they’ll tell you all about it.

Full disclosure. I ate, well, sort of, one of those rice cakes once, just once. Flippin’ thing tasted like I’d bitten into a Styrofoam coffee cup. As far as palates go, it was profoundly typical – and brutally similar to – what I envision a professional republican would taste like. Never again, and never since.


Of course they’ve already got iCarly kick-started to take lead on the “Trump is Sexist” angle; and God please, I hope Trump has the opportunity in debate #2 to compare his immensely smart and successful daughter Ivanka, to the brutally inept and scripted talking point that calls herself Fiorina.

The narrative collapses when you think about Trump being so sexist he puts his daughter in charge of his Empire.

Actually, I shouldn’t publicly write that wish because I’ll just be giving a head’s up to the target of it. Oh well… I was, after all, previously speaking of cold fish.

Nuf said.

Time for some sorbet:




*VIDEO* Eric (The Duck) Holder



Megyn Kelly Verbally Bitchslaps Lying Leftists Over Hobby Lobby Decision (Video)

HAH! Megyn Kelly Destroys Jon Stewart & Lib Cranks Misleading On Hobby Lobby Decision – Gateway Pundit

Nobody does it better…


Megyn Kelly absolutely destroyed Jon Stewart and the liberal cranks who are misleading the American public on the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision.

Via The Kelly File:


The Blaze wrote about the left’s many lies on the Hobby Lobby decision.

The Washington Post faulted several Democratic lawmakers for less-than-truthful assertions about the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, most of which implied that employers could prevent employees from buying contraception.

The 5-4 court majority actually ruled that closely held companies cannot be forced to pay for select types of contraceptives for employees.

Since some Democrats – including party leaders Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California – confessed to misspeaking, and others stated they were expressing an opinion, the Post’s Fact Checker said it would not count the comments as outright lies.

“But this collection of rhetoric suggests that Democrats need to be more careful in their language about the ruling,” the Post noted. “All too often, lawmakers leap to conclusions that are not warranted by the facts at hand. Simply put, the court ruling does not outlaw contraceptives, does not allow bosses to prevent women from seeking birth control and does not take away a person’s religious freedom.”



Megyn Kelly Crushes Smarmy Obama Rump-Kisser Like A Bug (Video)

Megyn Kelly Destroys State Dept. Lackey Marie Harf On Obama Administration Hypocrisy – Gateway Pundit

Megyn Kelly destroyed State Department spokesperson Marie Harf last night on The Kelly File.

In January Obama called ISIS an al-Qaeda “jayvee team.”


Last week Obama called them a devastating terrorist group taking over Iraq.

Harf could not explain the contradiction.

This wasn’t even fair.





Related article:

Megyn Kelly Puts Obama Years On Full Blast In 82-Second Nuclear-Grade Rant – Independent Journal Review


The same Megyn Kelly that took Dick Cheney and John Bolton to task over their Monday morning quarterbacking on the Iraq War put the Obama administration on full blast about a week back, but it’s got such tremendous legs that it’s still going strong.

Just imagine if she’d mentioned the horrendous economy, the Fast & Furious scandal, the IRS scandal, spying on journalists, the NSA’s monitoring of Americans, the Taliban 5 exchange…

But you get the idea that the Obama administration has trashed the U.S. government for five years, while most Democrats sit in a stupor, not willing to turn against the President lest they be called “racist.”



*VIDEO* White House Caught Lying About Obamacare Enrollment… Again

H/T The Right Scoop


If you want the right opinions first………

Read THIS BLOG! Donald Douglas. a blogging legend, in my view, links this piece from IBD

The attempt to rehabilitate Hillary Clinton begins as the New York Times revives the long-ago debunked “video clip” excuse for the well-planned Benghazi massacre while denying documented al-Qaida involvement.

These days it’s all the news that is fit to be made up that graces the pages of the once-proud Gray Lady that has morphed from a self-proclaimed “newspaper of record” to the house organ for the Obama administration.

The latest example is a piece on the Benghazi terrorist attack of Sept. 10, 2010, titled, “A Deadly Mix in Benghazi.” It resembles the infamous White House talking points — on steroids.

Great points, and a very good column you should read, no doubt. But, consider that on this blog, I wrote this yesterday

OH, you mean you did not hear the news? Well actually, they have not fully endorsed her, yet, but that is what this story is all about Absolving Miss What Difference Does it Make. See it WAS all about that video after all. 

I also was the first to call this Operation Cover Hillary’s Ass 2016! Of course, someone will go on Fox, or somewhere else and use that, or very similar wording and they will be praised as insightful, a genius, or be described as on the cutting edge. And if I see Karl Rove, with his whiteboard, or Dick Morris saying that on TV, my head will explode. But, we know who said it first, ME! So, really, it should be me on Fox aweing Megyn Kelly, or Andrea Tarantos, Andrea-Tantaros-handcuffswho can restrain me anytime






or maybe Kimberly Guilfoyle. Or maybe, just maybe I would go on MSNBS, and wow Tamron Hall with my political insight, and she would come out of the closet, no not THAT closet, and announce her infatuation with Conservative guys, namely me.

That Daley Gator guy is kinda hot
That Daley Gator guy is kinda hot

Now, will this happen? Of course not! But I can have dreams can’t I?

Is there a more intellectually vacuous venture than obsessing over skin color?

Roland Martin is a sad case, so hooked on racializing everything as if skin color is the most important thing about everyone, even Santa Claus

Via CNS News:

“News One Now” host Roland Martin said Friday on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s remark that Santa Claus and Jesus are white reinforced to black and Hispanic kids that they live in a “white world,” and they don’t matter.

“Doesn’t it just reinforce though to your point growing up as a child, you seeing these images, it reinforces where for black kids and Hispanic kids, it’s, ‘Look, accept that this is a white, white world and you don’t matter,’” Martin asked Slate writer Aisha Harris, author of the article, “Santa Should Not Be a White Man Anymore.”

Kelly did a segment about Harris’ Slate article, which challenged the notion of Santa being white. Harris wrote about growing up with images of a black Santa on Christmas decorations at home while the public celebrated a white Santa.

Roland you silly bastard,  if you were not suffering from Racial Obsession Syndrome (ROS) it might dawn on you that if racist victim mongers like you would leave kids alone, and stop filling their heads with your divisive venom, they would look at Santa, and just enjoy being a kid at Christmas. Certainly I pity you Roland that you were obviously victimized by race baiters as a child. Sad that you have grown up continuing to see your race as the most important thing about you. Get the fuck over yourself and your pigmentation Roland. For the love of God, stop making skin color something it is not, important. Character Roland, THAT matters. Integrity, THAT matters! Skin color? that DOES NOT matter! And guess what Roland, you know what the saddest thing is? If you read this you would call me racist for saying that skin color is unimportant. You would do so because you have been conditioned by Leftism to do so. Again, it is tragic that you are just not bright enough to see through the lies the left has told you.

By the way Roland, I should point out that Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicholas who was WHITE! Not that that matters. Because in my world, I can admire people regardless of skin color, it is sad that you cannot. It must be a very dark, ugly world where you live, I pray that you get over your obsession with skin color one day. You would likely be a nice man were you to see people as something other than skin color.



MSNBS head furious over Megyn Kelly’s hotness, demands investigation!

I was really enjoying owning noted race pimp @rolandmartin when I ran across this at The Daily Caller.

MSNBC president Phil Griffin suggested journalists should investigate how the ratings for Megyn Kelly’s new 9 p.m. show on Fox News shot up on its second night after debuting behind MSNBC.

When Kelly’s new show debuted Monday on Fox News, her competitor Rachel Maddow held her own in the ratings, and even topped Kelly in the key 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research. But on Tuesday night, it wasn’t even close with Fox News dominating the rest of cable news.

Griffin complained about the jump in an interview Friday with TVNewser’s Alex Weprin.

“Monday we had a really good day in the key demographic, on the night that Fox News debuted their three shows, we either tied or beat them in those hours,” Griffin said. “Tuesday — you guys should be doing some investigations — I have never seen it in all my years of cable, same overnight, same everything, and they doubled their ratings in a day? It is impossible.”

Allow me to explain something to Phil Griffin. First thing is this Phil. MSNBS sucks, and has been getting its tail kicked by Fox in the ratings for a long time now. Second Phil, lots of men consider Megyn Kelly hot, while Rachel Maddow is, well, how should I put this delicately? She is Chris Hayes more masculine sister. Third Phil, and this is the most important thing. Megyn Kelly is smart, tough, and entertaining. Maddow? Well she is the opposite of those three things. Also Phil, there is another possible explanation. Maybe Maddow’s audience was out buying more aluminium foil, those hats are not going to make themselves now are they Phil? Or, maybe Maddow’s audience was online trying to enroll in Obamacare? Lord knows that is not going too well. Lastly Phil, the most likely explanation is that you are a whiny little man who refuses to accept that your network, and I use that term loosely, is simply unwatchable. Face it Phil, the only thing MSNBS has going for it is the lovely Tamron Hall, who I have a shameless crush on, even if she is a Liberal

Here is an idea Phil, hire a genuine Conservative or two, no Phil not Morning Joe, or Michael Steele I said a genuine Conservative, and give them a show. You will see better ratings Phil trust me. See Phil, you are targeting and audience that is not very big. Face it Phil how many Moonbats are there, so your base audience is not great. You need to expand to appeal Phil, targeting malcontents is a recipe for failure. Tamron Hall

Oh, one more thing Phil, this advice is free, but, if you want to show some thanks, tell Tamron Hall to call me, just sayin’ Phil.

*VIDEO* Dr. Ben Carson Discusses The IRS’ Targeting Of Conservatives With Megyn Kelly


Why Fox News prime time lineup sucks

Just three words tell you why I put that headline up. NO RED EYE! COME ON Fox! Apparently their ratings among 25-54 year-olds has fallen. Featuring Megyn Kelly seems to be their strategy to fix that. I would argue Red Eye would be a better choice. Gutfeld is hilarious, and his guests usually include an attractive woman. See eye candy, humor, political debate, AND entertainment. The only problem with red Eye is that moron Bill Schulz, good Lord what a beating he is, so I would add another guest in his place.

*VIDEO* Megyn Kelly Confronts Parasitic Leftist Rep. McDermott Over His Vile Treatment Of IRS Victims


Dear Liberals, even Bob Beckel gets it

Gets what you wonder? This!

Via Politico:

Fox News analyst Bob Beckel defended his comments about temporarily prohibiting Muslim students from entering the country Tuesday saying it wasn’t a position he takes lightly.

“My point is not to suggest that there’s a cell of 70,000 people here. What I’m suggesting is that those students coming from those countries where [they] harbor resentment against the United States, if we could save one Boston marathon event or one child’s life by saying we’re going to take a two-year hiatus from countries that we know do not like us and know from whence terrorism is coming,” Beckel told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on her show.

On Monday evening’s edition of “The Five,” which Beckel co-hosts, he suggested “cutting off” Muslim students from coming into this country for some time, in response to the Boston bombing.

“I think we really have to consider, that given the fact so many people hate us, we’re going to have to cut off Muslim students from coming to this country for some period of time so that we can at least absorb what we got, look at what we’ve got and decide whether some of the people here should be sent back home or sent to prison,” Beckel said Monday.

We area  sovereign nation, and therefore possess every right to determine who we give visas to. 


MIchelle Malkin: The Left fears free thinking minorities

BINGO! The Left wants minorities to know their place!

Michelle Malkin was on with Megyn Kelly today to discuss the response of the New York Times and academic liberal Adolph L. Reed Jr., to the appointment of Tim Scott in the Senate to replace Jim DeMint, calling Scott a ‘cynical token’. Michelle Malkin points out that this is born out of the idea that minorities should be Democrats which is prominent in the “festering cesspools of academia” and it leads them to “denigrate, mock and insult minority conservatives.”

But she asks “who is doing the tokenizing here?” because it’s the left who preaches celebrating diversity, celebration that Malkin says is always just “skin deep.” She says that minority conservatives are really a threat to the left because “there is nothing more dangerous to liberals than the liberated mind of a minority conservative.”

This is part of the Left’s war on intellectual diversity, the only diversity that really matters frankly, folks. They want every minority to be brainwashed into the group think of identity politics.


So, who edited CIA report on Benghazi?

General Patraeus testified today that he knew Benghazi was a terror attack almost immediately. The initial CIA report INCLUDED that an Al Qaeda linked terror group had carried out the attack. But, someone, edited that report, removing any link to terrorism, and those talking points were then given to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to repeat on five different Sunday shows. Megyn Kelly interviewed John Bolton, and The Right Scoop has the video

Former Ambassador John Bolton said that General Petraeus’ testimony this morning ‘put this dead cat right on the White House’s door step,” referring to Petraeus’ revelation that the CIA had included that it was a terrorist attack by an Al Qaeda linked group.

Bolton goes on to say that short of evidence to the contrary, the only explanation as to how the talking points on Benghazi were edited to remove references to Al Qaeda and Ansar Al Sharia is that the White House did it. And he says it’s perfectly consistent with the fact that top-level officials in intelligence and the State Department and elsewhere don’t have a clue who wrote the final talking points for Ambassador Rice.

My take is that the president, who was in full campaign mode at the time did not want us to know that Al Qaeda was not as on the run as he was saying on the campaign trail. In other words the White House, in my view, was simply playing politics here. Rice was given a pack of lies to tell, and she did so, whether she did so willingly or not might be argued.


It must suck to be so petty that you sue a Little-Leaguer

The Lonely Conservative is amazed, and appalled, as am I, by stories like these.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous lawsuits I’ve heard about. A woman was sitting at a picnic table during a Little League game. The catcher was warming up the pitcher and he missed his mark and hit this woman in the face with the ball.Now the woman is suing the boy – who was eleven years old at the time – and his family of half a million bucks. Listen to this lawyer telling Megyn Kelly that Little League should get involved and protect the mothers out there watching the games.

Good grief! What a whiny, “I am Entitled” person

Catcher Matthew Migliaccio was 11 years old at the time and was warming up a pitcher.
The lawsuit filed April 24 alleges Migliaccio’s errant throw was intentional and reckless, “assaulted and battered” Lloyd and caused “severe, painful and permanent” injuries.

A second count alleges Migliaccio’s actions were negligent and careless through “engaging in inappropriate physical and/or sporting activity” near Lloyd. She continues to suffer pain and anguish, incur medical expenses and has been unable to carry out her usual duties and activities, the lawsuit says.

And Lloyd’s husband, in a third count, is suing for the loss of “services, society and consortium” of his wife. They’ve demanded a jury trial.

Anthony Pagano, a lawyer for the Migliaccios, said the lawsuit is frivolous and without merit.

“I just think that it’s disgusting that you have people suing an 11-year-old kid for overthrowing his pitcher in the bullpen,” Pagano said. “It’s horrible this can actually happen and get this far. Ultimately, hopefully, justice will prevail.” (Read More)

Some things just make your head expode